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Today on Weekend Meandering, A Home to Share, fall wedding guest dresses, my nieces favorite brownies + more. Join me!

Happy Saturday, friends!

Today I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meandering.

Our weekly recap of inspiration and goings on.

Console Table behind sofa and fireplace

My heart goes out to the millions of people enduring Hurricane Ian’s aftermath.

I can’t imagine what it’s like going through something like this.

Watching the tragedy unfold leaves me wanting to help but unsure how.

World Central Kitchen is our go-to for disaster relief donations.

And as usual they were up and running right away in Florida.

Providing food and other support to those in need.

We’re animal people and always look for ways to help pets in distress.

The South Florida SunSentinel mentioned Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

They are a well established organization in Florida (and Alabama).

Collecting and delivering pet food and supplies to hurricane shelters and animal rescues.

Woven pumpkin in a wooden bowl filled with eucalyptus.

I can’t believe it’s October 1st.

Time to buy pumpkins.

Not too few and not too many.

Let’s get to it.


Who follows My 100-Year Old Home on Instagram? Or the blog? Leslie Saeta, the powerhouse behind the brand wrote a book. That’s right, a book. A Home to Share. And it was released this week. On Tuesday she hosted a big book launch party at her home … her 100+ year old home. That charming, Father of the Bride-ish home in South Pasadena. I used to think it WAS the Father of the Bride house. It’s not. Although many movies and commercials have been filmed in Leslie’s home.

Leslie Saeta holding her book A Home to Share.

Image via My 100-Year Old Home

Anyway, about the party, I’m kicking myself for not going. She invited everyone. Yes, everyone. And apparently people flew from all over the country to be there. And, she prepared the food and did the flowers herself … with the help of her best friend, Maryliz.

Guests mingling outdoors at A Home To Share book launch party.

Image via My 100-Year Old Home

I’ve followed Leslie for a long long time. Her home, like the Father of the Bride home, is my ultimate dream home. After reading her book I learned that it’s the house her husband grew up in. How awesome is that? Anyway, Leslie has a very farmhouse meets shabby chic style and is a big into vintage. She’s also an amazing DIYer. As you know, DIY is not my thing, but that doesn’t stop me from admiring this skillset in others.

a Home to Share tablescape.

Image via My 100-Year Old Home

I love Leslie’s entertaining style. She’s a collector of vintage china and glassware and is the queen of the mix and match. She gives a great tip in the book about buying vintage china and glassware in similar colors so even though they don’t match, they create a cohesive look on the table.

A Home to Share tablescape.

Image via My 100-Year Old Home

A Home to Share arrived on my doorstep Tuesday afternoon and I spent the next two evenings devouring every last word. And pouring over the beautiful photos by Shauna Gutierrez and Natasha Holland. You can read more about Leslies big book launch party here.

Guest at outdoor party at My 100 Year Old Home

Image via My 100-Year Old Home

Meanwhile, Leslie’s book is sitting on my front porch where I plan to spend time today enjoying it some more.

A Home to Share book with reading glasses set on top.


A Home to Share is a wonderful gift book. And I’ve ordered it for a few special people on my holiday gift list.

Leslie, can you please host a second book party for those of us who (stupidly) missed the first? Or perhaps I can slide into your holiday open house invitation list? Never hurts to ask. I’ll be waiting by the mailbox.



My most loved and often inquired about watering can sprung a leak last week. I think it rusted through. Many people have asked me where I got it and I have no idea. I scoured the internet and can’t find it. Although I did find this very similar can that looks larger.

View into great room, console table behind sectional.

My favorite watering can on the console table. / Image by Monica Vargas Photography

Jim was headed to Ace Hardware last weekend, and I asked him to look for a small watering can. He sent me a photo from the store of this hammered brass can and I said SOLD.

Small watering can on console table with pot of mums.

Dapple watering can in hammered brass / ACE Hardware

Once again, I scoured the internet searching for the source, but can only locate the wholesaler. If you’re local, Jim purchased this one at the Ace Hardware in Walnut Creek.

Last year’s holiday gift guide included a cute green mini can which turned out to be very popular. So, I think a watering can round up is in order.

Watering Can roundup collage.

I use my mini can inside and out for small potted plants. I’m going to buy a second one so I don’t have to haul it back and forth. Leaving it outside may have contributed to its demise.


