Cozy Elegance – A Thanksgiving Tablescape, Cashmere Comfort & Bartesian Bliss

Today on Weekend Meanderings it’s all about cozy elegance with my Thanksgiving tablescape, comfortable (and affordable) cashmere, and a premium cocktail maker that will turn your holiday entertaining into a blissful breeze. I’m also sharing a heartwarming book and my latest adventures in life coaching.

Happy weekend, friends!

It’s Saturday and Veteran’s Day.

I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth for our weekend roundup of inspiration and fun.

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Traditional home library room painted Oval Room blue.

It’s cozy elegance season and our library room is back in business.

It has such a fall winter vibe.

I’ve been enjoying my morning cocoa in here all week.


This week I played around with a simple Thanksgiving table setting. I needed pillar candles so I stopped in Pottery Barn and all of their autumn and Thanksgiving merchandise has been completely shoved aside for Christmas. Thankfully (pun intended) Thanksgiving things are still available online … and there’s time. So in the unlikely event you didn’t plan your Thanksgiving table back in July, this might give you a couple of quick and easy ideas.

As far as table settings are concerned one cannot have too many layers. To start things off I bought a neutral table runner, it works for all seasons. Next up, woven placemats and basketweave pattern  porcelain chargers (these are similar), recently purchased cabbage dinner plates and cute little pumpkin themed appetizer dishes (you can find the same pattern salad plates here). I’m using ivory colored flatware (similar) along with brick colored, frayed edge napkins pulled through wheat sprig napkins rings. And finally glassware, Heartland goblets and Moroccan recycled glass tumblers.

Thanksgiving Tablescape collage.


Shop My Thanksgiving Table ~


For a centerpiece I kept my fern on the table in it’s chevron patterned planter (similar planters here, here and here), added a couple of pillar candleholders and 3″x3″ unscented, white candles (I debated using ivory candles … these are the weighty matters I grapple with), and a glass pumpkin trio set I bought in Sonoma 20 years ago. I keep breaking the stems, and Jim keeps supergluing them back on. A few fun options here, here, here and here.

Shop My Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece ~


Jim and I are on our own for Thanksgiving this year. I can’t decide whether to make a small turkey, a turkey breast or toss tradition out the window and opt for a favorite chicken dish. I’m leaning toward the chicken. The more important decision is dessert. I love Pillsbury’s Classic Cookbook recipe for Pumpkin Pie with Coriander Sauce (see below) and also Pioneer Woman’s rustic apple pie with easy caramel sauce. Maybe both. Since it’s just us I can wear my eating pants comfortable clothes and dig in with abandon.

I’ve been sipping my morning cocoa in these cute pumpkin mugs. And they’re the perfect size for a Thanksgiving soup course. I shared a favorite vegetable chowder recipe here that I love as a Thanksgiving starter.

Pumpkin mug filled with cocoa sitting on book kitchen island.



With Thanksgiving just 12 days away and Christmas … and New Year’s … around the corner, it’s officially the holiday entertaining season. Apparently my cocktail loving reputation precedes me because Bartesian reached out and offered to send me their Cocktail Maker which is an entertainers dream machine.

Bartesian Cocktail Maker.

Last night was cocktail night at Snowberry and Jim and I tested out a couple of classic cocktails which are holiday party favorites. A Whiskey Sour for Jim and a Cosmopolitan for me … watch my Instagram Reel here.

Two cocktails on coffee table in home library.

After receiving the Bartesian Cocktail Maker and drink capsules, I decided to upgrade our ice cube making situation and ordered Bartesian’s clear cube and clear sphere large format ice makers. In addition to all kinds of classic cocktails, Bartesian is offering holiday cocktail capsule collections, including the 12 Days of Bartesian advent calendar! I’ll be making them all over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled to my Instagram. Better yet, get yourself a Bartesian Cocktail Maker. Or gift one to a cocktail loving friend.



It seems that everyone’s talking about the Quince $50 cashmere sweater. So I did what bloggers do and did my research … ahem, ordered myself a sweater. Here’s the reason everyone’s talking about it. It’s amazing! I’m in love with this sweater. It’s so so soft and comfortable. And it comes in 18 colors … I ordered it in camel.

Woman wearing Quince cashmere sweater and jeans, standing in a garden.

Quince $50 Cashmere

I wanted to compare the Quince sweater to my J.Crew classic-fit cashmere sweaters. In fairness, my J.Crew sweaters are a couple of years old. J.Crew’s website says they’ve upgraded the quality of their cashmere and it’s now softer. They’ve also upgraded the price. Both sweaters are referred to as ‘relaxed fit.’ I ordered small in both brands and the Quince sweater is a little roomier … which I like. It’s also a tad longer.


