My Friend’s Over-the-Top Easter Decorations, a Crowd Pleasing Muffin for Easter Brunch + More … Welcome to Weekend Meanderingss

Today on Weekend Meanderings, you won’t believe my girlfriend’s amazing Easter decorations, a yummy muffin recipe you’ll want to make this weekend, and a new dessert cookbook I think you’ll love.

Happy weekend, friends!

It’s Saturday and I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

Our weekly roundup of inspiration and goings on.

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Kitchen vignette with cutting board leaning against counter, topiary and bowl of oranges.

How was your week?

I spent a good portion of it in bed and on the sofa.

With the worst cold, or flu, ever.

I’m regaining my sea legs.


And just in time for Jim’s favorite weekend.

No, not Easter.

The Masters.

Augusta National.

Image via Sports Illustrated

My mother frequently, and ironically, observed that the most beautiful television pictures seemed reserved for football games and golf tournaments.

No, she was not a sports fan.

Are you ready?

Let’s do it …


Remember my friend, Shelley? I call her Shelley Welley because … well, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Shelley graciously shared her Halloween home with us last fall. And today, she’s doing it again with a few snippets of her all-out Easter decorations. Enjoy …

Shelley’s young grandson is enjoying time with her (and her husband) this week … amongst all the fun decorations, neighborhood Easter egg hunts and the yummy food Mimi (Shelley) has prepared. The Easter Bunny told me that cream puffs are on the dessert menu! Lucky boy.

You sure know how to bring it, Shelley. Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!


Muffins are one of my favorite breakfast foods … after raisin toast and alongside hot cocoa. In my work-in-an-office days I’d make a batch every Sunday and freeze in pairs. Weekday mornings I’d grab a bag from the freezer on my way to catch BART. These days I don’t make them as frequently. But I should. Recently I made several batches of Morning Glory Muffins from this recipe torn from a magazine nearly a decade ago.

Recipe on cookbook rack on kitchen counter.

They’re so good and freeze really well. They’d make a nice addition to an Easter brunch buffet.

Morning Glory Muffins just out of the oven.

Youngest grand-niece, Haddie, approves. You might remember her parents intimate, summer wedding last year. Since then Haddie has become a big sister. Congratulations, Haddie! As a fellow big sister, I know you’re up to the task and Auntie is always available to offer advice and guidance.

Toddler in highchair eating muffin.

Haddie approved!


This is a random topic out of nowhere but it’s been on my mind. I love a beautifully, wrapped gift. Who doesn’t? But gift wrap options aren’t what they used to be. Many of my go-to gift wrap sources have dried up. Or, to be more accurate, closed up. Papyrus, a regional paper goods store was a favorite … for gift wrap and beautiful, fun cards. Not the trashy cards you see in check-out lines. There was a time I sent and received lots of cards … for all occasions and for no reason. But I rarely send or receive them anymore. It’s such a shame.

But back to gift wrap. A couple weeks ago I needed to wrap this cute green bag for my sister’s (St. Patrick’s Day) birthday. These days I tend to default to ‘wrapping’ gifts in cute gift bags stuffed with colorful tissue and fun ribbon. This box was too big for that. So I pulled out a roll of boxwood topiary gift wrap that I purchased five or six years ago from The Enchanted Home. Then I tied it with 5″ wide burlap and stripped grosgrain ribbons.

It’s that time of year … Easter, Mother’s Day, wedding and baby showers season and my mom’s birthday … and I can’t help remembering how much my mom loved a beautifully wrapped gift. So much so that it pained her to open a pretty package, no matter how fabulous the gift inside. During the holidays, or any other gift giving occasion, my mom would wince as children (and adults who should have known better!) tore into the wrapping. She’d crawl around behind gift openers salvaging unripped, beautiful wrap, ribbons and bows to be saved for later. The day after Christmas, she and my grandmother, her mother-in-law, would leave the house early in search of wrapping paper bargains which they squirrel away in grandma’s basement until the next year.

