Wait Until You See My Friend’s Halloween Decor!

Today I have a special treat, no tricks! Do you love Halloween? Then you’re going to enjoy this Halloween home tour. It’s spooktacular! 

Halloween is less than a week away.

I don’t do much any Halloween decorating.

So I thought it would be fun to share my friend Shelley’s Halloween home.

Shelley and I have known each other since high school.

And we’re a case of opposites attract.

While I’m firmly in the less-is-more camp when it comes to decorating.

Shelley is a card carrying member of the more-is-more club.

In fact, she may be its president.

Shelley never met a holiday she didn’t love.

And Halloween is no exception.

Shelley starts early, and spend weeks getting her house ready for each holiday.

She frequently stays up until the wee hours until she gets it just right.

If Shelley didn’t have a full time job decorating her home for holidays she’d be an amazing set stylist.

Or department store window stager.

Or blogger.

I’ve encouraged Shelley to start a blog.

She ignores me.

She’s too busy preparing for the next holiday.

After some final zhushing, Shelley sent these photos for us to enjoy.

Without further ado let’s take a look at Shelley’s Halloween Home.

House entryway decorated for Halloween

Shelley and her husband, Bill, recently moved into a brand new house.

I can’t believe how quickly she unpacked and got holiday ready.

Hey there, Shelley, may we come in?!

Woman standing in entryway decorated for Halloween.

I love her layered mats and look at the bows on her wreath and lanterns.

Shelley is an expert bow tier.

She bought her wreath last year on Etsy.

She asked the shopkeeper to make it bigger.

Shelley says bigger is better and more is more.

She purchased similar ribbon to create matching bows for her lanterns.

She gets a ten out of ten for pumpkin placement.

Look at her foyer and grand staircase!

Two story entry way decorated for Halloween.


Foyer decorated for Halloween.

Let’s take a closer look at the console vignette.

Halloween vignette on foyer console table.

Who doesn’t love a flock of floating bats.

The Halloween trees are from Hobby Lobby back when they sold Halloween decor.

The haunted mansion was her mothers.

Shelley placed it on a mirror and created the surrounding scene.

Haunted mansion vignette at night.

This amazing console vignette leads to the family room.

console table decorated for Halloween.


Family room fireplace decked out for Halloween.


family room decorated for halloween.


Halloween vignette.


Halloween decorations.


Halloween decorations on shelves.


Interior Halloween decor.



Shelley’s kitchen and eat-in area ~

Kitchen area decorated for Halloween.


Kitchen table decorated for Halloween.


Kitchen island Halloween vignette.


Halloween vignette on kitchen counter.

The cute cupcake is a Safeway purchase.

The candelabra in her dining room is from Ballard Designs.

dining room decorated for Halloween.


And for the piece de resistance … the cauldron!

Halloween caldron vignette.

Sources: Cauldron: Party City, Ornaments: Hobby Lobby, Green Lights: Amazon, Orange Lights: Target, White Lights: Michaels


Spooktacular, Shelley!

I asked Shelley were she procures her holiday decor.

It’s the usual suspects Michael’s, Joann’s, Home Goods, World Market, etc.

And she’s an expert at sourcing from Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, eBay and craft fairs.

And many local, independent decor stores as well.

Although they’ve been dwindling.

We’ll never recover from the closure of Elegant Clutter in Danville.

Woman and dog sitting on rug in Halloween decorated family room.

Shelley and her newly adopted pup, Harley!

Thanks for allowing us into your beautiful new home decorated for Halloween.

The trick or treaters will be flocking to your door!

Divider Graphic

So there you have it.

A few glimpses of my friend Shelley’s Halloween home.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

I’ll be back on Saturday for Weekend Meanderings with Kim and Elizabeth.

Until then, cheers from Snowberry!


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  • Hi Juliet
    I think Shelley and I could be friends. Where snd how does she store everything ? Do you guys have basements in Northern CA?
    Happy Day!

    • Such a good question, Laura. Shelley’s former home had a wonderful storage rack system put together by her husband, including overhead storage. She had an extra big garage. I know he’s working on the same for their new home and once it’s installed I’ll ask Shelley to share a picture. She puts all her decor items in bin on the shelves. xo

      • Hi Laura! I have been asked this question quite often. We have had a three-car garage in our last three houses. (Lucky for moi!). As Juliet stated, my husband is almost finished installing our storage system for my (far too many, he claims) bins. He has installed three 4’ x 8’ overhead metal shelves, as well as a four-shelf rack. We need a second rack, he told me tonight, after assembling and loading Rack 1. He stated this with a look that implied, “We are out of room!”

      • Of course I could not turn down an offer by Juliet to share my Christmas Home, Barbara! Time to deck the halls is right around the corner! Falalalalalalalala! I hope you sang that!

  • WOW ! Now that’s some Halloween. I have a few things here and there, but this is a lot! I love it! I have some things for Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving, and TONS of Christmas. I love to decorate for Christmas.
    When I had a shop – I got to decorate for each and every little thing and that was fun….

    • It’s so fun to decorate for holiday’s, Gray. And having a shop must have been wonderful … so many good things at your fingertips. Christmas is my biggest decorating holiday too. And, we’re getting closer. xo

      • Having a shop must have been a delight, Gray! To help others make their homes festive…well, there’s nothing better!