Two cashmere sweaters hanging on rack.

Quince $50 Cashmere | J.Crew Classic-Fit Cashmere


Erin Napier’s new book, Heirloom Rooms: Soulful Stories of Home, found its way to my doorstep a couple weeks ago. I adore Erin and Ben Napier’s show, Home Town. Filmed in their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi I appreciate their approach to reviving older homes by updating them for today’s lifestyles while holding onto their history and character.

Heirloom Rooms: Soulful Stories of Home

When I curled up in the library to look through the book and read Erin’s essays I was a little surprised when tears began to flow. Erin’s way of describing her upbringing and the way she and Ben are raising their two little girls is so sweet and I dare you to read it without a Kleenex box nearby. In addition to the moving essays, the photography is beautiful, and a little moody, and includes not only the Napier’s home but the homes of their friends and family members. If you haven’t read Erin and Ben’s memoir, Make Something Good Today, I loved it too.


Last week I traveled to Avila Beach for my second Kym Showers Life Coach retreat. It was even more fabulous than the first retreat last May. It was really great to see old friends again and meet many new ones. All of Kym’s coaching clients are amazing, supportive, encouraging and inspiring woman. If it looks like I’m having fun, I am.

Group photo from Kym Shower Life Coach Retreat.

Kym Showers Life Coach Retreat sunset cocktail hour group shot.

If you’re a woman in mid-life … or a woman at any stage of life … and you’re not listening to Kym’s podcast you’re missing out. Same goes for Kym’s daily dose of encouragement and wisdom on Instagram. Take a peek at a couple videos from the retreat here. It’s not all fun and games, Kym coaches us with her unique wisdom for unleveling our lives no matter our age. And this retreat focused on being everything to ourselves and the more practical matter of planning tomorrow today. Don’t you love that concept? In addition to other fun things in our swag bag, we received a Kym Showers Plan Tomorrow Today planner that’s already made a difference in how I organize my days.

I joined one of Kym’s coaching group nearly a year ago and loved it so much I re-upped for a second 6-month session. A perk of being a Kym Showers coaching client is an invitation to attend one of her now legendary retreats in Avila Beach. If you join her next coaching group, starting in January, you be invited to her retreat in May. And as a new client you’ll also get a couple of one-on-one sessions prior to the group getting underway. If you’re ready to uplevel your life … learn more and sign-up here.

Odds & Socks ~

This week I placed my 2024 LifePlanner order from Erin Condrin. Yes, I still use a paper planner and you can’t stop me.

Speaking of 2024, I pre-ordered my Oscar’s Place Adoption Center & Sanctuary wall calendar too. Oscar’s Place is close to my heart and Jim and I are monthly contributors. You can follow their very cute and fun Instagram here. I harbor a not-so-secret desire to buy a few acres of land so we can adopt and care for a couple of rescue donkey’s. Surprisingly, Jim is onboard so stay tuned and see what happens.

Pottery Barn’s Fall Warehouse Sale is happening now! I’m eyeing the velvet everywhere pillows and decorative terracotta pumpkins.


Current Favorites ~


And that’s what I have for you this week.

Let’s see what’s inspiring Kim and Elizabeth …



If you missed my last post, you can catch up here.

Any thoughts you’d like to share?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Woman standing on beach under pier.

Cheers from  Snowberry!

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  • Hey Juliet! I love your little tablescape. I will be doing a slap/dash whatever this year. Haven’t had time for any planning. But sometimes those turn out the best!?
    I agree on the Quince sweaters – I got the black. My J Crew one was done. I love them and will get my cashmere from Quince from now on.

    • Good morning, Gray … Quince really has a big hit on their hands. I’m going to order another color, but which one?! You’re right, last into table are often the best … so be sure to get a snap of yours! xo

