What to wear to a formal wedding!

“Its not about the dress you wear but the life you lead in that dress.”

~Diana Vreeland

I know, I know.

The wedding was nearly two weeks ago.

And I’m still going on … and on … about what I wore.

Who cares what I wore?

What did the bride wear?

That’s what matters, right?

Couple sitting on bench in forrest

The happy couple at their wedding rehearsal.

We’ll get to that on another day.

The newlyweds agreed to be interviewed by moi.

About their experience planning a wedding in this time of sky-high demand.

And their advice, tips, and tricks for pulling it off.

And let me tell you, they pulled it off!

Stay tuned.

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Parents of groom at wedding

But back to me and what I wore.

Plus … four more wedding guest looks.

My sister, BFF, and two nieces are sharing their ensembles with us.

Let’s get to it.

Run Up to the Wedding …

I shared my wedding rehearsal and rehearsal lunch outfit HERE.

A little whoopsie sent me scrambling for a replacement dress.

Here’s what I planned to wear and what I actually wore.

Inspiration Dress / Actual Dress / Necklaces / Earrings / Bag / Boots / Jacket / Sunnies

And I shared my night-before-the-wedding-casual-meet-up look and wedding morning let’s-get-glam looks HERE.

Blazer / Bodysuit / Denim  / Necklaces / Earrings / Bag / Similar Wedges

On the morning of the wedding Jim and I took a walk around the cute town of Los Gatos to get cocoa for me and coffee for him.

And find the nearest drug store because I had blisters on my toes.

Not that my day-before boots and wedges were uncomfortable,

but because I’d done so much walking in them.

After applying New Skin Liquid Bandage (it works!) to my sad toes.

It was time for me to head to the bridal suite to get glam.

Robe / Shapewear / Hair Band / Slippers


And now for the main event …

what I wore to the wedding!

Jacket / Dress / Bag / Earrings / Cuffs / Shoes

Hair & Makeup by Bay Area Beautiful


Did you see my Instagram stories the week before the wedding?

Then you may know of the debacle surrounding my gold jacket.

I don’t want to traumatize any of us by going into it again.

But … after Bergdorf Goodman cancelled my order – the night before I expected delivery –

because they ran out inventory, I was able to find the same jacket on Poshmark.

Brand new with the tags still on.

So, all’s well that ends well … I was able to nab the $495 jacket for $150.

The jacket seems to be available again at Bergdorf.

Go figure.

The After Party …

For the after party, I planned to stay in my wedding clothes.

With a switch out of my Jimmy Choos.

And into Jack Rogers.

I shared about my love of Classic Jack’s HERE.

I ended up doing a quick-change mixing and matching from what I had in my suitcase.

This what I came up with.

It was incredibly comfortable, and Jim and I danced until 2am.

Jacket / Bodysuit / Denim / Necklaces / Earrings / Bag / Sandals


Speaking of Jim, the dashing father-of-the-groom.

What did he wear?

I’m so glad you asked.

Suit  / ShirtPocket Square / Tie / Belt / Shoes


Jim’s wedding day tie and pocket square came from Revelry.

The color is Cinnamon Rose.

And matched all the dad’s and groomsman.

As well as the bridesmaid dresses.

For the inspiration collage I let him pick his accessories!



More Wedding Guest Looks

The New York Times reports that 2.5 millions weddings will take place this year.

The most since 1984.

One of Kyle’s groomsman is attending eight weddings this year.

And he’s in five of them.


Chances are you’ll be attending a wedding or two as well.

I asked my sister, BFF and two nieces to share their wedding guest looks for inspiration.

Here goes …

Wedding Guest Inspiration Collage

Sister Jane’s Wedding Look

Dress / Necklaces / Bag / Shoes


Wedding Guest Dress Collage

BFF Jane’s Wedding Look


Dress /Earrings / Bag / Similar Wrap / Shoes


Wedding Guest Outfit Collage

Niece Sophie’s Wedding Look

Dress from VICI, Similar Dress / Earrings / Cuff / Bag / Shoes


Wedding Guest Outfit Collage

Niece Shelby’s Wedding Look

Dress / Ring / Bag / Shoes



Decked Out Wedding Guests

Wedding Guest Collage

The Janes!

The Nieces

Two of my sister’s three daughters were at the wedding.

Sophie, with her fiancé, Chad.

