A Tote for All Seasons, Books to Order Now, and Our Foyer Refresh Take 2

Today on Weekend Meanderings, a tote for all seasons, books to order now, take two on our foyer refresh, and a Martha Stewart docuseries.

Happy Weekend Friends!

It’s time for the weekend post with Kim and Elizabeth.

Our weekly roundup of inspiration and goings on.

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Naghedi St. Baths tote on woman's arm.

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

I understand it was the most watched television program in history.

Second only to the moon landing.

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs and fans.

Although their jubilation didn’t last long.

What a tragedy that their celebratory parade ended in another senseless mass shooting.

I have a lot of thoughts around this, but I try to steer clear of hot button issues here on the blog.

So let’s move on to today’s frivolities.



Last weekend I promised to love bomb you with blog posts this week … on my new favorite bedding and our Ritz Carlton cruise adventure. Well, I batted .500. The bedding post made it, and the cruise post is coming this week … and this time I mean it. Let’s not dwell on setbacks, but celebrate successes. Last year I discovered the Quince brand and fell hard for their $50 cashmere sweaters … and this oversize cable cardigan. I guess you loved them too because many were purchased. And let me just take a minute to thank you for shopping from the blog. Producing blog content is a lot of work,  fun work that I’m grateful to be able to do, and I truly appreciate your support. Apparently Quince noticed too and reached out to see if I’d like to try something from their home line. Bedding maybe? I’ve been curious, but hesitant, about linen sheets. They’re so popular and raved about … and this was a perfect opportunity to give them a try. Long story short, I fell in love with Quince’s European linen sheets and already bought more. If you missed my Quince linen bedding review (I had the poor judgement to post it on Valentine’s Day) you can catch up here.

Main bedroom with blue velvet headboard, nightstand and lamp.

Embracing the Luxury and Comfort of Linen Sheets without Breaking the Bank



Yesterday I checked the status of my book pre-orders and was delighted to see several books I’ve been looking forward to are nearing their publication date. I also caught two double orders. Oops. A danger of pre-ordering, but easily fixed.

Fiction ~

In fiction I’m excited about Ruth Reichl’s, The Paris Novel (April 23).

A dazzling, heartfelt adventure through the food, art, and fashion scenes of 1980s Paris—from the New York Timesbestselling author of Save Me the Plums and Delicious!

The Paris Novel book cover.

The Paris Novel


And Kirsty Woodson Harvey’s, A Happier Life (June 25).

With “her signature warmth and Southern charm” (E! Online), the New York Times bestselling author of The Summer of Songbirds and the Peachtree Bluff series presents a tender and touching novel about a young woman who discovers the family she has always longed for when she spends a life-changing summer in North Carolina.

A Happier Life book cover.

A Happier Life


Cooking & Gardening ~

Lidey Heuck’s first cookbook, Cooking in Real Life: Delicious and Doable Recipes for Everyday (March 12), with forward by Ina Garten, is another I’ve been anxiously anticipating. Lidey worked as one of Ina’s assistants right out of college (what a dream job!) and made an occasional appearance on Ina’s Barefoot Contessa TV show.

“Lidey subscribes to the same theory of home cooking that I do. We all want recipes that have ingredients you can buy in almost any grocery store, recipes that are easy enough to make without breaking a sweat that will be delicious and satisfying for either an ordinary weekday dinner or for a special occasion.” —Ina Garten, from the Foreword

Cooking in Real Life cookbook cover.

Cooking in Real Life


Stefani Bittner’s Homestead Design Collective will be installing new irrigation and plantings at Snowberry in the coming months. Her third book, with Alethea Harampolis, The Fragrant Flower Garden: Growing, Arranging & Preserving Natural Scents is also coming very soon (March 5).

Make your garden and home look and smell heavenly with this accessible gardening guide that explains how to grow fragrant flowers outdoors and bring natural scents indoors by creating floral arrangements, scented beauty products, and more.

The Fragrant Flower Garden book cover.

