Stripes & Plaid, Fall Outfits + More on Weekend Meanderings

Today on Weekend Meanderings, a fall outfit combining stripes and plaid, consignment shopping, a new TV show, my favorite pan for cooking and two comfort food recipes. 

Happy weekend, friends!

It’s Saturday and I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

Our weekly roundup of inspiration and goings on.

Front entry of shingled house with shutters and window boxes and white pumpkin next to planter and bench.

How was your week?

Mine was a little up and down.

A back injury continues to plague me.

Just as it was improving I stupidly went to the nursery for a good size pumpkin.

white pumpkin next to planter basket sitting on brick patio.

And replanted our window boxes.

Which led to a major set back.

Ha, no pun intended.

Window boxes planted with fall greens and pumpkins

Oh the upside, I met up with Kim for a working lunch.

More on that later.


Let’s go!



This deserved a mention last week, but I was still too upset after hearing the news. Beloved actress, Angela Lansbury, died at age 96. A good, long life, yes. But she is one of those people I hoped would live forever.

Angela Lansbury,

Photofest via The Hollywood Reporter

Anyone else a fan of Murder, She Wrote? I adored that show and still turn to it from time to time. I call it comfort TV. It was part of the CBS Sunday night line-up for 12 years. And it was part of my Sunday night routine. A balm for the Sunday night scares. The show ended in 1996 and Sunday nights haven’t been the same since. Although the recent reboot of The Equalizer starring Queen Latifah is a fun Sunday night show.

Angela Lansbury

Sara Krulwich/Redux Pictures via Vanity Fair

Of course, Angela Lansbury had an amazing career outside of Murder, She Wrote. Movies, big and small screen, and Broadway. Apparently she was not considered beautiful enough to be a leading lady back in the day and was relegated to supporting and character roles. She was often cast as the mother … of actors who were her own age. But the role of Jessica Fletcher is how I’ll always remember her. Did you know there is a Murder, She Wrote book series. It’s lighthearted, delightful, comfort reading and I’ve read each and every one. They seem to be published about once a year.

The last word … a final interview given in 2010 and not to be published until after her death.



Speaking of television, have you seen Daily Alaska? A traditional television show on ABC. Although I think it also streams on Hulu. Not sure how all this streaming stuff works. Anyway, I’m two episodes in and hooked. Hilary Swank stars as Eileen Fitzgerald, a disgraced New York Times reporter who moves to Alaska and joins the local paper. Jeff Perry, who I love from Scandal and My So Called Life, plays Stanley Cornick, the paper’s editor.


Speaking of Alaska, Jim was in Anchorage this week and sent a photo from his hotel room.

Anchorage Alaska taken from hotel room window.

Jim is a connoisseur of avocado toast. He said he had one of the best ever at South in Anchorage. When Jim says its the best ever he means it included a well poached egg (essential) and bacon (not essential but highly desired).



A few weeks ago I shared a link to Rachael Ray’s Pork Chops with Cider Gravy, Sautéed Apples & Onions in Odds & Socks. I’d one of my favorite fall and winter recipes … its comfort food. Last Sunday I made it for our Sunday lunch. I’ve been making this recipe since 2008 in my Rachael Ray oval sauce pan. I’ve had the pan about as long as I’ve been making the recipe … nearly 25 years. The oval shape is great and all four pork chops fit easily inside. This was the first cookware she designed and sold under her own brand. It comes in two sizes and I have the 5 quart. The new pans have fancy handles that can go in the oven up to 350 degrees … mine is from the dark ages.

Rachael serves the pork chop recipe with mashed sweet potatoes which is probably fabulous. I’m not a sweet potato lover so I substitute Yukon gold potatoes. (I leave the marmalade out of the pork chop recipe.)

Plated pork chop with onion apple cider gravy and mashed potatoes.

May I share how I make quick and easy mashed potatoes? I know, you know how to make mashed potatoes. But sometimes it’s fun to hear how other people make basic things? I never met a potato I didn’t like, and mashed are my favorite of all favorites. This is my quick and easy method to get them on the plate fast.

Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes.

Quick and Easy Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes

4.50 from 2 votes


  • 1 potato per person Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, I per person Use the larger potatoes
  • 1/2-1 tbsp per potato Salted Butter
  • 1-2 tbsp per potato Milk I use 2% because it's what I always have, use whole, non-fat, or even cream.
  • Salt to taste


  • Leaving skin on, cut potatoes into cubes
    Large Yukon Gold Potatoes.
  • Add to a pan of salted water, enough to cover potatoes
    Cubed Yukon gold potatoes on a cutting board.
  • Bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes or so until potatoes are tender (test with fork)
    Cubed potatoes in a pan of salted water.
  • Drain potatoes, add butter to pan and put potatoes back in. Add milk and salt. The amount of butter and milk you add is up to you and how smooth or rustic you'd like the potatoes to be.
  • Using a fork start mashing and stirring until the potatoes are the consistency you prefer. I like them more rustic (lumpy).


Last month I did another closet clean out after reading Kim’s inspirational and motivating how-to post. I was surprised by how many similar pieces I have. For example, striped shirts.

Striped shirts hanging in closet.

Apparently I like striped shirts.

And in an effort to put together some outfits with things I already have, I wondered how to wear my striped shirts for fall. So I grabbed my favorite blue and white stripped shirt from Target and this plaid / houndstooth blazer from H&M. The blazer was an inexpensive, impulse buy well over a year ago. I’ve never worn it and tossed it in the donate pile at least twice, but fished back out again.

Striped blue shirt with plaid blazer.

Oh my gosh, I think it works! What do you think?

Woman in plaid jacket and striped shirt standing in garden.


Woman standing in garden with dog.

Can we consider plaid a neutral?

Woman standing in garden with little dogs.

Adding a Mini Le Cuir by Longchamp bag (that I bought for Kyle’s wedding rehearsal luncheon) and Tuckernuck sunnies and off I go do do fall stuff.

Along with my Target striped shirt, and no-longer-available H&M blazer, I paired by trusty Levi’s and Tod’s suede driving loafer.


Let’s try a couple of stripes & plaid combos ~

Striped shirt and plaid jacked outfit collage.


Striped Shirt | Plaid Blazer | Denim | Loafers | Bag | Earrings


Striped shirt and plaid jacked outfit collage.

Striped Shirt | Plaid Blazer | Denim | Loafers | Bag | Earrings


Shop Blazers ~

Shop Shirts ~


Speaking of striped shirts, I recently bought this striped shirt at Target. I thought it was a green stripe … or at least it looks green on the Target website. It’s really a tri-color stripe of blue, green and light rust … I think you can see the detail here. Sorry, it needs ironing. It’s very soft, a little oversize and a super comfortable shirt for swanning around town this fall.

Striped shirt from Target hanging in closet.



On Wednesday I met up with Kim for a working lunch … and of course a little ‘research’ shopping. Kim suggested we meet in Palo Alto’s Town & Country shopping plaza where we could linger on the patio of Douce France Cafe & Bakery over ice tea and paninis. Sadly we didn’t take many pictures which is a big blogging fail. I did share a few snippets in my Instagram stories and saved them to highlights.

We also enjoyed the most scrumptious mini-eclairs before heading over to a really great consignment shop, Fillmore 5th. I think Kim’s mentioned it on her blog, she frequently talks about consignment shopping. And she’s very good at it. We weren’t inside for a full minute before she spotted a Kelly green Annabel Ingall Isabella tote. Oh my gosh. I was certain she’d buy it, but she hesitated because she already owns the same bag in yellow. I said, ‘if you don’t buy it, I will.’ And I did. For $58 … this is a $400+ bag!

In keeping with my stripes and plaid theme, Kim also spotted a Nila Lotan stripped shirt ($32 … over $300 new) and an amazing MaxMara Weekend plaid cropped blazer. It has a wonderful fringe detail. I bought both and can’t wait to pull them together into an outfit. Stay tuned.

