Winter Cozies, Meyer Lemon Fettuccini, Box Rose Wine + More … On Today’s Weekend Meanderings

Today on Weekend Meanderings, a new restaurant, winter cozies, Meyer lemon Fettuccini, and a namesake rose.

 Happy weekend, friends!

It’s Saturday and I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

Our weekly roundup of inspiration and goings on.

MLK Quote.

How was your week?


Holiday Monday’s are a nice way to ease into the fray.

On Thursday I had a fun girls lunch and used my new Lily of the Valley table cloth and wine glasses.

(I know, the iron malfunctioned and Jim (master ironer) wasn’t around to trouble shoot.)

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Table setting with bowl of lemons.

The rest of the week is a blur.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!


Do you have a favorite restaurant that you go to on repeat? We have several but push ourselves to branch out occasionally. On Monday we went to Bar Camino, a new Mexican restaurant in Walnut Creek. It’s in the former Maria Maria location, and most recently housed the blink-and-you-missed-it El Charro 1947 revamp. For those of us who grew up in Lafayette, El Charro was an institution and its abrupt closure during the pandemic a shock. In any event, I’ve heard many good things about the new Bar Camino, and if our experience is any indicator it’s a hit and will be around for a while.


So back to lunch, we got a table in bar over looking the very full and rapidly moving creek, Walnut Creek. We started out with ice tea, before Jim went to a margarita. I judge a restaurant (for lunch) by its ice tea and Bar Camino’s is good. I loved their glassware.


I had a cup of the Chicken Tortilla soup, but neglected to snap a photo. It was so good it went from bowl to stomach in no time. Anyway, I wish I took a picture because, in addition to being delicious, it was beautifully presented. For the main event I had a small order (yes, this is the small order) of Camino-Style Nachos with chicken and Jim had the Skirt Steak Ranchera. Both dishes were excellent. I can’t wait to go back. It will be even more fun in the spring, summer and fall months when the outdoor decks are open.



Have you seen Operation Mincemeat on Netflix ? It was released last year but somehow just hit my radar. The movie stars Colin Firth, Matthew Macfadyen (of Succession fame) and Kelley Macdonald, among others. It’s a dramatization of a successful British deception operation of the same name during World War II and features a fun glimpse of young officer, Ian Fleming. I’m embarrassed to say I was unaware of this particular piece of World War II history. It’s fascinating but I won’t say more … other than Jim and I loved it.



I’m still working my way through our abundant lemon crop and last weekend I made the Meyer Lemon Fettuccini recipe I mention a couple of week ago. The recipe is quick, easy and absolutely wonderful. It’s the best pasta I’ve ever made. For a variation, I think chicken would be a great addition.

Speaking of lemons, I finally decided on this new lemon juicer and it arrived yesterday. Later today I’m going make another batch, or two, of Ina’s lemonade (recipe in this post) to drink and make into ice cubes. I bought these covered ice cube trays for that purpose.

Fresh lemonade in pitcher and iced glass with bowl of lemons in background.



Last week I found my way back to the gym and step class. Our wet weather cleared up, but temperatures dropped. Dropped to frost-warning-light levels. Getting to the gym and back no longer requires a rain coat, but it does require something warm. Warm like this cozy fleece hoodie. It has a textured grid pattern that I love and it’s super soft and cozy. I kept it on through class warm ups and took it off reluctantly when I started to glisten. In related news, I’m loving my new Hoka Bondi 8s … you’re probably sick of hearing me gush about Hoka’s, but they are seriously game changers. Life changers for the feet.

Woman standing under pergola dressed for a workout.

Fleece Hoodie | Leggings | Hoka Bondi 8s

Have you heard of the 12 – 3 – 30 treadmill workout? Apparently it’s taken the world by storm … since it’s 2020 TikTok debut. But I’m just hearing about it. If you’ve tried it let me know what you think. I’m going to give it go this weekend.



Last week I mentioned a few of things I had my eye on and lo and behold two of them – Ganni beanie and Madewell Chelsea boots – landed on my doorstep. Not a moment too soon, because cozy, warm layers are exactly what is needed this month. By the way, Ganni beanies are made using recycled materials including wool.

