Embracing the Luxury and Comfort of Linen Sheets without Breaking the Bank

Are you looking to refresh and elevate your bedding? Quince’s luxurious, comfortable and affordable European linen sheets may be just what you’re looking for … here’s why.

You know how I fell head over heels for Quince’s $50 cashmere sweaters?

So, it seems have you.

When Quince reached out for me to try their bedding I jumped at the chance.

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Bed and nightstand with table lamp.

I’ve been working on a bedroom refresh and what better way to kick it off than with new sheets.

Ou la la!

Of course, I wanted to give them a good test run before sharing them with you.

They’ve been on my bed for the past few weeks and the verdict is in.

Luxurious, comfortable, and surprisingly affordable.

10 out of 10!

So good, in fact, I went back to buy more.

I’ll elaborate …

Pillows on bed against blue velvet headboard.

Confession … this is my first experience with linen bedding.

I know, I’m late to the party.

It seems everyone has been raving about linen bedding for years.

When I asked my Instagram friends for their favorite bedding, linen was a recurring theme.

Niece Sophie chimed in that she loves Quince European linen sheets.

What? Why didn’t she tell me sooner?

All I can say is, it took me a while to get here but I’m all in.

I’m not sure what I expected, but their unique texture and softness surprised me.


Apparently linen sheets get softer over time and have temperature-regulating qualities.

Those of us who occasionally wake up feeling on fire, ahem flushed, will appreciate this.

Even Jim, who’s not easily impressed, is a fan.

He says, ‘luxurious … like a 5-star hotel.’

Wow … I guess he won’t mind when I order a European linen sheet set for our guest room and duvet cover for ours!

Pillows with linen cases against blue velvet headboard.

The Quince brand is all about quality, sustainability and affordability.

Their European Linen is woven with 100% European flax, and certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

We have a king size bed and the sheet set includes fitted sheet, top sheet and two king size pillowcases.

The fitted sheet fits up to a 16″ mattress.

I love this because one of my least favorite chores is wresting a fitted sheet onto our 14″ thick mattress.

We have three pillows on each side of our bed.

So once I knew we loved our new linen bedding I ordered an additional two sets of standard size pillow cases.

We chose the ivory sheet set.

There are 20+ colorways to choose from.

And I absolutely adore the modern stripe options.

Quince sheets and pillow cases against blue velvet headboard.

I was a little nervous about washing my linen sheets for the first time.

I followed the label directions and used a cold, delicate cycle.

Laundry Patric recommends line drying bedding, but I threw it in the dryer.

When I revamped my laundry routine last year, I started using dryer balls which are very helpful for sheets.

Quince also suggests using their 100% New Zealand wool dryer balls.

And I dab on a few drops of a citrus essential oil on each ball.

The label also says a steamer or hot iron is fine if you’re so inclined, but there’s no need for that.

Bedroom with blue velvet headboard and colorful roman shade.

It was news to me that Quince has an entire Home section on their website.

Packed with all kinds of goodies like bed and bath, pillows and throws, rugs, tabletop and more.

Lots to explore, but let’s get back to the first stages of my bedroom refresh.

I’m loving this hand knit wool throw blanket at the end of the bed.

It’s thick and chunky and ideal for what’s been a surprisingly cold winter.

Woman arranging a Quince throw blanket across bed.

I did a little research and it seems that Quince European Linen tops many lists of best linen sheets based on quality and affordability.

Including the Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Real Simple, PopSugar, and Apartment Therapy.

I could go on but you get the point.

In addition to rave reviews, quality, sustainability and affordability, Quince’s generous return policy makes them even more appealing.

Main bedroom with blue velvet headboard, nightstand and lamp.

Ok so you get it, I love Quince’s European linen.

If you haven’t tried linen sheets, what are you waiting for?!

Shop the Look ~


Divider graphic.

Well, there you have it, part one of our bedroom refresh with Quince European linen sheets.

I want to thank Jessica Brydson for the beautiful photography in today’s post.