There are so many wonderful consignment shops in the Bay Area.  ReChic in Orinda and Labels in Walnut Creek are two of my local favorites. Also, the Assistance League’s Wayside Inn Thrift Shop in Lafayette is a great shop for a great cause. It’s my go-to donation site for quality clothing and decor. Along those lines, Home Consignment in Danville is a great place for furniture, decor, art and jewelry. They just received new model home inventory and I’ll be heading there this weekend. My youngest niece, Shelby, just moved into her first apartment and I bet there will be some great finds for her. She also shopped Auntie’s garage.

Last night we packed the car full of miscellaneous decor and our Serena & Lily Blake console table and headed to Shelby’s place. Remember, I purchased the console at the outlet several months ago. It was meant for the foyer, but our cat, Abby, mistook it for a scratching post. I’ve heard others share similar experiences and, bottom line, do not purchase the Blake line if you have a cat. Our loss is Shelby’s gain. We also zhushed her front door with a faux wreath that she can use year round by adding seasonal ribbon or decor, and a layered doormat situation. She’d already purchased a pumpkin and her entry looks very fall festive!


So there you have it, this weekend’s meanderings.

Let’s visit Kim and Elizabeth to see what’s they’re sharing.



Odds & Socks ~

If you missed last weekend’s meanderings, you can catch up here.

And follow along for more fun on Instagram and Pinterest.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Woman in striped shirt and plaid blazer in the garden.

Cheers from Snowberry!


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  • Hi Juliet

    I am thrilled you shared your mashed potato recipe (I have never made them can you believe that?) I like you love a potato in any form that is why I have shied away from making them! Those consignment shops sound fabulous. That Kim knows how to shop! Have a great weekend.

    • Never made them?! Cindy, I’m not only shocked but scandalized. Impossible to wrap my head around this fun fact about you. 🙂 Kim is the best shopper … and I’ll try to lure her along on all further shopping occasions. Happy weekend! xo

    • If you enjoy watching Miss Scarlet and the Duke, I suggest Murdoch Mysteries … we can watch it in Canada on Netflix and hopefully, you can too. It is in its 15th or 16th season and I suggest that you start at the beginning but it is by no means necesssary.

  • I failed at Mashed Potatoes until a few years ago!Now I must try yours!Ours are similar recipes!
    We watch The Equalizer as well!!!
    Guns and Action but done on a lighter scale!
    Love the Aunt,Mother and child living together!
    Now I need to go back and watch an interview of Angela not to be played until AFTER HER DEATH?!!!!!
    That will have some Scoop!
    Backs and pain it’s a new reality for me!
    Hope you are on the mend!You Look DAM GOOD!

    • Contessa! You are the nicest! Yes, try these potatoes … easy. I used to make mashed potatoes with russets, because that’s how my grandma did it. And they’re delicious, but the Yukons are easer to work with and so so good. I agree about the Equalizer, fun aunt, nice daughter, quirky couple that helps solve crimes … all I need in a Sunday night TV show. Don’t you love that Angela recorded an interview for after death … I’m sure going to miss her. Have a great weekend … looks like we’re in for cooler temps. xo

  • You should absolutely keep your blazer. It looks perfect with your stripped shirt and what an ideal outfit for a day out running errands or even a casual night time event.

    • Definitely, Deb. Now that I’ve figured out how to wear it … everything’s a process, right?! Happy weekend! xo

  • Juliet, I hope that your back Is feeling better. No more lifting pumpkins and plants. I will say the pumpkin is cute and the window boxes look beautiful!
    Stripes and plaid are the best! Your new outfits are going to look great all Fall and winter long. I love consignment stores! One of the reasons is because you are not going to be wearing what everyone else is! So many treasures! Love your(Kims) finds. Especially the green bag, I have been drawn to green lately.