I like this full sized can too. I’m using an ugly plastic watering can for our big pots. Time for an upgrade.



Yep, I’m back on the topic of weddings. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Guess what? The dress I wore to niece Megan’s wedding in late August is on sale.

Isn’t it fun when you pay full price for something and then it goes on major sale? Que sera sera. That’s how things work, right? No regrets, it was the perfect dress for me in August. And it can be the perfect dress for you this fall. And what a deal. I’m happy for you, really, I am. You can find it here and here.

It’s sized generously and I’m wearing an XS.

Fall Wedding Guest Dress from Misa collage.

Dress / Wrap / Earrings / Bag / Sandals


There are endless shoe options – colors and styles – for this dress. I wore these olive-green sandals to Megan’s wedding. They’d work just as well for fall. But I changed things up with these caramel sandals. This metallic pair is great too.


Let’s talk bags. I wore this Steve Madden bag to Megan’s wedding. It’s an ideal size for evening and it held everything I needed including my oversize iPhone. That said, I wasn’t thrilled with the metal logo on one side of the bag. It was easy to keep the logo side close to my body. But it bugged me. If the logo doesn’t bother you, it’s a great bag for the price.

But THIS is a fun wedding bag. Oh my gosh, I love this bag so much. I’m tempted to order it in anticipation of future weddings. I don’t know. Should I shouldn’t I?

VANINA Pluie D’Amour Bag

At Megan’s wedding one of her friends was carrying the best pearl beaded tiny tote. She told me she got it at Nordstrom, but I can’t find it. While searching for it, I came across the same look in a clutch. Very cute, not sure the size works for me. This one on Amazon is very similar to the one she was carrying, but I think slightly larger.


I enjoy playing around with fun nail polish colors to compliment my wedding guest ensembles. I wore this pretty green polish on my tootsies for Megan’s wedding. And I really like these fall colors as well.


I generally go dark on my toes and light on my fingers. And I use regular polish. I’m allergic to gels. And, yes, my nail polish chips. Sigh.

Last week I wrote about my love for green kitchens and my favorite green paint colors. Did you know that green is trending in fashion too?! This gorgeous emerald dress caught my eye. How lovely for a fall or winter wedding, event or holiday party. I’d wear it with these shoes. And how about these earrings or these. All from Banana Republic. They have this beautiful cashmere wrap too, in three colors. It’s been a challenge for me to find many wrap options … not sure why, they’re an event essential.


Here are some other dresses I’d love to wear to a wedding or special event this fall.


And this shoe is a one-stop-shopping, ultimate wedding workhorse.

Ok, I need to stop. As mentioned, I have no weddings on the calendar for fall. Unless you’d like to invite me to yours.



Last month I shared five ways I’m embracing fall. One of them involved a trip to Loft for a few new fall pieces. And I finally got to wear my new lightweight striped sweater. It’s about time. That said, by afternoon things warmed up, so I took it off and threw it over my shoulders. According to fashion blogger, Susie Wright, this is right on trend. What? When did tossing a sweater over your shoulders go off trend? I can’t keep up.

woman holding dog on garden bench.

Anyway, I love sweaters, I love stripes and I love this Henley style lightweight sweater. (I have the same sweater in this pretty blue too.) My girlfriend jeans are also from Loft. They’re a great fit and super comfortable.

It seems I timed this post right, Loft is having a 25% off sale (my sweater is an extra 50% off) until October 3 (I assume that means through Sunday). Use code NEED.

Woman pruning roses in garden.

And as you can see, it’s warm enough I’m still wearing my favorite puffy slides. I know, not everyone’s a fan. But earlier in the day I ran errands in my fall appropriate Tod’s driving loafer.



Lettuce is our favorite soup, salad, sandwich place in Walnut Creek. A great stop for a casual, yummy lunch. They also have mouthwatering desserts displayed right in front of the cashier’s station, so you have to stare at them, up close and personal, while waiting your turn. I have never said no to a dessert in my entire life. Even if I only have one bite, my answer to dessert is always YES. Lettuce offers several desserts each day, but one of them has always been a pan of brownies. Served in adult portions. Sadly, post pandemic, the brownies seem to have disappeared.

They are so over-the-top good I decided to try and duplicate them at home. Baked in a sheet pan, they’re thin and fudgy (no one wants a hard, dry brownie … at least not me) with chocolate sauce drizzled over the top and finally, a sprinkling of powdered sugar. OH, MY GOODNESS.

