What to Pack for Mexico in April & May … On Weekend Meanderings

Today on Weekend Meanderings, what to pack for Mexico in April and May. A peek inside my carry-on bag for our whirlwind anniversary trip.

Happy weekend, friends!

It’s Saturday and I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

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Passports, sunscreen and beach read on straw tote.

Last night Jim and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in LA.

Today we’re winging our way to Mexico for a whirlwind 4-day trip.

I challenged myself to pack a carry-on.

That’s not true, Jim told me to pack a carry-on.

As a professional traveler he once visited three continents in 10-days with a carry-on.

He has zero tolerance for my overpacking.

I didn’t kick up a fuss, this time.

We flew through LAX which means on the return trip I’d have to retrieve my luggage to go through customs,

and recheck it in time to make a tight connection.

Rack of vacation clothes.

When we go to Italy in June you can be sure I’ll be traveling with full regalia.

Consider yourself warned, Jim.

On that note, let’s get to what I’m packing for Mexico in April and May.

Thompson Hotel, Mexico



On the plane I’m wearing this Jenni Kayne seersucker dress and new Paige cropped denim jacket.

Rails denim jacket on display at Nordstrom.

It’s made of the softest denim so it’s super comfy for travel.

Denim jacket and white dress with scarf on rack.

I’m wore my Adidas Superstars and brought along a pair of ‘plane socks’ to keep my feet warm. And, because I’m always cold on planes, I carry a warm scarf. I also brought my favorite hat and I’m trying out this travel hat clip for the first time.

Woman wearing white dress and denim jacket standing with luggage waiting to board plane.



As far as luggage, Jim’s gallantly offered me the larger of his two soft-sided Tumi carry-on bags, the Continental. He’s using the slightly smaller International version. And he’ll bring along his at-least-30-year old Tumi leather carryall. They don’t make it anymore which is a shame. It’s a classic. Anyway, that bag is a bottomless pit and he’s gracious about letting me toss in some of my things if need be. I’m also bringing my newer Tumi nylon carry-all holding all my toiletries, electronic gadgets, wallet, passport, plane socks, scarf and all the things that would normally be in my purse. It’s full, but not overstuffed which is a miracle.


When it comes to packing, packing cubes are game changers. They make packing, and unpacking, a breeze. Jim, on the other hand, turns up his nose at my packing paraphernalia and uses his own tried and true packing method. You can’t argue with success. Anyway, I’ve had this toiletry bag forever and all other cosmetic related items go into zip lock bags. Most hotel rooms have magnifying mirrors, but I pack my own travel size mirror just in case. As for jewelry, this is a great travel case.

Small travel case for jewelry.

Apparently Oprah likes this one. I was late to the cord organizer game, but now I consider it essential. Oh and I almost forgot until I was packing, I slip my shoes into covers to protect them.


We’re traveling to an area of Mexico that is very hot and humid now. And you know how hotels and restaurant in hot climates tend to overcompensate by air conditioning to arctic temps. Why do they do that? So, in addition to my new denim jacket, I packed a light-weight cardigan … and a second pair of ‘plane socks‘ for the hotel.

I’m counting on our room having a nice bathrobe, slippers and a hairdryer. I’ll probably let my hair air-dry and I brought my curling wand to tame the wild waves.

Here’s what else is in my bag. I’ve mentioned before that I keep a collapsable rolling rack in the garage that’s so helpful getting organized for trips.

Rolling rack of clothes to pack for Mexico.



Let’s get to the heart of the matter. Swimwear. I dread getting into a swimsuit. That said, I have four new ones. That’s right. Four.

woman wearing bathing suit, shorts and striped blouse.

Fit in swimwear is interesting and I usually size up. I ordered all four suits in size six and the fit is perfect on each suit … not too tight, just right. My new suits came from J.Crew, Summersalt and Andie Swim … all wonderful swimwear sources. And at the last minute I threw in an older Bleu/Rod Beattie suit that I forgot was in my drawer (also a wonderful swimwear brand) … an updated version here.


