Green Bags, Little Black Dresses & More … It’s Weekend Meanderings

||Today on Weekend Meanderings, cute green bags for spring, the vanishing little black dress, and a quick grilled chicken recipe.

Happy weekend, friends!

It’s Saturday and I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

Our weekly roundup of inspiration and goings on.

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Bride and Groom at reception.

Happy Anniversary to Kyle and Melody!

Can you believe it’s been a year since their wedding in the Santa Cruz Mountains?

Time flies.

Speaking of time, tonight we spring forward.

So, let’s get to it.


Earlier in the week I joined Cindy, Mary Ann and Annie to share ideas to help you get your home ready for spring. If you missed it you’ll find it here. My enthusiasm for spring is somewhat dampened (pun intended) by the massive downpour happening outside. Rain, rain and more rain … that’s our foreseeable forecast. Last year at this time we had our back patio cushions out and were enjoying time around the fire pit. Not complaining, just saying …

Camelias in bud vase in living room.

Here are a few other ideas I think are fun for spring ~

Refresh your coffee (in my case … cocoa) bar with these colorful mugs. I found them at Target and the green are perfect for my kitchen.


While I was at Target I saw these fun bags too. So many pretty options … it’s hard to choose. We have an upcoming trip to Mexico … could they be more perfect?


And while I’m waiting for my spring garden to bloom, I’m getting in the right mindset with spring scented candles like these pretties I found at Nordstrom.

Last but not least, rose colored glasses is what I need to ride out this never ending winter. How about these rose colored, stemless wine glasses from Jansen Home?



Last weekend I made one of my favorite recipes … grilled herbed chicken breasts. They’re so good, super easy and healthy too. I grill them on my George Foreman grill. Are those still a thing? I’d better check since I mentioned it. But you can put them on a grill grill too … or grill pan. Or panini press. This is a great weeknight recipe, and I usually make extra and put in the fridge for the week ahead.

(Ok, I checked and yes the George Foreman is still a thing. In the unlikely event you don’t have one, here’s the current version of the classic at Target. There are several other fancier versions as well. Who knew?)

Grilled herbed chicken on plate with rice, corn, salad and lemon wedge.

Easy Grilled Herb Chicken Breasts

5 from 3 votes
Servings 4


  • 4 Chicken Breasts, boneless and skinless
  • 1/4 cup Italian Parsley, chopped
  • 2 tbsp Sage, chopped
  • 2 tbsp Rosemary, chopped
  • 2 tbsp Thyme, chopped
  • 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Lemon, cut into wedges for serving


  • Heat grill or panini press
  • Place chicken breasts in plastic bag (or between sheets of wax paper or parchment), one at a time, and pound to 1/4 - 1/2" thickness. I use a rolling pin.
  • Rub olive oil over both sides of chicken, then salt and pepper generously.
  • Mix together chopped herbs, and add 1 tbsp olive oil. Combine
  • Rub herb mixture evenly over both sides of chicken breasts.
  • Place chicken breasts on hot grill or press until done. This will differ depending on grill, but 5-7 minutes depending on thickness.
  • Remove from grill. Serve whole, or sliced, with a lemon wedge.

I serve it with brown rice … which if you’re in a hurry, or lazy like me you, can buy already cooked to heat in the microwave.

Grilled herbed chicken on plate with rice, corn, salad and lemon wedge.



Picture this … The Golden Girls Kitchen, a pop up restaurant, is coming to San Francisco in April through July! The theme pop-up concept originated in Los Angeles last summer and is now in New York. And it will be headed to Chicago and, of course, Miami.

Golden Girls Popup Restaurant.

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP via USA Today

If you’re my age range, chances are you’re a Golden Girls fan. It’s the ultimate in comfort TV and, thanks to streaming, all seven seasons are readily available. Now we have a chance to immerse ourselves in all things Golden Girls … dining in their Miami Kitchen, or at the Rusty Anchor Bar, with a menu featuring Sophia’s lasagna and, of course, cheesecake. I’m in! My good friend, Mary-Jo, and I already have tickets for the 90-minute dining experience in June. You can be sure I’ll provide detailed reporting here on Weekend Meanderings.

You can find location and ticket information on Follow the Instagram here. And, if you’ve been or are going, be sure to let me know all about it!



Last week the Wall Street Journal published a story, Has the Little Black Dress Disappeared? by Christine Lennon. I linked it, but it may be subscriber-only access. Annoying. Anyway, the article laments the disappearance of classic, elegant, basic black wardrobe pieces, including the unadorned little black dress or LBD.

These three timeless looks from the late 90’s are right up my ally. The last two give me Carolyn Bessette Kennedy vibes.

So where did all the LBDs go?

“Blame Instagram. Fashion brands must turn heads on social media now, and black sheaths don’t snag eyes like pink ruffles. Elegant ebony basics have almost vanished and most of the available black clothes come riddled with dubious cutouts or functionless zippers, their fussy shapes more suited to Gen-Z TikTok stars I can’t name. Also contributing to the dearth of options? The rarity of events that call for chic, dark outfits—civilized dinners out, formal business meetings—whether you live in California and work from home like I do or not.”