The Fragrant Flower Garden

Coffee Table ~

Counting down the days for Gil Schafer III’s Home at Last: Enduring Design for the New American House (February 27).

Bestselling author and popular American architect Gil Schafer returns with the final installment in his trilogy on the rewards of living in the American house.

Home at Last book cover.

Home at Last


Also expected next month, Nora Murphy’s Country House Living: Celebrating the Beauty of Life at Home (March 12). And, guess what, favorite blogger Molly in Maine’s home will be featured!

Following her success with Nora Murphy’s Country House Style, Murphy celebrates a selection of homes and their homeowners, each exemplifying a different style.

Country House Living

Country House Living


Recap ~



Last year I raved about the woven bag I bought on Amazon. Not only is it fabulous, but you can’t beat the price. I think it’s indestructible and I’ll be carrying it for many years to come. Nevertheless I couldn’t resist the allure of Naghedi’s St. Barths Tote. I’ve mentioned it in passing in prior dispatches. In January I bought the St. Barth’s tote in the medium size and cashmere color. Or so I thought. Apparently I pressed buy on the bronze graphic ombre. Once I got over the surprise, I decided I liked it and opted not to exchange. Looks like I made the right decision, I’ve been using it everyday and have received several love-your-bag-where’d-you-get-it compliments.

Naghedi St. Barths Tote bag.

St. Barth’s Medium Tote | Graphic Ombre Bronze

The St. Barth’s tote is offered in four sizes … petite, small, medium and large … and many colors and patterns. The petite and small totes also have a crossbody strap that I love. The medium and large totes fit over the shoulder. And all sizes come with a zippered pouch. The totes are handwoven neoprene which is durable and easy to clean.

Naghedi was founded about eight years ago by Sara Naghedi, an accessories designer, who set out to create a timeless bag to be worn year after year, through all seasons. I think she nailed it. In addition to the St. Barths, there are many other bag styles … I really like the Jetsetter, Tulum and Havana Beach totes, and the Laguna Crossbody. I also love the bag’s fun names!  You can learn more about the brand story, sustainability practices and more at their website.



It’s been nearly two years since I scored a Blake console table (currently on major sale) at the Serena & Lily outlet for our foyer. Only to have our cat Abby confuse it with a scratching post. Wah, wah, wah. The table relocated to the safety of niece Shelby’s apartment and my foyer project was back to square one. Fast forward two years and I’d thrown in the towel on my search for a just-right (style and size) table for our small, narrow entrance. I re-embraced the RH placeholder bench and decided to design around it. By design I mean, add a mirror over the bench and call it a day. And find an appropriate sized rug … no easy task as the front door cannot open over even the thinnest of rugs.

Small foyer with bench, umbrella stand and blue dutch door.

As often happens when we give up on something, the right thing suddenly falls into our laps. And that’s exactly what occurred a few weeks ago when a 1stDibs email landed in my mailbox featuring a bamboo console table. I hemmed and hawed a bit over making the purchase. The price wasn’t outrageous, but the cost of shipping (from the East Coast) was. Ultimately the price of the table plus shipping was within the range I’d budgeted for the just-right piece and I purchased it. This week it arrived.

Vintage Coastal Bamboo Console Table on 1stDibs.

Vintage Coastal Bamboo Console Table on 1stDibs


Alli Bentz of TCB Style suggested this round, scalloped  mirror from Ballard Designs that she’s recently used in another clients home. The mirror is/was on sale and after running it by Jim I ordered it along with this lamp, also from Ballard. It probably deserves a better lampshade. Maybe an ivory linen or even something a little snazzier. We’ll see. I’m also considering this adorable dome lamp that I fell in love with a couple of weeks ago when visiting our new Crate & Barrel … sitting atop a couple of books. The rug continues to be an issue and I’m on the lookout for a catch all to place on top of the books. And perhaps some greenery in the ginger jar. I’ll share more when it all comes together.

Foyer mock up.

Scalloped Mirror | Gourd Lamp

Don’t worry about the RH bench, it found a home in our great room.

RH bench under window, next to black hutch in family room.


