Six Ideas for Creating an Organized and Pretty Closet

Today I’m joining a group of amazing bloggers to talk about closet organization and styling!

Jewelry Organizers & Closet Shirts

Can you believe they invited me to participate in their design series again?

Pinch me!

You’ll find all their blog links at the end of this post. So, be sure to visit each and every one!

Closet Organization Collage

Closet organization! A subject near and dear to my heart.

Nothing makes me happier than an organized closet. Ok … a trip to Paris makes me happier, but you know what I mean.

I recently reorganized Snowberry’s master closet.

When we moved in, just over a year ago,

I unloaded all of our clothes as fast as I could so that our movers could take the wardrobe boxes away.

Then I got busy unpacking the rest of the house.

At the beginning of the year, I realized it was time to revisit the closet in order to make it function better for us.

Our closet isn’t tiny, but it’s not one of those large, luxurious Pinterest-worthy closets either.

I wanted to maximize our storage space while being able to see and easily access everything. Oh, and make it look nice too.

With this in mind, here are my six ideas for creating an organized and pretty closet.

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Custom Closet Dresser

No. 1 – EDIT

This past year has taught me a lot of things. Not the least of which is I don’t need (wear) about 90% of my wardrobe. Exaggeration? Perhaps, but not by much.

A year into varying stages of lockdown, most of us have cleaned our closets and donated, sold or tossed things we no longer need or use. It’s really an ongoing process of asking the questions … do I love it? Do I wear it? Does it fit? If the answer is no … out it goes. I keep a basket in the garage to accumulate items for donation.

I don’t wear theses shoes, but I love them so they stay!


Hello Girls!


Uniform Hangers

Slim, velvet covered hangers not only help maximize space but look nice too. I use them for tops and dresses.

I group hanging pieces in sections. Dresses & Skirts, Tops and Pants. Then I group by color and sleeve length. For example, sleeveless, cap sleeve, three-quarter sleeve, long sleeve.

For pants, I use a traditional wooden hangers with a no-slip grip.

Jim keeps his good shirts on their hangers from the dry cleaner. Sorry.

Walk in closet

Shoe Boxes

Clear shoe boxes protect your shoes from dust AND allow you to OWN MORE SHOES! My shelves are spaced to accommodate three shoe boxes up and across … that’s nine pair of shoes per shelf. Hello?!

I use a standard shoe box for most of my shoes. For booties and Jim’s shoes I use a men’s shoe box size.

Clear Plastic Shoe Boxes

Acrylic Organizers

I bought two different acrylic organizers for my clutch and evening bags that fit perfectly in our Fidalgo Island closet. How lucky am I that they work in this space too … one on top of the other. I can’t remember where I found them … they came from two different places. The Container Store has similar options here and here.

Acrylic Organizer for Bags

Jewelry Organizers

I’m a fan of jewelry drawer inserts. California Closets makes the best. Our drawers are a custom (ahem … weird) size, so I’m using a variety of shapes and sizes from the Container Store’s Stackers collection. It’s a bit like piecing together a puzzle.

Jewelry Drawer Organization

These Kendra Scott jewelry t-bars are a recent addition. I ordered them in antique silver. They come in rose gold and antique brass too. I use the large bar for necklaces and the small bar for bracelets.

Jewelry Trees

Robe Hooks

We added two-pronged robe hooks in all four corners of our closet. These came from Restoration Hardware and you can find similar hooks here and here.

Robe hooks are not just for robes. I use mine for scarves, bags and long necklaces.

Jim uses his to hold lanyards from big events he’s attended. It’s fun to see them every day and remember when we could go to sports events and concerts. I hope we’ll be doing that again soon.

Bags & scarves on hook


Catch-all baskets are always a win win … pretty on the shelf and great for items not needed every day and/or unruly to store.  I keep my casual summer sandals in this lidded basket and belts (that are rarely worn) on an upper shelf.

Woven, lidded basket

Closet Hardware/Accessories

Valet pulls, belt and tie racks and the previously mentioned robe hooks are great additions to any closet.

Jim and I each have a valet pull … great for holding clothes just back from the cleaners and planning the next days outfit.  Remember when we used to do that?!

Oops, I forgot to take photos.



Fun Fact

The idiom ‘nook and cranny’ originated in the 14th century and it combines ‘nook’,

being used from mid-1300’s which means – a distant corner,

with ‘cranny’ in usage since 1440 which means – a crack or gap.


In the shelf below my blouses, I squeezed in five pair of flats.

Closet Shelf


On the shelf above are some of my frou frou shoes. Will I ever wear them again? Who knows … but they make me happy. Plus, they were an investment and I’m keeping them. They’re décor!

High Heels on a Shelf


And, more clear shoe boxes stacked on the shelf below my hanging pants.

Clear Shoe Boxes


The larger shelves above our dresser hold my bags. I love straw bags. Can you tell?