  • Shelly is amazing! I do not decorate for Halloween but have lots of pumpkins and dried flowers for Fall decorating. I think I might have to take a page from Shellys’ book and add a few more hilly touches to my house.
    Thank you for sharing Juliet! I will see you Saturday!

    • She is amazing, right?! I admire her efforts and am exhausted watching her work. Makes me wish I’d decorated for Halloween … maybe next year. See you this weekend! xo

      • Thank you so much for your kind words, Elizabeth. Decorating for a special occasion or holiday has become one of my passions! I am not really sure how that happened, but I just went with it! Halloween decor is much more prevalent in the large chain stores and small, local stores than it was in the past, so if you intend to turn your home into a Halloween Wonderland next year, your sources for decor are many!


    • Ha ha, Contessa! Shelley is NOT that gal! I believe there’s a JoAnn’s in Pleasant Hill. I asked Shelley to stop by and answer some questions … mostly about storage. But we’ll find out where Joann’s is too. Harley is one lucky pup! xo

      • Hello Contessa! I have followed you on Instagram since dear Juliet told me about you! YOU ARE FABULOUS! Yes! MORE IS MORE! THE MORE, THE BETTER! I just love following the adventures of sweet Banksy Theodore!

        There is a Joann’s in Concord, as well as San Ramon. Happy shopping!

  • I have never seen anything quite like this in my entire life. Shelley’s Home is spooktacular. Harley is even decked out. Thank you for inviting us into your home. You are gifted in creating such fabulous displays with
    all your Halloween goodies. I can only imagine what the candy is like that Shelley gives. I can see her home in many magazines.

    • She doesn’t miss a beat, does she, Katherine! I’m amazed by the detail involved in all her vignettes. And her cauldron is just beyond. I know her new neighbors must be thrilled she’s arrived and the littles will be flocking to her door on Monday night! xo

      • Thank you so much, Katherine and Juliet! I am definitely a detailed-oriented, all-or-nothing, go-big-or-go-home type of gal! Is there any other way to be? Not for me!

  • Oh, I love Shelley’s holiday decor. I guess I’m in the more is more camp. Thanks to both of you for sharing.

  • Wowza! I do absolutely nothing for Halloween, but I would if I were closer to Summer. Thanks to Shelley for sharing!

    • Isn’t her home a dream for the littles. Shelley has two grandsons … lucky them! And lucky kids in her new neighborhood, I bet she’s the first house they’ll run to on Monday night! xo

      • You are both so kind, Cindy and Juliet. Cindy, I am ever so flattered by your “wowza!” Made me smile for sure!

  • My first thought was where on earth does she store all this?…..And that question extends to every other season/holiday that she decorates for. After all there is Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, St Patricks Day, Easter…..etc. I suspect that she has enough Rubbermaid Tubs to require renting storage off-site…but waiting to hear what she does because it could help me with my wee pile of holiday decorations.

    • Excellent question, Lauren. And she has an extensive storage system in her garage. And yes, bin. I’ve asked her to give us some ideas. She just moved into a new home and her husband is in the process of getting everything situated. I’ll get a snap when it’s done. xo

      • Hi Lauren! As Juliet said, we are currently completing our bin storage system. This consists of several overhead shelves and eventually two shelved racks in our three-car garage. I am told by hubby (who is the storage shelf installer/rack assembler) that we are now out of room for any more shelves or racks or bins. Ugh…

  • Shelley! I already adore her. What a fun person and beautiful home. She has quite a cool collection and I love her pumpkin collection, the trees and the plates and table so much. All of this wouldn’t look as good without her eye. She could definitely be a stylist because it takes talent to pull it all together! Now how about Christmas? Or is this just a Halloween thing? She could do this for a living. I also adore her entry – so pretty. Thanks for this fun tour. I always love getting a little peek into another lovely home!

    • Oh, yes, she’s all holidays and wait until you see Christmas! I agree, she should be being paid big bucks by fancy stores to do their windows, or by the Hallmark Channel to style their holiday movie sets. She as a true talent for design. I’m always amazed, and floored, by her holiday decor. And exhausted just thinking about all her efforts. I’m glad she did and shared the work, so we don’t have to! xo

      • Hello Kim— You are just sooo kind, and I am sooo very flattered! I would love to work as a stylist/stager, something along those lines. If you have any leads, please let me know! Just kidding, or maybe not! Haha!!! Thank you so much for your kind words. I decorate all of my first level rooms for every holiday. I mean EVERY holiday. Ask Juliet. Thank you again!

  • I would also be interested in the behind the scenes storage of all the Halloween bounty. Putting it out is one thing I might be able to handle, but storing it seems overwhelming. She seems like a fun friend and I hope we get to see more of her.

      • Hi Kristen! We are currently finishing our bin storage system in our new home after moving into it in March. This consists of overhead shelves and shelved racks. Juliet has asked for pictures, so I will be sending those to her when the garage is looking it’s best!

    • Your wish is my demand, Sheila. Shelley has said YES to sharing her Christmas decor. And it’s quite something! xo

      • Thank you, Sheila! I am looking forward to sharing more of my obsession, errrr…“hobby” of holiday decorating in the future!

  • Wow!! Shelly is a master at Halloween decorating!! How fun. I used to decorate a lot- but now no one even comes near our street let alone front porch- so my decorating is a few pumpkins!!

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