Love her or hate her (I’m in the love camp) you can’t deny that Martha Stewart is a force. Have you seen CNN’s 4-part docuseries The Many Lives of Martha Stewart? For my fellow Martha lovers it will take you on a walk down memory lane. From Martha’s early years as a young, married mother and stock broker to the publication of her blockbuster book Entertaining, her first television show filmed at Turkey Hill, the creation of Martha Stewart Living magazine, her shocking trial and prison sentence, and the rebuild and rebound of her brand. With her Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, podcast and endorsement deals, Martha at 82 is as bigger deal than ever.


Odds & Socks ~

Last week I expressed frustration over my inability to keep a Maidenhair fern alive. Reader Cynthia shared some enlightening information in the comments section and I want to share it with you. I know I’m not the only one who loves, and struggles, with beautiful Maidenhairs. This week I experimented with putting mine outside for a bit during the day. Thanks, Cynthia, for your insight and tips!

“I live in No. California too but in a much warmer location and grow maidenhair fern both in the ground and in pots. They do not like to be in the house for more than a few days. I keep my pots outside and bring them in for special occasions then out they go again. They get morning sun and afternoon shade. They love water, and it is a plant you can’t overwater. I fertilize when I think about it, but not very often. If your plant shrivels up or looks like it is dead, just cut it back and in about a week or so, new growth will pop up. Each Spring, I cut back the patch in the ground and it comes back so beautifully. I hope these tips help you. It seems like a lot of work bringing the pots in and out, but so worth it.”

Built-in shelf decor.


Last week I mentioned this quilted jacket that niece Shelby wore and I wasted no time ordering. It arrived and is so good. Light weight but cozy and the sleeves are generous so there’s plenty of room for bulky sweaters underneath. I’ve been wearing it all week. It’s on final sale, and I’m not sure it’s still available. I ordered a small, and could easily have sized down.

Woman wearing quilted jacked standing in front of blue Dutch door.


Kim and Cindy devoted their monthly Signature Style series to denim and bringing us up-to-speed on current denim trends. Many newer styles remind me of my heyday, especially high waist wide leg jeans. This pair from Madewell is my current favorite. I love Kim in her new barrel style jeans, a look I’d previously been on the fence about. And Cindy’s wide leg jean and blazer combo … tres chic.

Denim Trends and Jean Brands that Work | Northern California Style

The Absolute Best Ways to Wear Denim Over 50 and Feel Confident | Cindy Hattersley Design


Current Favorites ~


Divider graphic.

And that’s what I have for you today.

Look for my review of our Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection Caribbean cruise next week.

Now let’s visit Kim and Elizabeth to see what’s inspiring them.



Divider graphic.

If you missed last weekend’s post, you can catch up here.

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Until next time, cheers from Snowberry!

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  • Thanks for keeping your blog light and beautiful while gently acknowledging current events. My household needs a new washer/dryer soon if you have any information to share on your Electrolux set or decision making process. Love your writing style and esthetic!

    • Hi DK, Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them. As for choosing a washer and dryer, it’s not easy. There are so many choices. To tell you the truth our choices were narrowed due to the limited space in our laundry closet. I went to a local appliance store and ask for their very best, most popular models. And then I winnowed the options down from there based on the size. There’s not 1/2″ to spare in our space. This was my first experience with Electrolux and I’ve been really happy … I’d buy this brand again. xo

    • DK … another reader and dear friend left a comment that she just purchased a Whirlpool large capacity washer and dryer and loves them! xo

  • Juliet, your new foyer looks beautiful! The bench was beautiful as well but it is always nice to have a table to drop your keys on, not to mention a lamp for evening and early morning glow.
    I love your new bag but have a question, does it have a sturdy bottom? I am not a fan of bags that droop when you pile your things inside. Love your quilted jacket too! It looks beautiful on you.
    I have never purchased linen sheets but after reading your post I am going to give it a try.
    As for the books, I have all but 1 pre-ordered! I cannot wait for the Paris book and Nora Murphy. I am going broke this year ordering books.
    Kim and Cindy are amazing and brave sharing all of their Signature Style posts. They always look stunning.
    Martha is amazing and so interesting. I am fascinated by all that she can do in a day and all of her interests. Not to mention sports illustrated at 80!
    Have a wonderful weekend Juliet!