And Alli Bentz for her styling assist.

Alli is an interior stylist and designer who is helping me tackle a few finishing touches around Snowberry.

It takes a village.

Stay tuned for my full bedroom refresh reveal … coming soon.

Divider graphic.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

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Have you tried linen sheets?

Let me know.

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  • I love quince linen sheets!
    I have the dryer balls as well. That’s a good idea to do a dab of essential oil

    It doesn’t transfer oil to what’s in the dryer ? I’d be nervous about oil stains.

    • No, the oil does not transfer … you’ll see a little stain in the dryer ball but that’s it. Laundry smells divine. Did I give you the Laundry Love book? It will tell you all you need to know about essential oils in the dryer. Laundry Patric knows best! xoxo Auntie

  • Pretty room refresh, Juliet. I love those Roman shades! Did you recover your head board to a darker fabric? Looks great. I have slept on linen only one time at a friend’s house. I found it a bit scratchy, but I know people rave about linen. I plan on ordering that lovely chunky throw from Quince. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Thanks, Karen … Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! I didn’t recover the headboard … maybe it’s just different lighting. It is a dark, not quite navy, blue. The reason I put off linen sheets for so long is I feared they’d be scratchy. And apparently some are. But these are pre-washed (maybe that helps) and not scratchy at all … smooth as can be and what a difference. I’m a convert. Hope you enjoy the chunky throw! xo

  • I have ordered sweaters from Quince several times and really like them! I have not ordered the sheets,but I will now! Thank you for your comments!

  • Your sheets look so luxurious and, as always, your bedroom is beautiful. Unfortunately, this company do not ship to my country.

    • Oh no, Carol! What a bummer, hopefully Quince will start shipping there soon. In the meantime, I encourage you to try linen sheets. Looks for a set that have been preached. I think you’ll love them. xo

  • I just grabbed a set of the sheets and can’t wait for them to arrive. The timing of this post was perfect! I’m in the throes of a guest room refresh for Spring and was on the fence about a couple of other brands. Thanks for sharing (and test-driving) these! Looking forward to learning more about what you’re doing with that lovely bedroom.

    • Pamela! Thank you and I hope you love them. If they’re going in your guest room … lucky guests. I’m trying to decide what color to order for our guest room … I’ve become a linen fanatic! xo

  • Your bed looks very cozy – thank you for the review. I’ve been thinking of ordering the cardigan sweater, I might have to try a set of the sheets. Curious, though, as you said you chose ivory but your sheets look bright white. Is the ivory more of a winter white color?

    • Janet, they do look white … it’s just the lighting in the room is dark. The sheets and bottom pillow cases are ivory … the additional standard pillow cases are white. It’s hard to tell the difference except when they’re folded into layers. The ivory is subtle, and a very soft, pretty shade. xo

  • Your bed looks fantastic!
    My DIL is in love with linen sheets. And I have recently purchased a quilt and pillow shams. I am waiting until I have my new bed to refresh.

  • Juliet I am so excited because you know I just purged a lot from the linen closet and I need one more set, so I’ll give these a try. They look pretty on your bed too. Love that blanket also and I need a Duvet cover.
    Excited for your bedroom refresh. Still struggling to get mine done! Yours looks pretty!
    Oh good idea to our my essential spray on the dryer balls!

    • Kim, your bedroom is going to be great. Can’t wait to see your wallpaper go up. We’ll see which one of can claim ‘done’ first! Ha! xo

  • I love the quality of everything I’ve purchased from Quince! Sweaters, leather bags, jewelry, even shoes. I haven’t tried the sheets yet but they sound great.

    I’ve been very tempted by the artwork too!

    • I’m so glad to hear you say that, Sarah. I feel the same way. And I’ve only touched on sweater and bedding. So much more to explore! xo

  • Juliet, I am late to the party too, I don’t have linen sheets. But I do have the dryer balls!

    Love your bedroom refresh and I LOVE your roman shades. Did you have them made locally?

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