Minimal Effort Spring Home Refresh

Spring is around the corner, at least I hope it is after the coldest, wettest winter in recent memory. Today I’m sharing a few simple, minimal effort, ways to refresh your home for spring. 

It is cold here in Northern California. Unusually cold. And wet. We even had snow. But have no fear. Signs of spring are in the air. Daffodils are blooming, birds are chirping and daylight savings is days away.

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Spring wildflower wreath on open dutch door.

Today I’m talking about some simple, minimal effort, ways I’m refreshing my home for Spring.

I’m joining up with Cindy, Mary Ann, and Annie who have lots of inspiring ideas to get your home spring-ready! You’ll find their links at the end.

Here’s what I’m doing at Snowberry …


First things first, after the cold, wet and windy winter our porch got a good spring cleaning. A broom and my lightweight blower are all that was needed to remove winter’s debris and provide a clean slate. I also washed our Dutch door and porch windows. The rest of the house windows will have to wait until the current storm system passes. Oh and our lanterns also got a good cleaning. It’s amazing how dirty they get. Ugh.

Front porch decorated for spring with dutch door open on top.

Once everything was spic and span, out came my spring doormat, I bought this one last year and still love it. My wildflower wreath is also in good shape, but it’s no longer available. This one is similar. The local nurseries and grocery stores are stocking up on spring blooms and I’m working on refreshing all our planters and window boxes.

We’re lucky to have a small, covered front porch and I love having a bench where I can sit and enjoy my morning cocoa, afternoon ice tea or evening cocktail. I can’t wait for warmer days to start enjoying time out here again.

Front porch teak bench with throw blanket and pillow.



Spring porch inspiration collage.



Suddenly I’m a tablecloth connoisseur. I mean tablecloths for everyday, not just special occasions. And I adore my newly acquired Lily of the Valley tablecloth from the Monique Lhuillier x Pottery Barn collection. I also indulged in the line’s etched wine goblets … although I use them more as iced tea or water glasses. They pair beautifully with my Moroccan drinking glasses. It may be cold and dreary outside, but when we sit down at the table it feels like spring!

Spring table setting.

The rest of my spring table is a hodgepodge of things pulled from the cupboards. My round, woven placemats are dusty blue (they look green). I think the dark green or ivory would be pretty too. I used a solid green linen napkin, but I love this Provence striped option.

Pitchers filled with grocery store flowers make great centerpieces … as do bowls filled with seasonal fruits and veggies. The last of our Meyer lemon harvest are on the table … and I’ve got a bowl of artichokes in the kitchen on the coffee bar/buffet. They look so good I’ll probably cook them this weekend. One of my favorite Instagramers, Kaleb Wise, recently shared his simple method for cooking artichokes.


Spring tabletop inspiration collage.



Spring bulbs and flowers from the grocery store or clipped-from-the-garden are my minimal effort ways to add touches of spring to the house. I bought an inexpensive pot of daffodils at Trader Joe’s and plopped it right into the seagrass bowl my friend, Kim, gifted me. No repotting necessary.

Daffodils in woven bowl on pretty console.

Hellebores are the first flowers in to bloom in our garden.

Followed by camellias.

Beyond flowers and plants, I rely on my decorating trifecta … pillows, trays and throws. A quick change out of any or all of these pieces will give your room a fresh look for the season.

I also switch out my coffee table books to reflect the light and bright colors of spring.

Coffee table top with tray and books.

And I recently added these inexpensive faux moss balls to a large wooden bowl.

Faux moss balls in large wooden bowl.



Spring home favorites inspiration collage.



When I planned this post, I hoped we’d have our spring patio up and running by this weekend’s time change. As we did last year.

Back patio.

At this point I hope we can take the covers off and pull the cushions and pillows out of storage by April.


Tip for any of you currently shopping for patio furniture … ALWAYS BUY THE FURNITURE COVERS. It may cost a little more, but trust me, it’s worth it and you won’t be sorry.



Spring Patio Inspiration collage.



It’s never too early to plan your spring and summer garden. And I’m excited to see ours come to life over the next few months. I’m not a knowledgeable gardener but I’m an enthusiastic one. These are some of the tools I can’t live without for garden puttering.

Plants and pots and watering can.

First of all … flexible plastic buckets. I have them in several sizes and keep them handy in the front and back yards to easily toss weeds and other garden debris. I also keep one filled with potting soil. It’s easy to grab both handles with one hand freeing up the other to carry something else … like a plant, or glass of wine. Last year I bought a gathering basket which makes me feel very chic while swanning around clipping flowers, picking citrus and or harvesting tomatoes and other herbs and veggies from our raised beds.

Martha Stewart always says ‘you must have the proper tools’ and a good pair of clippers is essential. If you going to splurge on anything this is where to do it. Other essentials for the garden are gloves (and a good hand cream), a protective sun hat and garden shoes (it took me a long time, and many pair of ruined shoes, to catch on). And, of course, you can’t be without a cute watering can.