    • Elizabeth! Yes, the tote has a flat bottom … I need that too or things get too chaotic and out of hand. As for the linen sheets, I’m surprised by how much I love them. Change is hard … but I’m glad I gave them a try. Hope you’re having an amazing weekend! xo

  • Thanks very much for the book suggestions — I am always interested in fun novels that aren’t my usual mysteries. The new cookbook by Ina’s assistant also looks good!

    Your NEW foyer looks lovely! Re. your console that Abby enjoyed: have you ever tried clove oil on a scrap of cloth to deter pets? Also, the controversial but effective scat mat, used on its lowest setting? It only has to be used a very short period to make its point.

    I went through a zillion pairs of mail order jeans and found a pull-on wide leg pair that are cute and quite comfortable, a mini-miracle with my larger waist!

    • Hi Joans, I’m really looking forward to my new books, especially Ruth R’s Paris novel. Your pull on wide-leg jeans sound like a great idea. I’m all for style and comfort. Hope you’re enjoy a wonderful weekend. xo

  • Ooh, the new foyer! I love the retro table, and the organic shell like mirror. I’m getting a little beachy vibe!
    To echo the mirror, I might get a pretty pleated lampshade for your lamp.
    Have you seen Chilewich rugs? They might be a little too contemporary for you, but they lay absolutely flat. They can easily be vacuumed or wiped. I have one in the kitchen, and I’ve even taken outside and hosed it down, and scrubbed it! That’s after a cupcake with frosting and sprinkles baking project with my three little Grandsons!

    • Lisa! I do not know about Chilewich mats … thank you, thank you, thank you! And a pleated lampshade is a great idea … the lamp should arrive tomorrow! Hope you’re having the best, long weekend. xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    I love those Naghedi bags, l have the mini olive and a beautiful brown mini called mink to celebrate my 60th.
    Happy weekend!

  • First fall, thank you Juliet for sharing the denim post! I loved your sheet and bedding post this week and can’t wait for my new linen sheets!
    I adore you woven tote and have admired those a long time! The bronze is super cute! They seem light too which is nice. Great book roundup! I want the Ruth R book especially!

    The new table looks lovely in your foyer. I also have a glass table with bamboo I’ve had for 20 years. You will love it forever as they will always be in style.

    I will have to start the new Martha show with this rainy weather! Looking forward to your cruise post.
    Hope you are staying cozy too.

    • Kim! Can’t wait to hear how you like the linen sheets! The Ruth R book can’t get here soon enough. I’m looking out the window and the wind and rain are just crazy … time to curl up on the sofa and watch the last Martha episode. When you’ve seen it let’s compare notes! xo

  • The foyer table is a gem! I like how you have styled it and re-purposed the bench. It will be fun to see what you come up with for your catch all.

  • Hi Juliet, have you tried the water hog from ll bean for your foyer?
    I would love a post on. Styling black cabinets and shelves. We have two and they are such a black hole that items get lost in the darkness. I see you have a black cabinet so was wondering what style tricks you may have up your sleeve.
    Thanks, Annie

    • Hi Annie! I didn’t know about the water hog mats! I’ll investigate … thank you. As for styling black cabinets, I’m glad you brought it up because I’ve had that on my blog topic list of ideas. Stay tuned! xo

  • Hi Juliet! Another great post! Thank you for the book recommendations. I am particularly excited about Nora’s new book, because my home is featured in it! She came with her team to shoot the house in September of 2022, so it has been a long wait. Can’t believe the time is almost here!

    Love your new bamboo table. Your entry is really coming together!

    The Martha documentary looks like a good watch!

    Have a great week!