I did a swing through Nordstrom this week and sure enough it was a sea of color with lots of adornments … ruffles, cut outs, puffy sleeves. Color is definitely back in a big way, which I wrote about here in January. Of course, some of the missing black is due to the season … but the article suggests that finding timeless pieces, black or otherwise, takes a little more effort these days.

‘Fashion is so strange right now,’ said one basic-black fan. ‘It’s over-stylized and hyper-feminine. It’s hyper in so many ways.’

There are two LBDs in my closet.  A Theory sheath dress I purchased eight years ago. And more recently, 2021, a Staud sweater dress. I feel like both are classic, timeless dresses that I’ve worn again and again … and will probably stay in my closet forever.

We all need a classic little black dress in our closet, and after my Nordstrom visit I did some digging online to see what I could find.


And, don’t get me wrong, I love color. Especially pops of color in accessories … which brings me to the next topic.



In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, and 2023 spring and summer color trends, a green bag is my new fun, new style essential.

Sweater and Jeans Pin Collage.

Cropped Cable Knit Sweater | Hoop Earrings | Woven Tote | Belt | Loafer Mules

Trouser Jeans no longer available, similar here | here | here

Last year Kim spotted this Annabel Ingel bag while we were shopping at consignment shop in Los Gatos. She encouraged me to buy it and I’m glad I did. The bright Kelly green is cheerful and it’s a bag I’ll be using a lot this spring (if spring ever gets here) and summer.

This woven bag arrived on my doorstep earlier in the week. From Amazon. Yes, Amazon. It’s called bean green and I love the subtle, slightly muted color. A woven bag had been on my spring shopping list … and I was thrilled to find it. It’s not too big, not too small … it’s just-right and the perfect tote for everyday. It includes a removable zippered pouch inside which is a nice bonus. It’s so reasonably priced, but feels very high end and comes in lots of gorgeous colors.

My sister is a St. Patrick’s Day baby and I bought this JW Pei bag in bright green for her. Don’t worry, she doesn’t read my blog. The only trouble is, I love it so much it’s tempting to keep it. I don’t know what to do. Joking. It’s a vegan bag and has been a celebrity favorite. I shared it a while back here and I have one in ivory. It comes in a ton of colors and is currently 10% off with code NEW10.

More green bag options for spring ~


So there you have it.

My weekly favorites.

Let’s see what’s inspiring Kim and Elizabeth.



Odds & Socks ~

Update: A few weeks ago I mentioned ordering elevated dog bowls for Pippa and Maggie in this post. This week they arrived and to my horror they are too tall for my dogs. I ordered the small, but should have read the fine print. The frame is too tall and the bowls too deep. They would be suitable for medium sized dogs, but not for littles like mine. My apologies … I’m going to update the post to include this information. And the hunt for a cute elevated bowl set – for small dogs – is back on.

The Barn Red Cottage is pending!


Current Favorites ~


Catch up on last weekend’s meanderings here.

And all my Weekend Meanderings posts are collected here.

Follow along for more fun on Instagram and Pinterest.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Cheers from Snowberry!


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  • 5 stars
    Juliet, I cannot believe it has been a year since The wedding! Seriously time seems to be speeding by. Thankfully they were not getting married this year with the endless rain and storms you are having.
    I love the green bags! Lately green has been one of my favorite colors. So many beautiful options, I am tempted by the JCrew cross body bag.
    I love Target, but we don’t have one, the closest one is an hour away. The good news is that they are currently building one, I think it will be finished next year. Then it will take another year for the thrill to wear off before I will be able to get inside.
    Your chicken sounds delicious! I am going to make this. Don’t have a foreman grill but I think it will be delicious in the air fryer.
    As for the LBD, it is getting harder and harder to find classic pieces. There are so many tight, body con dress out now. I am not sure who wears some of this stuff.
    Loved your spring refresh series!
    Have a wonderful ay Juliet! xo

  • 5 stars
    Juliet cute green bags! Love them. So glad you got the Anabel Ingall’s tote. It was a find in that perfect shade. I’ve been thinking of getting a braided tote too. I have may eye on one of the Naghedi totes..Check out my blog today because those bigger ones work well with the organizer my friend makes.
    Love the grilled chicken. I am trying to eat better and this looks so fresh and yummy.

    Love black dresses and six… Some are from a while ago and I still wear them . I think everyone should have is a nice crepe black dress. I have one from Elizabeth and James. it has a A line shape and always looks good and is lined. My other I wear is a L’Agence shirt dress in silk. The 90’s are back as you can see they are always talking about them now. I loved Jill Sander. I do think it’s spring so not many have black dresses on the mind.. but sure nice to have a few good ones. Yours are both classics!

    Wow Kyle and Melody have already been married a year? Time flew! I know so over this weather.
    Maybe we need a trip to the Golden Girls Kitchen??

