‘Tis the Season to Bling It with Brooches

Brooches are a fun and easy way to elevate your style during the holidays, adding a touch of timeless elegance and festive flair. Today I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth to talk about adding a little bling to our holiday wardrobes with brooches.

Woman outside wearing snowflake holiday pin.

Last year Kim encouraged us to bring out our brooches and sparkly things for the holidays. Maybe an inherited piece of something vintage or thrifted. Whatever’s in your jewelry drawer. And she coined the hashtag #BlingIt for Instagram where we had a lot of fun sharing our shimmery and sparkly pieces throughout the season. Maybe you joined us. Well … it’s time again to bring out our bling with new hashtags #ShowUsYourBling and #ChristmasPin

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Holiday brooches pinned to two winter coats.

During last year’s Bling It festivities I shared my sparkly snowflake brooch. I’m not sure where it came from, it’s been in my jewelry drawer forever and adorning my winter coats for eons. This year I’ve pinned it on my long winter coat.

Woman wearing black winter coat with snowflake brooch.

Getting caught up in last year’s Bling It moment, I bought an inexpensive, pearly Christmas tree brooch at Macy’s that I’ve pinned to my camel car coat. And just like that I’m ready to Bling It through the season.

Woman wearing camel coat with Christmas tree brooch.

Of course, brooches aren’t just for outerwear. They can be worn so many ways … pinned to sweaters, dresses, adorning belts and bags, even shoes. Added to cuffs or joined together to create show stopping necklaces. No one does this quite like Tamera Beardsley. The possibilities are endless if you’re creative.

Brooch necklace made by Tamera Beardsley.

Tamera Beardsley

Not to bore you with my personal problems, but I’ve been sick since Thanksgiving with some dreadful flu cold thing. I planned to venture out to a few local shops to look at brooches yesterday, but leaving the house wasn’t an option so I searched the inter-webs. Labels, a local luxury consignment shop, has several options online (and in the store) … look at these pretties. They’re on the pricier side. Vintage and second hand stores, like my favorite Wayside Inn (Assistance League shop), Goodwill Stores and similar shops will have plenty more affordable treasures.


Not surprisingly, Etsy is a great place to search for fun and inexpensive brooches.


The Real Real has a ton of options and these beauties caught my eye.


Even Poshmark has a decent selection.


And here are a handful of  sparkly and colorful new brooches found at favorite retailers.


Holiday Brooch Pin collage.

Of course, the best source for fabulous brooches is likely your mom, grandmother or aunt’s jewelry box! My sweet little Swedish grandma loved a little glimmer and shimmer and wore glittery brooches, and earrings the size of brooches, along with big, fabulous and sparkly necklaces during the holidays. And she always had a big Christmas tree brooch pinned to her coat lapel. As I wrote this post I had a photo of her in mind. From Christmas Eve long ago. Wearing lots of blingy things. I searched and searched my archives (or artifacts, as Jim calls them) and finally found it. And, much to my surprise, Grandma isn’t wearing any sparkly things … the only bling to be found is on my Aunt who stuck a bow on her shoulder! Have you ever done that? Felt certain you remembered something so clearly, only to be presented with evidence that it was not quite as you recalled? I guess our dearest memories are those kept deep in the recesses of our mind.

Photo of grandma, daughters and great grandson on Christmas Eve 1987.

Grandma, Cousin Cameron, Mom & Auntie Cookie | Christmas Eve 1987

But back to the matter at hand.

Won’t you join fun by sharing your holiday brooches and other sparkly jewelry on Instagram and tagging us so we can reshare!

 @makemineaspritzer | @northerncaliforniastyle | @pineconesandacorns

And don’t forget to include hashtags #ShowUsYourBling and #ChristmasPin

Now let’s visit Kim and Elizabeth and see how they’re blinging out this year.



If you missed my Annual Holiday Gift Ideas you’ll find them here.

We’ll be back on Saturday with our weekend inspirations.

Until then, cheers from Snowberry!

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  • Enjoyed the bling post. Thanks for the ideas. Love the photo of your family. Your Mom looks so pretty. Great smile! I am sorry you have been ill. Ditto here. Very unpleasant virus but better now.

    • Linda, so sorry you’re sick and hope you’re feeling better. I’m definitely on the mend, but oof … I’m just big baby when not feeling well. Thanks for reading and kind words about my mom. I sure do miss her. xo

  • I love this whole brooch situation!! I have a bunch of them from my grandma and mom. I have probably told you this before but I saw a lady in Lake Como wearing a white blouse and a blue blazer, with one lapel covered with them. So cool. Like a tiny gallery wall.
    So I copy that sometimes.
    Hope you feel better soon – we both got Covid right before Christmas last year – it stinks to be sick during the holidays. Thinking of you!

    • Gray! I can picture that woman in Como … I’m sure she looked striking. As do you. Wish I could carry off the multiple brooch look. Tres chic. I’m feeling tons better, thank you. xo

  • Holidays are a great time to wear a sparkly piece of jewellery. We were out for dinner last Saturday and I pulled out my vintage rhinestone bracelet…it definitely adds Bling and looks pretty in the candlelight! I posted a picture on my blog and Instagram if you’d like to see it.
    I am a fan of vintage Sherman pieces, made in Canada. They are really well made and my mother had quite a few pieces that she passed on to my sister and I.
    Your snowflake pin is really festive!