    • Molly! How exciting, I think I knew this and forgot so thank you for the reminder. I just updated my post to reflect that. My anticipation for the release is now doubled. Tripled. Happy weekend! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    I had a speed bump sending my response to you last week and sent you a brief note letting you know if you recall. I guess I was feeling disappointed because I was not up to trying again after my short cry. I wanted to at least acknowledge the loss of your special treasured friend Jillian Navarro. Everything that you shared about her was so nice. A huge loss to her immediate family and everyone that were blessed to know her. Working with a person like her must had been a dream. My thoughts are with you. Loss is so hard to cope with when a person like Jillian.
    Yes, we watched the Super Bowl. I’m a Niners fan so I was a wreck and deeply saddened that they lost, in fact I did not sleep all night. I think the Chiefs is a fabulous team and I like them too. SF Marin county is my home town even though I now live in Arizona my ❤️is always present in the Bay Area. I miss the whole vibe and the people. I was so saddened by the gun violence, loss of life and the injured people. I’m against guns. There has been more gun related attacks in the 45 days as of last Wednesday I think 48. I don’t mind that you talk about things like this at all. It’s a HUGE issue we are all facing in our country.
    I love your foyer, the vintage bamboo console is such a fine, it looks wonderful, and I like how you decorated. You are gifted.
    The bag looks beautiful from Amazon. I do not need another tote. This is a nice one.
    Your jacket looks lovely on you, it’s great that it’s so comfortable. It’s been so cold in your area too.
    I always enjoy reading your out. Also I wanted to thank you so much for making the print much darker when I reply to you. My eyes aren’t the best. Now I can see what I write.

    • Hi Katherine! I’m with you on the disappointment in the Niners’s loss. What a nail biter of a game. But I like the Chief’s too and I’m happy for them. Thank you for your sweet comments on my friend, Jillian. She’s greatly missed. I’m glad you like my new foyer table … it’s wonderful to have that project crossed off my list. Gun violence in our country is out of control. Has been out of control for a very long time. It’s heartbreaking we aren’t able to address it in a bipartisan way. How tragic that we can no longer gather in public without fear of being gunned down. If I had young children I’d be terrified. Sigh. xo

    • Maybe the root cause of the violence should be investigated, destruction of family values, drugs, violent video games, movies, etc. Taking guns away doesn’t fix the underlying problems. Sorry, reality is hard sometimes.

  • I love the table in the foyer. And that mirror will be fabulous. We have the same issue with our door. Nothing is thin enough so I just got a Ruggable that matches the runner left
    behind by the sellers and moved it back from the door much like your foyer.

    • Karen, I’m glad you like the table! I have to admit I had a bit of buyers remorse, but once it arrived that went away. The mirror arrived yesterday … and it works too. Phew. Thanks for the Ruggables suggestion. My niece had a good experience with a Ruggable but I ran into challenges with their sizes. Our foyer is a challenge, but I’ll try to dig deeper into their site and see if I can’t find a solution.Hope and Bill are enjoying a fabulous holiday weekend. xo

  • Juliet: I have been following you for a couple of years now and enjoy your insight. I am a designer/blogger in Omaha NE and I too have had the issue of rugs not fitting under my front door. There is a company that makes vinyl floor cloths and their selection runs the gamut from historic to geometric and oriental flavors. Their selection is huge and their sizes are great. It was the answer to my prayer and I have ordered from them several times. Their customer service is terrific as well as their easy care product. Spicher and Company check them out. I would like to invite you to check out my blog as well. https://fortheloveofold.com

    • Hi Shelley! Thanks for the great tip on alternative area rugs … I just pulled up the site and can’t wait to explore. I also signed up for your blog, love your traditional interiors and how you styled those hooks! xo

  • As usual I love reading your posts. I have not changed my house in years don’t know how you do it 4 times a year. Tell DK I just bought Whirl Pool washer and dryer large capacity and love them. Oh we are now up to 7 weeks.
    Your house is beautiful.

    • Thanks, Mother Parsley. I love your house too … you don’t need to make seasonal changes because it’s perfect year round! Good info on the Whirl Pool washer/dryer. xo

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