I’m bringing two older tunic-style coverups from J. Valdi, and a 10-year old version of this one, this blue maxi dress and this convertible sarong. I’m also bringing this stripe shirt cover up, but I think the long sleeves aren’t going to be great for the hot, humid weather. We’ll see. I wish I’d ordered these palazzo pants and this black maxi skirt … I waited too long and couldn’t get them here in time. Ugh.


While I don’t anticipate wearing anything aside from swimwear and coverups during the day, I packed these white shorts. And a pair of boxer-like striped shorts that I adore. They’ll be great hanging out on our patio and traipsing around the resort. Similar striped shorts here and here.

Jim even bought a couple new bath suits, The Anchor Short from Fair Harbor and the Peak Boardshort from Vuori.



I packed three dresses for evening … including this blue and white striped J.Crew mini dress, my WARM blue and white stripe tiered midi dress (similar here and here) and a slip-style maxi dress I bought on Amazon or Instagram last year.


I went to Nordstrom in search of a strapless bra … specifically the Wacoal Red Carpet convertible strapless bra I’ve seen several influencers rave about. It was so bulky and uncomfortable I just don’t get it. Truth be told I’ve never owned a strapless bra that was comfortable, fit well or I didn’t have to tug on. A lovely salesperson at Nordstrom recommended this Natori strapless bra and it felt more comfortable and less bulky … in the dressing room. I don’t have high hopes but we’ll see how it works. I’m also bringing True’s Scoop Neck bra which I think is great for under dresses with thinner straps.


Depending on how I feel I can wear any of the sandals I packed with each dress. And if needed, my new denim jacket and light-weight, open front cardi works with all three too.



I wore these sandals on the plane. They go with everything. These block heeled cork and vinyl sandals do too. My chunky low-platform raffia sandals were a purchase last summer and I brought them along too. All three will work with everything I packed. Since I didn’t bring any workout wear there was no need for bulky sneakers taking up room in my limited luggage space. One must make sacrifices.


As for bags, I already mentioned my J.Crew straw tote which is great for daytime … as well as this raffia clutch. I recently purchased this Longchamp’s Le Pliage fishnet bag, which makes a great beach bag.


Rolling rack of clothes.

Row of shoes under rolling rack ready to pack.

My Panama hat is a favorite and if I feel the need for a wider brimmed hat, I can buy one in Mexico. I brought two pair of sunnies … Burberry aviators and these inexpensive tortoise pair from Tuckernuck.


I’m not bringing many accessories, mostly earrings. My good jewelry will stay home, and I’m wearing faux diamond studs which are great for daytime. I brought these white raffia lantern earrings (they come in natural and other colors too) and these fun raffia drop earrings for evening. And a pair of gold hoops. I did bring the paperclip chain necklace from this set to wear during travel.


When I see chic woman lounging around the pool and beach wearing pretty necklaces and bracelets I get accessory envy. But I just can’t handle the feel of jewelry laying on my hot and glowing (read sweaty) skin. I just can’t. Same thing goes when I’m wearing real clothes and it’s hot … day or night. Along the same lines, I want my hair off my neck and not clinging to my glistening skin. I packed plenty of headbands, ponytails and claw clips.



We’re only gone for four days and I’m not making room in my carry-on bag for the full – skincare and makeup – monty. I’ve pawed through my drawers for store samples of moisturizes and lotions that meet TSA size requirements.

Passports, sunscreen and a beach read.

I did buy new sunscreen … Supergoop Play and Supergoop Glow Screen. And I packed Colore Science Unforgettable Brush On Shield, 50 SPF. I haven’t used it before, my dermatologist’s esthetician recommended it. Otherwise, I brought minimal makeup and if I need more of anything I’ll buy it there.


Ta da … our carry on bags!

What’s on our agenda this trip?

Absolutely nothing.