  • Good morning Juliet!
    Happy weekend!
    Your Thanksgiving table looks beautiful! I am sure that a quiet holiday with Jim will be wonderful, after all you have the pups and your sweet cat to entertain you.
    We don’t have pottery Barn here so I can only shop online, which is probably a good thing. But your selections look beautiful. I may need the napkin rings.
    I am intrigued by this pumpkin pie recipe, I LOVE pumpkin pie but I have never heard of coriander sauce. Let us know how it goes.
    As for the chicken I am with you or honestly I could skip the turkey and the chicken, my favorites are the rolls, potatoes, and the stuffing, along with the pie. I guess all of the carbs.
    Erin Napier is so interesting. I haven’t read the book but I have read a few other articles about them and they are so inspiring.
    Your sweater looks great. I’ve held back purchasing one because I already have so many sweaters and do not need another one. I will keep them bookmarked for a later date. By the way your older sweaters are probably much better made than the ones made these days. They are all so thin.
    Your retreat looks like fun, I am happy that you are enjoying your coaching! I follow the podcast and daily instagram thanks to you. Kim is very inspiring.
    Have a wonderful weekend Juliet.
    xo Elizabeth

  • Juliet, Your table is gorgeous! Especially love the layering of the plates and the napkin rings. The colors look so good too.. The table is my favorite part of Thanksgiving and I better start on mine. Love how you mixed what you have with a few new things. I am hoping to get to Pottery barn today so will peruse the push aside stuff! 😮

    Max an I are doing the same a smaller Thanksgiving with just a turkey breast and fewer dishes.. I was listening to an NPR podcast and the chef makes chicken for her family. We are not locked into turkey, but sure feels like it sometimes.. That older Pillsbury book is a treasure. Love my older booklets and things that were my mom’s and grandma’s too.

    The Quince sweater is lovely and so nice it’s $50. I will check them out. They have some great pleated skirts too! I don’t believe the old J. Crew sweaters are that great. I have a few….

    Kym’s retreat looks like fun.. I bet connecting with all those gals was great too.
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend.. xo

    • Let’s make it a chicken Thanksgiving revolution! I miss those old Pillsbury cookbooks, remember buying them at the grocery store checkout? Some of my still-favorite recipes comes from those books. xo

  • PS Meant to say the Napier book looks neat.. I like her! Your beverage machine will be a lot of fun. I think it’s great for a party too.

    • Kim, I was expecting something different from Erin’s book, not sure why. But it’s just so beautiful, both the photos and her stories. xo

  • I think I’m adding the newest Erin Napier book and the Bartesian Cocktail Maker to my Christmas list! So interesting to hear about the life coaching with Kym. I guess I need to sign into Instagram and check her out. Will you become a “life coach”?? You certainly have an aptitude for portraying an elegant lifestyle in all that you do. Have a wonderful pre holiday week!

    • Hi Deanna … I think you’ll enjoy Kym’s Instagram. Becoming a life coach is probably not in my future but thanks for your confidence in me. Wishing you a wonderful pre-holiday week as well. Can you believe how quickly this year is flying by?! xo

  • Lovely tablescape, Juliet, and your library room is cozy and comfy looking. I think having a pretty table is half the fun for holiday meals. I have to start planning this weekend. Glad you tried out the Quince sweater as their ads keep popping up in my feed. I’m wondering if they are real thin? I’m cheering you on for rescuing donkeys. Have you read the book “The Wisdom of Donkeys: Finding tranquility in a Chaotic World”? It’s on my TBR list. Xx Karen

    • Hi Karen, the sweaters aren’t terribly thin but thin enough to wear over a t-shirt and still tuck in if need be. They’re certainly comparable to other cashmere sweaters I’ve owned. And you can’t beat the price. I’m going to order that book right away. Thank you! xo

  • Beautiful table. I really want those cabbage plates!! I had the larger ones and like an idiot sold them when we moved from Newport. The only thing I regret selling.
    Away, lots of amazing goodness as usual!

    • Oh gosh, MA … those plates are a tragic loss. And someone else’s amazing gain. I’m sure they’re enjoying and appreciating them. I’m guilty of getting rid of too many things during a move too.:-( xo

  • Love your posts! Where did you purchase your cosmopolitan martini glasses? If they are vintage, do you know who the maker is. Thanks, Holly.

    • Hi Holly, the glasses are vintage and I wish I knew the maker and pattern. My internet searches haven’t turned anything up. But I’m still searching. Sorry. xo

  • Great post, Juliet! I love your Thanksgiving table — those brick colored napkins are fabulous! I have always wondered how the Bartesian worked, and now I sort of know. What fun! $50 cashmere?? No way! I was also touched by Erin’s book. The writing is beautiful. And did you know that the other people in the book were instructed not to style their homes and to use their iphone? I love that notion of real life. Have a great week!

    • Molly, I’m glad you loved her book too and it was great that the photos were real life. Of course, everyone’s real life looked pretty darned good. The Bartesian is a lot of fun and so easy to use. I just made a lemon drop and … delish! xo

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