Easy Fall Outdoor Table

Looking for easy fall table setting ideas?

Here’s how I set Snowberry’s outdoor table for fall

… it’s simple, easy and works just as well indoors as out.

Fall table setting image

Easy Fall Outdoor Table

We had an unusually hot September and the heat hung around well into October. It’s finally cooled off a bit and we’re enjoying a warm, but milder fall.

Perfect weather for dining al fresco.

I love that term, don’t you?

Here at Snowberry we’ve been dining al fresco at every opportunity.

After decorating the house for my Fall Home Tour, and Fall Front Porch, I turned my attention to the back patio.

Here’s how I set our dining table …

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Autumn Table Decor

The Place Setting

To create our easy fall table setting I layered two neutral placemats. A larger, round, woven mat, topped with a more textured water hyacinth mat.

Next I added our everyday white dinner plates. White plates create such a clean, simple look and it’s easy to build on by adding more colorful bowls, salad and dessert plates.

I used our everyday flatware too … it has a bamboo detail that I adore.

Then I loosely knotted my new French linen napkins. I got them at Elsie Green, but you can find similar napkins at William Sonoma and Anthropology.

Outdoor Table Setting Linen Napkins

And, I used my Heartland wine glasses paired with these cute Moroccan glasses for water.

Easy Fall Table Setting

Can I tell you a story about these Heartland glasses?

I first saw them in the movie Something’s Gotta Give. Any Nancy Meyer fans out there? Diane Keaton’s character had them in her fabulous beach house. I fell in love with the glasses – the entire set, really – and tracked them down. They’re a bit pricey and I couldn’t justify the expense when we had cabinets full of Riedel stemware. Riedel glasses are great … and apparently enhance the wine tasting experience. Eye roll. When I get around to sharing my why-did-I-name-my-blog Make Mine a Spritzer story, you’ll get it.

Anyhoo … while preparing for the last of our six-moves-in-five-years I got tired of packing and unpacking the fragile Riedels and (with Jim’s reluctant agreement) off loaded them. When it came time to move into Snowberry I ordered the Heartland glasses … sort of a housewarming gift from me to me. Crate and Barrel has a similar style for a fraction of the price.

So far no one’s mentioned that their wine tastes any less wonderful.

As for me, they’re the ideal glass for my perfect fall cocktail, the Aperol Spritz!

Outdoor fall table setting

The Centerpiece

For the centerpiece, I wanted something simple that would last through the fall.

I’m not one to change things up all the time and tend to style once and enjoy for the season.

I started with a round, Acacia wood tray. Inside the tray I placed –

A white pitcher filled with faux stems. I gave this pitcher to my mother – at least 30 years ago- on Mother’s Day and as you can imagine it has a lot of sentimental value.

A cute mini pumpkin potted with real succulents from our local nursery.

And, a small vase with faux succulent stems.

Fall Outdoor Table CenterpieceI love trays.

They’re so versatile.

You can place anything inside them and voila … a vignette.

Just about everything looks more polished when grouped in a tray.

Fall table centerpiece

The Coziness Factor

We have the most amazing local home store called the Lazy K and its conveniently located across the parking lot from our chichi nursery. I was at the nursery buying pumpkins and when I spotted a Fall Decor Sale sign at the Lazy K. Say no more, I made a beeline to the Lazy K and bought these brick colored tassel pillows … perfect for our outdoor dining chairs. I also bought the faux stems for the centerpiece. All at 40% off. Yay.

Since I only have four pillows and we have six chairs, I draped a couple of cozy throws over the backs of the host chairs.

I didn’t want them to feel left out.

Autumn Table Setting

The Finishing Touches

I finished the table with clear, glass votives filled with tea lights and mini pumpkins from the grocery store.

And, there you have it, my easy fall outdoor table.

As easy as advertised, right?

Fall Table Decor

We’ve moved our outdoor table a few times trying to find just the right location.

Autumn Outdoor Table Decor

It’s ended up across from Jim’s new BBQ which just may be the ideal spot.

Outdoor Kitchen

You can see the entire back patio here.

We still need to add string lighting overhead, and boxwood topiaries are on their way for the oversized pots.

Other than that it’s done and we’re enjoying it every chance we get.

Fall Outdoor Table and Patio

Did you read my post about Snowberry’s fall front porch and the Four Phases of Fall Decor?

This easy fall outdoor table setting lands firmly in Phase Two.

And, if you read the post you know I’m sitting out Phase Three and moving straight to Phase Four … next week!


Easy Fall Outdoor Table

As always, I appreciate your visit and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Until then, Cheers from Snowberry and happy fall dining!


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  • Enjoyed this very much. Charming fall dining in store! I laughed twice…didn’t want host chairs to feel well left out…and you’re sitting out of Phase 3! Want a round tray, have a flat 15” and may want a little larger but that Target one you have looks right size and is a steal! Sweet glasses story. Freeing to let things go!

