Spring Things, Denim Trends & Other Fun Stuff on Today’s Weekend Meanderings

Today on Weekend Meanderings I’m sharing a few Spring things, the low-rise denim trend and some thingamajigs that may be useful to you.

Happy weekend, friends!

It’s Saturday and I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

Our weekly roundup of inspiration and goings on.

I got a happy delivery this week.

Charm School: The Schumacher Guide to Traditional Decorating for Today

I mentioned it a few weeks ago and it’s every bit as beautiful as I imagined.

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Charm School book on end of bed bench.

It’s officially Spring!

And it’s been sunny, stormy, and sunny again.

On Tuesday we had an incredible, unprecedented bomb cyclone storm

Mother Nature is keeping us on our toes.

While it was yucky out I futzed around with Jim’s beverage bar.

We’ll see if he notices.

Green beverage bar area.

Let’s get into it …



Earlier this week I shared my all-occasion spring table setting built around this wonderful embroidered floral table throw that I found at Pottery Barn. Table throw? I know … and it took me a while to get it situated on my table so it looked right.  I first heard of table throws through The Busy Bee on Instagram. Two sisters who do amazing things with tabletops and use real throw throws, like the kind you toss on a chair. I guess table throws are a thing now because Pottery Barn has quite a few like this one in a crewel cotton that feels a little beachy.

I used my sky blue, embroidered napkins, but look at these cute, coordinating spring garden dinner napkins … perfect for Easter. There’s even a 20″ pillow in the same garden floral fabric. They would be nice tossed on our dining chairs.


After acquiring the table throw, I remembered Mary Ann’s (Classic Casual Home) Valentine table setting with bud vases and whimsical candles running down the center and was inspired to do the same thing. The candles are from Anthro and come in a bunch of color combinations. I considered the pink toned set, but preferred the blue and green … it works with my predominately blue and green house! If you missed the post you can read it here.

Dining room set for spring meals.

Shop my Spring Table Setting (click on the image) ~


I made a Reel while I was setting the table, which pretty much no one watched. If you’d like to, and I’d appreciate it, you can see it here.



Speaking of spring, when I saw Fortnum & Mason’s Highgrove X Halcyon Days Wildflower Collection I had to send Jim for the smelling salts. Once revived I immediately ordered two mugs. For cocoa, obviously. I wish I’d ordered four. Take a look at Fortnum’s Reel announcing the collaboration and showing how the pieces are made. Be sure you’re sitting down.

Can you believe how great they look on my spring table?! They don’t come with a saucer so I placed them in my grandmother’s gold rimmed, Mitterteich Bavaria demitasse saucers. The Highgrove X Halcyon Days collection runs the gamut from tea pots, tea cups and saucers, dinner and dessert plates, a candle, a trinket box, and more. These treasures are not inexpensive, I consider them heirloom pieces. Ok, I’m going to spend the rest of the day mulling over other pieces I want, need and absolutely must have.

Note: I was concerned about the shipping situation from this British retailer, but it was surprisingly quick and arrived within 10-days, maybe less.



Last weekend I read that denim waistbands are coming down again. Not a moment too soon if you ask me. Nobody asked me. Why Low-Rise is the Height of Style Anew … so says the WSJ’s Style & Fashion section. I linked the article, but it may be subscriber-only. Often, after a week or so, the paywall is removed. One never knows. Anyway … this news certainly caught my attention. While I was initially pleased when denim waistbands trended upwards, I was quickly disenchanted with some of the heavy fabrics and constricted feel of up-to-the-boobs waistbands. That said, apparently what low-rise means today is a little higher and loser than the early aughts.

“What we’re seeing now is what we would have called mid-rises a few years ago,” said Jill Guenza, Levi’s vice president of women’s design. “They give you more coverage [than the low-rise jeans of the 2000s]. And there’s a much wider range of body types wearing them.”

Low Rise Denim Trends.

