Cozy Clothes, Candles, Culinary Travel & More on Today’s Weekend Meanderings

Today on Weekend Meanderings it’s stay-at-home cozy clothes, fall scented candles, culinary travel and much more. Join me.

Happy weekend, friends!

It’s Saturday and I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

What a week it’s been.

Did you watch any of the Queen’s funeral coverage?

No one does pomp and pageantry like the Brits.

It was very moving.

I was up at 2:30am and popped my scones in the oven at 4:00am.

They were delicious.

Recipe here.

I passed on tea in favor of cocoa.

Cup of cocoa and currant scone.

Don’t laugh but I took a scone to the cemetery where my mom is buried.

To discuss the events of the day with her.

I do that on meaningful dates and for royal events like weddings, and sadly, funerals.

I left a few crumbs behind and I’m sure the birds enjoyed them.

We had our first rain, and it was a good soaking.

And just like that it feels like fall.

Which is nice because we’re fall official.

Yesterday I pulled out my fall bins.

I thought there was just one; turns out there are two.

A couple of woven pumpkins made their fall debut.

Console table with eucalyptus wreath and woven pumpkin.

And on that note, let’s get to it.



Last year my friend, Pamela, of @salishseacottage launched the Hood Canal Candle Company. I was an enthusiastic early adopter and enjoyed them so much they made it onto last year’s Holiday Gift Guide. This year’s fall/winter collection has been released, and Pamela sent me one of each to try out. The new collection, of hand-poured soy wax candles, come in three scents. Apple Cider, Sugared Chestnut, and Pumpkin Caramel Butter.  Oh my gosh, just thinking about them makes me long for cooler days, and nights in front of the fire with a hot toddy. And the aromas … absolutely divine. I can’t choose a favorite. Each one is a dream. Snowberry smells like fall and suddenly I have the urge to decorate a tree. Calm down, Juliet.

Hood Canal Candles in front of fireplace.

Anyway, last year I burned the candles day and night, and gave one to everyone I know as hostess gifts, birthday gifts, holiday gifts and gift gifts. Pamela is graciously offering my readers a 20% off, plus free shipping, code which you can take advantage of through October 2nd. Thank you, Pamela. Go to her Etsy shop here and use code: JULIET20


On Tuesday I had my hair highlighted. It was long overdue. This was before Town and Country Magazine announced that blond highlights have gone out of fashion. What? I could have saved 2+ hours and a couple hundred dollars. Anyway, my hair salon is conveniently located kitty corner to Nordstrom so of course I took myself across the street for lunch. Have you ever had Nordstrom Cafe’s Cilantro Chicken Salad? So good. And their tomato soup with a toast baguette slice on top is another favorite. Bonus … they have good iced tea.

After lunch I wandered through the store to see what’s new for fall. It was a chilly day, and their cozy loungewear caught my eye. One of the many advantages of working from home is not worrying – too much – about what to wear to the office. I put on some version of this ensemble most days through the chillier months. Comfortable, yet presentable if someone knocks on the door – quel horreur! – or I need to run a quick errand.

Cozy at home outfit collage.

Sweater Jacket / Long Sleeve Tee / Joggers / Moccasins / Hair Ties

I try to steer clear of black pants at home (we have white dogs) but somehow never entirely avoid it. These joggers come in gray too but weren’t available in the store, so I ordered them online. And they’re on sale.

Woman holding mug looking out window.

In the collage I’m showing the more figure skimming long sleeve tee, but I ended up buying this roomier version. The sweater/jacket is by Barefoot Dreams. I love this brand. They make wonderful wraps/ponchos that are heavier than the J.Crew version I favor for summer.



The charming new series, Capturing Home, is exactly the content I’ve come to expect from the new Magnolia Network. Have you seen it? I’m so impressed by most of the new shows on Magnolia. But they still have a lot of airtime to fill, and the filler shows they picked up from HGTV seem out of place. Bargain Mansions comes to mind as particularly egregious. But let’s focus on the positive. Capturing Home is a gem and follows the dynamic duo of Kate Martindale, interior stylist and designer, and Amy Neunsinger, photographer, and designer, as they create beautiful spaces for their clients.

All eight episodes of the first season are available to stream on Magnolia or Discovery Plus.



