A Beach Day, a Summer Dress, a Sale and a Recipe You’ll Want This Weekend

Today on Weekend Meanderings, a beach day, a summer dress, a sale and a recipe you’ll want this weekend.

Happy weekend, friends!

It’s Saturday and I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

Our weekly roundup of inspiration and goings on.

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View from Alameda to San Francisco.

It’s Memorial Day weekend.

The unofficial beginning of summer.

And it’s Jim’s birthday weekend too.

He’s reminded me several times.

I bet you have a busy few days ahead so let’s get this show on the road …


When I saw the news of Tina Turner’s death flash across my phone I almost couldn’t believe it. Could you? Tina Turner. The comeback queen. The rock and roll goddess. The survivor. The icon. I mean, her story. It was incredible. And incredibly moving. And I loved her. Didn’t everyone? I remember the summer of 1984 … so clearly. I had just recovered from a bad break-up and had started to date someone new. He had a boat and we spent every weekend that summer water skiing with friends on the Delta. Tina Turner’s Private Dancer album blasting from the cassette deck. What’s Love Got to Do With It and Better Be Good to Me are the songs I most associate with that time … that special summer. And I can picture myself, in the car singing along, as though it was only yesterday. It’s funny how music can do that … stamp a memory into our mind forever. And just a verse, even a note, from that song will transport you right back.

MTV was still in its infancy when Tina made her roaring comeback and her music videos were the best. Her energy, her strength, and her legs. Oh my gosh, her legs. And who remembers her LiveAid performance with The Rolling Stones … singing State of Shock and Only Rock ‘n Roll with Mick Jagger? Has there ever been such an electrifying performance … and on-stage chemistry. It’s iconic. Truth be told every performance of Tina’s was iconic. And there will never, ever be anyone like her.

But there was so much more to her than being a performer. She overcame some difficult times and she talked about important issues. Like domestic violence, when this was a taboo topic. Her first book, I, Tina, laid everything bare.

Thank you, Tina. The joy you spread around this earth was immeasurable and you will live on in our hearts forever.

Tina Turner, Queen of Rock & Roll, Dead at 83 – Rolling Stone


Our patio may be summer ready, but someone needs to notify Karl the Fog, who keeps creeping over the hills early in the evening, hanging around through morning and most of the day. But I’m not complaining in a month or so I’ll be whining that it’s too hot.

Last weekend we did the annual chore of pulling the outdoor cushions down from the rafters, along with the outdoor pillows and throws to get the patio in early summer shape. And then we had our first cocktail of the year around the fire pit. It didn’t last long because … Karl the Fog. So after all that work, the furniture covers went back on and we’ll see how it goes this weekend.

Summer patio

Our Serena & Lily outdoor pillows are going into their third season and I’m thrilled that they still look brand new. Serena & Lily is not inexpensive, and I sometimes hear grumblings about that. My experience is that they offer high quality, well made and beautiful products and for that I do expect to pay a little more. When our landscaping renovation wrapped up in the early fall of 2020 … I made a mad dash to Target or World Market or someplace like that to buy whatever outdoor pillows remained to get us through the rest of patio season. By the time I packed them away that November they were faded and in some cases unraveling. When I pulled them out the next spring I realized they weren’t reusable … and I couldn’t, in good conscience, donate them. They were trash. I expect my Serena & Lily pillows to last for many seasons to come … and for me that’s worth having invested a little more. And there’s good news! Serena & Lily’s Let Summer In Sale is on and everything is 20% off using code: SPLASH

These are a few of my favorite Serena & Lily outdoor things ~

I just took advantage of the sale to order these hurricanes for our outdoor dining table.


This Madewell summer dress is part of my Nordstrom personal styling experience haul. I plan to pack it for Italy and wear it with white tennies for a day of exploring. And if we ever get beyond this May gray/soon-to-be June gloom situation I’ll be wearing it a lot this summer. Probably with my puffy slides. Gasp! And, less controversial, a white denim jacket. I have this Liverpool jacket in two sizes … a small, to go over tanks, sleeveless tops and dresses, and a medium to wear over long sleeves and lightweight sweaters. Does that seem excessive? It’s very well priced. And another reason I adore it is that it has a lot of stretch and is super comfortable. It’s one of my favorite year-round jackets.