Of course, my mother’s been gone for 24 years and I wonder if she were here today where she would go to find what she’d consider suitable wrap. In our area, Brian M is still in business, the Paper Source is similar to Papyrus and has beautiful (pricey) sheet wrap. Of course the sheets only work for medium size gifts. The Container Store sells gift wrap, but they don’t stock seasonal wraps other than Christmas. And since the pandemic I feel like their selections have been less than stellar. We have a new Barnes & Noble and they have a gift wrap section. I’ve found beautiful ribbon online, and I’m currently searching for a particular color for an upcoming baby shower. But I miss the days when I could stroll the aisles and see and touch it myself without playing the hit and miss game online. Article: Where to Buy Wrapping Paper. After reading this, Society6 appears to be a source for pretty paper … but, again with the sheets. Not workable for larger packages. Very pretty though and I like this one.

Champagne Collection from Society6

Anyway, I’m not sure what I’m getting at … but gift wrap is another one of those things that has changed a lot over time. One factor is the different ways in which we shop for gifts. So many gifts are purchased online and sent directly to the recipient. Don’t get me started on the current wedding ‘registry’ trend of cash for honeymoons and home purchases. My mother would faint dead over such a development. But times change and what was once ‘not done’ is now the standard. Remember when good department stores had gift wrap departments and you could count on them to beautifully wrap gifts? Those days are gone.

Yes, I sound like an old lady dinosaur (I know it’s redundant). I’m curious, where do you source wrapping paper, ribbon and all the gift giving accoutrement?


Last week I mentioned the cookbook creep situation going on at my house and this is the lastest culprit. It’s my first Alison Roman cookbook. I think. Everyone raves about her and I see why.

Sweet Enough cookbook cover.

Sweet Enough

This is an all-dessert cookbook and there are so many great looking recipes. Like her Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (‘for people who don’t eat carrot cake’) published in People magazine this week. I do eat carrot cake and this looks delish.

Carrot Cake photo from People magazine.

Image via

Before being struck down by the cold of of century, I made Alison’s Pineapple Upside-Down Cake recipe from the new book (not available to link). Why did I choose it? I haven’t had pineapple upside-down cake since high school. I remember it so well … it was a hot summer day and I was bored. Midway through an unauthorized biography of Farrah Fawcett-Majors (yes, I remember), I was hungry. After pulling out my mom’s well-worn The Joy of Cooking (could have been a Betty Crocker cookbook, my memory isn’t THAT good) and rummaging through the cupboards, I settled on pineapple upside-down cake. It was easy and it was good. Very good. But I never made it again. When I saw the recipe in Sweet Enough I knew I had to give it a go.

A couple of notes on the recipe –

  • Alison recommends a 10″ round cake pan and that’s what I used. Fortunately, the sides of my pan are 3″ high, because they need to be. If using a 9″ pan, or smaller, I’d definitely leave out some of the batter.
  • Alison mentions that using a yellow box cake mix could be just as good, if not better. I considered it, but didn’t have one on hand. I might try it next time just to compare.
  • The recipe calls for real pineapple. I expected a note that it’s fine to substitute canned pineapple rings. Not a word. Anyway, that’s the route I took, drying the rings slightly on paper towels before adding to the pan.
  • And finally, the recipe calls for those dreadful bright red maraschino cherries used in Shirley Temples and kids sundaes. That was a bridge too far, even for me, so I substituted the fancy Luxardo Maraschino cherries that Jim uses for Manhattans and Whiskey Sours.

Anyway, the cake was really good … video Reel here.


A week ago Friday Jim and I had lunch in Sonoma. Again. I wrote about our last visit and things to do in Sonoma here. As usual we were in town to pick up our French Bubble Club selection at Chateau Sonoma. On this trip we booked a lunch reservation at an old favorite, El Dorado Kitchen. We weren’t sure about the weather so we requested in indoor table.

Yes, we had real food too. Jim had tortilla soup and the marinated carne asada plate. I had filet mignon with roasted Yukon gold potatoes. Good heavens.