Summer 2022 was the summer of travel. Doesn’t it feel like everyone was off to a wonderful destination … from Mexico to Hawaii to the Caribbean. All over Europe to Central and South America. Speaking of South America, have you been to Peru? I haven’t but it’s on my bucket list and recently shot up to the top since discovering my long-lost cousin, Sam, runs a business with her husband, Lucas, in Lima. A culinary tour business called Lima Gourmet. Sign me up!

Images via Lima Gourmet

Man sitting at ocean front restaurant in Peru.

“At Lima Gourmet we are a team of food and travel experts. We’ve scoured (and devoured) Peru’s vast culinary scene and woven an edible tapestry that relays the country’s rich history. With more than 10 years of experience and more than 1,500 five-star reviews from happy guests, we think we’ve found the perfect recipe that strikes a balance between unforgettable dishes, restaurants, attractions, and neighborhoods. More than meals, we offer a dynamic way for guests to understand the history, culture, and society of Peru.”

Sam and Lucas, founders of Lima Gourmet.

Cousin Sam and husband Lucas, founders of Lima Gourmet

“We’re Lucas and Sam, the founders of Lima Gourmet. As newlyweds we moved to Lima, a return home for Lucas and a completely new destination for Sam. After more than 15 years abroad, a lot had changed, and we were fascinated with the city’s culinary delights as much as its charming neighborhoods. Relocating to Peru quickly attracted visits from friends and family and Lima was our playground. We realized how easily everyone connected with the culture and traditions through the country’s food (and Pisco Sours). It wasn’t long before we received our first requests to design more formal itineraries and that’s when the “aha! moment” came. What if we could create the same experience for other travelers beyond our circle? And that’s exactly what we did. Lima Gourmet has now created that experience for over 30,000 guests that we consider extended friends and family.”

In addition to culinary tours and experiences in Peru, they offer several virtual experiences including a Pisco Sour class. That sounds fun! Maybe I should sign up and recreate the classic Peruvian cocktail for Cocktail Night at Snowberry. What do you think?

Pisco Sour from Lima Gourmet.

Ok, so back to Sam, my long-lost cousin. For years I’d been searching, unsuccessfully, for my mother’s only living relative on the maternal side. I scoured the internet and regularly in vain. Eventually I left a note on a message board on Ancestry’s site. Seven years later – yes SEVEN YEARS – someone answered. Turns out she, Debbie, is the granddaughter of my mother’s cousin living in Missouri. We began an enthusiastic email correspondence, and she filled me in on all the relatives on that side of the family. One of those relatives is Sam. I tracked her down online and messaged her via Instagram. Amazing how the internet and social media have the ability to connect us in such positive ways. Since Sam and I connected, she and her husband have relocated to Spain and continue to run Lima Gourmet from there. I look forward to visiting Lima one day and enjoying their culinary adventures. And maybe my travels will take me to Spain as well … to meet Cousin Sam in person. Oh, and I still need to visit Missouri and meet Debbie.

You can learn more about Lima Gourmet’s culinary experiences here. And be sure to follow them on Instagram.


And while we’re on the subject of culinary adventures, are you one of the 1.3 million followers of John Kanell, Preppy Kitchen?! Well, there’s good news, John has a cookbook coming out, Preppy Kitchen: Recipes for Seasonal Dishes and Simple Pleasures.

Preppy Kitchen author and cookbook.


Pre-order now for delivery October 4th. On the same date, John embarks on a 9-city book tour. He’s not coming to San Francisco. Darn. But maybe he’s visiting a city near you! You can find his tour schedule here.

So, there you have it, my weekend meanderings.

Let’s see what’s going on with Kim and Elizabeth.



In other news ~

In case you missed last weekend’s meanderings you can catch up here. And this week I shared some amazing green kitchen inspiration and favorite green paint colors.

It’s a busy few days for us.

We went to a concert Thursday night.

CalShakes performance of King Lear last night.

And tonight we’re off to Sonoma to meet up with our supper club.

What are you up to this first official weekend of fall?

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

woman about to get in car.

Cheers from Snowberry!


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  • Thanks for the TV show tip… perfect for when I want to take a break from football all weekend. 🙂 I have the same hair ties. Such a cute outfit for staying home…or not!

  • Hey Girl! I am getting my fall stuff out today and doing my big wreath on the side of my garage. Then it’s officially fall, or so the neighbors tell me.
    I have those slippers too – I am a slipper girl – I may do an entire post on my bathrobe and slippers…..

