A Quick Trip to Napa Valley, the Drink of Summer, Flower Filled Ice Cubes + More Weekend Inspiration

Today on Weekend Meanderings I’m sharing the drink of summer, flower filled ice cubes, a quick trip to Napa Valley and the next step in my closet clean out.

Happy weekend, friends!

It’s Saturday and I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

Our weekly roundup of inspiration and goings on.

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Jack Russell Terrier on brick porch.

I’m overwhelmed with sadness over the devastating fires in Maui.

And tragic loss of life.

We were married in Maui and have lots of special memories from that visit and many others.

I know many of you do too.

It’s hard to know how to best help those coping with unimaginable tragedy.

My first thought goes to World Central Kitchen providing meals and assistance to those in need and to the brave first responders.

Update: Reader Leslie, has a friend who lost everything in the fire (sigh), recommends donating to Maui Food Bank.

Banyan tree in hisotric Lahaina.

Lahaina town’s historic banyan tree before the fire \ AP Photo-Jennifer McDermott

Haunting news video shows Lahaina town’s banyan tree, planted in the 1870, scorched but still standing.

Shall we move on to happier topics?


Jim and I took a quick trip to St. Helena and Yountville last weekend. To collect our Hall Wine Club allocation and enjoy a glass of sauvignon blanc in the members lounge.

I wore my tried and true Jenni Kayne seersucker summer dress. I’m surprised I haven’t worn it out, but it’s still going strong. See more of my favorite white summer dresses here.

After collecting our wine we stopped for lunch at R&D Kitchen in Yountville. We love the town of Yountville but had never been to R&D. I had visions of lunching al fresco, but it was a very hot day so we opted to eat indoors. Lunch was yummy, but the highlight was dessert. Best carrot cake ever.

Carrot cake at R&D Kitchen.

After lunch I snapped some photos of the lovely patio and we walked through the restaurant’s kitchen garden.

R&D Kitchen patio area.

Yountville is a great place to stay when visiting Napa Valley. It offers a very walkable downtown with wonderful shops and restaurants. And it’s a nice central location to head up, or down, valley to all the amazing wineries. There are many hotels to choose from in Yountville but the Hotel Yountville is our favorite. We discovered it in 2001 when we were desperate for a last minute Labor Day Weekend getaway and it was the only room left in the valley. We fell in love with the hotel and have gone back frequently over the years. I may get in trouble for posting these throwback photos but what the heck.

Family outside the Hotel Yountville in 2014.

Hotel Yountville 2014

Celebrating niece Sophie’s 21st birthday along with her step-sister Casey. This was just a few hours before the big South Napa earthquake. Yikes. The hotel didn’t regain power and we had to check out and take refuge in Sonoma. A memorable weekend.

Family outside Hotel Yountville 2018.

Hotel Yountville 2018

Celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary with niece Whitney, Michael, Kyle and Melody.

I’m running short of time and better stop the search for old photos (the rest of my family breaths a sigh of relief). I wrote about what to pack for Napa Valley here.


I’ve been hearing a lot about the Hugo Spritz. First from my friend Mary Ann of the Classic Casual Home blog. And then in numerous publications like People Magazine declaring it the drink of summer 2023. It has my name written all over it and I had to give it a try.

Ingredients for Hugo Spritz set on silver tray.

If you Google Hugo Spritz you’ll find many recipe variations. Some suggest applying the Aperol Spritz 3 – 2 – 1 ratio. That’s three parts Prosecco, two parts St. Germain (elder flower liquor), and one part fizzy water. I did some experimenting and prefer the Wine Enthusiast recipe which goes a little lighter on the St. Germain.

Glass of Hugo Spritz sitting on patio in front of water feature.

It’s a delightful, refreshing and light summer cocktail. I hope you give it a try!

Tap images to shop ~


Speaking of summer cocktails, earlier this week Cindy of the Cindy Hattersley Design blog joined a bunch of her friends – and favorite bloggers – to share outdoor entertaining tips. These ladies know how it’s done. Cindy creates the best platters and boards … and of course sets amazing tables. What really caught my eye was her vintage Mexican table set up as an outdoor bar. Isn’t it fabulous?

Cindy Hattersley Design bar table.

Cindy Hattersley Design


We enjoyed the first of many salads from our garden!

Salad on blue and white plate with strawberries and candied pecans.

And we started to train our tomato plants onto the new arched trellis’ using this velcro garden wrap that Stefani of Homestead Design Collective recommended. It’s reusable.

I ordered these mini ice sphere silicon molds, and this one too, (in the hopes that one set would arrive in time) to freeze our lemon star marigold blooms like my friend Taylor did a couple weeks ago. They’re a fun adornment for cocktails.

Stefani told me that a favorite local restaurant, The Cooperage, floats these flowers in their signature G&T’s. The ice molds I ordered arrived late (but at the same time!), so I ended up freezing the flowers in a regular ice cube tray. Later today I’ll fill the mini-spheres in preparation for flower adorned G&T’s next weekend. Stay tuned.


