Signature Scents, Summer Luncheons, Mini-Charcuterie + More … It’s Weekend Meanderings

Happy weekend, friends!

Every Saturday I join Kim and Elizabeth to share our favorite things from the week.

And it was a busy week.

August is Cocktail Month at Snowberry.

And Thursday I joined the big girl bloggers for summer drinks inspiration.

I shared my new favorite summer cocktail.

Rose Hibiscus Spritz.

I’ve mentioned it before, but this is a deep dive.

And I attended a lovely girls lunch.

And that’s the first item on my agenda today.

So, let’s get to it …



I went to the loveliest luncheon this week. At Kim’s beautiful home. Feting our friend, the Contessa. It was Contessa’s birthday last month, but this was the first date we could coordinate a get together. Artist, Heidi, rounded out our foursome. Kim let us know she was planning a pink tabletop and thought it would be fun if we all wore shades of pink. She and the Contessa nailed it. Heidi went with pink on top. And I brought up the rear with pops of pink in my dress. Turns out we coordinated well.

Four ladies on outdoor patio

It was a warm day and we had appetizers poolside. Kim’s back yard is like a boutique resort.

Juliet in Paradise

Kim made yummy fig appetizers. She shared her recipe here. And I brought individual charcuterie boards. It’s my go to appetizer at home and on the road. At the last minute I decided to make fig and goat cheese bites too. To place on the boards. Sorry, Kim … I should know better than to go off script. But figs are healthy, right? You can’t have too many.

Appetizer spread

For lunch we moved to Kim’s dining table on the opposite side of her patio. Set with a pretty pink tablecloth that reminded me of funky 70’s wallpaper. So fun! Kim served caprese salad with the most gorgeous and delicious tomatoes from her dad’s garden. And an amazing green salad with chicken, walnuts, and pears. Dressed with a citrusy dressing. Delicious!

Green salad and caprese salad


Contessa Birthday Luncheon


Two women in pink at outdoor dining table


Woman showing her handmade birthday card

Heidi, an artist, makes the most beautiful birthday cards

The heat was getting to us, so we moved inside for dessert. Heidi made a glorious blueberry crisp topped with freshly whipped cream. OMG.

Woman blowing out her birthday candles


Blueberry crisp and whipped cream on blue and white plate

Kim’s son, Griffin, was home and got roped into taking our photos. He was good humored about it. I suggested he be included as our official photographer at all future gatherings. I think he’s packing his bags and heading back to school as fast as he can.

Four ladies in pink on patio

Happy Birthday, Contessa!

I’m wearing an Alicia Bell dress that’s no longer available. I got it at Flaunt in Danville. The dress was perfect for my gold Jack Roger sandals. I bought them for the after party at Kyle and Melody’s wedding. The Contessa is wearing one of her Contessa Caftans, with a piggie motif made by Trish at Cottage by Design.



If anyone’s tired of me mentioning these cute mini cheese boards … avert your eyes. I’m going to talk about them again. Sorry, not sorry. Quite honestly, I’m not sure how I ever lived – or entertained – without them. And I’m not the only one because Target is still restocking them.

I bought them during the pandemic when we started to have people over again but were squeamish about everyone working off the same platter. I quickly realized they are a great way to serve appetizers around our firepit. It’s pretty big and wide and with the fire going we have to place food in another location. Then guests have to get up and down and go back forth. Not ideal. In addition to being practical and super cute, everyone oohs and ahs over them and thinks I went to more effort than I actually did.

When we were planning the Contessa’s birthday lunch, I had to twist Kim’s arm to get her to let me bring something. She finally said I could bring cheese and crackers. Those were the words I needed to hear to reach for my mini boards. I have a standard template for filling them and this is it …

Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt. Tam** cheese, prosciutto, marcona almonds, dried apricots, red grapes, and a tiny (1.05oz) jar of Dalmatia fig spread. Then I add sliced baguette and as many Pepperidge Farm Harvest Wheat crackers as will fit (usually 4). I put a cheese spreader into the Mt. Tam cheese on each board and voila … appetizers are served. For my gluten free friends, I substitute with Wasa Sesame & Sea Salt Crisps and Milton’s Crispy Sea Salt Baked Crackers. I set out extra bread and crackers because only so many can fit on the little boards.

