Spring & Summer Things + Wait Until You See This Easter Themed Kitchen

Today on Weekend Meanderings an eagerly anticipated cookbook debut, spring and summer things, plus my friend Shelley’s over-the-top amazing Easter decorations.

Happy Weekend Friends!

It’s time for the weekend post with Kim and Elizabeth.

Our weekly roundup of inspiration and goings on.

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Spring faux floral display at Pottery Barn.

Happy first week of Spring!

It’s been like summer here … just glorious.

Although I should know better than to speak too soon.

It’s currently raining.

And on that note, let’s jump in.



While many of you are setting your tables for Easter, I’m setting mine with books. Snowberry overflowith with books so it seemed like a good idea. More about how and what inspired me here.

Woman setting dining table with large decor books.

Speaking of books, earlier in the week Elizabeth spotlighted artist Kate Lewis. Kate’s bright and whimsical art includes a book series that makes my heart go pitter patter. She also illustrated a just-released edition of one of my all time favorite books, The Secret Garden. Of course, I ordered it immediately. Be sure to read Elizabeth’s artist spotlight here.


I won’t be deterred from my favorite topic … books. Last week Lidey Heuck’s new (and first) cookbook arrived and it’s a delight. Following in the footsteps of her former employer and mentor, Ina Garten (she wrote the forward which is very sweet), the recipes are ‘delicious and doable’ and I’ve post-it noted many that I can’t wait to try.

Cookbooks stacked vertically and horizontally on kitchen countertop.

Cooking in Real Life

This week I made her Banana Cake with Dark Chocolate Frosting & Sea Salt. Yum!

Cookbooks on counter, one open on stand, and cake plate with slices pieces of cake.

Lidey’s website is full of her previously posted recipes, including those featured in New York Times Cooking (subscription needed to access). And of course you can follow her on Instagram.


Yesterday I took a stroll through downtown Walnut Creek to see what’s new for Spring (and summer). Our recent good weather has me counting the days until we uncover our patio furniture and pull down the outdoor cushions. It’s raining right now so … not yet. This year I’d like to change up our outdoor pillow situation by adding more vibrant pattern and color. This scene from the Pottery Barn catalog got me thinking.

Outdoor patios shot from Pottery Barn catalog.

More At Pottery Barn ~

We’ve been using beautiful green and white Serena & Lily outdoor pillow covers for the past four years. They’re still in great shape and I still love them, but I’m craving something different this year. Serena & Lily is on the pricier side and their pillow covers are an investment. So … I don’t want to go overboard on a second set of pillows. Maybe I can do a little mix and match. When I mentioned my idea for new outdoor pillows to Jim he looked at me askance. He can’t remember my middle name, but has perfect recall on the Serena & Lily pillow invoice. Anyhoo, I know how he thinks so I’ve created a deck and a spreadsheet … a full presentation. I’ll let you know if I’m able to persuade the board.

Colorful outdoor pillow display on sofa at Pottery Barn store.

I walked into Pottery Barn excited to see the new pillows for myself … and they weren’t there. What? I was about to leave the store, thinking I was too late and the pillows sold out, when the freight elevator door opened and there they were, carts stacked with new outdoor pillows. The catalog’s been out for weeks, but apparently they’re just rolling into stores. The corals and florals are gorgeous. Truth be told, I’m not sure if they’d work on our patio. I sure do love them though.

Pottery Barn’s catalog inspiration photo is a little misleading. Not all the pillows shown are outdoor pillows. My outdoor furniture isn’t covered and we do get a lot of sun, so I have to stick with outdoor fabrics. If you have a fully covered patio, I’m happy for you.

At Crate & Barrel ~

Crate & Barrel’s outdoor pillow selection leans toward neutrals with the exception of these pretty yellows.

Crate & Barrel showroom outdoor sectional display.

I appreciate that they’ve gone to the trouble of putting together pillow grouping ideas … I tend to get overwhelmed and confused when faced with so many choices.

At Anthropology ~

The Terrain shop at Anthropology is always a visual delight. And yesterday I learned that citronella candles have taken a major step forward in technology. Not only are they pretty, but they smell pretty good.

Hanging Sanded Glass Citronella Candle | Mosaic Palo Santo Citronella Candle

Into the Anthro proper part of the store, more beautiful candles. Yellow is having a moment. These Capri Blue Rattan candles are so pretty, and Anthro’s volcano scent is fruity, tropical and divine.

Capri Blue Volcano Candle | Pink Peony & Neroli Boxed Candle

I didn’t have time to try on, but I’m fairly comfortable with my sizing at Anthro for ordering online. This Farm Rio dress is on my list as is this pretty green pastel-ish cropped cardigan.

Farm Rio Ocean Tapestry Dress | Mariel Cropped Cardigan

Isn’t this checkerboard hat the best? I’ve been seeing sparkly bags everywhere and these rhinestone minis are adorable.

Checkerboard Bucket Hat | Rhinestone Mini Bag

I just read a New York Times Style Magazine piece on pale blue bags for spring (sorry if the article is paywalled). All the bags highlighted are PRICEY. So when I saw this cute little pale blue number at Anthro I made a beeline.