They’re getting married in June.

And, youngest niece, Shelby.

We missed you, Sam.


Niece, Whitney, flew in from the Pacific Northwest.

Her husband, Michael, kindly offered to iron her dress while she got ready.

He accidentally burned it.


They made a mad dash to Nordstrom on the way to the wedding

and she found this gorgeous dress that fit her perfectly.

Can you imagine?!

Two women at outdoor wedding reception

Niece Whitney

Niece Megan, also from the Pacific Northwest, looked amazing.

And had no wardrobe mishaps.

Here she is with the groom, her mom and her fiancé, Greg.

They’re getting married in August.

Kyle, Julie, Niece Megan & Greg

And I’ve saved the best for last.

A quick glimpse of the bride with her parents.

These are not the professional photos, of course.

I took them.

The bride’s gown was amazing.

And … look at her mother.


Her dad’s pretty handsome too.

His suit is bespoke.

So there you have it.

I hope you found a little wedding guest dress inspiration.

I’m excited to share more about the wedding.

My thoughts on preparing to be parents of the bride or groom.

And, some tips from the newlyweds themselves.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in comments below.

I’ll see you on Saturday when I join Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

Until then, cheers from Snowberry!



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  • Oh my goodness!!! I adore this blog post. Because I work in the wedding industry, I love seeing how this all came together behind the scenes.

    • Hi Rachel … working in the wedding industry must be incredible. When I worked in the wine industry we hosted weddings and there was always more excitement around them then other events. I’ll be you have some tales to tell!!! Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for reading! xo

  • I loved this post! I love to see what people wear to weddings these days. We have two weddings coming up and I have a dress for one, but not the other. I’ve looked at so many dresses online, but the non-formal wedding ones all look the same. Thanks for sharing and for all of the inspiration!

    • Hi Carolyn – Finding a dress has been the biggest challenge for wedding attendees. First there hasn’t been a lot of inventory in the stores … so online was the only option. There seems to be more in the store now … that it’s prom season and wedding season has official kicked off. Are you excited for your two upcoming weddings? Weddings are so much fun … once you have something to wear!!! xo

  • So much glam!!! Love it! Everyone looks fabulous. Popping over to your IG to get caught up. The BG jacket almost-fiasco saved by Posh? That story needs to have its own post here. BTW, you looked stunning in your ensemble! This was a fun read. Looking forward to more about the wedding.

    • Hi Pamela … and, yes, the jacket story needs its own post. Thanks for the idea! The wedding was so much fun … and now I’m looking forward to three more with experience under my belt! Hope all is well with you! xo

  • Love this post!!
    Everyone looked amazing. Such fun outfits.
    I was so comfortable the whole night !!!! Can’t wait to wear all of my jewelry/ shoes again to more weddings this year.

    • You looked amazing, Sophie! I loved your dress and all your accessories and they’re going to be perfect to wear again and again. Thanks for letting me share you wedding fashion! xo

  • This post is fantastic! My daughter’s wedding is in May after being Covid postponed twice and we also have 4 other weddings on our calendar for this year. Thank you Juliet for the thought you put into this! There is absolutely something for everyone in this wonderful post.

    • Hi Ellie … and congratulations on your daughters upcoming wedding! How exciting … and its so close! Planning a wedding in times of covid is not for the faint of heart and I can’t wait to interview our bride and groom on the ups and downs of the process. And to get shopping for the rest of the weddings this year. You’ll be doing the same! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. xo

    • It was so fun! And I’m in love with your shoes!!! Possibly the most comfortable wedding guest shoes of the night! xo

  • So many weddings this year! I am excited to pull some of these pieces for our next one in Malibu this May!
    And might I say…everyone looked FAB at ours :p

    • Malibu! Woo hoo! You were the most gorgeous bride … I can’t wait to see Maya’s photos and the video. And, I’m super excited to interview you a nd Kyle for an upcoming post. Thanks so much for allowing me to share your day! xo

  • Wow what a fantastic post Juliet! I know so many people looking for wedding attire tips. You touched on everything and that is hugely helpful. This is going to become a very popular post. I wrote one about what to wear to a wedding back in2014, ( outdated now) and it’s one of my most popular. With the high amount of weddings this year, a great idea. LOVE the gold jacket! Who doesn’t need that in their wardrobe? You looked chic and fun and current. The dress and everything was gorgeous on you. The whole family looks sharp and Jim included. The other dresses are also pretty and I am crazy about one shoulder which is so good on everyone! I am sharing this now and saving for future reference. xo Kim

    • Kim, you’re so sweet! Thank you! Yes, weddings are BIG this year. And I agree, the one shoulder is a great look on everyone. I might go try the look for one of our upcoming weddings. I appreciate your kind comments … and your support. Always. xo

    I have one wedding to attend in JULY in NAPA!
    Can you guess what I will be FEATURING?
    Need to think about the HAIR!
    Lets come up with some ideas!!

