Cozy Thanksgiving Table for Four

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving is less than a week away! It’s going to look a lot different this year. How many times have you heard that said?

Here’s how I’m setting our cozy Thanksgiving table for four.

Asian Bar and Orchid

So … yes, Thanksgiving at Snowberry will look different this year. Not just because of the pandemic, but because … we’re hosting!  When I say ‘hosting’ I mean we’re having two guests … bringing the grand total to four. Six if you count our dogs who will position themselves near the table.

Thanksgivings Past

The last time we hosted Thanksgiving dinner was 2001. You read that right … 2001. It was the year we met, and we decided to have a gathering at my house. It was a mix of our family and friends … meeting for the first time. And, included my dad, Jim’s mom and young son, and my former mother-in-law.

Beverage Bar

It was a lot of fun, although Jim learned the hard way not to offer guests more than one martini before dinner. I’ll spare you the particulars.

You know what they say …

One martini

Two martini

Three martini


He’s never made that rookie mistake again.

The Table

Here’s how I’m setting our Thanksgiving table for four …

Thanksgiving Table Setting for Four

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Side note, I was in the (long) check out line at Target when this heather olive sweater caught my eye. I don’t suppose it was accidental, more like smart merchandising. Sweater weather finally arrived and because everything is more casual this year I think I’ll wear it for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s super soft and comfortable, but not so bulky as to get in the way of my sweating over a hot stove. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll order it in a few more colors to get me through the winter.

Outdoor Table Option

If we have a warming trend … not unusual for this time of year in California … we may eat outside, and I’ll recreate my easy fall outdoor table setting.

Fall table setting outdoors

We planned to buy a couple of space heaters for our newly renovated back patio. Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones with this idea and there isn’t a space heater available to buy or rent in the entire state.

Still, we’re ready to get some use out of our trusty new fire pit and we may enjoy a toast and nibble on the back patio before dinner. The Aperol Spritz gets my vote for favorite fall cocktail … hmmm … maybe we’ll start with that.

Tray with wine

The Menu

Now for the important stuff. The menu. Because we’re a small group I’m not going to roast a whole bird. I’ve ordered a stuffed roatsted turkey breast from Good Eggs. Doesn’t that sound good?

The rest of our menu looks like this …

Southwest Vegetable Chowder

Roast Turkey Breast

Turkey Gravy

Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes

Cranberry-Fig Chutney

Green Beans Gremolata

Cornbread and Bacon Stuffing

Rosemary Rolls

Pumpkin Pie Pudding with Coriander Sauce

Here’s a bad snap shot of the soup recipe. It came from Bon Appetite or Gourmet back in 1992. It’s a fall favorite that I make over and over again.

Southwest Chowder

I hesitate to link the pie recipe. It’s no gourmet creation … in fact it came from an old Pillsbury Cookbook (the kind they used to have on display at the grocery store checkout) eons ago. Don’t judge. It’s a recipe I remember fondly and this year I’m all about comfort food and nostalgia. I can’t believe I was able to track it down online.

I love Ina Garten’s make ahead recipes. I’ve made her Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes to bring to friend’s homes for Thanksgiving. It’s delicious and travels well. And, honestly, I never met a potato I didn’t love.

Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes

Food Network

We had entertaining in mind when we added a built-in buffet on the far side of the kitchen. It’s right next to the dining room so it’s perfect for serving buffet style.

Coffee Station and Cookbooks

The Wine

Jim’s in charge of wine. There will definitely be pre-dinner bubbles and I know he’ll serve a Silver Stag Winery Cabernet from our good friend’s Napa Valley vineyard.

Thanksgiving Wine

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Thanksgiving Table Pin

If you read my post about the four stages of fall decor, you know I skipped Phase Three and went straight to Phase Four … Thanksgiving.

Gobble Gobble!

thanksgiving porch decor

I’d love to hear how you’re celebrating Thanksgiving this year. Despite the challenges of 2020, there’s much to be thankful for and I’m counting my blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family … from Snowberry.


