Kids at the Wedding, Summer Style, Pour Choices + More … It’s Weekend Meanderings

Happy Saturday, friends!

It’s Weekend Meanderings with Kim and Elizabeth.

Coffee with heart

Did you survive Prime Day?

I should say Prime Days.

I didn’t buy a thing.

Prime Day fail aside, it was an exciting week on the blog.

I shared niece Sophie and Chad’s wedding details.

They had a small and intimate family wedding.

At a darling winery in the Sierra foothills.

It was a beautiful wedding and so much fun

I hope you have a chance to take a look.

Bride and Groom

Taylor Brooke Photography


Today grand-niece Maesyn’s is 4!

Happy Birthday, Maesyn!

Little flower girl

Taylor Brooke Photography

Isn’t she adorable?!!!

Ok, let’s get into it.



A few weekends ago Kim shared an adorable spaghetti strap, smocked, summer dress from Target. I ordered it in the blue stripe. It’s my new favorite and the star of today’s style collage.

Summer Dress Collage

Summer Dress / Sandals / Tote / Scarf / Earrings / Nail Polish / Sun Hat

I’m calling this my Shakespeare-in-the-park look. Just grab a blanket, lawn chair and picnic basket. While we’re talking Target, I think this bag is adorable but can’t decide between natural, apricot or teal.

Woman sitting on chaise with two dogs

Monica Vargas Photography

Shop the look ~



Did you watch the first season of Only Murders in the Building starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez? Set in an upscale apartment building in New York City, a murder takes place and chaos ensues. We really enjoyed this series and are excited for the second season. There are a lot of cool guest stars. The first two episodes are out, and the rest are to be doled out one episode per week. We’re waiting until there are enough episodes for a good binge. Check out the season two trailer.



Do you have a favorite local spot? For coffee, lunch, dinner … all of the above? Jim and I love the Lafayette Public House in my hometown. It started out as a coffee shop and during the pandemic morphed into a beer garden in the late afternoon and evening. We go at least once a week … and we’re not the only locals who find it a popular hot spot.

Two woman and a baby

Nieces Shelby, Sophie & Haddie

We also have favorite spots in many of the towns we love to visit. In Coronado it’s Miguel’s, in Anacortes it’s Union Tavern … or the Secret Cove, which probably qualifies as a dive bar. And, when we visit our newlywed niece, Sophie, in the Sierra foothills it’s The Pour Choice. Don’t you love that name? And their slogan, Good People, Pour Choices.

four beverages on table

The Pour Choice is in Old Town Auburn and a great stop on the drive to and from Lake Tahoe. Old Town Auburn is so charming and has a number of really good restaurants and cute home decor stores. But, back to The Pour Choice. Last Monday Jim and I, and our youngest niece, Shelby, met our newlywed niece, Sophie, and baby Haddie at The Pour Choice for lunch. We went to celebrate baby Haddie’s first birthday a couple of weeks early because we’ll be out of town and miss her party.

Aunt and three nieces in park

Having a favorite spot often means having a favorite order … and we do. Jim gets the avocado toast. I get the Shark Board (charcuterie) and a biscuit (they’re giant) with butter and honey. They also have house made preserves. Oh, and we split the Rise & Shine Salad. Shelby gets the avocado toast on a biscuit. Sophie buys her coffee beans here too. She and Chad like the Remedy Supply Co. Clementine Blend.

Anyway, if you’re heading to the foothills, Donner Lake, or Lake Tahoe it’s well worth a stop. Or make it a destination!



Did you think we were going to get through a Weekend Meanderings without a wedding topic? Not a chance. When I shared Soph and Chad’s wedding details, the post got a little long so I left out the wedding ensembles. Not to worry, that’s what our weekend meanderings is for. And today, it’s about the kiddos. Here’s what baby Haddie and her cousins wore to the wedding.

Baby Flower Girl Outfit Collage

Aubrielle Playsuit by Justy Bae / Moccasins / Flower Crown / Denim Jacket


Flower Girl Outfit

Dress / Sandals / Flower Basket / Flower Crown


Boys wedding outfit collage

Shorts / Shirt / Checkerboard Vans / Old School Vans / Bow Tie



Last night was cocktail night at Snowberry and I took the easy route with Chandon Garden Spritz. Here’s a little descriptor from Chandon’s website …

Garden Spritz is the blend of an exceptional sparkling wine and a unique bitters

 recipe crafted with locally sourced fresh oranges macerated with dry orange peels,

herbs and spices carefully selected from the finest terroirs in the world.

Chandon Garden Spritz

Last summer, Krystal, the manager at our local hot spot introduced me to the Garden Spritz. It was love at first sight and I do mean sight. The bottle is so pretty. I know, serious wine drinkers will roll their eyes. But I’m not a serious wine drinker and this is not a serious wine. It’s all in good fun. I like to keep the mini size (187ml) bottles stocked in our beverage fridge. It comes in standard 750ml bottles (and magnums) as well. I buy individual minis at Diablo Foods. You can find the full-size bottles Target and Total Wine. Total also carries 4-paks of the minis.

