Simple Ideas for a Cozy Fall Home

Co – zy

giving a feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation

New Oxford American Dictionary

Woman standing inside blue Dutch door with eucalyptus wreath

Hello and welcome back to Snowberry!

Are you ready to cozy up to fall?

You’ve come to the right place!

Today I’m joining an amazing group of blogger friends to share ideas for creating a cozy fall home.

Cozy Home Collage

Wrap yourself in a cozy cardigan, grab a cuppa something warm and let me show you how I upped the coziness factor at Snowberry.

Then be sure to visit all my fellow cozy home lovers for their ideas.

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Woman in kitchen pouring coffee


Pillows, throws and trays.

Pillows, throws and trays.

My home decor mantra for all seasons.

And for fall its velvet pillows, cozy throws and a sprinkle of pinecone vase filler in the hurricane on the tray.

 Add pumpkins, light the fire and we’re on our way to a cozy fall.

Great Room decorated for fall

Oh, and I almost forgot … flowers!

All the fall flowers.

I bought this pretty vase after reading Mary Ann’s (Classic Casual Home) recent post on flower arranging tips.

She inspired me to create my own arrangement.

I did a decent job and felt more confident afterwards.

That said, this arrangement came from our local Orinda Florist.

I love the vibrant colors with a nod to fall.

Floral arrangement on rattan table

I found this wooden bowl at Salsa Trading Company in Sonoma.

Twenty years ago.

Great room shelves decorated for fall

After rummaging through my fall decor bins, I filled the bowl with eucalyptus garland from last year’s Thanksgiving table.

And topped it with one of my collection of woven pumpkins.

Eucalyptus leaves and woven pumpkin in wooden bowl


Pottery Barn’s cozy cable knit throws, lined with fleece, are the very best.

I like to give them as gifts.

Snowberry’s official ‘house throw‘ is from Target.

I buy a ton of them to protect our furniture from our dogs, new cat, and their constantly shedding fur.

I swear I could stuff a sofa with the hair shed by our 10lb Jack Russell Terrier every week.

Great room cozy chair in corner

Velvet pillows add warmth and texture.

My blue green velvet pillows were made for the den of our Fidalgo Island home.

We sold all the furnishings with the house, but I kept a few pieces here and there.

I’m so glad I held onto these.

Woman sitting in window seat with mug

Have you read the book everyone’s talk about …

 The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse?

I bought it, set it on our newish garden stool and placed a small flower arrangement on top.

And now I can’t read it until the arrangement fades.


Book and floral arrangement on side table vignette


I started collecting woven pumpkins.

Not intentionally.

It just happened

Fireplace mantle and coffee table decorated for fall

Instead of changing out my coffee table tray as I normally do,

I added a cloth pumpkin and sprinkled mini-pinecone filler into the hurricane.

I know, I know … the lengths I go to with my seasonal decorating.

It’s really too much.

Coffee table fall vignette and window seat


Look at that.

My fall decor mantra summed up in one photo.

Pillows (velvet), throws (cable knit) and trays (pumpkin & pinecones).

Add a cup of cocoa and the Hallmark channel.

I’m ready for the cozy season.


Looking back toward our small dining room …

a glimpse of a new art piece by Heidi Michelle.

More on that another day.

Great room coffee table, and sofa

Please welcome Snowberry’s latest addition.

No, not the cat.

The plant.

Our fiddle leaf fig took a turn for the worse.

Shortly after the Design Salvation podcast declared fiddle leafs passe.

So far this guy is a lot less temperamental and I hope he settles in for a nice, long stay.

Plant in woven basket next to ottoman

Another cable knit throw from my official ‘house throw’ provider, Target.

Round ottoman with throw and house plant


Nothing makes a house feel cozier then wonderful aromas wafting from the kitchen.

Soups and stews bubbling away on the stove.

Scrumptious treats baking in the oven.

Last weekend I made a big batch of my grandmother’s chili to freeze.

It’s a fall favorite at our house on football Saturdays.

And Sundays.

So many fall comfort food recipes flying around the inter webs and I can’t wait to make this soup and these cookies.

Woman in kitchen stirring pot at stove


Last week I shared our home library room reveal.

Here’s a sneak peek at the French doors we added after the fact.

This room really lends itself to the fall and winter seasons and I added a few cozy touches in here as well.

I’ll share it all in the weeks ahead.

Foyer bench looking into library


So there you have it, …

a few simple touches to create a cozy fall home.

Entry decorated for fall

Let’s go see how my blogger buddies are cozying up to the season.


Cozy Home Pin Collage

Divider Graphic

About a month ago we adopted a rescue kitty.

Her name is Abigail … Abby for short.

She’s a wonderful additional to the family and ups our coziness factor considerably.

Tabby Cat

Divider Graphic

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy Fall … and cheers from Snowberry!


Unless otherwise noted, all photos taken by Monica Vargas Photography.

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  • A feast for the eyes as usual. Just gorgeous!!! Curious about the milk frother . . did you get the new style and, if so, how do you like it? I still haven’t pulled the trigger, but I’m close LOL!! Have a blessed day!!

    • Thank you so much, Robbin. As usual, you are too kind! I did not buy the new frother … yet. Since my model is not longer available, I ordered the last one I could find from an Amazon seller and hoping that it gets me through the winter. It’s so temperamental. But review are in on the newer model and it sounds like its a much more reliable, long lasting machine. Happy Fall! xo

  • Juliet loved this post and that you are in it too! That cardigan is lovely and I need it. Aren’t the Tory Slides great? I’m obsessed with her shoes and the quality. You are so right about the cozy factor and the trays, throws and Pillows.. I love the house throw from Target. I think I’m going to have to get a few. Always love all your ideas and I have to say the touches of teal in your house are especially beautiful. So fun to do this with you. xo Kim


  • This is loaded with gorgeousness! You crack me up (as usual) about not being able to read the book until the arrangement dies 🙂
    Love seeing you curled up in the window seat. Beautiful job…and thanks for mentioning my flower arranging post. Yours are beautiful.

  • Juliet your home is so gorgeous in ever season, so fall is no exception. I like your idea of collecting woven pumpkins. I might have to copy that one. I love how you placed them here and there. They provide texture and they don’t rot! I love your new kitty. He looks like my Tiger who passed away last year. I may just show up on your door step for a tour one day!

  • Oh Juliet, I truly am a fan!!! Your style is impeccable. I gaze upon your home, photos and your shopping guide with pure adoration! You have my vote for style maker of the year!!!

  • Juliet, everything looks beautiful and so cozy! I love your woven pumpkins, the beautiful flowers and of couse your new addition to the family. I purchased that book last year for so many people, it is such a great book. I actually follow the author on Instagram and he leaves copies of the book wherever he travels for people to find. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Oh my gosh, that is so lovely. Can’t believe I’m so late to the party with this book … better late than never! xo

  • so many wonderful ideas! Your home is looking super cozy and full of fall. <3 Thanks so much for sharing my soup recipe – so kind of you! xoxo

  • Your style is so cozy! I really love the window seat! I want one when we get our farm. You looked soooo cozy in that corner, best photo! And you kknow me and flower arrangements! In love with the fall vibes of yours.

  • Hi, I’m Juliet … welcome to Make Mine a Spritzer where we talk about all things home décor, classic style and more! I’m so happy you’re here!

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