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Unless otherwise noted, all photos in the post are by Monica Vargas Photography.

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  • Hi Juliet
    Your table looks beautiful. We normally have 20+for Thanksgiving but this year will have just the six of us. Well 6 1/2 including the most important guest Little Summer! Hopefully next year we will have the whole gang back together.

    • Oh, Cindy, I’m so glad Summer will be joining you … what fun! Yep, next year we’ll be back to normal, right?! Happy Thanksgiving! xo

  • That soup looks dee-lish. And I’m surprised you are not wearing the light blue version of the sweater! I enjoyed seeing you over at the Contessa’s post. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Hi Judith! It was so much fun to be on the Contessa’s Ageless Style series … I’ll be living on that joy for a long time to come! Yes, I need to the light blue sweater. I have the navy and ivory in my shopping cart. This soup is so so good … and its even better made a day or two ahead. I’m all about making-ahead. Happy Thanksgiving to you too and thanks for being here! xo

  • Random thoughts . . . your copper gutters are WOW!! I love the little “turkey” pumpkin!! Your table and menu, look amazing. I love each and every recipe and wish I could stop by and be your “taster” for the day!!! Do you really use pancake mix in the pie?? I have hosted Thanksgiving many times. This year it will just be our two kids and their spouses, our 2 year old grandson, and my dad. So a fairly small gathering for me LOL. I too have much to be thankful for!! God is good!!! Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend!!! Can’t WAIT to see pictures of your Thankgiving Day (hint hint!)

    • Hi Robbin! Yes, I bought the buttermilk pancake and waffle mix this morning. It’s actually more like a cake I a pie crust … and the coriander sauce is AMAZING! Thanks for your comment on the gutters … it was a huge decision to move forward with them but we absolutely love them. It’s amazing how quickly they start to patina … the day they went up they were shiny like well polished copper pots. Sounds like you have a nice group for Thanksgiving … even thought it will be smaller. Having your grandson there will be so special. Happy Thanksgiving to your and your family! xo

  • Hey Juliet It will definitely be a small gathering this year just my husband and son. Very different from the normal 20 that we have with my in-laws since Brian is on the East Coast. Hubby will smoke a turkey I’m not sure what sides we will prepare it will be a day of relaxing and watching football. I love your table setting I think that’s the best part of entertaining. Happy Thanksgiving

    • Hi Nina … a smoked turkey, football and your husband and son … sounds like heaven. I’m hopeful that next year we’ll be hosting livelier events again, with our extended family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family … and thank you for being here on the blog! xo

  • That sweater is so cute! I may have to go search for it.
    Bummed we will not be sitting at that beautiful table this year

    • Hey Soph … next year we will celebrate together at Snowberry! The sweater is awesome … I’m getting every color (except red)!!! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    Everything looks lovely and your menu sound delicious! I hope you’ll have a great Thanksgiving, even though things will be different this year.
    I decided on game hens instead of a turkey. With all the trimmings of course but with only 5 of us there’s no sense in cooking a big turkey and fussing with making gravy, too! I’m the only one in the kitchen so I’ll try to streamline things in order to have a few minutes to relax.
    Having grown up with dinners either plated or served buffet style, we always use the baking counter in my kitchen as a buffet for holiday dinners. I designed a similar counter in my SIL’s kitchen. Having that extra space makes all the difference, and keeps the table roomier and comfortable.
    Wishing you all the best for the holiday!
    Xo Heidi

    • Hi Heidi … one of the positives out of the changes to celebrations this year is … we can cook something other than a whole turkey. Truth be told I’m not a fan of turkey and don’t want tons of leftovers. What I am a fan of is the side dishes. Especially the potatoes! Sounds like your SIL benefited from your design savvy … there’s nothing like a well laid out kitchen. We had to work with what we had in our place, so it’s not ideal … but it works. Especially for our small group. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and fun time preparing a wonderful dinner for your sweet family! xo