Madewell Dress Pin Collage.

Madewell Dress | White Denim Jacket | Woven Tote | Sandals


We don’t have any exciting Memorial Day weekend plans. We put our flag up to honor those who’ve given their lives in service to our country. And we have a relaxing, do nothing weekend planned. There will be a lot of dog walking, patio lounging (if it ever warms up) and I’ve got a stack of new magazines. I haven’t had a good magazine day in quite a while. Jim plans to use his long-neglected barbecue and there’s playoff hockey! And basketball. None of our teams remain in the mix, but it’s still fun.

Magazine tossed onto outdoor sofa next to green and white pillows

Weekend Reading

If I were hosting a holiday weekend gathering Nancy Fuller’s Farro Salad would be on the menu. It’s my go-to summer side dish and a crowd (read niece) pleaser.


Yesterday niece Shelby and I spent some time at the beach … ahead of the holiday weekend rush. We filled the Igloo cooler with drinks and grabbed a couple of beach reads … it was chilly (May gray), but relaxing and fun. You can see our beach day Reel here.

We’re wearing our new Change of Scenery swimsuits and dresses. Change of Scenery is a new-to-me brand committed to sustainability. Their swimwear is made with 100% recycled materials. And their clothing pieces are made using certified organic cotton. Learn more here.

Shelby’s wearing the Erika bikini top with Classic High Waist bottom and Suzanne dress (it’s on sale!) in black. And I’m wearing the Kara one-piece and Kristin dress both in an abstract wave pattern.

I LOVE this dress, which I turned into a skirt to save us both the embarrassment of a full swimsuit reveal. It’s kind of an ideal summer dress/skirt. And it comes in a floral ikat pattern too. Click on the images below to shop. And use code SPRITZER10 to save 10% off orders over $100 until June 30.


Two women wearing hats and Change of Scenery dresses walking on beach.

And that’s what I have for you this week.

Let’s see what’s inspiring Kim and Elizabeth …



If you missed last weekend’s post, you can catch up here.

You’ll find all my weekend roundup posts collected here.

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History, Facts and Why We Observe Memorial Day.


As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Woman standing on beach under pier.

Cheers from Snowberry!

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  • Good morning Juliet!
    It sounds like a wonderful relaxing Weeknd ahead. A day with a pile of magazines suits me just fine.
    Your summer patio is beautiful. I hope that you get some good weather and lots of sun soon, and the Karl the fog heads somewhere else.
    As for Serena & Lily, in the time of “insta” and fast fashion/decor people loose sight of the fact that quality over quantity is better for big ticket, well used purchases.

    A day at the beach is always a good time, minus the sand. I am not a fan of the sand which manages to get everywhere. Shelby looks beautiful as do you. I am not familiar with this brand, I am off to check it out.

    AS for Tina, everything you said! She was an amazing woman who endured so much pain and suffering in her life and did not let it keep her down. I saw her in concert before she retired and she was unbelievable, it was hard to believe she was as old as she was.

    Have a wonderful weekend and make sure to spoil Jim rotten for his birthday weekend!
    xo Elizabeth

  • A beautiful beach day – even in the clouds. Do you get the June Gloom where you are or is that in another area? I love the dress, but then you look cute in whatever you put on! Happy Memorial Day! xo

    • Oh Gray, do we get June gloom … yes, we do. We’re about 10-12 miles from the Bay and the fog rolls over the hill and settles in my little town. It’s so thick it looks like a snow covered mountain range right now. Sheesh. Hope it’s warmer where you are and so you can enjoy some outdoor time in the sun this weekend. xo

  • Juliet,
    Happy Birthday to Jim!! I hope he has a great weekend!
    Loved these pieces on you and Shelby! Both of you look so great in these cute suits and the dress too. The blue pattern is really pretty.. so you. I think Shelby is adorbs in that bikini. Seems like a nice collection of pretty staples on their site!
    I shared Tina also. She really was an inspiration wasn’t she? Loved that woman. Funny how certain music can bring you back to a time in your life right?
    Your yard looks great and I agree. My two Serena outdoor pillows are the only ones to survive the last two years. I need some lanterns too. maybe this weekend I’ll buy. Let’s hope this dark and gloomy weather stops. It’s really putting the brakes on summer!
    Have a good weekend and I hope you get some relax time with the magazines xo

