Emily Joubert Home & Garden, New Favorite Eye Cream, a Comfort Food Recipe & More

Today on Weekend Meanderings the magic of Emily Joubert Home & Garden, my new favorite eye cream, a comfort food recipe and more.

Happy Weekend Friends!

It’s time for the weekend post with Kim and Elizabketh.

Our weekly roundup of inspiration and goings on.

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Green kitchen buffet and coffee bar.

It’s been a crazy week around here.

And a busy one too.

Our weather is all over the place.

From high winds and torrential downpours to periods of clear, sunny skies … on repeat.

On Thursday I had technical difficulties and my cruise post couldn’t go out.

The same issues threatened to derail today’s post.

By yesterday afternoon my site was back up and running and here we are.

Let’s jump in.



Yesterday Kim and I met up for lunch. I know … you might be a little envious because who doesn’t want to have lunch with Ms. Northern California Style! Our lunch date was long overdue and a long time in coming. We’ve scheduled and rescheduled multiples times since last September. Crazy, right?

Two woman inside Emily Joubert shop.

Before lunch we worked up an appetite by taking a swing through Emily Joubert. A amazing home and garden shop in Woodside (there’s a San Francisco location too). I had to steady myself after entering the shop … it’s almost too much to take in. Unique and beautiful pieces for the home and garden. Swoon.

Emily Joubert shop in Woodside, CA.

Their selection of throw blankets is wonderful. They also carry a small selection of clothing, beautiful scarves and have an adorable kids section. It’s the ideal place to buy gifts if you want to get on someone’s really good side. It’s also amazing to find something special for your own home. During spring and summer their outdoor garden area comes alive. But even in these chilly months, their selection of pots and urns is so good.

No, I did not leave empty handed. I’ve been in search of a catch all for our new foyer console table. This oval rattan basket tray with a brass rim caught my eye. There are several size options, oval, round, square … and even a taller baskets you could put an orchid, or kitchen utensils in.

Rattan catchall tray on console table.

After a glorious half hour at Emily Joubert we wandered next door to The Village Bakery. A casually chic and popular restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (check their website for hours). The front patio is usually hopping, but we opted to eat inside. Look at these pretty flowers and branches in their entry.

Flower arrangement at The Village Bakery.

They also have a covered patio in the back which looks enchanting and I’m sure is very romantic at night.

Looking out to back patio at the Village Bakery.

The menu is packed with American favorites from generously sized salads, yummy soups, creative sandwiches, a popular burger and pizzas.

I ordered the cauliflower soup and garden greens salad. My eyes popped when this ginormous bowl of goodness was placed in front of me (I was expecting a small, side salad). Anyway, both the soup and salad were delicious.

Kim had an amazing salad too but I’ll let her tell you about it.

Woman sitting at table at The Village Bakery.

First things first, before Kim and I ordered our entrees we agreed that bread was very much needed. We’re in a bakery after all. It was a tough choice between the many bread options and we settled on the 9-grain bread which arrived in a small loaf with sweet butter and flaked salt on the side. Who says you can’t live on bread alone?

9-grain mini loaf at the Village Bakery.

Lunch was over way too soon and we were back on the road to our respective homes to finish up our weekend posts.

Before we move on, let me tell you what I wore. My new-ish and favorite Madewell wide-leg jeans. Yes, I’ve mentioned them a few times. Are you tired of hearing about them? I’ve been loving my Dolce Vita boots. Kim may be wearing the same boots in a different color (correct me if I’m wrong, Kim). And, a brand new-to-me The Reeds x J.Crew striped sweater that I picked up yesterday at my favorite consignment shop, ReChic in Orinda. It’s so cute and I love the side button detail. Better still, I had a credit at ReChic so I came home with a fun new sweater and didn’t have to reach for my wallet. Woo hoo. Oh, and I’m carrying my much loved Naghedi St. Barths tote that I wrote about last week.

Close up selfie of striped sweater.

I did a quick search and found the same sweater in small here on Poshmark. They also have an x-small with tags still on. Here’s another x-small at ThredUp.  For reference I’m wearing a small, and it fits perfectly. I could not size down. Anyway, if you’re feeling the stripes, here are a few other options.



A few weeks ago I mentioned ordering Osea’s Advanced Repair Eye Cream and promised to report back. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I like it just fine. I don’t mean to sound lukewarm about it, but if I’m being completely honest I can’t think of an instance where I’ve noticed a particular product making a noticable difference in my skin. Have you? What I do notice is if I forget to use my serum and moisturizers my skin will feel dry and get flakey. So that means the products I’m using must be doing their job. I also notice when a product feels heavy or greasy or it has a strong fragrance … I don’t like those things at all.

Osea eye cream on bathroom counter.

What I look for in any skincare product is  … a clean product, a reasonably priced product, and one that is fragrance-free. I like them to be easy to apply and absorb nicely into my skin (not feel greasy or tacky hours after application). I’m happy to report that Osea meets all my requirements and I’ll definitely reorder.



