It’s Still Summer … Ice Cream Sandwiches, Outdoor Dining Dilemmas & Other Thoughts

Happy weekend, friends!

It’s Weekend Meanderings time with Elizabeth and Kim.

Outdoor bar area

Monica Vargas Photography

Can you believe it’s the first weekend of August?

The kids in my neighborhood go back to school next week.


In early August?!

What kind of nonsense is this?

School should start after Labor Day.

Like it did when I was a kid.

Before electricity.

And speaking of nonsense.

What’s all this ‘Christmas in July’ stuff all over the inter-webs?

It’s August.


Make it stop.

San Pelligrino Water and Citrus

Monica Vargas Photography

I’m living in the moment.

And soaking up in every second of summer.

So Bah Humbug.

And speaking of summer.

Let’s talk about some summer stuff …



Who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches? No one, that’s who. They’re a fun, easy, and crowd pleasing dessert. Whether its a casual night with the family or entertaining friends … you can’t go wrong serving ice cream sandwiches. And homemade ice cream sandwiches are easy. You can make or buy the cookies, make or buy the ice cream. Either or both. It’s all good. Let me tell you how I do it.

First I make our family favorite vanilla ice cream in my 30+ year old Krups ice cream maker (recipe below). It’s nearing the end of its life and I have my eye on this Cuisinart. Then I transfer the frozen ice cream into this Tevelo container that my niece gave me and pop it into the freezer. Make the ice cream early so it has several hours – or more – in the freezer. Before dinner I put the sandwiches together using Tate’s Bake Shop Cookies … chocolate chip, double crunch and double chocolate. If you live in the Bay Area, Lori’s Legendary Cookies are a great option. You can find them at Diablo Foods (check here for other places).

Take a big round, scoop of ice cream and press it between the cookies. Wrap in wax or parchment paper, and tie with twine. Put the sandwiches back in the freezer until ready to serve. If you’re using different cookie varieties, mark the back of the parchment wrap.

When it’s time to serve, I place them on a platter and pass it around the table. You’ll have everybody oh-my-godding while you smile sweetly and say ‘oh, it was nothing.’



Vanilla Ice Cream

4.25 from 4 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American


  • 2 Eggs
  • 3/4 cup Sugar
  • 2 cups Heavy Cream
  • 1 cup Whole Milk
  • 2 tsp Vanilla Extract


  • Whisk eggs in a large bowl until light and fluffy.
  • Whisk in sugar until completely blended.
  • Add, heavy cream, milk and vanilla to bowl and thoroughly combine.
  • Pour mixture into ice cream maker and freeze according to machine's directions.
Keyword Ice Cream


Do you ever dream of picking up and moving someplace new? Someplace completely different? I do. And recently I’ve been daydreaming about a waterfront community about 45 minutes away. On the California Delta. It’s called Delta Coves.  I first learned about this new community early in the pandemic when a major newspaper ran a story on people moving away from cities to more lifestyle friendly communities. How could this amazing place be so close and yet I’d never heard of it? Jim and I went to check it out and tour the model homes. I was enchanted.


Davidson Homes at Delta Coves

Image via Davidson Homes at Delta Coves

We’ve made several return trips. Including last weekend. I love seeing how the community progresses as more and more homes are complete. Jim tolerates my daydreaming and only occasionally points out the drawbacks of the area … which I know to be true, and he usually sobers me up. Until the next time.


Davidson Homes at Delta Coves

Image via Davidson Homes at Delta Coves


Take a tour of Island Camp, the community gather spot. It’s amazing.


If you live in the Bay Area its an easy day trip.  And if you don’t, you can visit virtually! And if you buy a house, I’m coming to visit. Often.



Ted Kennedy Watson has written a new book, Guide to Stylish Entertaining. And I’m here for it.  It’s the long awaited follow up to his wildly successful Style & Simplicity. My favorite décor book ever. I think I’m single handily responsible for keeping it on the best seller list by buying it for everyone I know and everyone I might know someday.