That was a long preamble to the real matter at hand. What I wore. It was a clear day – hallelujah – but still chilly which called for an outing of my favorite Veronica Beard Miller blazer. An easy way to elevate jeans and a t-shirt, and in this case, a light weight cable knit sweater. Pretty much my going-somewhere-decent-for-lunch uniform. Sorry about the mess behind me, I was selfie-ing and making the bed at the same time.

Woman taking mirror selfie wearing Veronica Beard blazer.

Can I tell you how much I adore my woven green tote? Adore it. It’s a perfect size to carry everything I need but not feel bulky. And the handles are just right for tossing over my shoulder if need be. It comes in so many colors and I may order the caramel, or the gold. Tough call.

Outfit collage with Veronica Beard blazer.

VB Blazer | Tee | Cable Knit Sweater (similar) | Denim (similar on sale) | Layered Necklace | Sunnies | Woven Tote | Loafers

When we walked out of El Dorado Kitchen we noticed the line to get into Sunflower Caffe, next door, was still going strong. At Sunflower, orders are placed before going through a breezeway to their secret garden patio. My second mother, Ellen, told me about a recent visit she made to Sunflower with her granddaughter and great-granddaughter. It sounds delightful. Next time we’re in town to pick up our bubbles we’ll give it a try. Have no fear, I’ll provide a full report.

Sunflower Sonoma Patio.

Image via

Our day in Sonoma was a dry one … right after and just before a series of storms. The cover crops are blooming and you can see the standing water … and Sonoma is as beautiful as it ever.

Sonoma vineyards after the rain.

That’s what’s on my mind this week.

Let’s go see what’s inspiring Kim and Elizabeth …



If I may ~

Last week I expressed my doubts that the Nashville shootings would bring about meaningful change. And I was wrong. The Tennessee Legislature acted swiftly. To strip their citizens of elected representation by expelling two state senators for decorum violations. Decorum? These state senators spoke out against gun violence by representing the views of their constituents in a highly charged environment. Don’t say they don’t take the slaughter of their school children seriously.

I know this is a difficult and unpleasant topic, and I don’t mean to be flip. I’m frustrated, and angry, and feeling helpless. This is a lifestyle blog. And like me, you probably come here to enjoy a few quiet moments and a brief respite. That said, some things are too important to ignore. And from time to time I do plan speak my mind on matters other than sofa pillows. I hope that’s ok with you. And we don’t have to agree. It’s an honor for me to have you here as a valued reader and subscriber and I appreciate that we can engage with one another respectfully.


Current Favorites ~


If you missed last weekend’s post, I shared a few spring home updates and a buttermilk biscuit recipe.

You’ll find all my Weekend posts collected here.

You can also follow along on Instagram and Pinterest.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Easter Planter with yellow tulips

Cheers from Snowberry!


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  • Juliet, The Master’s reminds me of Easter too. My dad always loves it and my mom loved seeing all the pretty flowers there.. Love Shelley’s house! She must be a fun person. She has a great styling talent too. You can’t just put out a bunch of Easter, you have to make it look good.
    I want this cookbook! The pineapple upside down cake is my aunt’s favorite and my grandmother always made it with canned pineapple too.. Like why not? A pineapple is a lot of work to cut up. I think of this as the perfect Easter time cake and the muffins look delicious too!
    I love the outfit- you knowI have this jacket with the silver buttons and it’s perfect. A great investment. I am sure I bought it off your blog. With he pretty green bag it is a perfect pop of spring. – Also I want to get to the Sunflower Cafe..Hopefully when it’s not raining, as if that might happen someday..
    Well I feel the same about what is happening with gun violence and hugely admire the two Justins, actually all three of the representatives, that spoke out and stood with the kids who were pleading for loose gun laws to be changed. If we all don’t use our platforms, we will be getting more of the same. It’s going to take a revolution of sorts and these young men, and these young children, at the Tennessee capital asking not to end up in a body bag, cannot be ignored. I am here for it this sea change and have HUGE respect for you using your voice to say enough too. Let’s fix this all of us together. Some say they are here on blog just for the pretty side of things, but the world isn’t very pretty when we are allowing this to happen to children and refusing to make the change to laws as other nations have.