Boxwood path.

Spring Garden Chores: I picked up a couple of tips this week, from Loi, of Tone on Tone, who fertilized his boxwoods with Espoma Plant-Tone. And Molly in Maine who says she learned (from Loi!) to feed her hydrangeas with Epsoma Holly-Tone in April/May. I’ve ordered both and I know my boxwoods and hydrangeas will look better than ever.

Planting veggies is still a ways off. I have a tendency to jump the gun on planting tomatoes. This year I swear I’m going to show restraint. My friend Kim’s father is a wonderful gardener, known for his tomatoes, and Kim has promised to let me know when he gives the go ahead to plant. If you plant from seed you’ve probably already started. That’s an advanced maneuver and beyond me.


Spring gardening inspiration collage.




So there you have it.

As promised …

Simple, minimal effort, ways to refresh your home for spring.

Spring Refresh post collage.

Now let’s visit my friends for their spring ideas.


As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

See you Saturday when I join Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

Tulips in blue and white vase.

Until then, cheers from Snowberry!


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  • So many great ideas. As you know, we haven’t had a garden for a while…I’m pretty sure there are hydrangeas out there so I’d better get that fertilizer. Love all your mood boards…and the pretty table settings. Just the inspo I need for company coming this week!!

    So glad you could do this with us. Wish we lived closer.

    • MA … I cannot wait to see your new garden, pool, everything! Wish we lived closer too. Thanks for including me today! xo

  • So many pretty pieces for spring. I always love your front area with your bench, it’s pretty and fun to be able to enjoy a beverage there. We use Holly Tone and another fertilizer. Forgive me the name escapes me at this moment.

    All of your mood boards are beautiful too! Loving the copper watering can.

    • Hi Cindy … good to know you use Holly Tone … it’s totally new to me. I hope it won’t be too long before I’m enjoying a beverage on the porch … right now, I’m looking out at more rain! xo

  • Juliet

    You always bring so much to the plate! Everything is just. beautiful. I too cannot believe that we don’t even have our cushions out of storage…more rain on the way!! Thank you so much for joining us you always up the ante!! I a going to come back and study this when I have time to enjoy all the links!!

    • Cindy, you’re the sweetest! I had to check my calendar to confirm that we did have our cushions and all the outdoor patio stuff out at this time last year. We still had to cover it at night … but were definitely enjoying it during the day. Oh well, we got the rain we needed and then some and it keeps coming. Thanks for including me today, I’m loving all the spring touches in your beautiful home. xo

    • Hi Deb, thanks for asking … it was custom made with a Ralph Lauren fabric – Emeline Stripe in Leaf. xo

  • LOI!
    I need to check in over there its been a few years!
    Everything looks SPRINGY and FUN………..I cannot BELIEVE how well the backyard is growing!THAT IS GOING TO BE A SECRET HAVEN IN NO TIME!
    I ALWAYS USE a tablecloth……………….THE CAT LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!

  • Juliet,
    Snowberry looks beautiful! All ready for sunny warm spring days. I love the wreath, now I think I need one. Off to check out your suggestion.
    Have a wonderful day, I hope that you see sun soon.
    I will see you on Saturday!

  • Juliet!
    Your home looks fresh and beautiful inside and out starting at the front door! Love your Dutch door! I can just see you in your garden with your clippers and basket collecting your lemons, herbs, flowers…and tomatoes later…much later!!

  • Garden shoes are essential….have a look for “Sloggers”…..will probably find on Amazon. They come in many patterns and colours so there is something for everyone. There are lots of copycats out there but I have no idea if they are any good….Sloggers on the other hand are durable, washable and comfortable

  • Hi Juliet,
    Your house it ready for warmer weather. It looks so fresh and pretty. And you know how much I love your fabulous garden. Oh my. It’s really lovely and this year will be even more so. Just think what all this rain is doing for your plants!
    Hope you make it through the next rainy week with no problems. My husband was just on the roof cleaning out the rain gutters again. It never ends around here….
    Xo Heidi

  • Great post, I loved everything! I’m in the Bay Area too, Willow Glen, and this winter is the craziest I’ve seen in 30 years! But I’m loving the rain. Drought has been brutal these last few years. Loved the inspo boards, so many things I’ve collected too. Thank you for your work, it’s appreciated.

  • Juliet, you have me wanting to go spruce up the garden! It has been raining here too but meanwhile the weeds are growing! 🙁 oh, I bought a pair of Croc slides last year for $20! Best garden shoes ever! Can’t wait to see Snowberry this spring!

  • Juliet you outdid yourself with this great post.I have spring on the brain now.. Lots to inspire here and get going so when good weather comes we are set. I always love getting the patio pretty and you have a lot of cute baskets, planters and pillows here.. Also I love your front porch…As soon as the rain stops I am on it. Wish I could grow hydrangeas. I will try again, but it seems like it’s always so hot here for them. Maybe I need a heartier variety.
    Here’s to spring and soon!

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