When we lived on Fidalgo Island, I frequently made the two-hour drive to Seattle to visit Ted’s Watson Kennedy shops. The best places to find thoughtful and unique gifts and fun things for the home. Ted and his partner, Ted Sive, are usually in the shop, along with their dog, Bailey. They’re always friendly and eager to chat, and Bailey tolerates a scratch behind the ears.

I love following the Ted’s on Instagram for glimpses of their homes … The Gainsborough (Seattle), WestWard (Vashon Island) and Hawthorne (Ghent, NY … also an Airbnb). They entertain frequently, stylishly, yet casually.

When I grow up, I too would like to be a stylish entertainer. Maybe Ted’s book will help. You can pre-order it here for delivery on August 23. That’s only 17 days away. But who’s counting?!

Guide To Stylish Entertaining




Speaking of stylish entertaining, it’s midsummer and we’re eating outdoors every day. Our back patio table is in the sun most of the day. So, we have a large, rectangular umbrella up all the time. While the shade is welcome, the umbrella pole in mid table is not. How to decorate around it?

When I visited Cindy Hattersley home last year, I noticed her two outdoor tables were adorned with flowerpots around the umbrella poles. She told me her husband drilled holes in the pots to create these lovely centerpieces. Brilliant.

Cindy Hattersley Courtyard Table

Image via Cindy Hattersley Design

When I got home and looked at our table, I realized it’s not as large as Cindy’s … nor as wide. All the pots I looked at would take up too much needed space on the table. Then one day last week it came to me. Last year I purchased two shallow 12″ diameter baskets at Home Goods. $9.99 each. I never used them and being a ruthless declutterer I moved them to the giveaway/donate pile. Could a basket work?  I explained the problem to Jim, and he got to work. Using a doorknob size drill bit, he put a hole in the basket. As if often the case, one solution presents another problem. What to put in the basket? I gathered some a couple of skinny vases and several bud vases purchased at Target and filled them with Gerbera daisies from Trader Joe’s, cut at varying heights. Not as fabulous as Cindy, but serviceable.

I also added this green and white tablecloth that I purchased from one of Annie’s (Most Lovely Things) recent post links. She creates the most beautiful tables. Doesn’t the tablecloth work well with my Serena & Lily pillows? We cut a small opening at the center of the tablecloth. I know, not ideal, but I gave away my sewing machine years ago. At the end of summer, I’ll take it to a seamstress to be properly finished.

What do you think?

Outdoor Table Umbrella Pole Decor

Of course, nothing solves the problem of trying to talk around an umbrella pole. But for evening entertaining, the umbrella is removed.



I recently discovered Hoka workout shoes. I’m embarrassed to tell you how I made this ‘discovery.’ A few months ago, two of my toes went numb and I finally had to see a podiatrist. We’re still trying to figure out the source of the problem, but in the meantime, he suggested switching to Hoka athletic shoes for my daily walks, runs, workouts.

I’d never heard of Hoka’s and imagined some sort of black, bulky orthopedic shoe. Oh, the horror of it all. Turns out, Hoka is just an athletic shoe. With great arch support and a wider toe box for comfort. No more jammed together, crushed toes.

In recent years I’ve been frustrated with Nike and other well-known athletic shoe brands. I’ve spent a small fortune only to have them fall apart quickly. In addition to the falling-apart-quickly irritation, they don’t feel comfortable or supportive to my feet. And sometimes the bottoms of my feet felt bruised and sore after walking a long distance.

Long story short, I bought a couple pair of Hoka’s and have been wearing them for about a month. I love them. LOVE THEM. They feel substantial, while still being lightweight. And this is what I want in a workout shoe. Comfort and support. Oh my gosh, I sound like my grandmother. Bless her heart.

Anyway, if like me you’ve suffered with unhappy feet, Hoka’s might be for you. They come in several styles, and tons of color combinations. I bought the Clifton 8’s in black and rose.

Woman wearing Hoka Clifton 8

You can find Hoka’s at Nordstrom:

And Zappos:

I also love these super cushy socks that add to my foot comfort and happiness.