    • Thank you for all you do. I appreciate your comments on gun violence. Yes, the Easter season is the time where the Christian community focuses on the resurrection of Christ and redemption of the Savior. There was a time in this nation when school prayer to God and the pledge of allegiance to the flag was recited. In those days, there were few, if any, school shootings in schools as the God of our universe was invited into the schools. Perhaps the answer lies in inviting the Prince of Peace back into the schools.

      • That’s an interesting viewpoint, Carol and I appreciate you sharing. Wishing you a very Happy Easter. xo

  • Thank you both, Kim and Juliet, for using your powers for good and speaking up for change! I stand with you. If we all work together, we can do this.

  • Right there with you sister. You can still write your congressman/woman and Senators. Thank you for not being silent. I have been thinking frequently of the book many of us read in high school, Animal Farm. I believe the takeaway message was “ The lazy will be governed by the greedy”. If we do not vote and otherwise participate in our democracy, we will be governed by those pigs from Animal Farm.
    The wealthy donors certainly make their voices heard. Clarence, I am looking at you!

    • Thanks, Annie … the cynic in my wants to ask if Animal Farm hasn’t been banned? Sigh. But you’re right … it was something like that. I’ve been thinking about rereading some of the standard fiction we read in school … the books that are causing such a stir today. I really appreciate your comment … thank you. xoxo

  • Two things….how did the cake turn out? Worth it? You left me hanging. Sorry you’ve been sick and glad you’re back on your feet.
    On gun’re like the rest of us that haven’t been bought and paid for by the NRA. One thing I’ve done is contributed to Everytown for Gun Safety and have contacted Moms Demand Action dot org. You don’t have to be a mom to join…as I am not a mom. But this senseless addiction the AR 15 as though it’s holy has to cease.
    You live in such a gorgeous area and my niece went to Sonoma State so I want to go back there and love the restaurant recommendations.

    • Hi Nanci, Sonoma State is a wonderful school and yes, you should come back to visit! Sorry about leaving you hanging about the pineapple cake … I made the cake the day before I got sick and wouldn’t let anyone touch it until I could take a (very bad) photo of it a couple days later. My taste buds weren’t up to snuff, but it tasted wonderful to me and my niece, who was the recipient of the remainder of the cake, said it was very good. So I’d say the recipe in the the book is a good one. If I remake it using a yellow box bake mix I’ll be sure to report back. I’m a supporter of Everytown and I know how much good work is done by Mom’s Demand Action. I admire those working tirelessly to move this crucial issue forward against seemingly all odds. I know I can’t give up hope. Wishing you the best day and thank you for your comment! xo

  • So sorry you are not feeling well. Hope this week is a better one for you. I couldn’t agree more about your comments on the Nashville tragedy and thank you for sharing them with us.

    As for wrapping paper (you may already be familiar) try They have very nice products.

    Happy Easter to you and yours.

    • Hi Deb, thank for reminding me of Dogwood Hill. I’ve ordered holiday cards from them and didn’t think of them for wrap … great suggestion. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it. Happy Easter! xo

  • Happy Easter Juliet, I enjoyed your post featuring all the lovely Easter decorations. They were a treat since I don’t decorate as much as I did when our children were younger and at home. I wanted to share with you a source for beautiful wrapping paper (sheets) and stationery,, which is a new company by my daughter and daughter-in-law who live in Dallas, TX. They offer hand-watercolored designs and recently added new products for spring. May you and your family be blessed.

    • Hi Donna, Happy Easter to you too! I don’t do much decorating for Easter either and I’m so glad Shelley shares her beautiful work with us. I just checked out AudiaandAlf … wow, so beautiful. And I love the ribbon options too. Thank you … everything is unique and uniquely beautiful. Wishing you a beautiful day! xo

  • Happy Easter to you Juliet . I don’t comment often on blogs, but I want you to know how much I enjoy yours. I stand with you on speaking out against gun violence. As much as your readers come here to see and enjoy all the pretties, I admire and respect bloggers, like you and Kim, who aren’t afraid to speak out about the negative things going on in our country. We must not lose hope…
    Btw, I love pineapple upside down cake with canned pineapple. And the Sunflower Caffe in Sonoma is good, with a lovely patio. It has a hippy 60’s vibe.
    Hope you’re feeling better and able to enjoy this beautiful Easter Day. ~ Karen