All this talk of gardens has me searching our bookshelves for one of my favorite books, The Secret Garden. I suppose it’s a children’s book, but I didn’t read it until I was an adult. It’s absolutely enchanting, full of wonder and possibility and I’ve read it again and again.

The Secret Garden propped up on bookshelf.

The Secret Garden

Have you see the 2020 movie version starring Colin Firth? I haven’t but it’s queued up for this weekend.


Last week I mentioned being in the midst of a serious closet clean out. And I mean serious … ruthless. I ended up with piles of clothes headed to donation and consignment. And I’m going to put a few things for sale on Postmark.

I also designated a stack ‘if I can’t wear it by December’ good-bye.

ReChic is a darling high-end consignment shop in our little town. What a great name. Anyway, it’s a charming boutique and I’ve bought several great pieces there over the years. I’d never consigned though. So I made an appointment online and took some of the my better things in to see if they’d make the cut for the shop.

Shop owner Maureen gave my stuff the once over while adorable Addie logged and uploaded everything at lightening speed. Meanwhile I shopped.

In addition to consigned items, Maureen carries new things too. Jewelry, beauty, cooking oils, bar cart items (hello!), candles, cute kitchen things and paper goods.

Bar cart items in shop.

Maureen took most of my things. Some pieces did not work for the shop, and some others she asked me to bring back in late September as it gets cooler and closer to the holidays.

I came home with a new Orinda pillow. I’m a sucker for these latitude longitude items and have one for my hometown of Lafayette too.

Orinda pillow on bed.

If you live in the Bay Area and haven’t been to ReChic, what are you waiting for? Be sure to follow the shop on Instagram for a heads-up on new arrivals.

In other news ~

Linen Pieces to Boost Your Wardrobe … guess which one I bought?

This looks like a refreshing cocktail … I’m going to try it!

Current favorites ~


And that’s what I have for you this week.

Let’s see what’s inspiring Kim and Elizabeth …



If you missed my last post, you can catch up here.

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As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Woman standing on beach under pier.

Cheers from Snowberry!

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  • Good morning Juliet!

    It is heartbreaking to see the photos of Maui, it is such a special place. World Central Kitchen is one of the best places to make donations, I suggested the same.
    I had no idea that you got married there, we need a throw back picture to your special day!
    I have had many versions of the Hugo Spritz, some as you say better than others. I am going to try your favorite from the Wine Enthusiast this weekend.
    Cindy, Annie, Julie and Mary Ann are master entertainers, and each of those posts was filled with great ideas to hold a party or intimate gathering. I LOVE Cindy’s bar table! The patina is so beautiful.
    Your ruthless closet clean out is pushing me to do the same. I have so many clothes I do not wear any more.
    Love your consignment store, it looks like you can find some great pieces to replace a few of the ones you brought to sell.
    As for your garden, I am in love with your tomato trellis! How long is the season for tomatoes in CA? Do you have to replant every year or does it continue to produce fruit? I am new to gardening and I have never seen a tomato trellis like that.
    Edible flowers are best, they elevate salads, cakes, and drinks! Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new ice containers.
    Have a wonderful weekend Juliet!
    xo Elizabeth

    • Hi there Elizabeth … cleaning out the closet is one of those chores that seems overwhelming but once you get in there it’s not so bad … and it feels great after! I’m not an experienced gardener but we do grow tomatoes every year and they have to be replanted each spring. Many plants can be training to grow over a trellis. Looking at beans and snap peas for winter. Heading over to see what you’re up to soon … happy weekend! xo

  • Juliet love you day trips to Napa. Yountville is my favorite town. I wish we were closer to it all. I love that Jenni Kayne dress on you!
    The Hugo I was introduced to a few years ago by my pal MeiLei and I love St Germain. I make mine really light too. The frozen flowers in a tray is a darling idea. Can’t wait to see that with G&Ts.
    Yay for consigning. I wish we had such a nice place nearby. We do have Crossroads, but it’s not quite the same.. I hope you get some money. Your things are nice! You are smart to do the things to wear by December too.. People need to get in their closets and get stuff out!
    I have not seen the Secret garden, but you had me at Colin Firth.
    Have a great weekend! xo

    • Good morning, Kim! From what I’ve read the Hugo’s have been around for a while, I wonder what led to their sudden media popularity. Glad I’m finally in the know … they’re so easy to make and totally refreshing. Hoping I’ll have good luck with consignment. I still have a big pile to sort for donations … and then I’ll make a few attempts with Postmark. Stay tuned! Yes … Colin Firth!!! xo

  • Thank you for another great post!! Just wanted to mention that a friend who lost everything but their life recommends donating to the Maui Food Bank. (Maui food bank.org). All proceeds go to people of Maui. Many have been impacted by loss of jobs as tourism has come to a halt. Not just in Lahaina. This charity gets a five star rating. Mahalo.