Woman win jean's sweater and beanie standing in garden.

Beanie | Similar SweaterDenim | Chelsea Boot



Last night was cocktail night at Snowberry and I tried something new. JULIET Wine. That’s right … a wine named after moi. Well, not exactly, but we share the same name so its close enough.

Juliet Dry Rose wine in a box next to glass of wine and plant.

This beautifully boxed wine was a gift from Jim’s son and daughter-in-law. I’m not sure how/where they found it but I got such a kick out of it. Wine snobs may sniff, but boxed wines have come a long way … and let’s face it, they’re ideal for so many situations. JULIET offers three varietals … Dry Rose, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir … with fruit sourced from Central Coast AVAs. They are a California Sustainable Winery and, their Eco-Magnum packaging is 100% recyclable. You can learn more about JULIET here.

All that aside, the Dry Rose is light, dry (as advertised) and absolutely lovely. I couldn’t help myself and added fizzy water to make mine a spritzer. By the way, Eco-Magnum is equivalent to two standard (750ml) bottles of wine … or ten glasses. That’s 20 spritzers!

JULIET may want to hire this Juliet as their spokesperson. Just saying …


So there you have it, this weekend’s meanderings.

Let’s visit Elizabeth and Kim to see what they’re up to.



Odds & Socks ~

Yesterday I saw this art installation in downtown Walnut Creek. I’m sure I’ve walked by it 1000 times and never taken the time to really see it. Walnut Creek has a lot of art featured around town and it’s really cool.


Popover Update: Armed with my new popover pan and King Arthur’s popover recipe I made the best popovers ever. Kim and I talked about them, among other things, on our Instagram Live last Thursday … you can watch the replay here.

Pan of popovers on stovetop.

Do you suffer from Instagram worthy-its? Read this.

Revamping My Laundry Routine is my most popular post ever. Patric Richardson’s entertaining and eye opening book, Laundry Love, was recently released in paperback. I love Patric and he does Lives on Facebook every Thursday to answer any and all laundry questions.

If you’re allergic to gel nail polish, like me, you probably prefer light, natural polish colors (it’s less noticeable as it wears) … I just found this pretty new, nude-ish color.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I have a couple of related posts in the works. Last week I saw this cute Valentine things at Pottery Barn.

Valentine display at Pottery Barn.

Cork Placemats | Platter | Appetizer Plate | Wood Tray | Tea Towels | Candles | Marble Trays

If you’re a Valentine decorator and gift giver here are some fun ideas ~


If you missed the last weekend meanderings, you can catch up here.

And follow along for more fun on Instagram and Pinterest.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Woman taking selfie in 49er beanie.

Let’s Go Niners!

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  • We really liked Operation Mincemeat too. I also had no idea about this actual event. Due to very bad allergies I have been using Patric’s Laundry soap flakes and oxygen bleach for a couple of years. It is the best fragrance free/chemical free product I’ve tried and I have tried most of them. I hope you are enjoying your new laundry routines. I wish my husband knew how to iron. 😉 I use wool dryer balls but when static still remans i spray the inside of my skirt with hairspray (fragrance free of course). Works well. Our skin is the largest elimination organ and gunking it up with chemicals in our garments is unhealthy. Am enjoying finding your blog.

    • Good morning, Pamela … and thanks so much for sharing. Yes, I love Patric’s flake & oxygen bleach too. Game changers. I still struggle with static. Hate it. And have turned to 7th Generation dryer sheets and also The Laundress Static Spray. Jim loves to iron … and he’s good at it. Lucky me! So happy you found the blog … welcome! xo

    • PS – I just read the Instagram-itis article. So good. I will feature in my blog too sometime soon and give you the cred – and I need to remember this myself as I am very guilty of comparison! The ole thief of joy!