    Every time I am in my closet or thinking of buying something I think of Kims’ post and her “what would Jennifer wear” quote.
    Angela Landsbury was an amazing lady. Did you see the article about her daughter having a connection to the killer of Sharon Tate? Manson I think was his name. The rest of the article mentioned that she left Hollywood with her 2 children and moved them to a rural home in Ireland to get them clean from heroin and drugs.
    I digress! Off to check out the other links!
    Have a wonderful day!

    • Good morning, Elizabeth. I didn’t know that about the Sharon Tate connection. I do remember about the family moving to Ireland. She had a real love story with her husband. She was a treasure and will be dearly missed. Happy weekend! xo

  • 5 stars
    Juliet! I cannot believe that jacket is from H&M!!!! It looks so amazing, and with a Target striped shirt…wow, you have a good eye. I want to wear that today! haha I hope your back is feeling better! xx

    • I know, Annie! H&M! It’s the one and only thing I ever purchased there … it took a year and a half to figure out how to wear it. Wishing you the best weekend! xo

  • I was a big fan of MSR as well! Such a smart and well written show. I felt sad when I read of Angela’s passing… such a talented and vibrant woman. A life well lived.
    I don’t know anything about consignment shops! I’m going to look into that. The reason is I have a Michael Kors tote that needs a new owner. I’m sure there must be a few shops around La Jolla or near downtown San Diego.
    I’m going to make this smashed potato recipe as it does look almost as easy as my go to recipe… Potato Buds! LOL!
    I enjoyed reading your blog this morning! Happy Saturday!

    • Barbara, you need to check out your local shops … you probably have wonderful stores to consign AND to find new treasures. Especially in your area. Good luck with the mashed potatoes and have an amazing weekend! xo

  • I don’t make mashed potatoes often, but now when I do, I add 1/2 cauliflower! Healthier and not much difference in taste.
    Love your green bag and so envious of the local shopping you guys have. Since Covid, I am in a barren wasteland. Everything good has closed…

    • Cauliflower is a great idea. I’ve had cauliflower mash several times and it’s so good. We’ve had a lot of stores and restaurants go out of business following the pandemic as well … hoping but our consignment stores were never more full. And stopped taking in new items. I guess everyone cleared their closets. Hope you have a great weekend! xo

  • Two things… 1. I agree with that Angela Lansbury’s passing was a hard one. Between her and Loretta Lynn it definitely feels like the end of an era. My MIL’s last piece of work as an actress was a small part in Mrs. Santa Claus with Angela Lansbury. I’ve read that she purposely hired aging actors so they could keep their Union status. I’m sure that is how Grace ended up with a part as she had been retired for sometime at that point. Anyway I have a soft spot.
    And 2… we are loving Alaska Daily. Totally hooked.
    Enjoyed your share thanks Juliet!

    • Kelly, that is the BEST story. I love it. And now I need to find that episode. Angela was a wonderful woman in so many ways. Glad you hear you found Alaska Daily too … love new, good show. Happy weekend to you and Mr. K. xo

  • Love your cute little dogs posing with you…and love the consignment store jacket. Alaska Daily is well written with great characters and acting.
    Hope your back is better soon with rest, and more shopping therapy. Ha

  • Your niece is lovely and lucky to have you (and no cat). Love the blazer/striped shirt combos…tres chic. I pinned the recipes!

    • My nieces have benefits so much from my errors!!! Love those girls. Wishing you a wonderful weekend … loving your sunrise views! xo

  • Juliet, I’m so sorry you are having back issues. Nothing is worse. You sound like me as soon as I get better, I go lift something and re-injure which is maddening.. On a good note, the planter boxes look lovely!!! I wish I had some.
    I adore Angela and just watched the whole interview. Thank you for that. She was a treasure, and straight up about stuff..
    Looks like we have the same closet and blue shirt section! Aren’t they great with plaid blazers? You can’t have too many. Those looks great together on you. I just received my Madewell one and now I think I’m buying the other Alex Mills one too. These things are my go-to. I feel like a I don’t need much else and jeans and god knows the blue button ups are like the best. They take the place of a t-shirt and always look good. I think I will order another one from this pretty selection..
    We got lucky with our shopping right? I never have so much luck and I’m glad when we were together we did! More work lunch and shopping I hope in the future.
    Take care this weekend and feel better. xo
    P.S. you are a good auntie. She will love that table! Luckily my cat never did that to mine, but the sun damaged the grasscloth..So sadly it’s now hidden away in a dark part of the house..