Pale blue shoulder bag on hanger at Anthropology.

Brea Faux Leather Shoulder Bag

This t-shirt made me smile and reminded me of our recent cruise and fabulous day spent in St. Barths!  And right behind the shirts, these fabulous compote bowls.

St. Bart’s Tee | Compote Bowls

Last stop Loft ~

My last stop was Loft where they’re having a 40% off everything sale. Same deal online, PLUS free shipping! I didn’t intend to buy anything on my spring exploratory window shopping excursion, but we’re going to Italy in a couple of months and I thought these pieces would be nice additions to my packing. Plus … 40% off!

Woman standing in dressing room with several pieces of clothes over her arm.

First of all, this shirt. Do I need another striped shirt? Mind your own business.

Woman taking mirror selfie in dressing room trying on striped shirt.

Who doesn’t need this linen blend blouse … with floral appliqué sleeve detail?!

Woman taking selfi in dressing room mirror.

It comes in a swing dress style too. $47.98 … that’s right! I bought the blouse, but not the dress … I wasn’t thinking clearly.

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines when it comes to vests … but I’m finally in the game with this white pocket version. It comes in a toasted beige too. These wide leg pants are the best pants EVER. First of all, this style looks good on everyone, they’re high waisted (but not too high-waisted), they have just the right amount of stretch, and are super soft and very comfy. They come in several colors and it was all I could do NOT to buy each one. I know Jim’s reading this and I hope he appreciates my restraint.

Woman taking dressing room mirror selfie wearing blue pants and white blouse.

And finally ~

I’m not usually a Talbots shopper, but I parked right outside and this pretty, striped caftan in the window caught my eye. A great piece for summer … and summer travel.

Woman modeling striped caftan from Talbots.

Organic Cotton Gauze Caftan


Occasionally a brand slides into my DM’s and asks if they can send me their product. And if it’s wine, who am I to say no? Earlier this week Summer Water did just that and before I could blink FedEx was on my doorstep asking for an over-21 signature. Yes, I’m over 21. Anyway, it was feeling very summery so I opened a bottle just to be polite. And … it’s really good! What is it? It’s a Rose, from the Central Coast. California’s Central Coast. And it’s everything a Rose should be dry, crisp, and refreshing … it feels like summer. Not only that, wine connoisseurs cover your eyes, I really love the packaging! Long story short … Summer Water and I are going to get along just fine.

Bottle of Summer Water next to wine glass on dining table.

I picked up these bee tumblers recently. Even Jim loves them and has been using them as wine glasses.

Looks like you can find Summer Water at all the usual places … Whole Foods, Safeway, BevMo, Walmart, Total Wine. And you can order direct from their website. Anyway, if you’re hosting Easter this is a lovely wine to have on hand. And if you’re guesting, a lovely wine to bring.



My friend Shelley is a holiday decor aficionado and last week I promised a peek at her Easter decorations. Because she spends weeks – WEEKS – preparing for each holiday and decorates her entire home I decided to narrow our focus to her kitchen area. No one sources decor like Shelley. She scours Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Amazon and Etsy, all the usual suspects. As well as favorite local shops (she lives in the Sacramento area) and some a little outside her area like The Front Porch in Auburn, which I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, and Cabin Fever in Tahoe City. Hemmings & Jarret, also Tahoe City, was her favorite favorite, but closed up a few years ago. Don’t you hate it when favorite shops close? Shelley and I still lament the closing of Elegant Clutter in Danville. We’ll never get over it. But back to Easter and Shelley’s incredible decor. The theme for her Easter kitchen is Cottontail’s Bakery.


Shelley created her kitchen table setting around darling melamine bunny plates that she found at Home Goods several years ago. She paired them with striped placemats that she also already owned but hadn’t used. I love how it all came together!

Kitchen table set for Easter.

You can follow Shelley on Facebook which I’d say is her preferred social media hangout. Thanks Shelley Welley for sharing … you must be exhausted. Hope the Easter Bunny’s good to you!


Current Favorites ~


Divider graphic.

And that’s what I have for you today.

Let’s visit Kim and Elizabeth to see what’s inspiring them.



Divider graphic.

If you missed last weekend’s post, you can catch up here.

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Until next time, cheers from Snowberry!

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  • Just thought I’d drop this along in case you’re looking for a winery experience. We were visiting relatives in Fresno and dropped by the SolitaryCellars winery. Loved their gift shop and the Ball and Chain red wine is fabulous. It is owned by ex prison guards and has a little museum that features famous prisoners. Outdoor or indoor seating, delightful staff, serene setting. Check it out:

    • Hi Deb! What a great tip … I wasn’t familiar and now I’m fascinated. Just looked at their website … I’ll add it to my list of places to visit when headed that direction. Glad you had a great time! xo

  • Good morning, Juliet! Oh my, this post had me longing for warm weather! It is snowing outside my windows right. Yes, you heard me right. And really, even in the summer, it is usually not warm enough to wear true summer clothing. I don’t miss D.C. summers, with their 90-plus temps and humidity, but it can be a bit cool here on the coast. Love your friend’s cheery Easter table and decor. So fun! Have a great day and week!