My nieces are just as crazy about them as I am. And I think you will be too. Better yet, they’re super easy to make. I use a box mix. Gasp. Don’t pretend to be shocked and scandalized.

This is the mix that absolutely, positively must be used.

Brownie box mix over batter bowl.

Follow the package directions. If you like, add chocolate chips or chunks. I generally don’t because this is supposed to be quick and easy. Why gild the lily?

Using a quarter sheet pan (I like this one and buy a ton of them because after delivering brownies to the nieces, I won’t see the tray again). Spray the bottom with cooking spray. It’s probably not necessary but when chocolate is at stake don’t take any chances. Pour the batter into the pan, leaving a generous portion in the bowl to enjoy while the brownies are baking. Spread the batter out evenly and into the oven they go.

Now this is the tricky part. How long to cook them? Not long. Set the timer for 15 minutes and then check.  You want the brownies set around the edges and not battery in the middle … but not all the way done. It’s a matter of trial and error based on your oven and your doneness preference. When you declare them done, remove them to cool completely. That’s why you need the left-over batter … these brownies are not all the way cooked therefore will be a mess if you try to cut into them too soon.

When completely cooled, drizzle the chocolate sauce of your preference in a zig zag pattern over the top. Then sift powdered sugar over that.

To serve used a good, wide, flat spatula and shimmy carefully underneath so as to not break up the perfect, generously portioned servings.

Brownie on blue and white plate.


Little grand-niece, Haddie, enjoyed her first donut hole this week. I remember how excited I got when my dad took me for donut holes on our way to weekend running events. He ran, I ate donut holes.

Looks like Haddie’s ready to be introduced to Auntie’s brownies!

So there you have it, my weekend meanderings.

Let’s visit Elizabeth and Kim to see what they’re up to.



Odds and socks ~

Just a reminder there are two more days to take advantage of Hood Canal Candle Co.’s 20% off and free shipping on the fall scented candles I featured last week! Use code JULIET20

This lake house tour will leave you swooning.

This windbreaker rain jacket is the best clothing item I’ve ever bought on Amazon. Ok, I haven’t bought that many, but this is awesome. I bought it in navy, and I’m tempted by black and army green. It’s only $39.94 ‘for a limited time only’ … whatever that means. The striped lining is what sold me. I ordered a small, and it fits perfectly. I can’t wait for rain – or wind – to wear it. It’s so good.

These design trends on their way out, according to Forbes. Camille Styles seconds their motion. I think these sort of pronouncements are hilarious and ridiculous. At the same time I’d be happy to see a few of these things disappear.

These are the best ‘house socks‘ ever. And as a certified sock connoisseur I’m qualified to say that. They’re great plane socks too. Spoiler alert … they’ll be on my holiday gift guide. Great stocking stuffers. My nieces will throw their hands in the air in exasperation … ‘no more socks, Auntie’ … apparently I’m the only one in the family with cold feet.

In case you missed last weekend’s meanderings you can catch up here. Are you following me on Pinterest? I’d love to see you over there as well … and thank you!

Last weekend we were out three nights in a row.

This weekend we’ll be in three nights in a row.

It’s all about balance.

What are you up to these first days of October?

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Woman standing in her garden in front of bench.

Cheers from Snowberry,


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  • Good morning Juliet,
    It is heartbreaking to see the images from Florida and the people sharing their stories on social media. I have lived through hurricanes in Florida, and Nor’easters in Virginia and it is very scary. It is going to take years to rebuild some of those towns. Thank you for sharing places to donate, I love Jose Andre, his World Kitchen is amazing. I forgot to mention animal centers on the blog, thankfully you did.
    Your wedding dress was worth every penny! You look amazing and I am sure that you will wear it again and again! Love your sweater too! I am a sweater person, and have a “collection” that I like to pull out every year when the weather turns. There is something about a sweater and slippers that makes you feel so cosy.

    As for Leslie, her house, art, and love of home, family and DIY is amazing. Cannot wait for my book to arrive.
    I cannot wait to try your brownie recipe! If I am honest I love brownie batter more than the brownie but I am going to try your recipe.
    Haddie is ADORABLE! Donuts are the best treat, such a wonderful memory of you and your dad.

    Almost forgot the watering cans! I don’t have a green thumb so no house plants for me. But I love the little cans.

