A Sneak Peak at HGTV’s Urban Oasis in Nashville Before Tonight’s Big Reveal

Are you ready to tour the HGTV Urban Oasis?! This year’s home is a bold, vintage-inspired getaway located in Nashville, Tennessee. Artwork throughout the home highlights Nashville’s rich country music history. And the home is designed to inspire creativity. 

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville.

Images via HGTV

Tonight HGTV unveils its Urban Oasis giveaway show house in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Urban Oasis is a renovation or new build located in a vibrant city environment.

This year’s Urban Oasis is a new build.

In place of an 80-year old house that had to be torn down.

It was in dismal condition with sagging, uneven floors, low (7 1/2 foot) ceilings,

haphazard updates through the years and a layout that was not functional for today’s families.

Take a look.

HGTV Urban Oasis 2022 before.

Photo by Joseph Bradshaw via Brian Patrick Flynn

The new house is a 2500 square foot, two-story, three bedroom, two full and two half bath house with a detached garage and studio.

Oh, and lots of outdoor entertaining space.

Local architect, Turner Binkley, designed the home which was

constructed by Mitchell Builders Group with interiors by Brian Patrick Flynn.

Located on the West end of Nashville, the house is just 10 minutes from the thriving downtown music scene.

Before we get started let’s address the elephant in the room.

Brian Patrick Flynn.

His hair.

I didn’t recognize him.

In addition to his hair, the absence of plaid and eyeglasses further threw me for a loop.

Looks like a designer rebrand.

Ok, so Brian Patrick Flynn has been the designer of HGTV’s Dream Home and Urban Oasis for a few years now (maybe longer).

You can read my review of the 2022 Dream Home here.

I can’t seem to get Brian’s names in the proper order so to reduce confusion let’s refer to him as BPF.

You know I’m HGTV obsessed.

And that I love to hate it.

And love to critique it.

How nice to have a blog as an outlet for my repressed inner critic.

There’s a lot to unpack so let’s go!


HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville front porch.

By the way, I’ll be awarding positive or negative points along the way based upon my totally subjective and uninformed opinion.

Sources, similar looks and shopping links are included throughout and at the end of the post.

This post includes affiliate links for your convenience at no additional cost to you. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

The Front Exterior ~

HGTV has embraced dark house exteriors and they’re leaning in hard. While the house looks like a dark charcoal, it’s actually navy blue.

Lap siding from James Hardie’s Artisan Collection in Blue Ribbon.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville.

I love a front porch. That’s points. And these metal rocking chairs are pretty cool too … nice and compact for the smallish space.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville.

The main floor encompasses all the shared living spaces. The bedrooms are all upstairs. Here’s the first floor plan.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville first floor plan.

The Foyer, Dining Room & Den ~

The front door opens right into the dining room. But it’s spacious and there’s an entry chair to define the space. So I’ll allow it.

You’ll notice a theme throughout the house … music. Country music. And a celebration of country music legends through the work of local artists. Including Karen Musgraves, mom of superstar Kacey Musgraves.

Flooring throughout the house is wide plank, engineered wood from LL Flooring’s Bellwood Artisan collection in Glacier Creek Hickory.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville dining room and foyer.

The draperies feel a little heavy, but I like them. I also like the chandelier. But the table … it’s small. You cannot set this table for the number of chairs placed around it. Just saying. However, it’s a good size room and a larger table will work here.

Not sure what the deal is with the standing lamps. BPF says he finds them ‘very rock ‘n roll.’ Alright.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville dining room.

Let’s play a little game. Whenever we spot a neon sign, take a swig of your beverage of choice. Please drink responsibly.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville foyer and den.

The den’s leather sofa is a vintage’s 70’s find from Roundtop. I like the use of bold color in this room … it’s a vibe. Burnt Sienna paint against the brown leather and navy blue chairs. Points.

I can’t find any information on the interior paint colors. All may be revealed on the HGTV special tonight and I’ll update the posts as I learn details.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville den.

I’m not sure about the multiple flush mounts lights on the ceiling. I mean, I like the lights themselves, but it feels like overkill for a moody den. We’ll just use the table lamps.

I wonder if the neon sign blinks?

The Kitchen ~

In the center of the house, the kitchen is very spacious and boasts a 10′ island wrapped in quartz. There are no windows in this space, so Brian chose European style cabinets with a shiny finish to bounce light around.

A pet peeve. When I see a house that’s been thoughtfully designed, no expense spared WHY IS THE REFRIGERATOR NOT BUILT IN??? At least it appears to be counter depth and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Still … negative points.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville kitchen.

Speaking of light, the island pendants in matte black are pretty spectacular. Points!

Oh, and I take it back. From this angle the refrigerator does appear to stick out.

Cabinetry & countertops by Cabinets-to-Go. Cabinets – European in Metro Glass Slate. Countertops – Arista Concrete Mist (quartz).