    • Thank you, thank you … I was so glad I persevered with the jacket. I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it. As for your Napa wedding … I think La Contessa will be swanning around in a caftan. But the hair … hmmmm … we’ll have to think of something and I’ll be Alison will be happy to assist! xo

  • Such a great post and you looked beautiful that day as did everyone! It’s so fun to look at the pictures and savor the memories.

    • Thank you, Jane … your dress was the most elegant and I think its an investment piece that will get a lot of wear now that we’re attending events again! Thanks for letting me share … for attending the wedding … and being such a wonderful friend! xo

  • I bought the same Teri John dress as your bff for my daughters wedding. It reminds me of a Carolina Herrara look. Mine is tea length. She’s getting married in October in a vineyard in Santa Barbara County. It was nice seeing the dress on a real person

    • Your daughter’s getting married?! How exciting! I love this dress, and saw it in tea length too. My friend, Jane, went back and forth over which length to choose. It’s so elegant, and you’re, right, very Carolina Herrara. You can’t go wrong. Thanks for stopping by … I know the next six months will be an exciting time for you. Enjoy every moment. It goes by so fast! xo

  • Juliet this was so much fun to view! As I said before, my look right now needs serious work. It was really nice to see how the dresses were paired with shoes and purses, etc. Your blogs really “get me out of my house” lol! Gosh I need to get a life hahaha!

    • Haha … Crystal … you’re funny! I’m so excitedfor weddings I may resort to a littlewedding crashing. Since I have something to wear! xo

  • Juliet this was such a great post. I am constantly asked what to wear to a wedding and you answered it for every age! Love all the looks!

  • Beautiful post Juliet! Our daughters got married 10 months apart. One tip a photographer gave me for dress shopping as the MOB or MOG was to buy a long dress. He said that in family photos it is more becoming to see a uniform hem length rather than the brides dress and then “old legs” I’ve passed that tip on to all my friends and the photos do turn out more elegant in my opinion. Gorgeous couple and families!

    • Debbie … that’s such a great tip. And I have to agree. It was more challenging finding a long dress … but once we did everyone looked amazing in person and in the photos! I’m going to keep this in mind for my upcoming more casual weddings. xo

  • Juliet, not sure where my comment went! Once more, you loved amazing and you can talk about what you wore all you want, I love seeing and hearing about it! Loved all of the outfits, your sister looked beautiful as did your husband, nieces and the happy couple.

    We have one wedding in the Fall!

    • Oh no, a disappearing comment. Hate when that happens! Thank you so much … we had such a great time and I’m having so much fun writing about it. xo

  • This was such a beautiful post – I loved it! By chance do you have a link to the black one shoulder dress your niece Sophie wore? I see you posted one as similar, but me being “ahem” a little older, I’m looking for not as form fitting lol. Her dress is exactly what I’m looking for a wedding I’m attending in August. Thank you!

    • I got it at VICI , online

      I don’t think they have it anymore. It was called “from the source one shoulder maxi dress”.
      They have similar ones on their website though that
      Might be a similar fit with one sleeve. Good luck!

    • Hi Annette, and thank you! I see my niece replied with her dress information. Thanks, Soph! And, I appreciate you pointing this out. I updated the post to include the source of the dress. Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  • Thank you SO very much to you and Sophie for responding! Both my daughter’s love their website and purchase from there, so I’m jumping on to look now for myself! Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Yes, I think of VICI as for the younger set but can always find something that works for me too. Soph’s dress was so elegant and she said she felt super comfortable all night. xo

  • Juliet, first you looked so beautiful for the wedding. You and your husband looked amazing! I really enjoyed this post. We have a couple of weddings this year. It’s the perfect time that I get to wear my Louboutin. I save them for special occasions.

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