Bags on a Shelf



Early on in quarantine, at the encouragement of my niece, I tried the Marie Kondo file-folding method. I started with t-shirts and soon I Kondo’d everything. It’s amazing how much more can fit into a drawer. A year later I’ve been able to maintain the folding system and I’m hooked.

Marie Kondo File-Folder Fold


Marie is also big on drawer dividers for all things and I found these mix and match organizers at the Container Store. It’s funny how our needs change, a year ago who knew we needed space for mask storage?

Accessorie drawer Organizer



If you have the space, create a vignette or two to display pretty things like a favorite bag, scarves, books, framed photos and other meaningful pieces. Not only will it elevate your space, but it creates a boutique like feel that will make you smile each time you open your closet door.

I made room for two little vignette moments …

A tray is always a good idea. Grouping items makes them look and feel more special. It’s true that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This pretty silver tray holds a previous photo of our beloved dog, Sasha. Seeing her pretty face in the morning gets my day off to a good start.

I also added a Wedgewood bowl as a trinket dish, a candle and a pretty scarf. Oh, and an extra pair of reading glasses. Can’t have too many of those hanging around.

Dresser Tray Vignette


Another fun vignette idea … books on style, a special bag and a fancy shoe box. Voila!

Closet Shelf, Bag, Books, Hat







If you can, a beautiful light fixture, a statement rug and a chair, bench or ottoman create a boutique like feel in your closet. A full-length mirror is nice too.

I’m glad we opted for a full-length mirror rather than more shelf or hang space. Although additional clothes storage would be nice, having a tall, wide mirror makes the closet feel bigger and brighter. We also added a mirror over the dresser.

We don’t have room for a bench or ottoman … but this cute jute pouf from our last house works well. It makes a perfect perch to put on shoes or rub Pippa’s tummy. It’s also a great step stool when I need to reach the upper shelves. Let’s be honest, it’s most likely to hold the clothes I wore yesterday.

Closet Organization

The blue and gray runner from Caitlyn Wilson is another hold over from our Fidalgo Island house. I’m so glad I saved and stored it because it works beautifully in our closet. Pippa recommends it too.

Closet lighting is everything and I adore these blingy flush mounts. Our contractor was concerned they wouldn’t create enough good light. Relax grasshopper. Not my first rodeo. I used these lights in our last closet and they’re fabulous. I chose the polished silver finish and they’ve already started to tarnish creating a lovely patina.

Adding art would be nice too.

Walk in Closet



No matter what size your closet there are so many fun options to keep it organized and make it feel special.

So, there you have it … my six ideas for creating an organized and pretty closet.

Now off you go to visit my partners in crime and see how they’re tackling their closet projects.


Collage Pin


Oh, hey there … I’m just hanging out in the garden wearing a cute dress from Target!

It has a smocked waistband and shoulder detail.

It comes in several pretty colors and I ordered it in black and white check too.

I added a cashmere cardigan because it’s still a little chilly.

Looks like this will be my Easter outfit.

Easter Dress & Sweater



As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

I’ll be back next week with another edition of Spring Things.

Until then, cheers from Snowberry!

Photo credit: Monica Vargas Photography



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  • So many great ideas! I have a teeny tiny closet. I need to get in there and get rid of a bunch of things we no longer need.
    I have that black and white check Target dress and love it.

  • This was a terrific and very timely post. We have just moved (again), and my new closet definitely needs to be taken to a different level. At least, once the boxes are unpacked. Great ideas here! (By the way, I was born and raised in Orinda, so always enjoy hearing about where you are shopping and such. Moved to New Orleans 20+ years ago, and your blog gives me a wonderful taste of my past.)

  • Juliet your closet is definitely Pinterest worthy! I would kill for a nice big walk in closet like this! I love your lighting, large mirror and that beautiful rug in addition to all your amazing organization. So many great tips! Thank you! I am inspired to tackle our master closet and try to make it a bit less chaotic.

    • Hi Lisa … thank you so much for your kinds words. You’ve made me feel so good this morning! Good luck with your master closet. The hardest part is just getting started, right?! Haha! Have a lovely day! xo

  • Juliet not only is your closet gorgeous but practical. I am saving all of these ideas. My daughter has those container store dividers in Summer’s small chest and they are a life saver. I love the idea of the acrylic dividers and the boxes for shoe storage. I have a feeling in my new rental abode my shoes are going to have to go under the bed! Thanks so much for joining us and sharing your beautiful closet!

  • I think your closet IS Pinterest worthy!!! I have the old 1960s bifold door closet . . . teeny tiny and really no way to make it pretty, but it works!! LOVED seeing your ideas and all your gorgeous shoes and handbags!!!

    • Good morning, Robbin … you’re always so sweet and supportive! Having a closet that works is all that matters, right. Sometimes being able to just reach in and grab something is the most efficient and easiest thing. More closet, more complication. Haha. Have an amazing day! xo

      • Love your closet and your style! So fresh and light! I’d love to have a walk in closet but since I don’t I try to be creative!

