Raffia Sandals, White Tees, a Good Book & the Best Facial Self-Tanner

Today on weekend meanderings, raffia sandals, classic white t-shirts, a good book and, I found the best facial self-tanner.

Happy weekend friends! It’s time for the weekend post with Kim and Elizabeth, our weekly roundup of inspirations and goings on.

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Collage of Puglia photos.

How was your week?

We’re home from Italy. Just barely. We pulled in the driveway about 9:00 last night. Yes, I’m tired. It’s going to be short and sweet today. Let’s go.


CBK Obsessed

On the flight to Italy I read Once Upon a Time: The Captivating Life of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy by Elizabeth Teller. I’m sure I’ve read every book there is to read about CBK, but this is the first one (that I’m aware of) to focus on Carolyn as a whole and real person and not an ancillary, and often maligned, character in the life of John F. Kennedy, Jr. A true biography, it deep dives into her family, early life, college years, career at Calvin Klein, and of course courtship and marriage to JFK, Jr. And it explores some unflattering portrayals in prior books alleging serious drug use, a difficult temperament and blaming her for causing the late departure of the flight that ended in tragedy. What’s most fascinating to me is the author’s take on Carolyn’s style evolution having less to do with what we now call ‘quiet luxury’ and more about creating a neutral uniform to make her less interesting to the paparazzi that plagued her. Clearly that didn’t work, but it did have the unintended consequence of turning her into a style icon. How would she feel about that? Well, the author has some thoughts.

Once Upon A Time book cover.

Once Upon a Time


Raffia Sandals

I read that raffia sandals are a non-negotiable this summer and I bought these Sam Edelman Reina sandals before our trip. In addition to be on-trend they’re very comfortable.

Overhead view of Sam Edelman raffia sandal.

Reina Sandal

More raffia and textured sandals ~

Raffia Sandal collage.

A few weeks ago, Kim and I did a summer sandal round-up, you can find it here.


Facial Self-Tanner That Works … For Me

In preparation for our trip – and summer – I went in search of a facial self-tanner that wouldn’t make me look orange or turn super dark. I’m happy – and surprised – to report success. Salty Face Tanning Water is easy to use and gave me a little color without screaming fake tan. And, it’s easy to use. Although when it arrived I was confused and had a lot of questions. The directions on the bottle are impossible to read (tiny font) … even with reading glasses.

Bottle of Salty Face Tanning Water.

A few of the things I wanted to know …

When to apply – in the evening as last step in skincare routine. Yes, you can apply over moisturizer.

How to apply – either with your hands (wash thoroughly afterwards) or with use the spray nozzle that comes with it and then blend it with a brush. Also, don’t forget to blend into hairline, ears, behind ears … down neck and even chest.

How much to apply – I believe the tiny fine print says use two droppers full. Being extra cautious (and chicken) I’m using one dropper full and it gives me a really good, and light color so I’ll stick with that.

It comes in two shades …  light/medium, or medium/dark. Obviously I’m using light/medium (and using only half the recommended amount). I ordered the Basic Tanning Set which incudes an application brush … but I haven’t used it (it’s easy to apply with my hands) and probably won’t so I’d recommend just starting with the tanning water.

Salty Face Basic tanning set.

While waiting for Salty Face to arrive, a friend recommended Tanologist face and body drops which can be purchased at Target, Amazon and drug stores. I really like it too … and it’s less than half the price of Salty Face. Tanologist offers four shades, I bought the light.

Bottle of Tanology face and body drops.

I’m not a big fan of wearing lots of make up, I don’t like the feel of it on my face. But … with a little color most days I can get away with my oil-free Neutrogena moisturizer with sunscreen mixed with a dollop of Lumi Glotion.


Classic White Tees

My white t-shirt supply is running low. Yikes. White t-shirts are a wardrobe staple and I probably wear one most days. I’ve been threatening to do a white t-shirt round up and until I get it together I’m giving these three a whirl … all from Tuckernuck.

Woman wearing white t-shirt.

Leset Margo Tee


Woman wearing white t-shirt.

Parker Classic Fit Tee


Woman wearing white t-shirt.

Ryan Boyfriend Tee

If you have a good white tee to recommend, please drop a comment below.

The Offer

During our trip several people recommend The Offer. Highly recommended. The series is based on the making of The Godfather, from the producer’s experience, and it’s been on my watch list for a while … so many good actors involved. I’ve moved it to the top of the list and I think we’ll watch it the weekend.


Current Favorites ~


Divider graphic.

And that’s what I have for you today. Let’s see what’s inspiring Kim and Elizabeth.



Divider graphic.

In case you missed it, last weekend I shared a few summer things … like my new favorite cordless lamps currently substituting for candles on our patio table, catch up here.

Ok, so I’m jet lagged and fading fast. Don’t worry, I’ll bore you with the details of my trip later. In the meantime I saved all my Italy Instagram stories in a highlight.

Ciao for now!

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  • Love this blog! Your Quince dress link (the black linen one) was my first purchase from your blog and convinced me to try more of your suggestions. Would love to hear any fashion tips from your recent Italy trip. I’m heading that direction later this month (and bringing my new black linen dress).