Last week I shared part two of our foyer refresh which included a mock up of the scalloped mirror and table lamp I ordered for our new bamboo console table. This week our mirror and lamp arrived. Jim hates – HATES – putting nails in the wall and prefers to hang things using Command Hooks. However, in this case the screw heads securing the mirror backing stick out an enough that Command Strips were ruled out. After exhausting all other options, he reluctantly used the anchor bolts that came with the mirror.

Foyer in the evening.

Last week I mentioned the difficulty of finding a very thin area rug in the right size for our not-very-wide-or-long foyer. In a perfect world, I’d find a very thin 4.5 x 6.5 Persian style rug. Our current rug, which I love, is 3.5 x 5.5. A little too small, but it’s very thin and the front door will open over it. Thank you for those who offered ideas and suggestions in the comments section last week. I haven’t had time to investigate them all, but let me share these sources for those of you struggling with similar challenges.

Shelley – Spicher & Co.

Karen – Ruggable

Annie – LL Bean’s Water Hog

Lisa – Chilewich



Rachel Ray’s Lemon Chicken and Leek Rice Pilaf is a favorite comfort food recipe I’ve been making again and again … for over ten years. Jim loves it too. Last weekend I made it for our Sunday lunch … and we enjoyed a repeat performance on Monday. I like to add about 1/2 – 1 cup of frozen sweet white corn at the same time the chicken, lemon juice and parsley go into the pot.

Lemon Chicken & Leek Pilaf.



Whether or not you were a Wham fan in the 90’s (I was, Jim was not) you might enjoy this insightful history of the duo on Netflix. George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley narrate their own story which is really interesting. The documentary is a journey through George and Andrew’s meeting at school at ages 11 and 12 respectively, their early efforts to write songs, form a band, culminating in their mega success. And ultimately results in the decision to go their separate ways as George’s solo career takes off.


Odds & Socks ~

Did you know that Thursday was the 44th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice? When our underdog USA hockey team beat the Soviets to win the Gold Medal at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. Are you old enough to remember the excitement of that win … a national moment of surprise and pride. In honor of the anniversary Jim and I rewatched the 2004 movie Miracle starring Kurt Russell and Patricia Clarkson. What a great movie, and a great memory. You don’t have to like hockey (I love hockey) to enjoy and appreciate the movie. If you love a feel-good, underdog story, Mystery, Alaska is another excellent movie (with a phenomenal cast) that we used to watch annually with Kyle and the nieces when they were young. Might be time to queue that one up again as well.

Current Favorites ~



Divider graphic.

And that’s what I have for you today.

Let’s visit Kim and Elizabeth to see what’s inspiring them.



Divider graphic.

If you missed last weekend’s post, you can catch up here.

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  • Juliet,
    Good morning! I must admit that I am a little, no make that a lot sad, that I live on the East Coast and the two of you are on the West coast. I would loved to have joined you for lunch and shopping. One of these days we can have a weekend meanderings lunch, cocktail, cocoa and bread together.
    That shop looks amazing, as soon as I type this comment I am off to see if they are online! I see several things in the photos I need to include the little lampshades, that plaid throw and a few books.
    I concur about eye and face cream, I really do not use too many because of the things you mentioned. I do not like heavy cream because it feels like it smothers the skin.
    Your foyer looks beautiful! Bill is the same as Jim, he hates nails and he likes them even less when I make one or two extra while trying to hang something.
    Although I am not a hockey fan I do remember and love anything to do with the Miracle on Ice, I remember watching it on tv. I think that may have been when there were only 3 tv stations(kidding).
    I need to watch the Wham documentary, I loved them!
    Have a wonderful weekend Juliet.
    xo Elizabeth

    P.S. Forgot to mention your outfit, loved it and never tire of your recommendations!

    • Hi Elizabeth! What is it about men’s aversion to nails?! I mean what is it they like about blank walls. Sigh. One of these days you’ll jet out here to join us … or maybe we’ll all get adventurous and meet halfway. How fun!!! xo

  • What a great post Juliet! I wish we still had stores like that one in our area. We lost most of our shopping in 2008, and really never got it back. :/
    Thank you for the great recipe and I agree on the eye cream. I never notice true changes/benefits from products. I agree with everything you said. I DO however use pretty heavy things in the winter here – it’s super dry.
    Love Miracle On Ice and wish we could go back to the days when the country would come together in happy moments!
    PS – I love your new logo. ❤️

    • Hi Gray, I totally agree with you, it’s so nice when we can all unite as a country. That’s a bummer about your local shopping, truthfully ours has thinned out quite a bit but we are lucky to have so many wonderful places. On the other hand, sometimes I get into trouble if you know what I mean! Hope you have the best weekend! xo

  • I live close to Emily Joubert and try to remember to go every so once in a while. It’s a fabulous store. Thank you for the recipe–I think I’ll make it this week. It’s nice to have something new and easy for the dinner rotation! I love you blog!