    • I hear you, Molly. The two years we lived in coastal Washington was a shock. Rarely could I wear true summer attire … for longer than an hour! Glad you enjoyed Shelley’s Easter decor … she amazes me with her creativity and enthusiasm. My one ivy covered bunny is the full extent of it around my house. Happy weekend! xo

  • Juliet,
    It is a rainy day here too. I am baking from one of my Ina Books. I ordered Cooking in Real Life too! And Zingermans Bakehouse.
    It looks like you have covered all of the Spring/Summer basics at some of my favorite shops! I cannot wait to check out your finds and see if there is something I need.
    There are so many beautiful pillows for outdoors. Have you looked at Etsy? Or TJMAXX/Marshalls? HomeGoods.
    We have so much pollen and sap it is hard to justify spending a ton of money on pillows that will only last a season. Although I do love S&L.
    Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy your wine and time in the kitchen.

    • Hi Elizabeth! That Zingerman’s name rings a bell. They do team building workshops too … in my previous HR life we had them to the winery for a 2-day training. They brought baked goods. Such a fun memory. Anyway, enjoy that cookbook! xo

  • Enjoyed this post! I bought the “Summer Water” rose for a book club gathering last summer. Must admit that I was attracted by the cute label! But it was a nice summer wine and lovely color!

    • Catherine, you’re many steps ahead of me. I’m just learning about Summer Water. You’re right, it’s a lovely color and perfect for the season we’re entering. Cheers! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    It looks and sounds like you had a fun outing looking at different things. You did really well at the Loft, good for you.
    Shelley’s Easter decor is really something. Her table is very pretty. She has so much passion and love in her heart. Spring time if you live in a warm climate can be such a special time of year. As perfect time to decorate.

    • You’re right, Katherine. Shelley has a passion for decor and the decimation and discipline to make it all happen. I enjoy watching from the sidelines. Happy weekend! xo

  • Juliet was sure fun shopping with you. I have to get in the stores to really see things. I so enjoy how everything is displayed! I loved the Anthro dress and sweater and the bag!
    I think outdoor pillows are problematic too. They cost a bit for decent ones that will last, so changing them up isn’t as easy as the indoor ones. I like the bright ones at PB, but your greens are so lovely too.

    Funny I have a vest very similar to yours in my cart at Anthropologie. I am debating between that one and one from Aritzia. I feel like I have to go try them, but they sure look great on you as do the pants! It’s exciting to think about spring clothes finally and sunny days. I know though as soon as I store my sweaters the rain is back with the cold!
    I didn’t know you wrote about books on the table. I will pop over there now. Have a good weekend!

    • Can’t wait to see which vest you buy … I’m really love them. And recall a couple great ones I had in the 90’s that I wish I could have back now. xo

  • Great post Juliet – I will look for Summer Water here and see if I can find it! I love rose in the summer.
    I am always jealous of you ladies that have a Terrain in your area….although it probably saves me money in the long run…

  • Juliet, you have such a good sense of humour, and I enjoy your posts. You make me smile , which is always good.
    I wanted to try a vest, and went for a Banana Republic sage green vest with satin like lining and back panel in a beige weave. Not sure at first, but love it after trying it with a few spring print blouses. At nearly 74, I feel very fashion forward! The vest you tried on at Loft looks great on you. I had sizing issues with a Loft online order, and being in Canada, it can be a bit of a hassle returning items. I am travelling over Easter so no entertaining at home…poor me … having to select some goodies in one of those amazing chocolate shops in Paris ! The window displays are so beautiful. It’s a solo trip with a couple of days in St Germain , before boarding the SSJoie de Vivre ( Uniworld) and exploring many places along the Seine for an April week. My fourth with this brand. Venice on La Venetzia in early August was magical…your exquisite floating hotel took you to many places around the Venetian lagoon. No huge ships are allowed in the lagoon now thankfully, so if another ship adds Venice to its itinerary …it can mean stopping at Treiste on the Adriatic, and a coach ride south to Venice. Not the same thing at all.
    I manage to find some excellent promotions for my need to travel… which I intend to do as long as the funds are there and I’m still in good nick! I am also a Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel lover…but living now on Vancouver Island, I am saved from any purchases. I made some very wise choices for our home here when still living in a major city, prior to our move , and being rather good at interiors, everything worked out very well. Have a Happy Easter next week. I fly away on an overnight long haul from Vancouver to Paris this Thursday. Then the fun begins!

  • Love the Loft top AND dress! I am trying to stop buying there simply bc our closest store was closed, and it’s a pain to return by mail. That Talbots caftan looks like you! Talbots is a perennial favorite, despite the fact that lots of their styles are way too preppy for me. They offer some more contemporary classics and their tops and bottoms fit me much better than most lines.

    What did your wine connoisseur spouse think of ‘Summer Water’??

  • Hi, I’m Juliet … welcome to Make Mine a Spritzer where we talk about all things home décor, classic style and more! I’m so happy you’re here!

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