My doctor also recommended wearing Hoka recovery sandals at home. In lieu of walking around barefoot, in slipper or flip flops … which is bad for our feet. Warning, they aren’t attractive, and you may recoil in horror. I did too. Sadly, I’ve been wearing them. And they are comfortable. Hopefully they’ll help resolve my numb toe issue. At least they won’t hurt.

I wanted to learn more about the brand and poked around a bit on their website. They seem committed to diversity, inclusiveness, and sustainability. You can learn more about their brand commitments here.

AND … yesterday my friend Jane pointed out that one of the Pioneer Woman’s 20-something daughters is wearing Hoka’s. Ok then … perhaps my new shoe fetish is on-trend.

So there you have it, some fun things to share this week.

Now let’s see what Elizabeth and Kim have for us.




If you love wearing linen read this!

-It’s still summer and I ordered this dress and this dress, on sale, at Old Navy.

Look at this chic, vintage baby girl shower!

-I’m a little late to the party, but if you haven’t already seen it, this series will leave you scratching your head.

Great ideas to make the most of your summer patio!

Oh my gosh, if you love to bake, you need to make this!

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts  in the comments below.

Geraniums hanging over counter

Cheers from Snowberry!


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  • 2 stars
    OK – a few things….what a great post!
    Bah humbug is right. I need something at Michaels – I’m afraid to go in there. I’m only prepared for Halloween.
    Docks – I think it’s so interesting that in CA almost all docks are floating. You see that up north too. In VA, we usually have piers with anchored posts.
    Stylish entertaining – I’m with you – one day when I grow up – and my husband stops traveling 200 days a year – I will entertain like that also! Jealous of your eating outside so much. We do on occasion, but these days we will be eaten alive if we try it. Must wait until October to embrace that again here.
    Thanks for the podcast heads up! I have never heard of it either!

    • Good morning, Gray. Sounds like we are living parallel lives. We’ve done no entertaining this summer. Between weddings and my husbands travel schedule. But we’re still enjoying summer. We have fly and Yellowjacket problems when we eat outside … but not bitey bugs. Eek. Anchored piers … interesting how things can be so different. I think our floating docks are due to mild waters. Stay away from Michaels at all costs!!! Happy weekend! xo

  • hI Juliet! We just got back from visiting our middle in Minnesota and he and his girlfriend were talking about Hoka’s. I am a Brooks loyalist, but I am going to try Hoka’s for running around.
    Okay now I want to know Jim’s thoughts on the drawbacks of that community you shared. It looks gorgeous!
    . We talk about moving to a planned community of some sort somewhere.
    Denver’s market has started to correct in the $1.5M + It’s crazy to see homes on the market for over 30 days! We are hoping to catch an airbnb property in the mountains. Happy Weekend!

    • Oh my gosh, Hoka’s are trending. I love it … rarely to I get in on something until its nearly over. Seriously though I really love these Hoka’s. Well, where to start on Delta Coves. It’s lovely to look at but in a terrible area. No instruction … like a good grocery store, or other shops and things. Also the Delta is made up of old, over 100 year old, levies that are badly in need of repair. But somehow there is never money to do it. If one were to break it would be a disaster. So, those are a couple of the draw backs. Ideally Delta Coves would be a vacation home. But we’re a one home family … and I can barely keep up with it! xo

  • I always look forward to your Saturday post! We’ve often thought about community living but not to many in Michigan. Husbands… always having to be logical Lol!
    I think I’m going to give these shoes a try! I’m a Nike fan, but feel they have done some changing the last few years! And ice sandwiches a fav!!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

    • Hi Mary Anne … I’ve been a devoted Nike fan too. But recently the shoes have torn, and worn out … and they just don’t provide any support. Well, it’s good to try new things and I’m learning that Hoka is a big deal that everyone seems to know about. But me! Ah well … Hope you have a great weekend! xo

  • Love the Ted Kennedy Watson book that you gave me so I’m going to order his new one!
    Would you completely move? And leave your beautiful home. I can’t wait to get our home to where you have yours!! Especially the outside…well, and inside too.