    • Hi Kirsten, and thank you so much! If I lied any closer to Emily Joubert it could be a real problem! Hope you try the recipe, and if you want to save time buy a grocery store rotissiere chicken! xo

  • Always love to wake up to your posts on Saturday morning! And since I’m on vacation, I can peruse your post at my leisure.
    Coincidently, I received a travel set of the Osea products for my birthday and have enjoyed using them on this trip. Like you, I never see life changing results that these products promise, the damage has already been done! But so far, I like the Osea products and will repurchase!
    When I get home i want to try the Chicken Rice Pilaf. Looks delicious.
    Thank you for the great post!

    • Hi Jane! So envious of you enjoying the sun and sea down in Mexico! I love a good travel size product … that makes me like Osea even more. If you make the lemon chicken when you get home, take a shortcut and buy a rotisserie chicken. Poaching it is nice, but a grocery store chicken saves time. xo

  • Juliet yesterday was so fun. I don’t know why it took us so long to get together. I love EJ and the bakery! You looked adorable in your sweater. Just perfect for the early spring time weather.
    I’m so glad you got the cute catchall too. Max also hates nails and we have so many things with command hooks. They sometimes work and other times we have heard a large crash.. LOL..
    The lemon chicken pilaf sounds like something we need to try! Looks delicious. Your foyer is coming together and so pretty. Love the mirror too.
    Wish we were closer and could do this more.
    Have a lovely weekend and I’ll be watching the WHAM doc that I somehow missed. xoxo

    • Kim! Speaking of things coming crashing down, one of the pieces over our beverage bar did just that today. Fortunately it’s small and no damage was done. But we both know the culprit … those darned command strips. Sigh. You’ll enjoy the WHAM documentary … so much I didn’t know about one of my 80’s favorites. Friday was so much fun. The bread! It’s probably a good thing EJ is a good distance away … I could get into serious trouble there. But I love my little basket. Happy weekend! xo

  • You have such lovely shops and the lunch sounds wonderful!
    Good score on that sweater!
    I read all your posts and enjoy them.

    • Hi Leslie … and thank you! We are really lucky with so many wonderful, nearby shops. Sometimes it can be a problem if you know what I mean. Happy weekend! xo

  • Last weekend I wondered what you would find for your foyer catchall piece. From the lovely shoppe, to a delicious (OHHH….that bread!!!!) lunch with a good friend, you managed to source the perfect piece in a short amount of time. I will attempt to make the chicken pilaf dish. The chicken poaching recipe sounds good for other dishes too. Pat yourself on the back girl, because your picture is beautiful and much more appetizing looking than the posted recipe picture. You certainly have a wonderful flair in all that you do!

    • Deanna, let me tell you a little secret. I don’t always poach the chicken myself, sometimes I buy a grocery store rotissiere chicken. Shhhhh … Thank you so much for your kind words and for being such a wonderful supporter of the blog. xoxo

  • Hi Juliet,
    Lovely post and your foyer looks wonderful!! How marvelous of Jim to fix things; my hubby does so much of that and supports my artistic vision and I love the fun and the memory of working together making a new space come alive.Lovely pictures of you and Kim too.I am very happy with my Naghedi bag too!! Happy weekend!Francesca B

    • Happy weekend to you too, Francesca! Isn’t it nice to have a partner to share in the fun of getting things done round the house. Jim loves the opportunity to rummage through the garage for just the right tools! Naghedit is the best … I may have to indulge in a mini soon! xo

  • I so love following you, your posts are the best, very varied and interesting. This post: I love everything about it! Will try the recipe tonite, as it’s comfort food that’s actually healthy! Also had no idea you liked hockey! My entire family has loved, played, and followed hockey for decades. And we’re native Californians. Thank-you for the Mystery,Alaska rec, we have never seen it. Look forward to watching it while eating the rice pilaf dish.

    • Ellie! I love it my hockey gals are making themselves known! I don’t know your age range, but when I was in middle school we had a professional hocked team in Oakland. The California Seals. If was a long and empty stretch between the Seals departure and the Sharks arrival. You’re going to love Mystery, Alaska … please report back! xo

  • Ah, so jealous of your meet-up with Kim! You both looked fabulous, no surprise! As did that store! Your entry is coming together beautifully. Tell Jim not to trust those command hooks… At least that is how I feel about them. 😉 I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin with my Caudalie serum and night cream. I never notice a difference with any eye cream… I knew we could be best friends, as I am a huge hockey fan! Maybe I will watch Miracle tonight! Such a good movie! Have a great week!

    • Molly! You love hockey too?! We’re definitely BFF’s. Now that I know this I know that you’ll love the Mystery, Alaska movie too. Happy weekend! xo

  • Looks like you and kim had fun together! Love your new catchall basket on your new entryway table…that I love! Such a find!

  • Hi Juliet

    Thanks for the tip on those Two’s Company bamboo frames…Love them! I am so jealous of your luncheon…looks like so much fun!!

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