Target Style … My New Favorite Casual Outfit

You know I’m not a fashion blogger, but …

Today I’m a fashion blogger!

Woman and dog in garden

Image: Monica Vargas Photography

Let’s Talk About Target Style

Target has been the source of some of my favorite pieces of clothing lately.

I’m not a fan of fast-fashion, but I find the pieces from Target to be good quality and they last.

I usually pair a Target piece with other pieces in my closet a little higher up the food chain.

You know … the high low thing.

Woman and dogs sitting on outside bench

However, on my last Target run I picked up these three pieces that work well together and I’ve already worn this outfit multiple times.

It’s casual and comfortable and a (big) step up from my regular weekday look … sweatpants athleisure.

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Target Outfit Collage

THE SWEATER … I’m a sucker for anything blue and white and if it comes in a stripe … I’m all in. This blue and white striped sweater leapt into my cart on the way to the Lean Cuisine aisle.

I’m not in love with the new hip length, 80’s style, bulky sweaters. How do you feel about them? I got comfortable with a lengthier sweater covering my backside. Now I worry about how my 59-year-old behind looks and I’m afraid it’s not good. That said, the simultaneous return to a higher waisted jean, which tends to be more flattering to the derriere, is a mixed blessing. I find them stiff and uncomfortable. Like all style shifts, we adjust. Sigh.


THE CARGO PANT … as far as I’m concerned, a lightweight cargo pant is the next best thing for comfort when a sweat pant just won’t do. I’m getting out and about more these days which means my beloved sweatpants are spending more time home alone.


THE TEE … with the addition of a long-sleeved white tee I had a cart full of groceries AND a new outfit.

Side note: Target has the best tees … long sleeve and short sleeve. More on that later.


Oh my gosh, my new ensemble matches my Valentine’s Day lunch with friends table.

Blue and white place setting

Image: Monica Vargas Photography

Pro tip: Always dress to match your table setting.

Just kidding.

Ok, let’s finish the outfit.

I paired my new outfit with a Sarah Flint loafer.

I love a loafer.

Who am I kidding, I love all shoes.

Looks like these loafers are sold out, but the Natalie flat is similar.

Sarah Flint Alysia Loafer

Image: Monica Vargas Photography

Did I mention becoming a brand ambassador for Sarah Flint?!

Pinch me!

As a result, you can use my code


and receive $50 off your first Sarah Flint purchase.


Sarah Flint Shoe Boxes

Image: Monica Vargas Photography

So far, I’ve worn my new Target outfit five times.

Five times!

That’s about $8 per wear.

Practically free.



Target Cargo Pant Two Ways

Last week I met my friend, Kim of Northern California Style for lunch in her charming little town.

Jim’s son is getting married there next month.

Kim is so sweet and showed me around the town’s cute shops and restaurants.

Now I can provide a little advance info to our friends and family coming in for the wedding.

Two women taking selfie

Kim has amazing style.


And I wanted to elevate my game a bit.

Target Outfit Collage

I left the blue and white stripe sweater at home and replaced it with a short sleeved white tee and my Ralph Lauren pinstripe blazer.

I love a blazer.

It dresses up any outfit … pants, skirts, dresses.

Even sweatpants???!

Kim snapped this picture in the coolest home store.

Woman in home goods store

I slipped into my Sarah Flint loafers.

Donned my Burberry sunnies.

And to be extra fancy, tied a scarf to my Mark and Graham tote.

Et voila … ready for lunch with our Northern California Style icon.



Let’s get back to where we started … Target Style

Last week, while waiting in line at the store, a woman asked where I bought my teal cardigan.

When I told her Target, she laughed and said she recently bought a similar cardigan for $300.

Along with the cardigan I bought these super lightweight chinos.

They’ll take me through spring and summer.

And more white tees.

I consider myself a t-shirt connoisseur and in my opinion Target Universal Thread tees are the best.

I’m often disappointed with how quickly other, more expensive, t-shirts deteriorate, shrink and look a little schlumpy.

The weight of the fabric, the slightly capped sleeve (always flattering), and the length are perfect.

They’re the ultimate layering piece.

I wear one nearly every day as a layer or, in warmer months, by itself.

My t-shirts get a lot of washes.

Although they’re washed more gently these days.

(Did you read about my new and evolving laundry routine?)

And they hold up.


Pin Collage

So, there you have it … my first fashion post.

I’m curious to know what you think.