    Leslie Lord
    Hostess of the Humble Bungalow

    • I did see it, Leslie … it’s so beautiful alongside a hint of your gorgeous ring. There’s nothing like candlelight to bring out sparkle and shine. I’m not familiar with Sherman, but I’m going to Google right now. Keep the bling going! xo

  • Your photo reminded me of my Swedish grandmother, Esther. During the holidays she would create a mouth watering smorgasbord which included Swedish meatballs, spritz cookies and lutefisk. Thank you for sharing your grandmother!

    • Oh my gosh, Cynthia! Yes … Swedish meatballs, spritz cookies and lutefisk. Yuk to the lutefisk, I never acquired a taste for it! But I still make grandma’s Swedish meatballs and remember her spritz holiday cookies fondly. This year I bought a cookie press determined to make them myself. Have you ever done it? Thanks for making me smile with food memories of your grandma Esther. She and my grandma Gladys would have been good friends. Happy Holiday’s! xo

  • Juliet,
    I hope that you are feeling better! Stay home, enjoy your pups and sweet Abigale and rest in your cozy library. It is the season for hibernation and of course getting sick.
    I love your memories of your grandmother. It is funny how we remember things and sometimes they are not exactly the way we remember them. I think part of that is because some of our best memories are from so long ago they sort of evolve as we age and loose the people they are about.
    Anyway all of that is to say, your brooches are beautiful and they look precept on your coats. A little sparkle and cheer for dreary winter days.
    Everyone who reads our posts should pull out their jewelry boxes and go down memory lane as they look at each piece. And I they don’t have a brooch yet, treat themselves to one for the holidays. It is an in-espensive way to add personality and cheer to your outfit.
    Thank you Kim for reminding us of the “bling” in our jewelry boxes and the memories that they evoke.
    Take care my dear and I will see you Saturday!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. I’m feeling so much better. This was a lot of fun to do and I appreciate you suggesting it … we must make it an annual thing! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    I, too, have that snowflake broach–and I wear it every year at Christmas on our uniform! Passengers love it- I also got some of my moms Christmas trees and poinsettia broaches, when she passed away…Ill have to add to my repertoire and change out my snowflake!! Hope your feeling better soon. I got a cold about 10 days after the wedding..Im sure I just was completely worn down!!
    xo Martha

    • Martha, I know your passengers appreciate your festive touch and big smile during stressful holiday travel. Love that you have several options to keep it interesting and fun. I’m sorry you’ve been under the weather too. That’s so common after major events and I hope you’re on the mend and looking forward to a wonderful holiday season! xo

  • Yes Juliet, it is so funny how we think our memories are right on, and then discover through photos that it was not so correct. Thanks for sharing the holiday photo of your sweet family. I love that you and Kim are sparking ideas for your followers to bring out the vintage brooches during the holidays. A little sparkly glam is beautiful this holiday season. Sorry you have been ill, but hope you are feeling up to par very soon!

    • Hi Karen, I’m feeling so much better. Thank you. Memories are a funny thing. Something I think we mash them together into a compilation. I was lucky to have had such a magical grandmother who made my childhood Christmas’ so wonderful. Hope you’re looking forward to a beautiful holiday season. xo

  • Fun idea to use pieces that are a bit blingy in this festive season! I have 2 from my elegant, jewelry-acquiring mom that I love but almost never wear, so yours and Kim’s encouragement is appreciated!
    Enjoyed your family photo.
    I hope you are all better VERY soon — it is miserable to be ill during the holidays (or any other time, frankly).

    • Joan! You must wear your mom’s jewelry … even if it’s with jeans. How lucky to have inherited such a wonderful collection. It will put you in the holiday spirit, as it did me! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    You have beautiful brooches and they look so nice on your coats. It’s so nice to see the pictures of your family and your pretty mother. Everyone looks all dressed up. I do not recall adding a bow as a brooch, however anything goes.
    So very sorry to hear you are feeling sick, having the flu and a cold is no fun. Take TLC of yourself, I hope Jim is around to look after you. You remain in my thoughts.

    • Hi Katherine, thank you I’m feeling so much better. And thinking about sparkly brooches lifted my mood and has me in the holiday spirit. Thanks for your kind words about my mom. I miss her so much. xo

  • Juliet love this and especially the picture of your mom and grandma! You found some lovely brooches ! I really do think they are little works of art! It’s so nice to enjoy them this time of year. You don’t need many just a few and your own are lovely. Especially pretty with your coat and scarf. I sure hope you are on the mend. You know I was sick after the trip and totally get it. Take care. xoxo

    • Thanks, Kim. I’d love to an another brooch or two to my small collection and I’ve been scrolling online all morning. The problem is I want every single brooch I see … yikes. Need to narrow it down and then maybe add one each year and I’ll have a collection to pass along to my nieces. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled. 🙂 xo

  • What a great idea! I am going to have a look at my older jewelry boxes and see what I can find. The grandkids have enjoyed many afternoons playing with those boxes, and I bet there are treasures inside just waiting to be worn again.


    PS. I hope you are feeling better. I loved seeing your family photo❣️

  • Loved this post! I’ve collected brooches for years. Some passed down from my grandmother (who wore them year around). She lived to be over 100 years old & was the epitome of style and grace.
    New, vintage, inherited… I love them all!
    This time of year is perfect indeed for a bit of added bling & whimsy.
    Happy Sprucing! ~Scarlett

    • Oh Scarlett, what a wonderful memory! I love that we are fully appreciating our grandmother’s wonderful style and flare for dressing. And how fortunate you are to have inherited her treasures. Hope you’re wearing them proudly this holiday season … and year round! xo

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