    • Kim, I think you’re my shopping good luck charm so more shopping and lunching, please! I could live in striped shirts, white t-shirts and jeans. I loved blazers during my working years but fid it hard to mix them into my everyday, slobbish at home and around town, looks. I really should step it up more often. Angela was such a treasure. I think a Murder, She Wrote marathon is called for. Happy weekend … I’m headed over to your blog right now. xo

  • Oh I also forgot to comment that this is a great idea for mashed potatoes. I grew up with my mom making potato buds out of the box. She cooked a lot of other things, but this was a 70’s thing she got into. Even at Thanksgiving she would be like why are you going to all the trouble when there is this wonderful box thing… Needless to say, once I started making my own, I never did the box flakes ever again. I throw mine in a mixer after boiling with some milk and butter. I believe I got that from the Williams-Sonoma Thanksgiving guide (remember they used to give them out? ) I should try the fork method. It looks yummy and rustic which is my style. xx

    • That’s so funny, my mom had the box too. When my grandmother came to visit (her mother-in-law) she’d take over the kitchen. First thing she’d go to the grocery story and buy a bag of potatoes. She told a story over and over again … and now my aunt tells it. She said she came in the door with sack of potatoes and I asked ‘what are those’ having never seen a mashed potatoes that did not come out of a box! My poor mom, a cook she was not. xo

  • Oh my gosh this recipe looks amazing.
    I need to make it.
    And I think I’ll make your mashed potatoes instead of sweet potatoes too.
    Not a fan unless it’s topped with brown sugar and pecans for thanksgiving

    I will have to give Alaska daily another shot. Wanted to love it

  • 4 stars
    I really have to cut back on salt, carbs and fats due to my health issues. So all I could do is drool over your recipes.
    I am new to your blog, and just love it. I am in upstate/central NY- think Syracuse/Utica. Cold and snowy all winter-and am going through my closet(s) preparing for fall and winter. I have way too many blue and white shirts in stripes, plaids and patterns! And I was so happy to see all your blazers! Such a classic look, that I love, but rarely see on women of any age around here anymore. But I need more turtlenecks, warm things for layering, for winter.
    I loved Angela Lansbury in everything she did- but most of all, her very different role, in The Manchurian Candidate. She made my blood freeze! Now that is the clear sign of a great actress.
    Thanks so much for giving me so much to think about (and closets to tackle).

  • I love spending a little time with you on Saturday, Juliet! I also share your love of striped shirts! I used to go to consignment stores all the time when I lived in Maryland. It is not such a thing here in Maine — go figure, haha! I sure did get some great deals back in the day, though!

    I hope your back is feeling better soon!