DOUBLE DIP Plunging denim, then and now. Left: Christina Aguilera in 2002; a model on Stella McCartney’s Paris runway in October, 2022. MATT CHASE; KEVIN WINTERS/GETTY IMAGES (CHRISTINA AGUILERA); PASCAL LE SEGRETAIN/GETTY IMAGES (STELLA MCCARTNEY)


More good news …

“Teenagers crushing on this look often just buy oversize jeans and let them hang from their hips. And therein lies a key difference between today’s iteration of the low-rise and its early 2000s predecessor. Back then, the skinny-with-a-flared-leg fit dominated. Today, said Alexia Elkaim, the founder of the Los Angeles brand Miaou, a loose silhouette rules. “I love low and baggy. It’s sexy but the bagginess balances it out,” she said.”

Honestly, I like the slouchier look shown by Stella McCartney. But the bottom line, pun intended, we should wear the denim styles that make us feel comfortable – high, low or anywhere in-between. Here a few of the newer styles I’d consider. Click the image for more information or to shop.

Rag & Bone’s low-rise, boyfriend jean. I love the ankle length.


Stella McCartney – I think this is the pair shown in the graphic above. But the price. Ouch.


Madewell’s low-rise, baggy, straight. Love. And the price is right.



1. Scarf Ring – Jim has surprised me – twice – with beautiful Hermes scarves when returning from his travels in Europe. I know, Jim’s the best. Along with the first scarf he also brought a tiny little gold ring … a scarf ring. I had no clue how to use it. Until this week, when the wonderful, hilariously funny, and beautiful Mary Orten shared a Reel that addressed this very thing. A total game changer if you’re a wearer of scarves. I mean, you don’t know what you don’t know. This little ring is so versatile, as Mary demonstrates… and it’s been sitting in my jewelry drawer for nearly 20 years gathering dust. Thank goodness I didn’t toss it in one of my purges. But seriously, who tosses anything ensconced in a Hermes box? Hermes still sells scarf rings, but not this one. You can find it on resale sites like eBay – here and here, and this similar style –  for a fraction of the brand new Hermes pricing.

Anyway, in the event you’ve got one squirreled away in your drawer. You’re welcome. (Thanks, Mary.)


2. Rubber Feet – Don’t laugh, this is important. Do you have a fireclay sink? If so, you probably use a grid rack in the bottom to protect the finish as well your dishes and glassware. If you’ve ever set a dish or glass down too aggressively you know what I mean. It breaks. Easily. Lately I noticed that the plastic coverings on the feet of the rack were getting a little dirty … maybe mildewy or moldy. Gross. I took them off to clean, not easy because the opening is minuscule, and I lost one. Ugh, compounding problems. But, not to worry, after a quick on-line search I found this set of plastic feet (varying shapes) and ordered immediately. I intended to order the clear set, but somehow ended up with white. A good mistake because the white feet blend into the sink and disappear. If you have a stainless sink, clear is the better choice. Anyway, we now have both stored away in Jim’s workbench for the next sink-rack-foot emergency.

A word about sink racks. Ours is a 30″ sink and the rack is too long to fit in the dishwasher … making the process of cleaning it more challenging. A two-piece rack would be ideal, but the sink manufacture doesn’t offer this option. I’ve noticed that several stainless steel sink manufactures do offer a two-piece option. Smart.

White Feet | Clear Feet


3. Belt Bag – And, finally, Lululemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag. No, it’s not a fanny pack. Earlier this week I got an email that this popular belt bag is back in stock. Who knew it was out of stock?  One way or the other I thought it was super cute and clicked on the web-site link … so many pretty colors. And then it dawned on me … I have one. It’s many years old, in a graphite color no longer available. But otherwise, it’s the same. And it’s fabulous, I use it everyday. It holds my iPhone (the big size) so I can listen to music and my favorite podcasts, like this one I mentioned last week, when walking the dogs and on the treadmill. My keys fit inside as well … oh, and a lip balm.

The new way to wear them is high and tight across the chest like a cross body bag … which may or may not be up your ally. I had a long discussion with our favorite Contessa (latest update from Contessa here) about this style. She’s not a fan.


Lululemon offers a mini version and an extra large too.



At long last, Brett Waterman’s Restored makes its move to the Magnolia Network. The show’s original five seasons aired on the DIY Network which morphed into Chip and Joana Gaines Magnolia Network last year. Restored is one of those fabulous, but under-appreciated, home renovation shows that makes most of the others look like play school. The first episode of the new sixth season, under the Magnolia umbrella, aired as a sneak peek on December 27th … and is available for streaming. The rest of the new season will begin airing on Tuesday’s at 5 PST. Hurrah!