    • Hi MA … no, I don’t think we’d move. Not to Delta Coves anyway. But we may pick up and move to Florida because you make it look so appealing. Have a great weekend! xo

  • Juliet I wish I had my ice cream maker still.. I feel badly we gave it away as we never used it, but making these ice cream sandwiches seem so pretty and delicious. I love how you wrapped them too.
    Love the tablecloth from Annie’s shop. Seems made for your yard!
    Jim is so handy and a great idea using the basket. I also have the umbrella dilemma. Lately, I’ve been buying inexpensive runners and cutting a small slice in them and covering it up with a planter of succulents, but it doesn’t look as good as this. My grandma had a pile of tableloths for outdoors that she sewed with a slice through them and velcro fasteners to get them around umbrellas! She was ahead of her time. Wish I had her sewing skills.
    I did not know about Hoka’s, but they are cute and I need them. After tennis my toes often get numb. I also need the sandals as last summer, I had total foot problems and resolved them by stopping walking around barefoot.. But we are Californians! Isn’t that our natural state? It’s been a struggle to remind myself to do this. Maybe the sandals will get cool like Birks are and you will be ahead of the trends!
    Looking forward to all your links too. Thanks for sharing the linen post! Have a beautiful weekend. xo

  • Happy Saturday! I like your creative solution to visually enhance the umbrella pole! A great way to repurpose a Home Goods basket. Which I also have a few of!
    Got a good chuckle from your observations on wearing grandma shoes! Only because that’s exactly what I think about too! Ugg…are there really any cute shoes that are orthotic friendly? Uh…nope!
    I every much enjoyed reading your post this morning!

  • I forgot to mention I love Ted and bought hos book from your link!! Also this delta development seems so cool! My aunt lives there and loves it! I always wonder if it’ll dry up as we are desperate for water. xoxo

  • What a timely post! My rescheduled dinner party that was supposed to be tonight, was going to feature ice cream sandwiches using Tates cookies. I planned to do lemon cookies with vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookies with coffee ice cream. Sadly, I will now have to make and consume them myself.

    Watson-Kennedy is the best shop in the whole United States. And Ted is the best. I never go into the city without stopping into the shop and I can’t recall ever leaving empty handed.
    Anxious to pick up my copy of his new book and have him sign it for me. I make the lemon vinaigrette from his first book all the time. So easy and perfectly delicious.


    • Yes, Karen, make and consume everything. What other choice do you have?!!! Lemon cookies sound wonderful … love that flavor combination. I agree with you about Watson Kennedy. Check their Instagram, or website, because I think there’s a book signing party at one of the stores. You must go and report back … take pictures and I’ll share on a weekend meandering. You can be my roving reporter. Hope you can get your dinner party rescheduled soon. Happy weekend! xo

  • Hi Juliet-thanks for another fun post to read. This is how I start my Saturday’s, now! I told my husband we’ll have to go check out Delta Coves as it looks beautiful. No plans to move there, but if I did, you’d be at the top of the guest list! I always forget about ice cream sandwiches as a dessert option (usually we do strawberry shortcake). Thank you for the reminder. Your homemade ice cream sounds lovely, but as someone that had a terrible case of salmonella once, I always remind people it can happen from eating uncooked eggs, so just keep that in mind if you would prefer to temper the eggs first. There. I did my due diligence. The shoes I’ll have to check out. For my foot issues I’ve had success with Vionic brand shoes, but I’m not a big fan of their sneakers. These might be a good option! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • Hi Janet, and thanks for the public service announcement. I know some will not like my ice cream recipe because of the raw egg. No desire to push my luck, but I’ve never had a bag egg in ice cream, cookie or brownie dough. Or cake mix for that matter. Yes, I’m a batter lover! You can’t go wrong with strawberry shortcake either. Delta Coves is a really cool place to visit and look around … if you go ask to visit the Island Camp. I’m thrilled you’re enjoying ourSaturday posts … and appreciate you supporting our weekend fun. Wishing you an amazing weekend! xo

  • OMG Juliet… so funny that you mentioned Hoka shoes. The Mister bought a pair, and HE HASN’T STOPPED TALKING ABOUT THEM! I finally told him to walk the neighborhood in his Hokas, knock on doors, and spread the good news! I’m sending your link to him right now. Have a great weekend in your Hokas.