  • Hi Juliet,
    Oh no so sorry to hear about your back injury. Once you have any injury to your body it constantly has to be babied. Your pumpkin is beautiful and so is your window planters. It’s so hard to stop yourself from doing what you love with a chronic health issue. My thoughts are with you. I had a freak accident happened to my tail bone about two weeks ago. I thought it might take forever to heal, but I was blessed it finally went away.
    You are in my well wishes and thoughts.
    Thank you so much for sharing Angela Landsbury, she was a remarkable lady. I so enjoyed hearing “The Last Word.” I really like who she was, straight up and honest.
    You and Kim are “The Adorable’s.” You both did so well shopping at the upscale shopping center.
    I will check out Daily Alaska, I really like Hilary Swank.
    Me too, I love my Bear’s potatoes. Wonderful comfort food, and easy on the tummy and digestive system for me. Yours look really yummy.
    A few more things I want to acknowledge.
    Shelby your niece is so pretty standing at her new front door. You and your hubby are treasures to her. Oh your mew mew baby would have to pick a nice piece like your console to make an impression on. Shelby is the fortunate recipient. I’ve had cats my entire life,so I understand oh my things happening. Our last two fur babies Romeo and Juliet (Birmans) are now in heaven. Romeo lived for almost 19 years. We are not having any more fur children. I’m still recovering from Romeo’s passing and it’s been thirteen years next month. He was born on my birthday. He had mannerisms like a dog, very connected. Cats can be aloof and eat and sleep and not always deeply in love with their human parents. Romeo was more like a person in a cats body. Brilliant mind, gorgeous, silver point. Enough said. I love dogs too. No I’m not a crazy cat lady.
    Your blazer and shirt look so sharp on you,
    Now, mom says, stay away heavy pumpkins and heavy plant lifting. Let Dad do that. I know it’s hard. I can barely lift anything, so I just point. 🙂 Not always possible.

  • I came here from Northern California Style and immediately subscribed because our tastes are incredibly similar for television! I loved Angela Lansbury (literally, people were posting on my FB feed that to see how I was doing that day), I love Equalizer and Alaska Daily now, and I am definitely going to have to check out the pork chop recipe as it sounds delicious! So, I’ll be back to visit again. And the plaid is definitely looking great with that shirt! Glad I found you through Weekend Meanderings!

  • Hah, Juliet — you sounded so thrilled to have found the S&L console table in their outlet shop at the time! I am a cat lover, but have held off adopting my next kitty bc we built a new home with more luxe furnishings than we had in our younger years: terrible opting not to have a cat in our life for that reason… Eventually, I will get over it when a little rescue worms its way into my cold heart!

    Thanks for the great, easier mashed potato recipe: easier is always something to be happy about!

    I long watched Angela Lansbury on Murder, She Wrote: it was such a comfy, fun, COZY mystery series, my favorite type of mystery! She was truly one of the great actresses of the 20th century; I listened to a couple of her interviews on NPR’s Fresh Air w/ Terri Gross on Friday and it brought home what a great, lovely woman she was. Thank you the link you provided for her final interview.

    And we enjoy The Equalizer on Sundays, too! I have always had a soft spot for Queen Latifah… She has a strikingly lovely face, too.

    Town and Country Village is “my” shopping center, at least when I make it back to my hometown! Of course, when I was a kid, finding a parking spot there was a breeze, unlike these days. I used to love the old Williams-Sonoma there, back when Chuck Williams owned the chain).
    I’ve never heard of Fillmore 5th, but I look forward to checking it out!

    BTW: your H&M blazer may not be chi-chi, but the tweed weave and coloring is really gorgeous and looks terrific on you. I think the light/dark ratio looks great with your hair coloring, and the blue is very flattering. That beautiful Max Mara jacket has some of the same thing going on, I think!

    I threw out my back while weeding a year+ ago, and thankfully, my favorite PT straightened me up (I think rather similar to what a chiropractor would do), and later assigned a bunch of back and ab exercises. Ice and heat, then heat to relax those muscles. I hope you feel better soon!

  • I am sure that mashed potatoes are a cure for a bad back…. At least I hope so.

    Angela Lansbury was a class act and leaves behind a great legacy through her acting. 12 years of Murder she Wrote is astonishing.

    You have now got me wanting to do some consignment shopping. Sadly, our local
    shop closed up shop during COVID.
    I’ll have to see if I can find another place.

    You’ve combined stripes and plaid very successfully. I’ve been doing some experiments with mixed patterns and it can be very hit or miss but great when you get it right. Keep on and show us the results

  • If you enjoy watching Miss Scarlet and the Duke, I suggest Murdoch Mysteries … we can watch it in Canada on Netflix and hopefully, you can too. It is in its 15th or 16th season and I suggest that you start at the beginning but it is by no means necessary.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Sonya. I’ve heard so much about the Murdoch Mysteries … it’s about time I jump in! xo

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