Brett is a home preservationist focused on older, character homes in and around California’s Inland Empire. Victorian, Craftsman, rancher and mid-century modern … Brett tackles them all by researching their history, bringing in experts to assist and restoring them to their former glory. But … with new and modern functionality. Brett announced the new season debut on his Instagram account yesterday. Be sure to follow him for behind the scenes looks at his adventures in restoration. In his Instagram post he alludes to the new season looking a tad different. One assumes this is to fit into the formulaic style of most home renovation shows. That said, I don’t expect it to dampen my enthusiasm one iota. Will you be watching?


So there you have it.

My weekly favorites.

Let’s see what’s inspiring Kim and Elizabeth.



Odds & Socks ~

In sad news, journalist, turned shop owner, turned designer, Suzanne Rheinstein, died on Monday after battling cancer. An outpouring of tributes flooded social media and while I had recently ordered her latest book (released just 10 days ago), A Welcoming Elegance, I didn’t know a lot about her. And I’m sorry for that as she was clearly beloved and left a legacy of exquisite taste. I’ll be doing a deep dive this weekend into her web-site, and Instagram page.

Get ready for Spring and summer outdoor living and entertaining (I. Cannot. Wait.) with this 30% off site-wide sale at one of my favorite sources for outdoor furniture and accessories.

Do you have a first-time home buyer in your life? Let them know about this free First-Time Home Buyer Webinar on Thursday, March 30th from 5:00-6:00pm PST. I mention it because navigating the home buying market continues to be a challenge, especially here in the Bay Area, and first-time buyers (heck, all buyers) need all the expert guidance they can get. AND, my favorite real estate expert and buyers agent, Wendy Means, a member of the amazing Dana Green Team, is a speaker! It’s free, but you still need to grab a ticket via this link … by Monday!

Current Favorites ~


If you missed last weekend’s meanderings you can catch up on last weekend’s meanderings here.

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As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Woman sitting in window seat holding Jack Russell Terrier.

Cheers from Snowberry!


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  • I have two Hermès and two Ferragamo scarf rings and have never used them. How fabulous is that video, I’ll be digging them out of their boxes and into my jewellery box forthwith. Thank you so much for sharing it. xxx
    PS beautiful spring tables, and I love the Fortnum’s china (my first job after university was Senior Hamper Clerk at Fortnum’s!)

    • Jude, so nice to see you! I mis your blog!
      Please share your experience as a Hamper Clerk!

    • Hi Judith, I love hearing this … isn’t Mary’s video the best?! Hamper Clerk?! Need to hear more!!! Happy weekend! xo

  • Juliet,

    Good morning! I loved your beautiful Spring table, the pastel candles and little vases! So pretty and doable! As for the Highgrove mug, first I love anything from Halcyon Days and Highgrove. In fact I have a collection of enamel bracelets from Halcyon Days. The mugs are beautiful, I can see where a person would get sticker shock. BUT…if you love it and use it it is worth the price.
    You might need to order the Penhalligons Highgrove perfume! https://rstyle.me/+PaQRhvySTRsceN0d-a_qpg
    Low rise jeans, again! Everything old is new again. I laughed at the description of ordering a larger pair and letting it slouch on your hips.

    We have a sink insert and you are right the larger ones are hard to clean but they do keep stuff from breaking. I have the little feet in my cart, thanks for the tip.

    Hermes is classic! Love your scarves, you need to style them up with your scarf ring. I love Hermes Scarves and have a few myself but no ring. I too saw and love Mary, she is so funny and insightful. Now I need a ring!
    Have a wonderful weekend Juliet!

