Coastal Oregon Road Trip + Wedding, Fall Garden Harvest & A Bay Area Favorite Turns 20

Today on Weekend Meanderings a coastal Oregon road trip and wedding, our fall garden harvest and my favorite boutique celebrates 20 years!

Happy weekend, friends!

It’s Saturday and I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

Our weekly roundup of inspiration and goings on.

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Teak porch bench full of garden harvest.

While most of us were living our lives doing our regular things,

Many others were experiencing unimaginable terror, loss and sadness.

And are left with an emptiness that can never be filled.

Nothing I can say could possibly equal the moment.

So I’ll share a simple quote that stuck with me.

“In these moments, it is important that we remember that right now, in Israel and Gaza,

there are mothers and fathers who hug their children in their arms,

and just want to live in peace and security.”

via Mehazkim

Let’s take a walk on the brighter side.


Have you ever road tripped up the coast of Oregon? We did last week, with Kyle and Melody, to attend nephew Noah’s wedding in Brookings, followed by a larger celebration in Bandon the following night. Noah and his new wife Katie are the cutest couple and it’s fun to share snippets from their big day(s) as well as a few travel ideas from our short but sweet road trip.

Couple posing in front of waterfall.

The drive from the Bay Area to Brookings is just under 7 hours. We made a couple of stops along the way including dinner in Eureka. Melody, the family foodie, determined Tavern 1888 in the Historic Eagle House to be our best bet for dinner. Turns out the Redwood Coast Music Festival was in full swing and this was one of it’s venues, but by some miracle we got a table. As the name suggests, the restaurant is in a historic grand hotel in old town Eureka … with one of those cool mahogany bars. And it looks like a fun place to stay. I’m sure there are more wonderful things about Eureka, but when we arrived it was dark and foggy and when we left it was darker and foggier.

Bar at Tavern 1888 in Old Town Eureka.

Tavern 1888

After dinner we continued up the coast to Brookings. Don’t do this drive at night. The road is narrow, curvy and it’s very dark and incredibly foggy. We made it safely to Brookings just before midnight and had to bang on the lobby door to rouse the night auditor at the Beachfront Inn. We woke the next morning to a wall of fog but slowly it dissipated enough to see the beautiful ocean view from our room.

Beach at Brookings, Oregon.

We had lunch at Catalyst Seafood on the harbor. Another Melody find and I highly recommend. After posting our location on Instagram, my friend Karen (see her new PNW island home here) messaged that her favorite spot in Brookings is Oxenfre Public House … she says they have the best fresh fruit juice margaritas. This would have been helpful information one day prior and next time I’ll alert my social media friends in advance of my travel destinations.

Catalyst Restaurant in Brookings, Oregon.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to get gussied up for the wedding.

Family toasting with champagne before wedding.

A pre-wedding toast … look at that wall of fog!

The fog lifted and the sun peaked through as we arrived at Capella by the Sea for the wedding ceremony. Isn’t this the most magical setting?!

Capella by the Sea chapel in Brookings, Oregon.

Capella by the Sea

Noah’s sister niece Tony officiated the ceremony. She’s a natural and everyone commented she should make this a side hustle. I loved her outfit and the best part, her Prada shoes which she found at a consignment store the week before the wedding.

Wedding efficient in front of chapel.

Jim said it was the most touching wedding ceremony he’s ever witnessed and he couldn’t hold back his tears. Their vows were heartfelt and inspiring and we’re excited to watch their love story continue to unfold.

Family outside wedding chapel with bride and groom.

Jim with his sister, mom, brother, bride & groom

While Katie and Noah took wedding photos, we headed to the Black Trumpet Bistro for cocktails and a super yummy Italian dinner. Like me, Jim has a very small family, and the entire crew showed up to support Noah. Last month we all got together to celebrate Jim’s mom’s 90th in Oregon’s wine region and it was fun to be together again so soon.

Family at wedding reception.

The next morning Jim was up at 0’dark thirty to catch a taxi to the Crescent City airport. He had to be back in the Bay Area for an important meeting. Kyle and Melody met up with cousins Megan and Greg for breakfast at Mattie’s Pancake House. Megan and Greg discovered Mattie’s on their first day in town and liked it enough for a repeat performance. Melody and Kyle report that Mattie’s quintessential diner food is excellent with the exception of the deep fried avocado (picture my alarmed face). Somehow Melody was talked into ordering this unique side dish and does not recommend it. You heard it here first.