        • Ginger … there are so many ways to organize a smaller closet. What did we ever do without IKEA, Container Store, etc.? My niece just bought a house with no bedroom closets. None. Trying to help her come up with creative ideas for storing her clothes. Love a challenge! xo

    • Thanks, MA! You’re going to love those organizers. I appreciate being part of the group today … so much fun! I’m heading over to see your blog next! xo

  • It’s so beautiful! I love how you have a space for everything. That acrylic clutch holder is the cutest!

    • Hi Ana … thank you so much! The acrylic holders are the best … so glad I stumbled onto them. I had do do a lot of editing to make things fit but its a wonderful feeling to walk into an organized closet! Have a beautiful day! xo

  • Your closet is so organized! I love the idea of clear shoe boxes. I never thought I’d that and it would make it so much easier to find the shoes you are looking for. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Kim! The clear shoe boxes are a game changer. I’ve been using them for years and they have so many benefits (in addition to being able to store more shoes!). Thanks for stopping by! xo

    • Hi Sharon! It really does … and even though it takes up valuable space … what’s lost in storage is made up in happiness! xo

  • Gosh, all this looks amazing. Your closet is bigger than my office! My closet is so tiny that I need to stay organized but there will never be enough room for wonderful things that I would like – shoe boxes for example. Sigh, dreaming of a walk-in wardrobe with drawers and shelves – oh my!

    • Hi Carol … I know what you mean. I’ve had some big (or small) closet challenges in my time. The good news is with so many great storage options our there … hello, IKEA and Container Store … nearly any closet can become Pinterest worthy! Your priority is probably more about displaying and storing all your beautiful jewelry! xo

  • Hi Juliet, y
    Your closet looks like a very exclusive boutique! Everything is beautifully organized and you have some really pretty clothes, and shoes, and bags! I like your glamorous lighting, the rug, and the mirrors add a lot of light and interest to the space, plus they are practical.
    We have a really huge closet, but the ceiling is a little lower than standard because we added the space on under a room that has a step down floor. So, we had to be creative with hanging rods and shelves etc. But I love having plenty of space. Now if only I had some really fancy stuff to put in the closet! What I do have I mostly wear regularly, and I cull my clothing pretty often, but I cant’ seem to reduce the amount of workout clothing or my scarves! All kept in bins or upstairs in a dresser.
    Thanks for sharing your pretty closet with us!
    XO Heidi

    • Hi Heidi! I’m so envious of your big closet space … low ceiling or not having that extra hanging space is everything. I love scarves too but just did a major reduction. It was painful. And, I think I might have more workout wear than needed (or used) but somehow I didn’t tough that drawer when editing. Haha. Thanks for stopping by! xo

    • Thanks, Carol … those fixtures are favorites of mine too. It makes the space feel special and somehow disguises the low ceilings. Thanks for stopping in! xo

  • Thanks for sharing your great ideas Juliet. I used to have the most beautiful closet. Now it’s pretty small and I have to share it with my husband. I love yours!

  • Great post with lots of ideas! I am going to change up my shoes on the shelves to put them in clear containers. It will give me more space for the shoes. I also like your idea of a valet bar. I need one of those in the closet.

  • Thank you for this blog post! Very informative and useful! I have already placed some orders for new hangers and drawer dividers for my Mari Kondo’d t-shirts and sweaters. I had previously done an edit and already have some of the elements you mention, but love the additional ideas I discovered in your post. A couple of valet poles are also on the way! Our ‘Dressing Room’ has a similar footprint to yours but where you have a full length mirror, we have a sliding door into the master bath. Thank you again for the inspirational post!

  • WOW, your closet it beautiful and BIG. Your posts are always fun to read and make me feel bad that I don’t try all of your suggestions except the Spritzers.
    Love ya

  • Juliet your closet looks beautiful! I need to organize my closet, I wanted to do a deep clean this year and get rid of everything that I had not worn for a year but I would be left with nothing because all I have worn this year is yoga clothes. I will have to tackle that challenge once life gets back to some sort of normalcy.

    • Exactly! Haha … this is the one year where the ‘toss everything I didn’t wear last year’ doesn’t apply!!! xo

  • Hi Juliet, Finally getting to this! I knew I’d love your closet! It’s beautiful and inspiring. ..SO many good ideas too. I love the vignettes- I do that too. Makes your closet like a boutique. The lidded baskets is a good idea on those top shelves. I need those and a few other things you have used so cleverly here. I have my panama hat on top of my jeans funny. Your Target dress is beautiful on you. Looks perfect for Easter! Really enjoyed this post. xo Kim

    • Thanks, Kim … great minds think alike! And, I didn’t come up with anyplace to hang my hat! 😉 So glad you stopped by … I appreciate you! xo

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