Does this sort of post interest you?

Please let me know.

I’ll be back on Saturday.

Along with Kim from Northern California Style and Elizabeth from Pinecones & Acorns.

To share the things that got our attention this week.

Spoiler alert … I might have a Super Bowl food idea.

Or two.

woman modeling outfit in garden

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Until Saturday, cheers from Snowberry!


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  • I love that outfit!!!! And i know what you mean about mixing high end and less expensive pieces. I love your fashion posts!!! You ARE a fashion blogger!!!

    • Haha … Robbin! Thank you so much … I’m loving Target these days. We’re having a little heatwave so I’m wearing my new chinos today … almost feels like summer. xo

  • Great outfit. I completely agree about Target Tee’s. they are a staple in my wardrobe and such a reasonable price point. Love your posts no matter the subject.

    • Deb, you are the sweetest … thank you! I hope Target keeps it up with these tees. I almost want to hoard them for a rainy day. You know what I mean?! Have a great day! xo

  • Well, you look great! I love those pants. Lets call them cargo-ish. I actualLy have Some wiTH that pocket styLe and love them for sPring and summer. Now i have tO go to target!

  • I have NOT been in TARGET since CHRISTMAS time!
    However I do LOVE a BULKY SWEATER and a HIGH WAIST PANT!MUCH MORE FLATTERING ON ANY AGE!I sometimes I think when I am in line at the grocery store if they could only see that backside!One side is higher up usually the G-string waistband is showing as weLl as they hit so low!It looks like a CRUNCHY, UNCOMFORTABLE MESS!
    YOU Asked and I STATED!

    • Contessa … I always think of you when dressing for a workout. How does my backside look? Is my tushie covered?! Now I have to worry about it in regular clothes too … with this shift in fashion. It does make me love a dress or caftan … no tushie worries there! Right?! Aren’t those laundry balls … with the essential oils … heavenly?! Laundry smells so fresh and clean … I love it. Let me know what you think of the Thieves. Yes, my hair is long and no, Alison had nothing to do with it … except that I’ve not been to her recently. After the wedding we have an appointment and we’re going to CUT!!! xo

  • Hi Juliet

    I love Target Tees too! Will be featuring that exact one in an upcoming post. on tee shirts You and Kim can make anything look fabulous! I love how you mixed the high and the low. And congrats for becoming a brand ambassador! Hip hip hooray!!

    • Cindy! Aren’t Target tees the BEST?! I want to buy them out and sock them away … I feel like every staple item I love gets discontinued or changed. We can’t have that with this perfect white tee. I’m so excited to be a BA for Sarah Flint … shoes are my thing and there’s are so good! Thanks for stopping by!!! xo

  • Juliet, what a fun post. I loved your look for our lunch and shopping! The blazer and your bag, scarf, the loafers.. I could go on! You’re very kind, but it’s you that has fantastic taste and can make Target finds look like a million bucks. That takes skill to mix a little high and low to get your chic look. Great tip about the T-shirts too. I wish I looked as good in them as you do. I think I am ordering your bag today. I just can’t decide on color. I hope you do more fashion posts and congrats on the ambassadorship! They are lucky to have you. xo

  • Loving everything Juliet! Looking very stylish indeed. I’m often found in Target. It’s my combo “get it done Zone “ and my “Zen Zone” all in one.

  • Oh, Juliet! This was a fun post. I see “fashion blogger in your future 🙂 I love the high-low look and I’ll be purchasing those Target tees. I do love all our posts and It’s a good mail day when my email inbox says “make mine a spritzer”!

  • Hi JUliet,
    I love this post! You are a fashion blogger now for sure! Ive been avoiding Target BECAUSE im afraid ill fill my card with too manY items! I agree that quite a few of my favorite and most worn clothing pieces werE bought at Target. If you ARE SMART there are great deals to be found, and the quality had been Surprisingly good!
    Your outfit is so cute , YOU’VE really tempted me With those pants. But If i bring another sweater hone my closet will explode!
    Congrats on the ambassorship, thats’s exciting!
    Xo Heidi!

  • I love the cargo pants on you- they look so cute… The tee sHirts at target sre my FAVORITE also!! I Go through several, evEry seAson . I love the navy blazar with thE pants and tee- such s as clasdic look!!

  • Hi, I’m Juliet … welcome to Make Mine a Spritzer where we talk about all things home décor, classic style and more! I’m so happy you’re here!

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