Other than to eat a lot of chips and fresh pico de gallo.

And throw back a margarita.

Or two.

Empty rolling clothes rack.

Read a good book.

I downloaded this one and this one.

Jim’s not golfing and the only plans we’ve made are for dinner and the spa.

Ah, the spa.

So there you have it, what to pack for Mexico in April and May.

I made a video of everything that went into my carry-on bag here.

When I get back I’ll update the post with photos from the trip.

Post Update: We’re back! We had the most amazing time.

Read what I packed for Mexico versus what I actually wore here!

I may be slagging off this weekend, but Kim and Elizabeth are not.

Let’s go see what they’re up to …



If you missed last weekend’s post, you can catch up here.

You’ll find all my Weekend posts collected here.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Woman wearing white dress, denim jacket and Panama hat.

Salud from Mexico!


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  • Great travel post Juliet! Have a great time and Happy Anniversary! I need to remember to bring my rolling rack down for packing! Such a good idea and So much easier to take a picture for a post! I’ve been doing flat lays in the closet, which takes hours…

    • Thanks, Gray! The rolling rack is a huge help … being able to see everything and add and take away. That and the packing cubes have made me a much better (still not great) packer. xo

  • You only need one pair of those SHOES!
    They are all in the same color scheme!
    I once travel to Canada with my neighbor who packed three sets of black boots and two sets of two other black shoes. Did she wear them all?
    That trip was three days!
    Enjoy you will have a Great Time!
    Happy Anniversary!,,

    • That’s hilarious. I agree that many overpack on shoes. Wear the heaviest or bulkiest pair on the plane and pack the other pair.

    • Contessa, you are right! I could have left two pairs at home … I only wore one. I have lots to say about what I packed versus what I wore. Stay tuned! xo

  • Wonderful post Juliet l love your travel wardrobe and all the suggestions. Have a fabulous holiday!! We are off to Croatia in June, so looking forward to it. l am hoping you will put your travel clothes up before you go to Italy as l love your style!
    Margarita time !

    • Croatia! What a dream. I’m already planning my Italy clothes and you can be sure I’ll write a post about it. Maybe I’ll do it a little earlier … in May. Anyway, I’m thrilled and envious of your Croatia excursion. How fabulous! xo

  • Great post! I just got back from Greece and for the first time in my life I managed to not overpack! I’m tempted to try out the packing cubes to organize what I do bring . My suitcase still looked like a mess.

    • Greece! How fabulous! Congrats on your packing success … it feel so good, right?! The cubes are the best. They can be messy inside but your bag still looks organized. xo

  • I agree with the Contessa, one pair of those shoes! They all fulfill the same purpose!
    Otherwise, great packing for a beach vacay, enjoy!
    I will be packing carry on only at my husband’s insistence for five weeks in Europe and NYC , including a Mediterranean cruise in May. I have never gone away so long without checking a bag. Am sure I will donate everything on my return. Only two pairs of shoes! Wish me luck.

    • Penelope, you and Contessa were right on! I could have left two pairs at home. Next time I’ll get it right … I hope! Five weeks and one carry on?! Oh my, oh my … you need to write about this so we can all learn. What an amazing cruise tho. I’m envious. Enjoy! xo

  • Juliet I’m so excited for you. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Looks like you did well packing and love the little denim jacket and the stripe short dress! I have that jacket in khaki and maybe I need denim too. Agree Tumi cases are so good. Mine has paid for itself over the years and held up with my extreme cramming of stuff. Have the best time ever and don’t give a thought to the blog etc.. xoxo

  • Be safe and have a great time! Packing cubes the best! Elta MD Physical with no preservatives if my go to for my face. I find others to be so heavy. I wear it everyday even inside.
    Love the Burberry sunglasses…looking at some prescription ones soon. Thanks for the help with those strapless bras…oh my what a hard thing to find that’s comfy…can’t wear a cute sundress without one but so hard to find.