Woman putting appetizer tray together



**A word about Mt. Tam cheese. It’s a triple cream cheese from Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes Station. It’s my favorite, it’s Jim’s favorite and it’s our niece Sophie’s favorite. I rarely show up at her house without it and a box of Harvest Wheat crackers. When we moved to our Fidalgo Island house, we couldn’t get it. And that’s where things took a turn. Less than two years later we were back in California with a refrigerator full of Mt. Tam. I’m joking. Or am I?


Because I was felt bad that I wasn’t doing enough to help I decided to make a fig and goat cheese bites to add to the boards. It was overkill. But they were really good. And I had no idea Kim was making fig appetizers too. Oops.

Fig and Goat Cheese Bites

Here’s the recipe.

Fig and Goat Cheese Bites

Fig & Goat Cheese Bites

5 from 3 votes
Course Appetizer
Servings 4 people


  • 12 Figs Black Mission or whatever is available
  • 4 oz Laura Chenel Orange Blossom Honey Goat Cheese
  • Fresh baby arugula
  • 1 Prosciutto slice, torn into small strips


  • Rinse and dry figs. And slice off tops. Make 2 cuts in the top of each fig crossways. The pipe cheese into each opening. If you cut the corner of wrapper it will function like a pastry bag. Top the cheese with a leaf of arugula and strip of prosciutto.
Keyword Appetizer


Here I am swanning around Snowberry’s back patio with a Rose Hibiscus Spritz and cut flowers. As one does. And wearing the best summer dress ever from Tuckernuck. I love the Tuckernuck brand … its so coastal grandma. This dress is lightweight and universally flattering. Plus it’s just fun. Dress it up or dress it down … it’s a great piece to have in your closet.

Woman standing in garden with cocktail and flower basket

Image by Monica Vargas Photography

I don’t usually wear short dresses. I know, I know this is not exactly short … but I mean above the knee. However, being slightly height challenged (I’m 5’4-3/4″… don’t forget the 3/4) the dress falls at a good place on me and I really like it. I’m wearing a small.

Tuckernuck Shirt Dress Collage

Tuckernuck Dress / Sunnies / Earrings / Market Tote / Platform Slides

I just ordered the tortoise sunglasses (they’re only $28), the earrings and the platform slides. All from Tuckernuck. The Medina Market Tote was on Kim’s post last weekend. It got here so fast. I ordered it with indigo handles and it’s perfection. I’m going to wear this ensemble to a couple of dinners we have coming up.



Do you have a signature scent? I do. Does that sound hoity toity? In my case, it’s less hoity toity and more about finding something I like and sticking with it. That and I dislike change. So much so that I’ve been wearing Calyx and only Calyx by Perscriptives since 1989 or so. That’s a long time.

I remember where I was when I caught my first whiff of this fresh, clean, and citrusy scent. Sitting on the floor in my newly carpeted (wall-to-wall plush blue carpet) living room on a Saturday afternoon flipping through a magazine. Which magazine? That I don’t recall. Anyway, I was flipping through the pages when a scented insert fell out. Remember those? I was immediately smitten and soon on my way to Nordstrom to acquire a bottle. And I’ve never looked back.

Around 2011 there was a brief scare when Estee Lauder shuttered the Prescriptives brand. Somehow, I found out about it and was able to buy the remaining stock at my local store. I kept the bottles in the refrigerator. Eventually Clinique, another Estee Lauder brand, relaunched Calyx. Some say they changed the formula, but if true it was very subtle. As a result of this crisis, I have a lingering scarcity mindset around the fragrance, but no longer keep a three-year supply in the fridge.

Calyx Perfume on Bathroom Vanity Tray

Calyx burst on the scene in 1986/87 created by perfumer, Sophia Grojsman. You can read more about its history here and here if you’re interested including the perfume notes. I was interested to read them, and the comments of people who love or loath the scent. What I get is citrus and you know how I feel about citrus.

You can find Calyx at Sephora, Ulta and Macy’s. You can also find it on Amazon, but I’m suspicious of counterfeit products, and how old it might be (and how it’s been stored/shipped, etc.).