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville kitchen island.

On the opposite side of the kitchen, the built in banquette offers seating for 4 or more.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville kitchen banquette

An original board from the pews of the historic Ryman Auditorium is transformed into the built-in banquette kitchen table top. The graphic design in the wood is a nod to the Ryman’s stage. Points for this historical feature.

Ok, I love this Kohler stainless steel sink with all the accessories. We had one in our Fidalgo Island house. I’m a fan. Points.

Kohler finished plumbing fixtures are featured in the kitchen and bathrooms.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville kitchen sink.


I kind of like the dark moodiness of the pantry. And this kraft paper dispenser is practical and fun.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville pantry

The dark storage bins are from The Home Edit collection at The Container Store. Points.


The Living Room ~

The fireplace surround, honed Carerra marble, goes all the way to the ceiling. The ceilings are 10′ throughout the house.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville living room.

What’s your position on ceiling fans? It always surprises me to hear designers say no ceiling fans. Not ever. No exceptions. I’m pro ceiling fan. I mean, I don’t love them, but it’s hot in Nashville. And many other places. And it’s only getting hotter. They serve a purpose. Plus, fans, like this one, are more streamlined and less obtrusive than they used to be. I’m fine with it. You?

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville living room.

The views towards the front of the house and the back yard feel so airy and spacious.

The door off the living room leads to a powder and mudroom. And access to the backyard.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville living room.


Love the green powder room. Points. I shared my favorite green paint colors here. I’m not sure about the burnt Sienna colored mudroom. BFB isn’t afraid to be bold.

The back door leads out to the deck and garage studio spaces.

The Backyard Deck ~

The deck sits between the main house and detached garage studio. It’s spacious and ideal for entertaining.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville backyard deck.

As mentioned before, it’s hot in Nashville. I think a pergola of some sort is in order. And an outdoor kitchen. At least a BBQ.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville back deck.


HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville back deck.


Let’s go upstairs …

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville staircase.

The second level contains all three bedrooms, two full baths and a small laundry room. Here’s the floor plan …

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville second floor plan.

Leaning in heavy to the country music theme. Look at that bank of skylights. I’m not big on skylights, but recognize that puts me in the minority. This is definitely points.

Stairway landing leading to the main bedroom. I like the bench here. Kind of an upstairs drop zone. Points.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville hallway to main bedroom.


The Main Bedroom Suite ~

The main bedroom suite is at the front of the house directly the above the foyer, dining room and den. With a balcony looking out over the front yard. Just this week I heard my favorite radio personality say that no one ever uses their bedroom balcony. She said, no matter what your real estate agent tells you, no one ever sits on their bedroom balcony sipping coffee in the morning or wine in the evening. Thoughts?

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville main bedroom.

The walnut canopy bed is stunning. Points.


Regardless of my prior remarks, I’m pro balcony. Points.  There are those cute metal rockers again.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville main bedroom balcony.


I love this blue gray paint in the main bathroom. And I love painting the baseboards and trim the same color as the room. Points.

The mirrors over the vanity appear to be medicine chests. Great for storage. But, I’m confused about the overhead sconces. Will the light jump over the medicine chests and down to where it needs to be? Good lighting in a bathroom is key. Maybe the mirrors light up?

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville main bathroom.

Although you can’t see it, the main bathroom has a separate water closet. Essential for gracious living … points for that.

The shower and tub are in one big wet room. I really like this concept and we considered it for Snowberry (didn’t have the space). What do you think?

Kohler Poplin 48″ vanity cabinet in gray.

Floor tile from LL Flooring – Avella Ultra Galassia Nero Tile

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville main bathroom.


The walk in closet looks decent size and I like the organization system. Cute little ottoman .. a closet essential.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville main closet.


The Laundry Room ~

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville laundry room.

Not a big room but it has everything one needs. That said, I’m a fan of a stackable washer dryer situation IF there’s a folding counter elsewhere. That’s not the case here. That’s going to be negative points.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville laundry room.

I do like the chair rail molding detail, with a ledge. And the simple floating shelf is nice too. Storage storage storage. There’s that cute sconce that’s also in the main bath. It’s clever how they’ve mounted it horizontally.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville laundry room.


The Guest Rooms ~

Let’s refer to them as the dark room (left) and the light room (right). Oh, look, ceiling fans again. They make a lot of sense in upstairs bedrooms.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville guest rooms.

I believe the dark room walls are wallpaper. A wood veneer wallpaper. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I don’t know about that. But I do like the tufted bed. And I’m loving the closet space.

No weird wallpaper in the light room. Closet space looks decent.


The Guest Bath ~

After you, Willie. Without a window in the room, a tunnel skylight brings in natural light. And the sconce is fun.

Velux No Leak Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights and Sun Tunnel Skylights are featured throughout the house.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville guest bath.