And we were off like a herd of turtles for Bandon … about an hour and forty minutes up the coast from Brookings. We met up with Megan and Greg for lunch at Bandon Dunes, a renowned golf resort and from what we could see, worthy of its reputation. We had lunch amongst the golfers at the Tufted Puffin Lounge, checked out the resort spa and drove around the property looking at the cute cottages and lodges and wondering why we weren’t staying there. Bandon Dunes has six golf courses, and I counted ten restaurants. Definitely a destination in and of itself and worthy of a return trip … I say this as a non-golfer.

Bandon Dunes golf course.

Downtown Bandon is about 15 minutes from Bandon Dunes and we took a drive through Historic Old Town before rolling up to the Inn at Face Rock. The hotel was packed full … of wedding guests and firefighters getting a much needed respite from fighting the Northern California Oregon wildfires. It’s beautifully situated with a private beach access. The gorgeous beach is just across the street but we had only enough time to check in and get cleaned up for the wedding reception.

Inn at Face Rock beach access sign.

Path to beach in Bandon Oregon.

Beach at Bandon, Oregon.

Jim’s sister, Noah’s mom Lisa, is a chef and she and a couple of her chefy friends catered the reception with a fabulous spread of Noah and Katie’s favorite foods. This included a Chinese food buffet that was out-of-this-world delish! Noah and Katie cut their cake, gave everyone the go-ahead to rush the ice cream sundae bar (wowza), and then we danced the night away.

Couple kissing after eating wedding cake.

The next morning Kyle, Melody and I hit the road at 6:00am and were back in the Bay Area by 4:00pm. We stopped for lunch at In N Out in Redding. Is a road trip a road trip without In N Out? No.

Photo of three burgers in a box from In N Out.

Another whirlwind weekend and beautiful family wedding is in the books. We got a taste of the gorgeous Oregon coast and ideas for a more leisurely return trip. Hello Bandon Dunes. Congratulations to Noah and Katie … the sweetest most adorable couple ever!



Look what I found on our front porch when we returned from Oregon. Vivian and Renee from Homestead Design Collective were here doing their monthly check-in … and this was the result that greeted me. Of course, I harvest, weed and prune too, but the pros swoop in monthly to make sure I’m not messing things up too badly. And they planted fennel, kale, radicchio, violas, leeks, beets, calendula, and spigarello.

Fall harvest from home garden.


I was thrilled to receive a golden ticket to Flaunt’s 20th anniversary celebration and it was a highlight of my week. Niece Shelby was my plus-one. Twenty years is a long time for anything, but for a small business it’s a huge accomplishment. Congratulations to Ashley (you may know her as Modern Glam Home) who must have opened up shop when she was 13! I wore a favorite Ulla Johnson dress purchased at Flaunt two or three years ago. Click this link for a closer look at the beautiful floral installation by Busy Bees Floral.

Woman in Ulla Johnson dress standing outside Flint boutique in Danville, CA.

Ashely had a lively group in attendance and I caught up with several friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Wine and bubbles flowed as well as Falling for Flaunt, the signature cocktail that was SO good. Vodka, apple cider and ginger ale garnished with an apple slice, cinnamon stick and pretty edible flower. I’ll have to twist Ashley’s arm for the exact recipe.

Bartender at Flaunt boutique anniversary.

Honey + Brie created adorable and delicious charcuterie cones. Once again I’ve fallen down on the job with my lack of picture taking. In my defense it’s not easy to juggle a fall cocktail, charcuterie cone, a cell phone and snap photos.

I’ve mentioned Flaunt in Danville many times in this space, and if you haven’t visited (and live in the Bay Area) what are you waiting for? Ashely curates a beautiful selection of clothing, homeware and thoughtfully selected gifts. She doesn’t carry crap and as Kim and I discussed in our recent quiet luxury posts, buying high quality clothing is more than worth it in the long run because it goes the distance. Like the Ulla Johnson dress I wore to Flaunt’s anniversary event.

