How to Make Individual Charcuterie Boards Your Guests Will Love

Looking for holiday appetizer ideas? How about charcuterie?! Today I’m joining a group of bloggers to share 12 ideas for holiday charcuterie boards your guests will love.

Christmas tree cheese board and Christmas decorations.

Thanksgiving’s around the corner and the holiday party season is underway.

Chances are you’ll be hosting guests in your home over the next couple of months.

And lots of family.

And I have a fun idea for cocktail party appetizers or a dinner party first course.

Mini Charcuterie boards.

Charcuterie board images by Monica Vargas Photography.

Do you love charcuterie?

I love charcuterie.

Outdoor fall table with cheese board and charcuterie books.

Today I’m joining 11, that’s right ELEVEN, other bloggers to share charcuterie ideas.

There’s something for everyone!

Charcuterie board collage.


If you’ve just arrived from Jen’s Midwest Life and Style, welcome!

I’m so glad you’re here.

I love serving individual charcuterie boards.

In fact, it’s become my speciality.

Let’s make individual charcuterie boards your guests will love.

And get your holiday entertaining off to a fun and festive start.

Mini Charcuterie boards.

A couple of years ago I spotted these cute, mini cheese boards at Target.

They sparked an idea for individual charcuterie.

I shared all the ingredients I use to build my boards here.

The basic formula ~

Small Cheese Boards

(Check out these new mini-boards I found!)

Cheese Spreaders

Two cheeses

Prosciutto or other cured meat

Seasonal fresh fruit

Dried fruit


Fig Spread

Sliced Baguette


It’s a lot to fit on a small board, but it works.

(My small boards measure 5″ x 10″.)

And I put out bowls of extra baguette slices and crackers.

Ideas to make your boards festive for the holidays ~

Use fun holiday themed cheese spreaders.

Use fall leaves or poinsettia flower parchment paper.

Add seasonal fruits like sliced permission, dried cranberries & pomegranate arils.

Use holiday themed cheese boards.

Last weekend I found these adorable Christmas themed boards at our local Orchard Nursery Lazy K Holiday Shop.

I shared the opening of the Holiday Shop here.

I couldn’t find anything similar online to link.

Believe me I tried.

But I did find these great small board options that work year-round.

And some can be purchased in sets which I love.

If I’m serving a small group, say 4 to 6, I put the boards out on a basket tray.

These are my favorite any-time-of-year spreaders.


Don’t forget the wine!

We like to greet our guests with a spritzers, sparkling wine or rose.

Mini Charcuterie boards.


Other festive holiday cocktails.

Apple Cider Aperol Spritz is a wonderful fall and Thanksgiving cocktail.

And it can be made in a batch which is a real time saver.

I adore Raspberry Kir Royale bar for Christmas and New Year’s entertaining.

Glasses of Raspberry Kir Royale on bar


If you love charcuterie but are short on time look for a local shop to do it for you.

If you’re in the Bay Area, The Board Room in Pleasanton is awesome.

In addition to large and small boards, they create gorgeous grazing stations.

They’re currently taking orders for the holidays!

Last year we had a pre-wedding wine tasting with charcuterie from The Board Room.

Charcutier board in basket tray from the Board Room.

I picked up the board the day before our party.

And plopped it in one of my favorite basket trays when ready to serve.

Isn’t it pretty?!


Gift Ideas for your Charcuterie Loving Friends ~

The Cheese Board Deck is a fun gift.

And Boards: Stylish Spread for Casual Gatherings is my go-to gift book.


Pin this Post to Save for Your Next Holiday Event ~

Mini Charcuterie Board collage.


So there you have it, individual charcuterie boards for the holidays or anytime.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

I’ll see you again on Saturday when I join Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

Some of my friends will be sharing their Thanksgiving wine recommendations.

Let’s head over to visit Rachel at The Ponds Farm House for A Creative Christmas Charcuterie Board.

Mini Charcuterie boards.

Until then, cheers from Snowberry!


Be sure to visit all my blogger friends to see their holiday charcuterie ideas ~

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    • Isn’t it fun, Marty?! Hope you do try it … I think they’d be a hit with your family and friends out around your gorgeous pool! xo

  • Juliet, I love this idea for a small gathering of friends and/or family. It’s an elegant touch to the dinner party. Your photographs are stunning.

    • Hi Tammy … we’re loving the small boards and it’s fun to find ways to jazz them up for the holidays. On my way over to see your charcuterie ideas! xo

  • Juliette,
    I love the idea of individual charcuterie boards. Such a great party idea. It was great getting to read your blog.

  • Oh my goodness Juliet you are the charcuterie board queen! Those individual boards are not only beautiful to look at but yummy as well!

  • Juliet this is a great post. I love the idea of the individual boards for a small gathering. Definitely going to do that. The boards you used were so cute too.

  • I love “nibble” food…but the one thing I don’t like is when so much stuff is crammed onto the board that I can’t pull out on item without throwing the rest of the stuff overboard….but maybe I am just a klutz LOL
    I prefer a board where the food is spread out a bit

  • What a great post Juliet. I love the idea of individual charcuterie boards, I find them so charming. I love the great book ideas you shared as well. Thank you for joining us today, it was a pleasure having you.

  • Great ideas, Juliet! Love all the different kinds of boards. Have a wonderful weekend!! I love the idea of the deck btw. I may have to get one for the Mister’s stocking!

  • Oh my yumminess. Your board looks delicious, Juliet and is making me hungry. I pinned this to my appetizer board so I can reference it for later.

  • Juliet, these little boards are so cute! Such a great idea for any party or even a light dinner.

  • As usual your post was wonderful. You must spend copious hours on it. Always love all the suggestions but the the holey jeans gotta go.
    Love ya

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