Home Tour: My Fidalgo Island Home

Today I’m showcasing our home on Fidaglo Island in coastal Washington.

Welcome to our Fidalgo Island Home!

Come on in …


For years I’ve shared bit and pieces of our Fidalgo Island home on Instagram. My plan to blog about the design and build of our home didn’t happen. I’m either a perfectionist or a procrastinator or both. So here we are, years later with a home tour and the back story …

One spring, while visiting family in Western Washington, we discovered a charming new community of ocean front and view lots on Fidalgo Island. Situated on the Guemes Channel, overlooking the Anacortes ferry terminal, San Juan Passage is a community of just under 100 home sites. Spectacular views, Cape Code style, shingled homes, gorgeous scenery and a mild climate (mild for the Pacific Northwest) were a winning combination and son we were debating which lot offered the ideal spot to build our dream home.

Here’s how Gilbane Development Company, the East Coast developer describes the community.

“San Juan Passage is a coastal community of 99 traditionally styled, single-family homes situated on tree-lined streets with wide, walkable sidewalks. Prime view parcels are home to grand community parks with landscaped trails that gently wind to the sea.”

A major selling point for us was that each lot could be designed and built according to buyer specifications. A semi-custom build. We were going through the process from out-of-state and this seemed like an ideal scenarios as we would not be able to be on-site on a regular basis. And we loved the Nantucket / Caps Cod feel of the neighborhood. Quite different from the typical Pacific Northwest home style.

We purchased a lot in the Water’s Edge series and been the process of designing a floor plan to accommodate our family and lifestyle. As well as visiting friends. And there would be many. Nine months later we broke ground.

Ground Breaking Day

The build took just a little over a year.

And we packed up our car, left California and began our new life in the Pacific Northwest.

Let’s take a tour …











The house is a three level home with the entry on the lower floor. We had a lot of discussion about including an elevator, a common feature in other neighborhood homes. Ultimately, we decided an elevator wasn’t for us and besides it takes up a lot of valuable space. We never regretted our decision.


Plot twist! After two blissful years in our beautiful, coastal home, we sold it – furnishings and all – and returned to California. It was bittersweet. While we loved our home, the Pacific Northwest climate was a tough adjustment for lifelong Californians. And we missed our family and friends.

We enjoyed our time on Fidalgo Island. It’s hard to beat the views and we spent many enjoyable evenings on our decks mesmerized by spectacular sunsets and watching the Washington State ferry’s glide in and out of port.

Be sure to check back for a full list of building material and furniture sources.

Divider graphic.

My Fidalgo Island Home Tour blog post collage.

Divider graphic.

So there you have it, a tour of our Fidalgo Island home.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions.

Until next time,


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    THE OUTSIDE CHAIRS in a WICKER-LOOK I need details on who makes etc.
    It was a LOVELY HOME!

    • Thank you, Contessa. It was a lovely home … but you know, the weather. Restoration Hardware makes that lovely wicker style furniture. We’ve ordered the same for Snowberry … so stay tuned! xo

  • It’s been fun watching Snowberry come together, love your style and happy to read your blog this morning. Beautiful PNW home!!

    • Thank you, Carol! Your comment has be grinning ear to ear. I really appreciate you being here! Oh my gosh, that rhymes!!! xo

    • Thank you, Carol. It was bittersweet. We loved the home and had spent years building it … but the climate was a touch adjustment and we don’t miss that. xo

  • Love following along with Snowberry-it’s beautiful and I still love looking back at this gorgeous home! Do you remember what you used in the Main Bath for slab (counter and shower bench top)?

    • Hi Sandy! We used honed marble … for the vanity counter top and shower bench. We loved it! Hope you’re doing well! xo

  • What were your exterior colors on Fidalgo Island? I love the Hale Navy door which is so well framed by the gray you chose!

    • Thank you, Deb. Hale Navy is a favorite. The trim color is Sherwin Williams Pure White, and the shingle color is a Granite stain. xo

  • I just love your Snowberry renovation and enjoy your blog posts so much! Still enjoy looking at your Fidalgo Island home as well and wonder if you have those interior colors linked somewhere? Love the walls and trim and accent colors there.

    • Hi Sandy … thanks so much! And, I appreciate the idea … I need to write a post including Fidalgo Island’s sources including paint colors. Brillant! Stay tuned. xo

  • The home is beautiful and you did a great job. Could you share the source for your desk? I love the curved legs and it’s just what I have been looking for.

    • Well, hello there! Thank you so much and I’d be happy to share. It’s from Ethan Allen. The Emily Petite desk. I think they make a larger version as well. Thanks for stopping by! xo

  • I have just recently discovered you blog via shabbyfufu. Snowberry is beautiful and it is a lovely area – I have family there and live about 30 minutes away. However, the heat here is just too much for us, so we want to go to the Washington coast. Your Fidalgo Island home was stunning and I’m loving just looking at all the details of it. We will have to visit that area when we are able to get serious about looking for a home up there. Thank you for sharing your beautiful homes for us to see – you have beautiful taste!

    • Hello Janet … and thanks for clicking over to my blog. It is hot … especially over the past week. Whew. We spent two years in Washington and came running back because we couldn’t stand the cold and drizzle. That said, many other Californian’s lived in our Fidalgo Island community. Our little pocket development is called San Juan Passage … and it is as charming as charming can be. You should check it out. Bainbridge Island is another wonderful area … and Seattle is just a ferry ride away. I was excited to see that Janet reposted our California house, Snowberry … I just love her Shabbyfufu blog. I hope you’ll stick around here too and let me know how your plans progress for moving north. I’m more than happy to share anything I know about – or experienced – during our two years on the PNW coast. xo

  • Gorgeous home, Juliet: it must have taken a lot of determination to leave it behind and return to the East Bay shortly after creating a dream home… Did building the Hidalgo Island home prep you for lots of decisions @ Snowberry, given that you’d made lots of design choices just 2-3 years before?

    It may (or may not be) akin to our time here in the upper MW: we spent 4 VERY long years bulldozing through issues to build a forever home in a place with a short building season that we did not understand (until we had some experience under our belt). I spent a year and a half hiring and managing all of the interior trades after we got rid of our builder’s foreman. And now we live in our “dream home” that was perhaps designed for our 50 year old selves, which was a decade+ ago! Love the wildlife and friendly people here, but there aren’t many places to go where I need to get out of fleece tops and leggings, and family and friends are in all the places we lived before, particularly in VA, where we built our first home in our early 30’s. Contemplating a return there, still pondering, for one last home before deciding we should move to a continuing care community!

    • Hi again, Joan. Sounds like you’ve had your share of building and moving experience … and there you are in your dream home! Between 2010 and 2019 we renovated two houses and built one … and moved in and out of a lot of temporary homes. When I look back now … what were we thinking?! xo

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