If Jim will stop reading now, I’ll tell you about my latest Flaunt purchase. Ashely had a fall shopping event yesterday and I went back to try on a few things that caught my eye the night before and to buy a few gifts. These Le Jean wide leg denim have just the right amount of stretch and this sumptuous (can a sweater be called sumptuous?) Brazeau Tricot cashmere sweater. The sweater is definitely an investment but one I’ll be wearing for years to come.

Woman taking dressing room selfie wearing denim and cashmere sweater.

For yesterday’s event Ashley collaborated with Molly of Branches & Bloom for a pop up and exclusive fall wreath … don’t you love her ribbon bar!

Ashley Westfall, interior designer and stylist at Eye for Pretty, also had a pop-up of her own Upper East Linens. These fall colors are so good … my bed could use a refresh, right?

Upper East Linens fall colors on rack.

Be sure to follow Flaunt’s Instagram to keep track of new arrivals plus you’ll want to know when shop manager Denise is mixing her famous sangria. Happy 20th Flaunt!

Arrangement of dahlias next to candle in kitchen island.


Odds & Socks ~

If you live in the Bay Area, our Kim will be making an appearance today at the Rails store in Palo Alto. It’s their fall shopping event from 10-6 and Kim will be there between 11-2 ready to help you style looks from their new fall collection. Find out more here on Kim’s Instagram! And if you haven’t already, be sure to read her monthly Signature Style post all about handbags.

Mean Girls Over 50 … yep, I’ve had a few run ins … blogger Brenda Coffee shares her thoughts.

What happened to sweaters? Apparently they’re gone downhill and this article explains why. My apologies if it’s behind a paywall, but it’s too interesting not to try and share.


Current Favorites ~


And that’s what I have for you this week.

Let’s see what’s inspiring Kim and Elizabeth …



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Any thoughts you’d like to share?

I’d love to hear them and you can drop them in the comments below.

Woman standing on beach under pier.

Cheers from Snowberry!

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  • Absolutely loved this post, Juliet! Thank you for sharing family wedding photos and details on your very interesting trip up the coast of Oregon. I really like that you cover a range of topics in your blogs!

  • Juliet,

    You are so right, it is hard to carry on knowing the horror taking place in Israel. I cannot get it out of my mind. I am sick after seeing the images of the children and the women and everything. If we do not talk about it it will continue. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    On a lighter note, another beautiful adventure and wedding.
    I have never been to Oregon but your last 2 road trips have moved it to the top of my travel list. So many beautiful places to see.
    Family is everything, especially as we age. We just spent a week in Mo visiting my 96 year old mother-in-law, it was a sad, fun, emotional trip visiting and sorting through photos, etc. The best part was my time alone with here, she and I sitting bed after everyone had gone to sleep talking, laughing and her telling me stories.

    Your garden bounty is AMAZING! I need to find someone like your group that comes and plants crops and tells me what I am doing right or wrong. Everything looks amazing.

    How were the pups and your sweet cat after your return?

    Flaunt is such a beautiful store! I wish I loved closer to visit it. Your picks look fabulous on you!

    Kim has the best taste and I am sure that whomever shows up at Rails will be styled perfectly by her!

    As for mean girls, isn’t it amazing that there are so many nasty people in the world. What happed to women lifting each other up? It is crazy, we should be one another cheerleaders!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy being home.
    xo Elizabeth

  • Happy Weekend Juliet! Yes indeed, we’ve taken a road trip to Oregon coast and it’s beautiful. Hubs and I have made several trips to Eureka as our grandson went to Humboldt U. Thanks for the Historic Eagle Hotel info. Surprisingly, I’m not familiar with it. How was the dinner? It’s wonderful that you and hubs could attend another wedding and be with family. Such a beautiful venue! Can’t believe Flaunt is celebrating 20 years. It’s a great boutique, as well as Eye For the Pretty. Enjoy this lovely fall weekend.