Chandon Garden Spritz Vignette

Pour your Garden Spritz over ice and garnish with an orange slice and a sprig of rosemary. Jim doesn’t usually partake of my frou frou spritz, but when he does, he asks me to leave the ‘tree branch’ out of his drink. Sigh.


So, there you have it, my round up of fun things this week.

Let’s see what Kim and Elizabeth have lined up for us.




If you missed last weekend’s meanderings, I shared coastal home tour, my new favorite rose wine, tortilla pizzas, an entertaining documentary and my new citrus themed dress.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Cheers from Snowberry!


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  • Can you please correct the link to the Target bag you mention (in natural, teal and cora)l? The current link takes us to Elizabeth’s blog. Thank you!

  • Another lovely and interesting post. I laughed out loud though about no “tree branch” in the drink – my husband would say the exact same thing. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Hi Deb … they just don’t understand the aesthetic appeal of the herb sprig!!! have a great weekend. xo

  • you and my mom both love that show!
    Maybe I should give it another try.

    Seeing the pics from pour choice makes me want to go down their today

  • Juliet, you are the queen of wedding posts! I absolutely love getting to know your family through their adventures and weddings. Sophie is a beautiful bride and this intimate wedding is perfect, it is what a wedding should be filled with love and family.
    The kids are adorable and their outfits were as well.
    Your dress from Target is beautiful on you! But then again, you always looks so stylish. I am looking forward to your packing tips and outfit ideas for Haven.
    I am going to check out Only Murders in the Building, it looks great!
    Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy your pups, your spritz, and your time with Jim!

  • Juliet you look so pretty in the blue dress! I was thinking of ordering it too.. and the brown. I love that you don’t really need a bra with this dress. I love the cute handbag and the pants too. You did well over there at Target!
    Loved the wedding post and the kiddos are adorable. Sweet little niece! I wish we had a nearby pub we loved. I guess we kind of have a newish restaurant that is walking distances but it still feels a bit fancy. I love the vibe of a local pub, and we need more small ones in neighborhoods as gathering spots kind of like they do in England. I wish our Peets would do this at night! The Steve Martin show is on my next list. The Tinder thing looks interesting. I just finishes the FLDS documentary, Keep Sweet.. How is that even possible it is going on in our nation? Anyway, a good one with just four episodes..
    I’m getting that Chandon drink! I’m with you, more branches and all of that please. Max is a no to it all! I like a salad almost a Pimm’s cup in my drinks.. and that seems so summery too.

    Oh and The Pour Choice is a charming gem with the best patio! Love that stop on the way back and forth to Tahoe! Hope I haven’t missed anything.. Loved all your weekend thoughts.. as always. xo

  • the link to the flower girl crown and the flower girl basket are the same. (The basket)

  • Juliet,
    I always love your Saturday posts! Your niece’s wedding sounds and looks perfect! So many lovely details, and I’ll bet everyone had fun! Secretly, I’m hoping Madeline wants a small wedding!

  • Loved your blog. You look great in Target apparel. I’ll have to try the Chandon Sparkling.
    Love ya

  • Hi Juliet, Just ordered the Target dress! I have watched it on your blog and there were only 4 left in Colorado! Click now! Thanks!
    laura in Colorado

  • I love your wedding posts. Such darling weddings! Speaking of darling you rock that dress. I have huge shoulders and so spaghetti straps make me look like a linebacker!!

  • Juliet-
    Great post. I need some couples wedding shower games/get to know you…

    Any ideas?


  • Laurie I was just at a baby shower and wedding shower two months ago we played games!
    Ha!I remember one for baby!
    You have to write down the name of the baby animal for instance Bear would be cub!
    They had some pretty odd animals and I FAILED!
    Wedding Shower:
    Questions like who drives faster bride or groom?who takes longer to get dressed Bride or Groom?And S O On this was great fun!
    Then they shared photos of the bride as a child and you had to guess her age that was pretty fun too! They just passed them around the table and you had a piece of paper and you would write down your guess like eight years old 15 years old etc. that’s all my games for today!!
    Juliet where is this place in Lafayette ?
    Where the old coffee shop was located?
    Do tell please !!

  • Thank u for the meanderings. I absolutely love to read about your quintessentially Californian lifestyle. So lovely…

    And your relationship w your nieces is a pleasure to see.

    • Hello, Trish … Mrs. Lemon! It’s lovely to hear from you and I appreciate your kind words. My nieces are my heart. Thank you for being here. xo

  • Hi, I’m Juliet … welcome to Make Mine a Spritzer where we talk about all things home décor, classic style and more! I’m so happy you’re here!

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