Calyx Perform by Clinique




Who else shed a tear (or broke down sobbing) at the news of Olivia Newton-John’s passing? Universally admired and adored I think we all knew she battled breast cancer and yet her death still came as a shock. For those of us who came of age in the 70’s, this breathtaking Aussie captured our hearts with her country-esque albums (If You Love Me Let Me Know, Have You Ever Been Mellow, I Honestly Love You,) to name a few. Songs I haven’t heard in decades but can still sing word for word. And then, of course, Grease. GREASE! Into the stratosphere Olivia (Sandy) and John (Danny) flew … sewn into the fabric of our lives forever. And as such we took a great interest in her life … her first marriage, the birth of her daughter, her divorce. Romances. The boyfriend who disappeared from a fishing boat never to be seen again. And, finally, remarriage and lasting love.

Via – Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Fotos International/Getty Images

The Oliva Newton-John Foundation Fund has raised millions of dollars for research into plant medicine for cancer. You can learn more about it and donate here.

Olivia lived in rarified air. A woman so loved and admired you could not find anyone with a bad word to say about her. Rest in peace, Olivia.

So there you have it, five things that stood out for me this week.

Now let’s see what Kim and Elizabeth are up to.




My favorite local shop, Flaunt, is showcasing their fall lineup today. They’re open 10-5 and shop manager, Denise, is making sangria. Let me tell you, Denise is dangerous with or without sangria. She never fails to find 10 things I didn’t know I need, must have, and could never live without. Jim prefers I not hang out with Denise. 😉

I succumbed to fall … at Target … during a grocery run. I couldn’t resist this blue and white sweater. Now that I’m looking at it, maybe it’s more of a summer sweater. It was hanging out with their new fall stuff.

Last week I mentioned buying this dress at Old Navy. It arrived and I love it so I ordered it again! In black, spice and this pretty shade of blue called Mt. Shasta. It’s only $21 and when I purchased all three it came down to $15 a dress. It’s just a great everyday around the house and around town summer dress. And … $15! Oh, and I wore it in my Cocktail Night at Snowberry video yesterday and received quite a few messages asking about it. I’d say it’s a winner.

And speaking of cocktails, I mentioned joining the big girl bloggers, as I like to call them, for a summer drinks extravaganza. I made my new summer favorite, the Rose Hibiscus Spritz. You can read about it here. And I made it again last night and you can watch that here. There were so many great drinks recipes shared. Take a look at Kim’s Lillet Spritz, Annie’s Mojito Mocktail, Cindy’s Lime Mint Cucumber Cocktail and yummy appetizers, Mary Ann’s Lemonade Ice Cubes and Fresh Lemonade, Sheri’s Mint Simple Syrup and Strawberry Mock Mojito, and Melanie’s Empress Gin recipes.

If you missed last weekend’s meanderings, I gushed about my new favorite athletic shoe. Recommended by my doctor, I’m wearing Hoka Clifton 8’s for daily walks and workouts. I received a lot of comments and messages about these shoes.  Apparently many of you have recently heard about them too, from friends and family  members … and celebrities. Joan commented that Reese Witherspoon posted about her black and white pair a year or two ago (and I thought this was a new thing). And favorite blogger Preppy Empty Nester says her Mister has just acquired a pair and is talking about them non-stop. So it seems everyone’s a fan. My feet are certainly a lot happier.

Check out these cute little stoneware strainers or colanders… I bought the smaller ones and filled them with tomatoes from my garden as gifts for our girl’s luncheon. Amazon has them too, but they’re sold as a set. Wait, Overstock has a better price, also a set.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Cocktail Month at Snowberry continues on Thursday.

Stay tuned.

Dog on patio next to hydrangeas

Cheers from Snowberry!


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  • What a cute pic of all of you! Okay at 5’2 I would kill for 2.5 more inches. ;0)
    I love those petite boards! I got a few in Florence a few years ago (BC) and wish I had snagged a few more! xo laura

    • Oh, Laura … Florence! Your boards must be fancy!!! I’d love to see them. And I should not complain about height … after all I’m practically towering at nearly 5’5″!!! Have a great weekend! xo

  • Good morning dear Juliet! What a fabulous luncheon Kim hosted. And those charcuterie boards – what a fab idea! They looked darling! Love your Tuckernuck dress too! Have a wonderful weekend.