    • Hi Karen … thank you so much for your comment. It made me smile. And, you’re right, we must not lose hope. I haven’t been to the Sunflower patio in forever … perhaps before it was Sunflower. But I can’t wait to check it out. And, yay, for canned pineapple! Hope you’re having the best weekend. xo

  • Shelley Welley’s holiday decor puts a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing.
    Morning Glory Muffins–this reminds me of my Mother and the delicious ones she made. I hadn’t thought of those in quite a while.
    My two cents–Please continue to speak your miind. I am on board.

    • Hi Linda … Shelley’s decorating always puts a smile on my face too. I’m so happy she’s willing to share it with us. Morning Glory Muffins are the best … especially when they remind us of our moms. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend … I really appreciate you sharing. xo

  • Thank you for speaking your mind on gun violence and the Tennessee representative’s situation. As a long time follower of yours, I have never posted until now but am grateful to hear your voice. I have been involved in Moms Demand Action for many years and have seen the movement grow (slowly at first and now rapidly) and encourage those who want to see a change in the gun violence epidemic by changing our gun laws to common sense gun laws to text 644-33. I listened to an excellent podcast on Good Friday about the “Good Friday Agreement” (marking the 25th anniversary of the peace agreement that ended the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland). It was a powerful look at the impact that the women of Northern Ireland had in pushing for a change in the terrible violence that plagued Northern Ireland for years. It further reminded me that women have the strength and power to make change if we galvanize our strengths and demand more from our legislative bodies.

    • Hi Julie! Thank you for your comment and for your involvement in Mom’s Demand Action. I’ll send a text. And I’m very interested to listen to the Good Friday Agreement podcast … I was reading about it earlier this morning. Sometimes I admit feeling defeated and hopeless and it’s good to know that while change happens slowly it does happen and we can’t give up. xo

  • I always look forward to reading your blog and Kim’s as well. Thanks to both of you for your courage in speaking up about gun violence. I used to work in the ER and the OR as a Nurse and if only people could see what the aftermath of gun violence actually looks like. I feel sad about our country and the unwillingness of certain leaders in Washington, DC to address and pass common sense laws. Who decided it was ok to possess AK-47’s, etc.? I would like to see a list of names that the NRA subsidizes. We need everyone to come together and fight against this evil madness. Maybe an en mass walk out of students, teachers, business people, clergy, medical professionals, etc.?

    • Oh, Jeanne .. I can’t imagine what you have witnessed as a nurse. Devastating and impossible to push from ones mind. Those taking NRA money should have to spend hands-on time in the ER witnessing the reality that results from their greed. Thank you for chiming in … for the important work that you’ve done. xo

  • I have found that TJ Maxx and Marshalls are both good sources for high quality wrapping paper. They usually have a variety of patterns and the paper is very thick.

  • Juliet, Glad you are on the mend! A nasty cold/sore throat is going around our town in the MW right now, and I caught it on Wednesday (glad mine is resolving quickly).

    I was surprised when I checked a bit ago that Papyrus online only sells holiday wraps and gift bags for other occasions. I almost exclusively send their cards because they have a wide selection and interesting designs, and are sort of a ‘gift substitute’ because they are often elaborate.

    Thanks for the Morning Glory muffin recipe: it is always one of my favorites! Being the overly-thorough type, I will compare it with a couple of others that I’ve collected and see how they vary! Always looking for compromise between difficulty, flavor, and health.

    Sonoma in Spring: the best time in NorCal when/if there has been some rain — I just love the fresh green rolling hills of my home state.

    It is your blog, so you alone decide the content, of course. Bringing it up here is a great way to step back from politics a bit and discuss it from a more human perspective. My 2 cents.