  • Wow Juliet, a lot of great stuff on here. Loved your table so pretty with good ideas..and I will watch the reel. Table throws are my thing and have three from PB they are my favorites. Easy and more casual than a tablecloth less formal. That’s more my look around here. Love Fortnums! I have gotten many things via mail from them. Love your mugs! They looks pretty mixed with your grandma’s saucers. I’m all over baggy jeans and thank god skinny is out. These look great with a tailored piece. Cute options you found. I dig the fanny pack, but if you have breasts the over the chest look just doesn’t work unless you want to tuck it under a boob! Not for me sadly. They are going to become the thing. Purses are a burden sometimes. Love the Lulu ones!
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend!!
    xo Kim

    • Lol. So funny about the over the chest “fanny pack”. You’re totally right!! And yes, purses are sometimes a burden. I was thinking that recently about a YSL purse I have. Need to find the right consignment shop for it. Too big, not my style anymore.
      Juliet – love your post this morning, as always! I need to try a table throw and a scarf ring!

      • Good morning, Deanna! Yes, fanny packs, chest packs … what will they think of next?! I’m sure your local consignment store would love to have your YSL bag … or try the Real Real so you can hold onto it until it’s sold. Also being online they have a much wider audience. Let me know. Wishing you the best weekend … weI’ll be over here trying throw throws on my table and wearing my scarf properly. For once. 😉 xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    Will definitely check on the scarf rings. I watched Mary’s linked post and the square knot I tied last week on a lovely scarf (my husband purchased for me) when we were in Vienna looked exactly like hers — wonky! Could not get it square!
    Jeans: I just ordered 2 pair from Everlane in pursuit of a comfy fuller straight leg style (hi-rise, though): gah! Dreadful: I could literally put another half-tush in the seat area. Buying jeans online is for the birds, or perhaps for those with an easier figure than mine!
    Our previous home was in the ‘Inland Empire’ (these monikers always seem to be for less lustrous places to live, IMHO). I would love ‘Restored’ I’m sure, but sadly, we only stream/no cable… LOVED the old homes there.

    Want to thank you for bringing Cuyana to my attention in your previous post: lovely handbag designs!

    • Joan! Is that where you lived?! So tell me, where there tons of amazing houses everywhere you looked … that’s what the show makes it feel like. I’ve never been to the area but it seems to have such a rich history and gorgeous homes. I’m sure Restored can be accessed online … at least I hope so. Tonight’s the big debut! I’m with you about purchasing jeans online … hit and a lot of misses. But I love trying things on at home rather than dreadfully lighted store dressing rooms. They’re enough to put me off any new purchases!!! Scarf tying is an art … so glad I finally learned how to use my scarf ring! Have an amazing week! xo

  • So much goodness in this week’s post, Juliet! Love love your pretty spring table! I got a table scarf from Pottery Barn several years ago and never used it once, haha. Couldn’t position it correctly on the table. Maybe a throw would have more structure to it! Love Halcyon Days! My parents lived in London for quite a few years and my mother gifted a Halcyon Days box to my grandmother for holidays and birthdays. I have inherited quite a collection of them! Glad that jeans waistlines are coming down. I also find the super high ones constricting and just not very flattering. And thank you for the tip on purchasing replacement feet for my sink grate. Mine look nasty. I have a porcelain over cast iron sink and am lucky to have a two-piecer! Always fun to join you here! Have a wonderful week!

    • Hi Molly, I love that you have your mom’s Halcyon Days collection. How amazing is that?! One of these days You’re going to have to reveal your secret storage room … you have so many wonderful collections. Or perhaps they’re all of display in your beautiful home. It’s disgusting how the rack feet get so icky … oof. Lucky you to have a two piece rack. I should write to Shaw and ask them to make one … I’m sure they’ll be thrilled with my input! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    The spring table looks so very pretty. For me it just sparks joy. You put so much love into everything you touch. Spring is my favorite time of year. The colors at Easter
    are so refreshing. Going to the nursery this time of year is pure joy.
    Wow, not one but two Hermes scarves and rings. Jim is a sweetheart, you are a lucky and loved lady and Jim is very fortunate to have you as his beautiful bride.

    • Katherine, this is the nicest comment … thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love spring too and if it every stops raining here I’m going to get to the nursery and start spring planting. Have the best week! xo

  • Oh my.,, your spring table juliet looks like it should grace the cover of a magazine! It is so beautiful!! How did I miss the reel? I’ll be checking that asap!

  • Your table looks amazing. I especially love the cups – they are adorable. The scarf ring is also very cute.

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