    • Thank you, Leslie … that’s great information. And I’m so sorry for your friend. What she’s going through is unimaginable. xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    Thank you for the lovely post. Your garden sounds incredible and the trellis !! Wow how beautiful. Have a restful weekend,

    • Thank you so much, Francesca! We are absolutely loving our garden and learning so much too. Wishing you the best weekend. xo

  • I too am overwhelmed at the devastating fire in Maui. We have had great memories
    from trips there. I even pulled out pictures of Lahaina and that gorgeous
    Banyan tree. I hope they can save it.
    I love the ruthless closet clean out! I am starting to do mine too
    but the idea of being more ruthless is what I need to aspire too!
    How many pairs of black pants and joggers do I need! From the
    looks of my closet obviously too many! Hope to accomplish
    it and streamline things.
    Love your garden, I am jealous we live in Arizona and this years
    heat makes it impossible to do anything. My plants just can’t
    handle it even with shade and water. Great post!!

    • Char! I can’t imagine the heat you’ve been dealing with …I hope you get relief soon. Your comment about black pants and joggers made me laugh … I still have clean out work to do because this morning I could not close my jogger drawer. Uh oh! Ruthless is our watchword! As for Maui … I think we’re all united in our sadness and despair for those affected. Such a tragedy. Thanks so much for taking time to comment. I hope you have a lovely weekend. xo

  • Dear Juliet,

    So many lovelies to consider in your Weekend Post. Nevertheless, thank you for starting with compassionate ways we can reach out to our far away neighbors in Hawaii.

    I will be sharing the recipe for the “Hugo Spritz” with my husband. He loves to serve our guests an Aperol Spritz so know he will enjoy trying the “Hugo”.
    Hugs, Diney

    • Hi Diney … I think you and your husband will enjoy the Hugo Spritz. It’s so light and refreshing on these hot summer nights … it’s a great addition to a Spritz repertoire! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    I do agree with you about the horrific devastation in Lahaina. It’s so heart wrenching. We will be giving our financial support.
    Onto s much happier and joyful note. Seeing your fur baby on the front porch brought smiles to my face. Must be watching you.
    The garden is looking good in all its glory. Good luck with the tomato vine’s growing up the trellis. This will be so much fun to watch them grow. A big learning curve gardening is. We have lost so many of our plants in this brutal summer heat in AZ. It’s never been easy but this year it’s so harsh and oppressive. Even hiding out on the house with the air conditioning can dehydrate you. Water becomes your best friend. I seem to always get highly concerned about the grounds keepers. They know what to do to protect themselves.
    Cute pictures of you two in Yountville.
    The Re-chic store looks nice. Good luck to you. They probably have high standards of what the will take . I’ve been through taking my high end shoes and clothes in. Because they were not current styles they passed. I was surprised, even my Gucci heels that were like new. A total waste.
    Huge congratulations on the “ruthless
    clean out,” It’s a HUGE undertaking to tackle. You just don’t need all these clothes.
    I’m doing the same in my office. Doing a little bit at a time. I tend to hoard stuff. Tossed most of my cards, kept some special ones only. Hopefully someday I can get to my “oh my scary closet.” If you have not worn something in one or two years does it
    get donated?
    Flower filled ice cubes how clever, and creative, Leave it to you. So very pretty.
    Have a lovely week.

    • Hi Katherine … the heat you’re dealing with is really something else. And I’m with you in concern for those who have jobs that keep them outside during the worst of it. Hydrating is everything … and sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s enough. So sorry about your plants. Many of ours are suffering too, even though our heat is not anything like what you experience. Deciding what to donate and consign is tough … I have several sentimental items that I haven’t worn, and may never wear again, but I still hold onto them. Other things I let go of quickly. And you’re right, the consignment stores tends to stick to very current styles generally within the last year or two. Hope it starting cooling down in AZ soon. Very soon! xo

  • Hi Juliet!
    I enjoy reading your blog, especially the “weekend meanderings” and yummy cocktails! I have noticed that you no longer write the “Odds and Socks” section. I remember you mentioning someone had (unnecessarily!) stated that was not the correct phrase. I hope you didn’t let them discourage you, I think it was such a charming title with personal meaning to you. Anyway, thank you for sharing glimpses into your CA lifestyle, it’s fun to see the other side of the country!

    • Hi Sandy, and thank you for remembering that … I got so many questions about it (letting me know it was incorrect) that switched to in other news. Thanks for the encouragement to go back … it’s a happy reminder of my father … sort of an inside joke! And thank you for reading the blog … I’m so happy you enjoy it and I’m with you, it’s fun to read about life in other parts of the country. So similar and yet often quite different. Wishing you the best weekend! xo

  • Hi Juliet! Boy would I like a chance to go through your castoffs, haha! Too bad I am not local! Love the idea of freezing ice cubes with flowers. What a lovely addition to a cocktail! Hope you are enjoying late summer!

    • Molly, you’re too sweet. Hey … wouldn’t it be great to freeze your beautiful hydrangeas in ice? That would make for some pretty big cubes … but let’s not allow practicalities to get in the way of a great idea. xo

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