    • Joan, you bring up a couple good points. Gift cards … and of course ease. While I love pretty wrap, I actually don’t enjoy wrapping gifts. As for the morning glory muffin, I’m not sure if I added this in my post, but I often (with all muffins and quick breads) use half whole wheat flower and half all-purpose just to make them a little more on the ‘healthy’ side! xo

  • Morning Glory muffins look more straightforward to make than King Arthur’s and America’s Test Kitchen… she may have had a fall from grace, but Paula Deen got it done in the kitchen!

  • Juliet! I sure hope you are feeling better! Your pineapple upside-down cake takes me back…it’s been years! I need to check out Alison Roman’s new cook book! Her Anchovy pasta is a favorite around here!

    • Annie … so many people have said the same thing about Pineapple Upside-Down Cake … I guess it had its era! And Alison is bringing it back! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    The most important, I’m so sorry to hear you had “the cold the century.” It feels so yucky to gat such a bad cold. It sounds like you are feeling better. Hopefully TLC was present.
    How could you ever forget your friend Shelby and her Halloween decorations. I was waiting for her Christmas decorations last year, maybe I missed the posting. The Easter is beautiful, her young grandson must be in bunny heaven.
    In our marketing and sales company over the years we represented a few manufacturers of roll and single sheet gift wrap. When paper tote bags hit the scene they became a hit because they were easy, pick up a few pieces of tissue paper and you were finished. Over the years I heard so many women say they don’t like to gift wrap because they aren’t good at it. Also from a manufacturer’s business point of view it’s very expensive to create lots of reams of one design and they offer lots of designs. It’s s huge investment. Single sheets can work if the gift is not oversized. Gift cards and money gifts are what most people like,
    and so the saga goes. I’m surprised that Papyrus still offers any. The consumer likes to buy roll wrap when it goes on sale.
    I used to bake Morning Muffins, they are so yummy, hit the spot. Pineapple Upside Down Cake brings back so many memories.
    Always feel free to voice your concerns and thoughts on what’s happening as it pertains to gun violence or anything else. I welcome what you have to say and feel. This way I get to know the whole person. I like that very much.
    If you pick this up on Easter I’m wishing you a blessed Easter.

    • Thanks so much, Katherine … I hope you had a wonderful Easter too! I did not share Shelley’s Christmas decorations last year so you didn’t miss it … but I’m hoping to be able to do it this year. She really goes all out like no one else I know. It’s a lot of work and it’s fun to share it here.

  • Juliet,
    I am so sorry that you have been under the weather. Hopefully you are back at it soon!
    I am watching the Masters as I type this, or should I say I am sitting playing on my computer as my husband watches. Your mom was right, the view is beautiful! I love all of the azalea flowers, so colorful. It’s the time of the wear for them here in the south.
    The school shooting is heartbreaking and disheartening, it makes me so angry that every single time it happens a few days later is it “out of sight, out of mind.” I’ve said it before and I will say it again, EVERY politician regardless of the party needs to be held accountable. It is too early to blame one side. WE NEED TO keep talking about it and reminding people about it.
    I love muffins! I am going to try your recipe. As for the cookbook, I ordered the same one. Desserts are my favorite meals. Although I do not like pineapple anything.
    I hope that you have a wonderful day!
    P.S. I buy wrapping paper from TJMAXX and Marshalls and have gotten some beautiful paper.
    As for cards, I love snail mail and send 5-6 cards a week! I will send you one!

  • I live in Canada so I really cannot comment on the shootings because I do not know enough about USA gun laws, politics etc. I only have a view/understanding from the “outside”. All I can say is that my heart goes out to all involved….
    So, I will move along the wedding thing. What happened to having the wedding that you can afford? When did it become not just ok but common place to expect friends and family to foot the bill? I got a hunch that social media has brainwashed couples to think that their wedding must be extravagant to be acceptable. Yes weddings are special and couples can go all out as far as their budget allows without feeling it is less than what they see on Instagram. I wish that we can move back a bit in that extravaganza expectation and have weddings that couples can afford and family and friends can enjoy being part of….back to celebrating the couple.

  • Have you shopped at Madison located between WF and Safeway? They are my go to for gifts, cards and they have wrapping paper. I hope you are on the mend.