    • Lori, it turns out I never wore the strapless bra so verdict is still out about its comfort.They’re a necessary evil, right?! Thanks for the sunscreen recommendation, I’m going to look for it now. xo

  • Our 20th is this summer too and we’re going to Charleston and Savannah. I joined Travel Fashion Gal on Facebook last year before my trip to France. That group is great on how to pack carry-on only (or not if that’s your thing.) I’ve learned so much from it and got great tips on good travel clothing and packing too. You might join it. We travelled carry-on only last summer to Dominican Republic with 2 carry ons and 2 underseat bags. Luckily summer clothing is lightweight. We did great! Don’t forget sunscreen has to be in small 3 0z containers. So I decanted some into a travel size bottle and took 2- 3 oz tubes as well. One tip by a person was to take a hanging bag of Damp Rid because of the humidity. Never needed it because as long as you keep your patio doors closed the A/C handled the humidity. But funny story (so will never take it again) was that it caused my luggage to be inspected as I guess it looked like I was carrying a bag of drugs like cocaine or explosives or something!

    • Nanci … oh no, it’s kind of funny in hindsight. Thanks for the tip on the FB group. And Happy Anniversary to you too. Charleston and Savannah are on my list of places to visit and I’d love to hear about your trip. Turns out I way overpacked … isn’t that funny?! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    Happy 20th anniversary. I don’t envy you trying to pack and figure out what to wear and you are very limited in what you can bring because of the restriction to having a carry on only, it’s a good discipline to learn .
    The new jean jacket is so cute, I am sure you will get lots of use out of it.
    I hope the weather will not be too hot and humid for you. You are a smart packer, and planner I’m sure you will do swell.
    Relax and enjoy yourselves. Here’s to twenty more years❣️
    Safe travels.

    • Thanks so much, Katherine. We had an amazing time and turns out I only needed about half of what I brought. I’ll update the post soon to reflect that. Go figure! xo

    • Hi Ellie … so glad to hear it about the Natori. I didn’t end up needing it on our trip but I know I will reach for it a lot over the summer. xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    It looks like you are all set, you have a nicely curated wardrobe packed! I hope you and Jim have a wonderful anniversary and enjoy your time away. How I love to lounge about a resort…
    Xo Heidi

    • Thanks, Heidi! A lounging vacation is my favorite kind … need to do more of them! Hope you enjoyed the sunshine and warmer weather this week. Go figure as soon as I escape to the beach it heats up here. Ha! xo

  • Enjoy yourself! You will look great in everything and do hope you both get to relax and soak up a little sun. Can’t wait to hear about every detail!!

  • Juliet and Jim, happy anniversary! Have a wonderful trip!
    Love this post! So many beautiful pieces and ideas! I have the same books you downloaded! Can’t wait to see how you like them.
    Enjoy the chip and drinks.
    I hope Jim realizes that Italy needs a larger bag and way more clothing!
    Be safe.
    x Elizabeth

  • You are way too chic! Love everything you packed! I am definitely jealous — we are stuck in the 40’s here in Maine. Always appreciate a fun book recommendation. My daughter swears by the packing cubes. Your suitcase looks so tidy. Maybe it is time I invest. Have a blast!!

    • Molly, packing cubes are everything. After our long winter, it was amazing to be warm again. Of course, the day we left the weather heated up in California. It figures. Anyway, back to the cubes, your daughter is right. You’ll love them! xo

  • We just stayed in Zihua at that same hotel last month. It was heaven. I will say it’s very casual every where we went. I brought a couple sundresses and bathing suits and shorts. Didn’t need anything else. Stroll down the beach and have a $25 massage in the tent. It was every bit as good as the massage I paid over $100 for in the hotel spa. Make sure to get your palapa and chairs early in the day. Enjoy!

    • Kelly, everything you say is true. It was a dream and we can’t wait to go back! I only wore half of what I brought (but all of the bathing suits!). I’ll update the post soon. xo

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