    • Hi Carol! Thank you … the chairs looked so bereft … not sure why I assign feelings to objects. 🙂 I love this tray. Target has the best stuff these days. Yes, freeing to let things go … those glasses were like an albatross. Not to mention, hard to wash. Goodbye Riedel … hello Diane Keaton’s movie glasses!!! xo

  • Absolutely gorgeous, Juliet!!! Such a lovely space. You are blessed with that amazing California weather and outdoor dining. Sadly in Missouri our outdoor dining opportunities are very limited. It’s either freezing cold or blazing hot . . . and when it is warm we have FLIES!!! I live vicariously through my California friends!! Simply lovely!! I am just certain food woudl taste better sitting in your gorgeous outdoor space!!

    • Robbin, you’re so sweet. Full disclosure … we have FLIES and BEES too. So annoying and a real buzz (ha!) kill when trying to enjoy dinner al fresco. We set lures away from the patio but pesky insects are stubborn. I’m a terrible cook, so I hope my food seems more passible if served on a pretty table! Thanks for stopping by! xo

    • Thank, Tonya … I’m sure you’re is fabulous too! Happy Fall … I’m holding firm in the season while everyone else is rushing to Christmas. 🙂 xo

    HAVE tried to go to THE LAZY K twice NOW but they are always CLOSED the NURSERY MID-week when I try to spend money!!!They are on instagram did you TELL THEM YOU POSTED ABOUT YOUR FINDS?DO as ANN will LOVE IT!
    I have the HALLOWEEN STUFF UP THATS IT……………………
    I am FREEZING this morning!My hand is an iceberg………something about the heat canNOT go on until HE CHANGES THE FILTERS!!!!!!!!!!I am wrapped in FUR as in THEODORE the CAT and WINSTON IS ON MY FEET!

    • Good morning, Contessa! Wonderful idea … I will tag them. For some reason they are closed Tuesday and Wednesday … ugh. I wonder when their Christmas bonanza will open up … and how it will work this year? I’m freezing too. Jim has heat set on an iPhone app which overrides the thermostat (why must technology invade everything?!). When he gets off his Zoom call I’ll be begging for heat. In the meantime, I think this calls for a second cup of hot cocoa! Happy day! xo

    • Thanks, Pam! It’s been a little chilly here the past fews days. I’ll spare you the details because as you know my idea of chilly may not translate well. That said, by noon we should be in the low 70’s and me and my laptop will be making our way out to the patio for lunch … gotta soak it up while we can. I appreciate your visit to the blog more than I can express. xo

  • What a beautiful table. I would love to come eat with you there! I absolutely loved the story about the glasses. Doesn’t make it interesting when things have a story.

    • Carol … I can’t tell you how happy I was to say goodbye to those fragile, hard to wash Riedels! I’d love to clink the Heartland glasses with you out on the patio. Cheers! xo

  • Such a lovely outdoor living area! The bambooesque flatware is really nice and I love the story about the beautiful glasses! You’ve created an inviting area to dine and relax with a soft fall vibe!

    • Hi Ginger! Thanks so much … we’re really enjoying our outdoor area. Hoping to extend fall as long as possible. xo

  • What a beautiful table. Love how you tied the napkins and your cushions and that tray. You are so lucky to be able to eat outdoors. Eating outdoors in Ireland is rare enough….

    • Hi Hilda … thank you for stopping by! We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy our outdoor spaces most of the year. Ireland is beautiful though, thanks to the dampness … we planned to visit Dublin last summer for the Navy v Notre Dame game … of course, cancelled by what else. It would have been our first time in Ireland. Hopefully next year. Cheers! xo

  • What a lovely set up Juliet! Your color palette is so pretty. Love your round tray idea; easy to move if needed. I’m a huge Nancy Meyers fan- set design in The Holiday & It’s Complicated are right up there with Something’s Gotta Give for me.

    • Yes, yes, yes … Marie … I love both those movies. It’s Complicated is my absolute favorite. Meryl’s vegetable garden … swoon. Make’s me want to watch one of them tonight! xo

  • Juliet this is just gorgeous! Your outside area is so inviting. I am hoping for something that size when we downsize. You have created an oasis in a small space. Love it!

    • Hi Cindy … thank you so much! I can’t wait to see how you’ll transform your new downsized space … the only thing I know is it will be fabulous! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    I’m late to comment, but I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed seeing your outdoor table setting! It’s lovely, all the textures and color are perfect, and I agree about the tray. I use them all the time, they sort of pull the whole look together.
    This weather is perfect for al fresco dining. It’s just so darned cold in the mornings now!
    I’m so glad we finally met in person and look forward to the next time!
    XO Heidi

    • Hi Heidi – It was so great to meet you. Finally! And, there’s nothing more delightful than wiling away an afternoon in the Contessa’s garden. Thanks for stopping by the blog and the nice compliments. Look forward to seeing you again … hopefully, soon. xo

  • Um, here we go again, Juliet! I LOVE Something’s Gotta Give, one of my favorite movies and I fell in love with the coastal home. What a dream! And also, gorgeous tablescape. 🙂

  • Hi, I’m Juliet … welcome to Make Mine a Spritzer where we talk about all things home décor, classic style and more! I’m so happy you’re here!

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