    • Hi Karen … I think you’ll really love the hotel and there are a couple of restaurants in the building and a music venue. We loved our dinner and the service was so friendly and welcoming. Eureka is definitely a place I’d like to return and do some exploring … in the daylight so I can see what I’m sure is a gorgeous coastal setting. xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    The coastal Oregon road trip and Noah and Katie’s wedding looked so special they make an adorable couple. Toni sounds like she brought a special touch in the way she officiated the ceremony. Jim’s family look like such nice people and look at his mom, how special she is.
    Wow, Flaunt looks like an upscale beautiful retail store. Congratulations to them for celebrating their 20th anniversary, a huge accomplishment. Owning a retail store takes a lot of talent and lots of smarts to stay on trend.
    The war going on in Israel is pure evil. One of our family members is over in Jerusalem taking a special study for 9 months. I don’t know if he will be staying. He has been doing a lot of volunteering now. Cleaning out bomb shelters, helping mother babysitting her four children because her husband called to fight the war. It’s been a very difficult time for all of us to witness such terror. Feeling anxious and restless would describe how we have been feeling. Throw in anger. The people of the Jewish faith are wonderful, kind, loving people. It’s hard to fight insanity when you are raised to be a militant.
    Leaving on a much lighter note thank you for sharing all the photos. Taking pictures of events is not easy, I would think it could take you away from enjoying the moment. It’s a juggling act, one that you do so well.
    Take care, life is so precious.

    • Katherine, I’m sorry to learn you have a family member so close to the terrorist attacks. How frightening and I’ll pray for his safety.I’m sure the rest of your family is grateful for his presence and his help. Wishing all of them and everyone in the region the safety and security they deserve. xo

  • Juliet, what a great post. I have very fond memories of Brookings, Oregon and the fog. I’m so glad you made it safely. The wedding and festivities looked lovely.

    • Hi Wendy … we laughed as we drove through Eureka and it suddenly suddenly occurred to us how Humboldt Fog cheese got its name! Thanks for stopping by. xo

  • Looks like a great wedding! I am doing nothing but wedding planning-so I was looking at the details!! We need to spend more time on the Oregon coast when we head North to our Beachhouse. There are so many cute towns around there. I too am in shock that people can be so cruel. this horror in Israel and the Gaza Strip is unimaginable. I love that you came home to a beautiful bounty at your front door!!
    I love Flaunt. When we lived in
    Danville, I went there quite a bit!!

    • Martha! I always forget you’re a Danville gal … and Flaunt is a Danville institution! You must be so excited for the wedding!!! When the wedding fun is behind you a leisurely drive up the coast is exactly what you’ll need.xo

  • Juliet, I so enjoyed and inhaled this whole post.. First of all, excited you topped in Eureka. You know we have spent a fair amount of time there as Max’s mom used to live there. That Eagle House is new and in a place that used to be The Ritz according to Max. It sure looks as charming as ever and the food does too. Max said too bad you guys didn’t do that night drive during the day, as he says it is one of the most beautiful and scenic drives ever, but I believe you about the night and the fog! I would have been freaking out… Is that Music Festival new too? Sounds fun.
    Your nephew and his bride are darling!! Love their venue. SOOO cute. That golf town is a place our friend just went and it sounds like golf heaven and very cute. I love a romantic wedding! You all looked cute and you wore one of my favorite dresses.

    I love Flaunt.. and the one time I went I was wishing we had somewhere near here like it! Ashley has a great eye and taste! I like your jeans and sweater. Looks like we both are looking at similar style jeans for fall.
    How nice to come home to your bounty and know more is coming!

    By the way, beautiful photos of the beach! You should frame those.
    Sorry it took me so long to get here…
    Thank you for sharing my event. You are a sweetheart.

    I am with you horrified by what was done to the Israelis and what is happening to the Palestinian civilians..

  • Juliet: Thank you for mentioning “The Plight of Sweaters”! Yes, the issue deserves dramatic emphasis. Hand-knit, quality yarns and construction… nowhere to be found, except the few remaining vestiges of beauty nestled in my cedar chest.

  • Juliet, it nice to see and hear something wonderful. I know how you feel about the horrors in Israel. My co-worker was finally able to get to safety on Sunday. They had hired a drive to get them to Egypt. A vacation that turned into a nightmare. Seeing the beautiful photos of the family wedding is so uplifting to hear and see. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your travels and family.

    • Hi Tammy, I’m so sorry to hear about your co-workers situation and happy they were able to find get our of harms way. How incredibly scary … can you imagine? I bounce back and forth to keeping up on the news and shutting it out entirely. It’s just dreadful. xo

    • Hi Elizabeth … thank you! My dress is from a Chico clearance last year and no longer available. Too bad because it’s a great dress and I always get positive comments on it. xo

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