Yes, to everything. The blue subway shower tile is beautiful (similar here) and I like the juxtaposition of the offset layout next to the herringbone pattern. The Kohler Moxie shower head contains a speaker. And a half shower door is a great look. Also less awkward getting in and out of a tub shower combination. The faucet from Kohler’s Riff line is nice. And I really like the vanity drawers (instead of a standard cabinet). The large drawer pulls could double as a hand towel rack in this room with limited space. Major points awarded to this bathroom.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville guest bathroom.


The Detached Garage and Studio Space ~

From the back deck head up the stairs to the above garage studio.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville garage studio.

The room is light, airy and spacious. The sitting area is lovely. And you’ve got to love the built-in work space.

Built-in desk from Cabinets-to-Go – Shaker cabinets in Annapolis blue

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville garage studio.

More skylights … wow, lots of skylights. And that’s a Serena & Lily hanging chair over by the window.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville garage studio.

Looks like a half bath. And that’s a little disappointing. This is a good sized space and could have been an awesome in-law unit, with full bath and kitchenette. Feels like a missed opportunity.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville garage studio bathroom.


Below the studio is a two car garage. A single garage door opens up from the deck space creating an indoor outdoor flow.

The garage is staged as another lounge area. Which leaves me more confused about the upstairs studio and why it’s not a fully livable space.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville garage.

Alright. Who wants to start? I will. What the what?!

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville garage.

Garage Band?!

Wait, now I get it. BFP says the garage doubles as ‘performance space’ for backyard concerts. He envisions the upstairs studio being used for songwriting and the garage as jam studio concert stage. Oh, ok. Makes perfect sense. ???

Hope the neighbors are musicians too.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville garage.

Do you see what I see?

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville garage.

A dual purpose garage. When not in use as a hangout and concert venue, your new C-Class Mercedes can glide right in. In addition to the house, the car and $50,000 cash can be yours if you enter to win.

Here’s the garage from the car entrance side. There must be an alleyway behind the house for garage access.

HGTV Urban Oasis in Nashville garage exterior.

So many questions. Where to store garage stuff?! The front lawn’s not going to mow itself. What to do with the furniture when you want to park a car in the garage? I could go on and on but let’s just leave it at that.

How many neon signs did you count?

You didn’t mention interior paint colors, you say. Good catch. I can’t find any information on the paint colors. Maybe they’re keeping them under lock and key until tonights big television reveal. I’ll keep searching and will update the post when/if that super secret information in divulged. 

My Verdict ~

I lost track of the point count, but overall I like the house. Keeping in mind it’s a show house, not a let’s-live-here house, I can get past the theme-heavy decor. This is a major breakthrough for me. In the past I’ve tended to view the giveaway homes through a would-I-live-there lense. And that’s the wrong approach. After a neon sign and guitar purge I think I’d like it just fine.

Most winners of HGTV’s show homes sell the home. I assume furniture and all. This house would be a fun Airbnb for visiting Nashville. But I’m sure the neighborhood prefers an owner occupied situation.

Anyway, would I decorate a house this way?


Would I take it if I won the sweepstakes?

In a heartbeat.

What about you?

Visiting Nashville ~

Have you been to Nashville? I visited for the first time a few years ago. With Jim. In June. It was hot. Very hot. But we had a great time. My mother went to Vanderbilt University and we were able to tour the beautiful campus. I found her dorm building and sorority house. Amazing and so fun. We also have a great time downtown listening to music and enjoying the nightlife. We ate at some incredible restaurants too. Including Martin’s BBQ which I highly recommend. I’d jump at the chance to go back. Perhaps not during the summer months.

Fun things to see and do in Nashville.

For more of the Urban Oasis ~

HGTV’s Urban Oasis one-hour special airs tonight (October 7), and again October 11, 28 and November 2. It will be added to the Discovery + streaming service on Saturday. Check your local listings. And don’t forget to enter to win up to 2x a day. Once at HGTV.com and again at Foodnetwork.com. The contest runs through Wednesday, November 23. Good luck!

So there you have it,

HGTV’s Urban Oasis 2022,

in Nashville, Tennessee.

What do you think?

What’s your favorite or least favorite feature?

Tell me!


HGTV Urban Oasis 2022 Pin Collage.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Follow along for more on Instagram and Pinterest.

Cheers from Snowberry!


Lighting ~

Kitchen & Bath Fixtures ~

Organization ~

Furniture & Decor ~


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    • I’m totally with you, Deb. I try to give him the benefit of the doubt … but these houses look more and more the same. And enough with the dark exteriors. But, yes, the blue tile!!! xo

    • I can’t argue with that, Pat. I did like the closet and pantry organization. Actually I did like the pantry. I wouldn’t go dark myself, but I did appreciate the space and organization. I always hold out high hopes for next year! xo

  • Good morning Juliet,
    Although this house is not my “vibe” it is fun to see a sneak peak. I am sure that many will enjoy it.
    Have w wonderful day, I will see you tomorrow!
    xo Elizabeth

  • Thanks for saving me the trouble of viewing this special. Not my taste. Now, a televised tour of your home? I’m there!