  • Your table looks amazing. Sometimes those close family get togethers are the best. We will be doing that this year as well. The food all looks wonderful too. My favourite recipes look just like that! Have a wonderful time. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Hi Carol … I do love a small, cozy gathering and it’s easier to make all the food! Even better when things can be made ahead. I was going to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving … but then I realized!!! So, happy weekend, my friend! xo

  • I live in So Cal and 2 of my adult kids live in NorCal, so my SoCal Thanksgiving will be only my husband and I and our local adult daughter and her fiance. My NorCal kids take everything our Governor says absolutely literally and never stray from a single recommendation. Sigh. I appreciate their wanting us safe (we’re only 62) but at the same time, sad to spend my first Thanksgiving since they were born, without them. This too shall all pass, I suppose. We’ll make the best of it with our foursome!
    Please don’t ever hesitate to post vintage recipes! Especially during the Holidays, many of us love to serve a few nostalgic old recipes that remind us of Holiday meals a long time ago. Your soup recipe sounds delicious and I’ll be making it ahead, to serve on Wednesday eve before Thanksgiving. Thank-you for sharing such a wonderful post.

    • Hi Ellie, I’m so sorry your entire family won’t be together this year. I know how hard it must be. It’s been a challenging and difficult year and never more so than as the holidays approach. I’m happy you’re going to try the soup. It’s so good and I make it again and again. It’s very filling and makes a great meal along with a salad and, of course, bread! Wishing your foursome a very Happy Thanksgiving. xo

  • YOU have an EX MOTHER IN LAW?!!
    That did not pass by me!

  • Juliet… your table looked positively stunning. I love your beautiful home so much especially the cabinetry and all of your lovely touches. Hope you are having a great weekend.

    • Mrs. Clooney! You are too kind as always. I drool over your Mister’s meals … please do not show him mine. He’ll recoil in horror! Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I can’t wait for Sista’s book! xo

  • Juliet, I am so late to this… It’s been a crazy week. I just love your table- so pretty. The napkin color and rings I LOVE! You make everything lovely.I hope it was nice with the four of you. We did the same with adding just my dad. Luckily right before the pandemic we bought an outside heater at Home Depot. It was sheer luck and we’ve used it SO much. I heard you can’t even get them now! I love all your recipes. I always think about adding soup to my Thanksgiving sides – and also a salad, but the family always wants the same sides. I am going to add your recipe and the pumpkin pie to my Thanksgiving binder. I might try the soup this week! I have to say those old recipes are sometimes the best. I have a whole bunch of those from companies from my grandma and mom! You were are lucky not to have to host that much. I believe Max and I have hosted every year since we were married, except a few when my mom was here still- and the year before last when we remodeled. We love it and honestly are getting better at it each year as we are finally ‘adulting’ at our old age. And I love the martini story..we have had a few of those. Last year a guest was caught drinking out of the bottles straight from the bar..I won’t go there! I still hate dealing with the raw turkey and all that though. I’m thinking of something like the turkey breast or a vegan option next year. Well, I hope you can enjoy the weekend and relax! I will have to shop your post. Love all your pretty choices! xoxo Kim

    • Oh my goodness, Kim … I LOVE your ‘martini’ story! This is the stuff which becomes family lore. Before my mother passed I hosted all holiday’s … and I loved it too. Now that we’re back in California and settled I intend to get back into the swing … this was just not the year. I have high hopes for holiday’s in 2021. And, I’ve already declared next year will kick off an annual holiday open house / cocktail party tradition. Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Open houses are so fun and allow guest to drop by and get onto another part if need be. I hope you try this soup. It’s so good … and nutritious too. I did tiny portions in small martini glasses and served from a tray in our family room before we sat down at the table. But it’s a great family meal through the fall and winter. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! xo

  • Juliet, thank you for your always kind comments. I am not sure how I missed this post, I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This year it was just my husband and I, to be honest after this crazy year it was nice not to feel any pressure to have to go somewhere and divide our time between our two families.

    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend! Elizabeth

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