    • Haha … I love it! Yes, he needs to get out there and spread the word. They really are amazing, I’m trying to convince Jim but he’s giving me a cursory nod. Obviously he doesn’t get it. Or he’ll hear about them from one of his friends and come home telling me about an amazing new shoe. Sigh. I hope you’ve ordered yourself a pair … for when things cool down there in Texas and it’s safe to go outside again. Happy Weekend! xoxo

  • Now how could it be that this Palo Alto native transplanted to (remote, underpopulated) Iowa knows about Hokas before you and Kim?! Sadly, it is bc I read People online intermittently and Reese Witherspoon was known for her B&W pair a year or two ago, and the brand took off. Still, I think I will try a pair too!

    Thank you for the fun idea about homemade ice cream sandwiches. When it cools and dehumidifies a bit here, we will have an outdoor party, and I’ve been thinking about a taco bar with pork carnitas and roasted shrimp, coleslaw, corn, green bean and tomato salad, homemade sangria + your ice cream sandwiches!

    Re. the planned Delta community: I gather that you are a serial remodeler (I’ve only been reading your blog a short while). We are: we’ve built twice from scratch and did a reno down to the studs in SoCal. I love dreaming about quick relocations to readymade, perfect places! However, we are very unlikely to ever live in one bc we want every detail the way we want it. Plus hubs doesn’t like HOA fees…

    Would love to be a stylish entertainer: need more practice, for the rest of my life ;-}

    • Hi Joan! Ice cream sandwiches sound like the perfect dessert for your fun taco party! And you can make them a day ahead. I love anything I can do in advance for a party. Wow … Palo Alto to Iowa … that’s quite a change of pace. And yet you know about Hoka’s before me … it seems you’re in the majority. And Reese Witherspoon explains it. Rarely am I first to the party … but always an enthusiastic joiner upper. And you called it, I’m also a serial remodeler and part of the reason we could never buy in this community is just that … we want what we want how we want and a builder, no matter how high end, is just not going to accommodate it. Plus there are things like 100+ year old levies in bad shape and no infrastructure that are flies in the ointment. Oh well, fun to dream and no harm in it. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! xo

  • 5 stars
    Love this post, as always. The ice cream sandwiches look delicious! I got rid of my ice cream machine years ago and now only make no-churn ice cream, so much easier. The next time you make ice cream sandwiches try them with thinly sliced brownies, delicious also.
    I have to check out these tennis shoes, I love NB and Under Armor but lately they all seem very cheaply made
    As for shoes to walk around the house in, I purchased a pair of Stegeman clogs years ago and my feet never felt better! In fact I just ordered a second pair.
    I loved your solution/DIY for the umbrella, they are a necessary evil aren’t they.
    Watson Kennedy is AMAZING! I have the first book and love it and will pre-order the second using your link, thanks for the tip!
    Have a wonderful weekend, off to read more of your links.
    Thank you for sharing my cherry bars!
    xo Elizabeth

  • 5 stars
    I love your umbrella solution! Brilliant! And those ice cream sandwiches! YUM!
    It seems impossible that there’s a new community like this only 45 minutes away! Looks so pretty!
    That new book from Ted Kennedy Watson looks so interesting! I know of him through Jeanne McKay Hartman. She has her paintings in his shop. Have you been? I’ve always wanted to visit!


  • You are so right who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches? Pair this with Tates cookies if any kind and it’s a win win.

    Love the sneakers and I need new ones too

  • Hi Juliet, I find myself dreaming quite often of moving to a smaller house with a lovely view. Who knows if it will ever happen, but we can all dream.

    I love the umbrella pot idea, and you have my little brain ticking for an event I have coming up soon. I think your basket ideas were fabulous.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

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