    • Please do … I’m totally into bathrobes and slippers. Have you tried the new Skim’s bathrobes … divine. And I need new slip on slippers because I stepped in dog poop this week. Sigh. xo

  • Juliet,
    I am a slipper girl and comfy clothes person! Love all of your choices. I’ll be honest, if I am not leaving the house in the winter I wear comfy pj bottoms, a t-shirt and a long sweater like you! Add some slippers and I think I am stylish enough to greet the Fed-ex man.
    Love the Salish Cottage, I followed her blog for years and was fascinated when she had bees. I am going to order some candles.
    Can’t wait to see your new hair! I love going to the salon, but have yet to find one here that I like and I really don’t want to have to drive 5 hours to my old one.
    Have a wonderful day Juliet!

  • Yes, I watched Queen Elizabeth’s funeral coverage from start to finish. Afterwards I called up my sister, Linda so we could share our thoughts on this historic event. We discussed the pageantry, imagery, the choir music…the Queen’s rich legacy… as well as the British people’s dignified reverence as the Queen’s funeral procession wend its way to St. George’s Chapel.

    • I love that, Barbara … I really miss my mom even more on occasions like this because we would have talked about all of those things endlessly. It was a lovely tribute and remembrance of a remarkable woman. Hope you’re weekend’s off to a grand start. xo

    • Hi Diane, a group of friends started this club twenty years ago and we used to rotate houses. We’ve lost a couple of members a long the way, and Jim and I moved away so now we get together less frequently, sometimes at someone’s house and sometimes at a restaurant mid-way. That’s what we’re doing tonight. It’s been a lot of fun! xo

  • Juliet, I’m so glad we got to chat about the funeral and all that.. One person I truly missed on that day and the previous week was my mom, who I would have loved to chat about it all.. I can understand why you brought your mom a scone.
    I have a pumpkin out with your beautiful candlesticks! I’m slowly getting there.. I have some mums on the porch..I made enchiladas thanks to you and they were delicious. I love soy candles and I will have to try one of these! Lovely gift idea.
    Great cozy pieces and I need this sweater coat.. Once winter comes I am always cold. This could be cute for running out too! I think it’s time to replace my slippers too. I say every other year.. or they don’t feel fluffy anymore. I follow these ladies on Instagram and have been meaning to watch the show, so thanks for the reminder!!
    How cool you found your cousin.. and she’s got this neat business. I also have left notes on 23 and Me with all the family tree stuff I know, so people who are looking and related can find us. Occasionally, every few years, people reach out like you said! What a great story.
    Now I have a question, the Pisco also has a San Francisco connection via Peru. Do you know what it is? It’s in my SF cocktail book.. I forgot..Anyway, I am looking forward to you sharing how to do one!
    Have a fun weekend Juliet ! xo

  • Also meant to say I love Nordstrom for lunch!! Let’s meet sometime.. and thanks never heard if Preppy Kitchen but following now!!

    • It’s too much, Contessa … I prefer social things be spaced apart! 😉 Thank you for the compliment … hope you and the Italian are having a great weekend. It’s HOT again! xo

  • Loved your meanderings this week. Ordered 2 candles, I’m sure I’ll love them. Where was the recipe for the scones.
    Love ya,
    Mother Parsley

    • Oh, Ellen, you’re going to love the candles! Scone recipe was in last weekend’s meanderings … I’ll email it to you. xoxo

    • I so agree, Hilda … and I included the scone recipe in last weekend’s meanderings. Its one of my favorite, easy and delicious. xo

  • Juliet! How fun that you tracked down your cousin Sam and now you have a reason to visit Peru!
    Capturing Home on The Magnolia Network sounds so interesting! I can’t wait to check it out! You always have fun things!

  • Helloo Juliet…I get the black pants thing – instead of white hair, ours is of the red persuasion.I’m going to buy that Preppy Kitchen cookbook. I have to make sure that he stays on brand. Have a fab weekend.

  • I think it’s sweet that you visited your mom to chat and share a scone. And how fun to find a long lost relation and connect.
    I really like Capturing Home. Some actual talent in that duo. I’m looking forward to Saving the Manor with the two IG guys from My Tiny Estate.

    • Oh, that sounds like a good one … I need to find out when it starts. Restored should be coming soon too. Yay! xo

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