    Have a great weekend Juliet, enjoy a little down time. Off to visit Kim.
    xo Elizabeth

  • Great post this morning. Donated to both of the charities you mentioned, put the brownie mix in my Instacart order, and ordered the half sheet pan!!!

    I live in Florida and my area was spared the devastation. My heart is just breaking for my fellow Floridians who are having to deal with a life-altering event. No words.

    • Oh my, Jaimie … aren’t you the most generous. Thank you. I’m relieved to know you came through this unscathed … what a blessing. It’s difficult to comprehend the enormity of the devastation and the impact on so many wonderful people. You’re right, there are no words. xo

  • I just love love love that dress~ it’s final sale tho, so not sure I should. It might be great for my next wedding, which is next June. hmmmmmm
    I love the gold heels too, but my rule is no higher than 3″ and they are higher.
    I am still carrying a J Crew flat metallic clutch from 10 years ago to weddings….

  • Juliet, So nice you mentioned all the folks in Florida. I have family there and thankfully they are are okay, but it was close.. Jose Andre is the best human. Love what he does.
    Your blue dress is darling and all the shoes and bags too. You know you can still wear that dress a ton! It’s lovely on you. I think you need that fun purse too. Why not? I love beautiful items like that. Also the light greens look great with the blue dress..I need some of those polishes. I am like you.. No gels and regular manicure or at home!
    Your sweater and jeans are perfect for fall! I will check out the sale..Love the puffy slides!!!
    I am also a brownie fan. My go to is the Ghirardelli box and I add a load of walnuts. Yours looks so pretty with the drizzle.. I will try this one next time…With brownies I feel the box is justified..It’s just shortening a step and you can’t beat them. I hope you have a lovely weekend!!! xoxo

  • Hi Juliet,

    I got the cutest dark green watering can at Target… it reminds me of your old one- BUT- I love that little hammered brass one you found, as a replacement!
    I have yet to go for clothes shopping. Here in San Diego we are still in the midst of summer. I am visiting my daughter in Denver this week and it is really starting to feel like fall here. I actually wore a sweater and jeans last night. The first time since August. It was so hot everywhere we went in Europe, that I didn’t even pull out the one sweater I packed. I love your choices for wedding dresses – as a guest! We don’t have any weddings planned yet, but I am hoping I am planning a wedding next year!

    I love Leslie‘s house in 100 year old house. I always felt like my old house in Danville was the father of the bride house! When we bought it it was white with green shutters. We changed it over the years but it was still a great house. I’m going to have to get her book.

    Thanks for another great blog,

  • Might your watering can have come from Smith and Hawkin? I can’t really see it, but I had one from them that lasted for about twenty years and then just…fell apart in a hot minute!
    I’m new to your blog and love love love weekend meanderings! Thanks for your hard work.

    • Oh interesting … I loved Smith and Hawkin. Our store disappeared quite some time ago. Are they still online? Hmmm … I’m so glad you’re here, Linda! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  • I always enjoy your Saturday meanderings, Juliet! Can’t believe you missed Leslie’s open house! I will definitely be ordering her book — thanks for the link! I have an easy-peasy from-scratch brownie recipe I have been making for years. We will have to do a brownie bake-off sometime! Have a great Sunday!

    • Oh Molly, I concede before the competition can begin! I have no doubt you’re easy brownie recipe is the best. You need to share!!! xo

  • Juliet! Those brownies…I had no idea! I always get so sidetracked reading your posts. You always share so many good things! Barefoot Dreams socks…the perfect House Sock, right?
    And Leslie’s book…beautiful! What a party that must have been!

    • Annie … it would have been so fun to be at that party, right?! Glad you’re with me on the house socks … thing better. And brownies … always lead us astray! xo

  • I’ve made brownies “from scratch” before and frankly the box mix is just hard to beat!!! The homemade ones are good, but not enough better than the box to be worth the extra time. We do the plain old “Milk Chocolate” brownies, but yours look so good I’m going to try those next. All your clothing is so pretty. Love your relaxed casual looks but those dresses are SHARP!!! Enjoy the day my friend!

    • Hey there, Robbin … I’m glad you’re with me on the box mix. It’s so easy to have brownies in 30 minute with very little effort. I restocked my box mixes today … but should really lay off the brownies for a while!!! Hope you’re week’s off to a great start! xo

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