    • Hey there Kim … I guess we both have to put on brave faces as it’s only getting foggier and colder as the weekend moves along. Holy moly … but what can we do? It was actually warmer at the beach than our house. Bizarre. I knew you’d be commiserating about Tina too … so sad to lose these icons. I did not make much progress on my magazines, but there’s still time. Let’s hope for sunny and warmer skies tomorrow. xo

  • Hello from the north west coast where “Karl the Fog” also returned for the first weekend of summer! Nevertheless, your beach dress inspires me to brave the elements and enjoy the lake beach before the crowds catch on to the fact that “Karl” will keep hanging around.

    Love your Serena pillows and hope to find some in blues to enhance our new pads for our resprayed furniture. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Happy summer from Diney on Mercer Island, WA

    • Hey there Diney on Mercer Island! Karl sure does get around. But, we’ve got get on with regardless because … what else can we do?! Happy weekend! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    The patio looks peaceful, meditative, and tranquil. Love the whole look. I can understand why it’s disappointing when you haul the outside pillows out and bring out the cushions and then the weather is overcast and foggy what a disappointment it is. Knowing you, made yourself some cocoa and cried in it. Then picked up your happy feet and moved on.
    Happy birthday to Jim. If you forget to celebrate your favorite husband (and only husband) you are going to be in deep do do.
    You and Shelby are the two QTees enjoying the beach together. Shelby has a beautiful smile. You are blessed to have one another.
    I so enjoyed everything you shared about Tina Turner. Like you I’m and will always be a big fan. I admired EVERYTHING about her. You will never find anyone that comes close to her. Her life was not easy. I’m glad she found true love and happiness in Switzerland. Resting now in Peace and out of pain.
    Enjoy lounging and doing nothing is so good along with catching up on the pile of magazines.

    • Katherine! You know me too well. I did cry into my cocoa and then got on with it … and it only got foggier and cooler! Jim had a wonderful birthday celebration … and he’s been watching sports non-stop. In other words, he’s very happy! Shelby is a cutie pie and a sweetheart … I’m so blessed with my three nieces. Hope you are having a wonderful, long weekend too. xo

  • Hi Juliet! Love your porch furniture and pillows! I hope it warms up for you soon! We finally hit 70 today. I spent a couple hours cleaning window trim and screens, then installing the screens for the summer. I then opened every window in the house and let the breeze blow all the winter cobwebs away. I love it when there is actually a breeze in the house! You should also try Charlie Bird’s Farro Salad. I get the recipe from NYT Cooking, but Ina also has it in a book. Very similar to the recipe you shared, but with parmesan and no cucumber. SO good! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi Molly, thanks for the tip of Charlie Bird’s farro salad. I’ll look it up right now. It did not warm up here … in fact in got cooler. But it’s a good reason to put off cleaning our windows and screens. Ha! Enjoy that warm, Maine sunshine! xo

  • Wonderful post this weekend. Happy belated birthday to Jim. Loved the beach pictures and the dress. Porch is lovely as usual.
    Hugs Ellen

  • Hi Juliet
    My spam folder is catching your posts!
    Love you tribute to Tina!
    We are under a rain cloud too! It’s hard to complain since we need it here in Colorado!
    Happy June 1st!

    • Oh no, Laura … that darned spam folder! My good friend was in Colorado last week and got stuck at the airport overnight due to the storms. I know we should be happy for all the rain, but this gloom is getting to be too much. Let’s hope summer arrives for both of us … soon!!! xo

  • Hi Juliet
    That Faro Salad sounds wonderful I am going to pin that! I need some new salads on rotation. Looks like you had a wonderful day at the beach in spite of the weather!

  • Fun seeing you this week and catching up on LIFE!
    I love the high waist on the suit such a nice change.
    Your niece is gorgeous!
    Patio furniture I need to get on the cushions!
    Yesterday was pretty good weather wise on my side of the freeway!
    Excited for you and Italy!

    • Dearest Contessa … can’t wait to report back on all the ways these American’s embarrassed themselves in Italy. The ice cube thing’s going to be really hard!!! xoxo

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