    • Ha ha … thanks, Debra. I’m working on a YouTube tour of my house, so there’s that! I’ll be watching the special, I can’t help myself. 😉 xo

  • hi Juliet! Love this post! Definitely looks like it is staged for airbnb or long term rental. You know i love navy! Thought of you yesterday- i ordered Jack Roger’s booties! Happy Friyay!

    • Jack Rogers booties!!! I need to see! Yep, it does look like a staged Airbnb. Not my style, but it must hold some appeal because their show houses look the same year after year. Shrug. Wishing you a great weekend! xo

  • I am not a fan of this house. I do like the outdoor space and the space over the garage but the main house has a dark, dreary feel to it. It does not feel “happy”. And why have a garage if not using as a garage? How many lounge spaces do you need? Not many of us have live bands and stage shows that we need space for. I wish HGTV would hire a new designer for their sweepstake homes

    • I totally agree with you and have been down on BPF for years. Because he’s still around I have to assume HGTV likes what he’s doing AND they’re getting positive feedback. I don’t see it … but what can you do?! xo

  • I have a love/hate relationship too. It does look staged and not for a family with any warmth. I agree, build in the refrigerator. Not a huge fan of this house.

    • Cindy, isn’t it way too dark and heavy for Nashville which is warm and hot so many months of the year? As a show house I can appreciate it. As a home to live in … just no. xo

    • You can say that again, Mary Pat. Last year I gave up my campaign to track down Linda Woodrum and get her back on the job. I assume Ethan Allen no longer wanted to sponsor the house (provide free furniture) or HGTV raised their expectations and Wayfair had deeper pockets. All and all its a shame. xo

    • As much as I love BPF, I was thinking the same thing when I saw the pictures. Linda is still my favorite! Linda and Jack!

  • I second Mary Pat’s comment. I miss Linda Woodrum and Ethan Allen Furniture. There’s frankly just nothing about this house that I like. That said I’m entering twice daily to win it . . . so I can sell it!!

    • Those were the days. That said,I’ve given up my efforts to find out where the heck Linda Woodrum went and why Wayfair took the place of Ethan Allen?! I think Bass Furniture stepped in after Ethan Allen, for a year or two, before they went to Wayfair. Sigh. But let’s win it anyway, repaint and get some comfortable furniture in there! xo

  • Think he went for the TOM CRUISE look this year!
    No thank you.
    I did like your point system and agreed.

  • Thanks for taking us on a tour of this house! I really appreciated your “totally subjective and uninformed opinion” lol, and agree with most of what you said. I actually really like the house and appreciate what they did with such a narrow lot. However, I agree that the front yard won’t mow itself, and how do you even get a mower around to the front yard anyway? As small as the yard is, it should all be landscaped imo. The other thing that I totally agree with you on is that they should have made the garage studio into an in law suite – definitely a missed opportunity. I also like the balcony off the main bedroom, though it may not be used much depending on the view. I’m not a fan of the stacked washer and dryer, especially since they block the window in this case. I don’t really see the need for the tiny sink and vanity anyway. If the washer and dryer were side by side, they could have put open shelving above them to add storage. Anyway, if you visit the south again, you should definitely go in the spring or fall. It’s beautiful here in North Carolina right now!

    • Jeanine … we are totally on the same page. As for visiting the South, I look forward to it during the pretty months. I’m sure its gorgeous right now … have a wonderful weekend! xo

  • Hi Juliet,…
    I don’t take any of the decor shows on HGTV seriously. As you know, they are totally unrealistic when it comes to timelines, costs, availability of materials, and contractors willing to do anything the designer comes up with! IRL there are always a lot of “no that can’t be done” responses from the person wearing the tool belt !
    I say NO to this house for a bunch of reasons, the themed decor just gets me down, and the super dark paint everywhere is depressing, IMO.
    Xo Heidi

  • There are some interesting elements and I like the nod to the town of Nashville. Love the exterior color as well.

  • I live on the South Carolina coast. Ceiling fans are not a choice. They are as necessary as running water and electricity. Who wants box fans sitting around the floor of every room?

  • Totally agree about the “garage”, a full bathroom upstairs would’ve made the space more usable. And just like all HGTV homes, there are some furnishings that I’d keep and others that would go find another home. Still debating in my head whether I would keep it though. Just came from there and it’s become so overgrown since I last visited that I’m not sure I’d want to live there.

  • I totally a fan of this and the the houses I enter daily on every house. I fell in love with the minimum thing just love the house from outside to the inside every inch of it, GREAT JOB

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