    • I love this post especially about your fragrance I love the story and the magazine was probably 17!!,,,
      As for those walking shoes after you mentioned them the first time I noticed them on a man sitting beside me in a doctor‘s office it’s quite a big soul right.?
      Well he wasn’t sitting next to me but a few seats away my bad as they say!
      Can’t thank you enough for picking me up and driving me to Kim’s and Pulling out all that stuff from your trunk!!!
      Now I’m not complaining but I didn’t get a colander with tomatoes I would imagine those were party favors for the ladies that were not the birthday girl!,,,,
      I only ask because I didn’t thank you for that in my thank you note!,,,
      The food was delicious and the company even better !I love us all getting together!
      A big thank you to you for all your help and your driving skills!!

      • Oh my gosh, Contessa, you’re right! They were gifts for the non-birthday girl but I should have brought for everyone. Oof. Party foul as the kids used to say. Haha, no, I doubt it was 17 … I was 26 or 27 at the time. Might have been Cosmopolitan! Yes, the Hoka’s have a lot of soul … and great foot support. You might like them. Not that the Contessa wears pedestrian walking shoes like a pedestrian! It was such a lovely luncheon and so much fun getting together. I enjoy my role as chauffeur … or Uber driver … to Miss Daisy! xoxo

    • Thanks, Katie … you have an amazing weekend too. Hope it’s not too hot there in the Great State of Texas! xoxo

  • 5 stars
    Hey Girl – even though I can’t get it together to blog right now, I am still reading them all. First of all, you and I, at 5’4” + 3/4 are NOT short. Ok well, we’re average to shortish. Thank you for modeling the dress for me – now I know where it will hit me! Also the shoes! I need some neutral espadrilles that don’t have ankle ties (not a good look for me)
    Loved seeing the girls together. So jealous you live near other bloggers! Those little boards for charcuterie – SO SO CUTE!!! And yummy – a great idea – Covid or not.
    I have a question for you – where did you get the cute clock and is an alarm clock? Trying to find one for my bedside, instead of using my phone – very bad for you to have phones next to your bed.
    My favorite Olivia song is Magic. I love it.
    Talk soon.

    • Oh, yes … Magic. Loved it too. And all her songs of the post-Grease error. Who didn’t Jazzercise to Physical?! That darned clock is from Restoration Hardware eons ago. Before they got all fancy. But, you can hear it ticking off the seconds so terrible for bedside. I finally gave up on non-electronic bedside clock for that reason. And when it gets quiet at night you’d think it was a hammer coming down. I love your description on my height … the average side of shortish. Exactly! Don’t you worry about your amazing blog … it will be there when summer is over and motivation returns. Happy weekend! xo

      • I just searched the ‘internets’…
        Average height of American women over age 20: 5’4”!
        You’re tall(er than avg.!)

        I came here thru Mary Ann’s blog; she is petite and I am shorter still!

        • That makes me feel better … I always thought I was 5’4″ and then suddenly I gained 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. Happy to have it! xo

  • Loved your post. What size McGee tray did you use? I’m copying the whole charcuterie wood & basket trays. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Holly! My tray is the large … 20×20. So excited your making personalcharcuteries … send me a photo!!! xo

  • 5 stars
    Such a fun post, as usual. I love seeing the California girls together! One of these days we will have to have an East Coast get together with Mary Ann.
    Kims house does indeed look like a boutique hotel! What a lovely space for your luncheon. I love your charcuterie boards and never tire of hearing about them, they are so sweet. Cowgirl creamery is amazing, cheese is a good group along with dessert in my opinion.
    As for Olivia Newton John, yes that was tragic. An amazing life and 30 years fighting breast cancer and she never had a negative thing to say about it, her life or anyone else. An icon loved by all.
    Your dresses are beautiful! And for 15.00! I love a good deal. The tuckernuck dress looks wonderful on you!
    Cocktail month! I wish I lived closer I would be over to try each and every one.
    Have a wonderful weekend Juliet!

    • Elizabeth, I wish you lived closer too … you could help me taste test! And I would happily reciprocate with all your baked treats. So much sadness over Oliva. Thecelebrities we fall in love with in our youth stay with us forever … and their loss feels personal. xo

  • I surely miss the wonderful produce and fruits that are everywhere in CA, now that we are Midwesterners. Delicate fruits like apricots and figs just don’t make it here successfully (some fruits don’t ripen once picked, another issue), and there is NOTHING like having your own tangelo, lemon or avocado tree!