    • Oh my gosh, Nina … yes! I haven’t been there in forever and forgot it was there … I’m going to check out their gift wrap selection. Everyone’s going to expect well wrapped gifts from now on!!! xo

  • Oh J, sorry you got sick. I havent been sick in so long I forgot how awful it is.

    The cake sounds delish. I confess I am not much of a baker but I like to make simple cakes and I need to try this.

    Your visit to Sonoma reminds me of all the great times we’ve had there. Its one of our favorite wine country destinations. I miss being able to drive up there in about an hour from our old California home

    Take care.

  • Hi Juliet,
    Thank you for your heartfelt post from yesterday. We are all down with Covid as of yesterday, so our Easter and Spring Break week is looking to be very quiet for us. I hope you are feeling much better today.
    Your outfit is exactly right for a Sonoma day. You’re always on point. The green bag is really a great statement piece – I imagine the other colors would be just as gorgeous. Also, I am looking forward to Sunflower Sonoma reviews from you. It looks like such a sweet place to visit.
    Like you, I miss the days of the beautifully wrapped gifts from a certain former Bay Area department store that I used to work for (and where I met my honey!). Even the ‘complimentary’ gift wrap of silver paper or silver box with a HUGE hand-tied white ribbon bow was a gift in and of itself. My husband’s first gift to me was after 2 weeks of dating and he came to visit me for the afternoon at college with a beautifully wrapped box. I still have the silk roses that adorned the package from the gift wrap department! Now, my kids say it is all about sustainability, and that includes gift wrap. So, I have compromised. I use a nice quality white or tan butcher paper but still use incredibly lovely ribbons. Sometimes fresh flowers or dried herbs and grasses. I can understand their point, I suppose. And really, the gifts now are gift cards, cash, or experience tickets. I still haven’t found an appealing way to wrap those gifts. They’re small and flat and so obviously what they are – it takes a bit away from the joy of gift giving (that element of surprise).
    My cousin just texted me a photo of a carrot cake with a ring of chopped pistachios on top, that she made this morning for Easter. And then, there’s the same cake, on your new book! Now I have to ask her where she found the recipe.
    I am just appalled by what transpired this week in TN. I just can’t come up with the words to voice my frustration. People just HAVE to keep voting – it’s the only way we can make things right again.
    Enjoy the warm, springtime weather this week. I’ll be hanging at home for the week but plan to pop out in my yard for some sun each day.

  • Lovely post, Juliet. I’ll be making your muffins for some guests very soon. Your friend’s Easter decor is inspiring!

    Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. We’ve had some coughing choking virus for 3 weeks and it’s been exhausting.

    Another shooting this morning. “and nothing can be done”. So sick of this attitude and because I’m so cynical I’m going to offer up some short cuts to whose who don’t want gun control. They can just abbreviate “Thoughts and prayers” to TAPS and “Moment of Silence” to MOS to show how little they care about people’s rights to live.

  • Being from Kansas City, this is the birthplace and corporate headquarters of Hallmark, so there are some free-standing Hallmark stores still in the area (not very many any more). If you want pricey gift paper (sheets and rolls), then that is the place to go. Frankly, too many people rip off the paper and don’t appreciate the time it takes (let alone the expense) to wrap a pretty package, for me to waste money on Hallmark paper (or cards). Sad but true. I usually find a pretty gift bag at any of the Dollar Tree stores. You have to be early in the season to find them, but they have them.


  • Juliet, I always love reading your blog. It’s a bright spot in my weekend. I agree whole heartedly with your words about gun violence. It feels hopeless sometimes, but we have to keep talking about it and not give up. In a world when women’s rights have been drastically reduced, but guns are still prioritized it feels maddening. Thanks for speaking up! I have a happier comment about Alison Roman’s carrot cake. I have never been a carrot cake person, but it’s my daughter’s favorite so I tried Alison Roman’s cake for her last year. It was absolutely delicious and changed my mind about being a carrot cake person. Highly recommend!

  • Hi, I’m Juliet … welcome to Make Mine a Spritzer where we talk about all things home décor, classic style and more! I’m so happy you’re here!

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