    • Hi there … I’m so glad you love the Quince dress. I wore it in Italy and it’s a great travel piece (no need to iron!). I’ll roll out a what a wore post later this week … of course, I took way more than was needed so maybe my mistakes can help you. Where are you going in Italy?! xo

  • Welcome home! I hope that you are sleeping in and enjoying lots of snuggles from your fur kids. I know that they were excited to see you and to celebrate Pipas belated birthday, although it did look like a wonderful celebration at their camp.
    The snippets of your trip to Italy are magical. I loved following along on Instagram. Looking forward to a complete recap.
    Jacqueline Bisset Kennedy is an interesting woman and this book is fascinating. It is sad how many people blame her for the crash instead of the inexperience of John. Oh well, she was an icon and her style is timeless.
    Love white t-shirts. I just purchased a bunch from Banana Republic on the recommendation of another blogger and they are so comfy. But I will check out these as well because you can never have enough white t-shirts.
    Raffia sandals, I have seen them everywhere but have not jumped in this year to get a pair. So far I have not found one that is comfortable.
    Have a wonderful weekend Juliet!

  • Your trip to Puglia looks fab! Were you with a group? Also, do you have any idea if the facial self tanners also darken hyperpigmentation spots? Always enjoy your posts.

    • Yes, we were on one of Jim’s work boondoggles. Always fabulous! Hyperpigmentation spots are a big deal for me too … and why I no longer get spray tans pre-vacation. I found that using half the recommended tanning water on my face worked well. By the 3rd or 4th day I did see a couple of spots on my face, so I backed off and skipped a couple of nightly applications. I get IPL (laser) to remove those spots, but these days it’s hard to keep up. Hope that helps. And, thanks for following along with our trip … more to come! xo

  • LIVING THE DREAM, JULIET. I hear you on the jelag though.
    Always love your sandal choices!

  • Juliet welcome back. I can’t wait to see more of your trip, and really enjoyed all the gorgeous photos. Looks like a dream. I am naturally super white and have rosacea, so no self tanner ever looks natural on me, but I am willing to try. Which of the drops worked better? I have tan legs now from tennis and an awful thing where my feet are white from the sneakers. Not a good look.
    Love all the raffia sandals! I just bought two white t-shirts at TJ’s and my favorite brand is James Purse, but they had a new brand C&C California. I tried both.
    I just use mine for layering mainly. I am going to check your links out now. Hope you have a relaxing weekend. Good idea coming back on a Friday! xo

  • For basics like tee shirts I’m a big fan of Lands End. Not glamorous, I know, but great quality and prices (they almost always have sales). Their supima cotton tees are a staple for layering, and for those of us who really don’t look good in white they offer ivory.

    Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  • I have loved those Italy instastories. I am definitely going to order that Kennedy book. Have a wonderful weekend, Juliet!

  • Yay-I’m happy you’re back and looking forward to hearing more about your trip (and what you wore)! I love the idea of the ‘Glumi Lotion’ with moisturizer. Since Covid, I stopped wearing makeup because it grossed me out having it with a mask on. Now, I don’t like the feeling of any makeup anymore and have not gone back to wearing it. However, I know with age, I could use a little something more, so maybe this is a good option.
    Have a good rest!

    • Janet, I feel exactly the same way. I little moisturizer with SPF + a little glo and all is well! xo

  • Welcome home… can’t wait to hear about your trip!! I’m so interested to hear about that area of Italy. I have been looking for a good face tanner and I want to try out the drops you recommended. And of course CBK, you know my interest level is always high! Sounds like an interesting book and not the same details I’ve already heard many times! I will save that read for the Fourth of July holiday, five days off from work and I can’t wait!

    • Oh my gosh, Jane … 4th of July is around the corner. Holy Moly! Can’t wait to see you sooner rather than later. xo

  • Hi Juliet! Welcome back! It looks like you had a great trip! Cute sandals! I have wanted to try some kind of face tanner. Maybe I will give one of these waters a try.

    My daughter Zoë recommended the crew neck t-shirt from Uniqlo. Just under $10! I ordered several and they seem good. (Haven’t actually worn one yet…)

    The book on CBK sounds interesting. So tragic when their plane went down. I remember exactly where I was when I heard about it.

    Hope you are getting some rest!

    • Hi Molly, Uniqulo does make great tees. Thanks for the reminder … ordering now. Slowly getting back in the swing. Happy weekend! xo

  • Looks like a nice trip. Nice to be home. Do we have milk now? I know you like your hot chocolate. I recently went on a shopping spree at Target. For the price, their t-shirts are not too shabby. They’re good for a few years. I even found a shirt dress.

    • We have milk now! I’m a big fan of Target Tees … and you’re right, the price is hard to beat. Thanks for the reminder to swing by Target. I haven’t been in a while and who doesn’t love a good target find! xo

  • I love raffia sandals. I find many are not all that comfy so glad to hear the Sam E’s are! I am always on the hunt for a great white tee so I am going to check your options out!!

  • I just put “ The Offer” on my Netflix list. It looks like it’ll be really good.

    Welcome back- I always think jet leg coming home. This way is easier Jetlag going east…. At least you wake up early!! I can’t wait to hear all about your Italy trip!!

    I am deadly to allergic to self tanners, so I’m wondering if I could use these tanning waters.. I’ll have to look up what the main ingredient is in them!! I would love to find one that works. I too just use my tinted moisturizer with a bit of liquid bronzer thrown in!!

    • Martha! Allergic … yikes. I wonder what the offending ingredient is … you must be careful. I think you’ll love The Offer. Once we finished we started in on The Godfather movies … so interesting to rewatch after learning about the behind the scenes. We wrapped up II last night, III tonight! Happy weekend! xo

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