    I really like your individual charcuterie boards, Juliet: I think they are more fun and easier to present than a large platter.

    ON-J’s death was saddening: such talent, a kind heart, gone too soon.

    I love citrus (married to an Italian, so use a lot of lemon in cooking, have ceramic lemons from Positano hanging in our kitchen, a vase full of faux lemons in our living room and a lemon runner on our dining room table…) I have long worn Chantecaille Vetyver, which is rather citrusy, and previously worn the grapefruit, orange and plain Verveine by L’Occitaine (all lovely but fLeeting). Though I’ve known of Calyx a long time, I haven’t tried it. But now I will stop in at Sephora!

    • Joan, you house sounds like lemon nirvana. One can never have too many lemons. Real, ceramic or otherwise. More lemons! I didn’t now about Chantecaille but will look into it. I feel I need a back up plan in case Calyx gets shut down again. Quell horreur! xo

  • You are very sweet. Thank you for squeezing into my micro yard! I think the charcuterie was the highlight of the food. I could eat that everyday and they tasted as good as they were pretty. Your little gifts of your homegrown tomatoes in bowls was so appreciated and I love the bowl! The cutest idea. Your figs and my figs!! Isn’t it funny we both thought of them. They are so great this time of year. We need more figs!

    The blue dress with pink was so pretty and I love the Tuckernuck one also. I have two of their dresses and I love this drop waist style. It flatters everyone. … And Calyx!! I worked at the Nordstrom cosmetic counter during the heyday of Perscriptives and this cologne. I have always loved it and it still brings me back to those days! Good vibes- and I will be ordering one. How cool they still have it. I also still love Eau Dynamisante from Clarins which is similar to me! I like fragrances that have a fresh smell.. Remember that one from Clinique..Aromatique?? That one smelled heinous to me and people freaking loved it.. Also a non traditional scent. You could not work at the makeup counter without getting a full on olfactory assault every day.. I think my sinus’s everytually shut down from it all. I could never do it now!!

    I adored ONJ and spent my baby-sitting money on her albums which I played in my bedroom on repeat., Who did not want to look like her??? Losing her is like losing part of my youth.
    Lovely post as always. You outdid yourself!! Oh love the outfit and isn’t the bag awesome.. The navy is SO you!!
    xoxox Kim

    • Oh, Kim, remember when department stores had people spritzing shoppers with perfumes and you had to run to avoid the assault?! I need to try that Clarins fragrance. I feel like I need a back up just in case there’s another catastrophe. Yes … more figs … they’re healthy, right?! It’s amazing what an impact ONJ had on me and so many of us. All those early 70’s songs came right back to me and I too spent my hard earned babysitting money on her records. So much sadness. xo

  • Such a fun and newsy post! The picture of the four of you is darling! Pretty in pink! Gosh, Olivia Newton John’s passing was a tough one to take. Her songs are the songs of coming of age…
    I purchased a pair of HOKA trail shoes last week and, I love them! Happy weekend!

  • 5 stars
    I had no idea there was some planning for everyone wearing pink! When I saw the photos I thought…wow, how cool that they all wore pink and blue! Love your dress from FLAUNT!
    Your fig and goat cheese appetizers look beautiful, and I can imagine how delicious! Love your individual charcuterie boards!
    So sad about Olivia Newton-John!

  • Hi Juliet! I found you through Kim at Shiplap and Shells. She had linked your Limoncello Spritzer. (Yum!) I ended up paging through several of your posts, thinking I might sign up when….. Bang! Your obsessive love for Calyx perfume popped up. I LOVED that scent! It was my signature and I have not found a replacement since. I was devastated when it was discontinued. I had no idea it was available under the Clinique brand. That was it – the Calyx thing made me stop reading anything further as immediately put my email on your subscriber list! Looking forward to many more enjoyable reads……

    • Hello, Beth! So happy to have a fellow Calyx lover onboard. And I’m delighted if steering you to reconnect with the amazing scent. It was devastating when they discontinued it and I live in fear of it happening again. Fingers crossed we’re well supplied for a long long time. Hope you’re having a great weekend … and I love Kim from Shiplap and Shells. So glad you’re here! xo

  • Just discovered your beautiful blog and Pinned everything. Especially love your recipes. I have similar single charcuterie boards that I found in the Dollar Spot at Target and can’t wait to use them for a girls’ night in.

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