  • Hi Juliet — I love the way you write! Always makes me smile and feel like we are having a chat. What you did with rose colored glasses today — perfection! I have a LND (little navy dress) that is my equivalent of the LBD. It is my go-to for LBD occasions! And I hear you on all the cut-outs. What is that all about??!! I sometimes find a dress I like online only to find that it has no back, haha! Um, no! I hope the rain stops for you soon!

  • Hey Girl! I loooove that kelly green bag! And those wide leg jeans are presh on you. Whose are they? Love.
    Also love that Staud sweater dress! I don’t really have a great LBD. I usually end up wearing a black suede skit and sweater if it’s cold out. I need one.
    Great info – thanks!

  • Green! I love your green bags. I have a green tote I love and a kelly green wallet I’m fond of. Too bad these spring things are in storage!

    • Oh no, I remember the frustration of our days of things in storage. You’ll appreciate them all the more when they come out … but still, does not help now! xo

  • Is it just me that thinks your daughter-in-law looks a lot like you?!
    Great chicken recipe — I go with skinless thighs, which isn’t for everyone, AND isn’t as healthy!
    Loved the Golden Girls — what characters!
    Great fresh spring green bags: I have lemon yellow on my brain and purchased a yellow utility jacket and lemon-print jeans jacket last year and just found a yellow Staud bag to ‘go with’ for Spring/Summer this year. My other favorite is deep orange or tomato red for pops of color!
    LBD: love your two classics: perfect on your figure. I have a darling slightly babydoll/swing LBD that I love and one on my sewing table TBF (finished, that is…). It is a crepe A-line with an angled cutaway armhole, which gives it a bit of style.

    Hard to think of JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy: too tragic.

    Re. elevated dog bowls: I still remember how hard it was to find a well-made set that improved the dining ergonomics for our mini-poodle. When we had our 2nd dog who was small medium-sized, I used non-slip bowls on the TOP of the same stand, so that the bowls were higher… because it was a good setup and the heights were correct (bowls were larger and sat over the wells).

    I’m sure you are keeping an eye on the red cottage and what is to come!

  • Hi Juliet!
    Love this post…everything! The chicken looks so delicious and I love an easy but delicious dinner so I’ll be trying this for sure!
    I have rose colored wine glasses and I think you’re right…they help on a rainy day and we’ve also had plenty of those!
    I love the Target bags and I’m going to check them out today!
    Lastly…The Golden Girls Kitchen looks like so much fun! I’m a huge fan and would absolutely love to come to this…unfortunately, it’s a long way to come! Thank you for such a great post!

  • I am a reader but rarely comment… love the ambiance of your blog… ‘watercolors’ is how I think of you and Snowberry. The chicken recipe caught my eye, and when I read the ingredients, I immediately thought of the Simon & Garfunkel song, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme… so that will be the name on my recipe card! We share a love for the indomitable, one-of-a-kind-Contessa… so very sad about Banksy. He was the Most Special Pig. Your home is so lovely and your writing is, too!
    Debbie Squires
    There is nothing close to the LBD. It shall never RIP! Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn, CLASSIC.

    • Hello there, Debbie! Thank you for taking time to leave a comment. A lovely comment! I really appreciate it. You’re right, a little black dress is an essential no closet should be without … and Audrey Hepburn took LBD’s to another level. The Simon & Garfunkel song was on my mind when I chose the herbs for the chicken … you can use any herb combination but this makes it more fun. Sweet Banksy, you and I and so many others are going to miss his presence on the inter-webs. He was special. RIP Banksy. Wishing you the best week ahead! xo

  • 5 stars
    I love an LBD! Madeline and I both have our favorites., Hers is a thrifted Theory dress similar to yours! We always say how she will have it forever!
    I love that green bag from Amazon; I feel like I’ve seen those…it’s a pretty nice-looking bag for $70! And the bag for your sister. How cute! Your sister doesn’t read your blog? Mine doesn’t either!


    • Ha! Contessa! Yes, Nordstrom … I’m not sure it was dirty but you know how carpet gets pulled one direction then another and look different … anyway, that’s how I remember it. The rain, I know … endless. And more on the way. We’ll be happy about it come summer … happier still if I was going to Hawaii. Hope your son enjoys! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    You look fabulous in LBD, such a hottie.
    I have my eye on the roomy jeans. I’m so over fitted and skinny jeans. I live in loungers and total comfort now. Those jeans are right up my alley.

    • Katherine, you’re the sweetest! I’m with you on the loungers … comfort is everything at this point! xo

  • Love your posts!
    I used to own a restaurant so I have about 75 LBDs! Not exaggerating. Every cut, length, material and neckline. And I wear them all the time with colorful jackets, accessories, etc. Probably my Catholic school upbringing that a uniform appeals to me

    • Love the look of a LBD with colorful jacket … used to be a go-to of mine when working in an office. Not that different rom a restaurant. Anyway, with all those LBD’s in your closet you can go anywhere anytime and look fabulous! xo

  • You are so photogenic and I love your blog ! And, I need one of those green bags !! I think you wear green so well too!!! xoxo

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