    • That’s a great idea, Gray. It’s so beautiful! Maybe I’ll be the SB & PN their boxes are yellow and blue respectively. 🙂 xo

  • I am also married to a man who loves to iron. His mother taught him when he was a young teen, and he complained about how his pants looked. He has spent many Sundays ironing in front of a football game or golf match. His ironing world expanded when he married and had blouses to iron…then little girls’ dresses. People love to travel with us, because if the hotel has an iron, he does touchups.
    Juliet, I do enjoy your blogposts very much. They often put a smile on my face. This is my chance to belatedly comment on the lovely (and so appropriate) outfit that you wore to your stepson’s wedding. You looked fabulous.

    • Susan! Thank you so much! I can’t believe we’re coming up on a year since the wedding. I look at that dress and wonder if I should keep it or donate. Hard decision. Isn’t it great being married to a man who loves the ironing chore. Jim travels so much he learned to iron out of necessity. It’s the first thing he does in a hotel room after unpacking. I benefited from this often as did my nieces. In fact, he told me he’ll iron the table cloth for me during football later today. He’ll soon discover I have a stack of napkins too! Thanks so much for your comment and I’m so happy to have you here. xoxo

  • Love your tablesettting and where are the cute glasses from? Also love the nail hob glasses from the restaurant! I have the short version, but want more. That restaurant looks like a gem- good views, pretty decor and you had me at nachos!!!
    Love the booties you got. I think I had them on my Tahoe look post and they came, sadly did not fit my feet. I need another like them. They are so cute on you, as is your beanie!
    The lemon fettuccine is on my lists to make this week. I swear I will do it and may deliver to my dad who is a lemon lover! I’m going to order your fleece hoodie right now. I need it so badly. When did we become colder than the East Coast??
    Stay cozy Juliet! xo

    • Good morning, Kim! Funny you should say that about the booties, I had a fit issue too and ended up sizing down. That’s unusual for me. I’m not sure I like them better than my Uggs but they’re more streamlined and I love the color. The glasses are from Pottery Barn’s collaboration with Monica Lhuillier … the last thing I need is more glasses. But?!!! Your dad will love the fettuccini … so will you. We just juiced a huge batch of lemon, made lemonade and ice cubes. But we still have another big bowl. Do I dare make fettuccini again?! xo

  • Oh forgot to say we loved Operation Mincemeat. I am all about history films and this was so good.. Love Colin so much! A great weekend movie!

    • Wasn’t it good? Did you watch Colin in the mini-series about the North Carolina murders? I forget the name. Toni Collette stars too. It was riveting. xo

  • Good afternoon Juliet,
    I love all of your lemon recipes…keep them coming. Lemon fettuccini is one of my all time favorites, definitely add the chicken next time, it is delicious. As do your popovers! I think you have perfected them.
    Juliet Rose sounds and looks delicious! You would make an excellent brand ambassador!
    Mexican food is my all time favorite and your nachos look scrumptious.
    I am off to check out all of your links, so many cute things. Looking forward to your Valentine posts!
    Have a wonderful weekend Juliet.
    xo Elizabeth

  • As always a joy to read. I’m going to try the lemon fettucinni . You look really cute in your beannie.
    Love ya

  • I love your hydrangea wall art. Is it an original? I always enjoy your posts and am eager to make Ina’s lemonade in the summer.

  • You are SO lucky Jim likes to iron! Thank you for the Netflix recommendation, this time of year is so dreary. Not to sound like a lush, but am so excited to try your “namesake “ wine. We have a strict no glass policy around the pool so this will be perfect!! Do you have an At Home near you? Looks like some decent Valentines decorations which seem so hard to come by. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  • Juliet-El Charro! Still one of my all-time favorite Mexican restaurants. We had one here in Vacaville for years, but it’ been gone for years, too. The one in Lafayette was wonderful to visit when I was down to see family. I’m sorry it succumbed to Covid. I’ll have to try Bar Camino – those nachos look fabulously delicious!
    We are all about the 49er’s here. I can’t believe they’re going up against Dallas, again. There was a little game about 41 years ago that sealed the deal for me, forever making me a Niner fan. It involved kind of a great catch….
    Keep warm, it is COLD for us Californians!

  • Juliet,
    I’m still so jealous of your lemon supply! Lemon fettuccini sounds so yummy! And lemonade ice cubes! Love that. I had no idea they sold ice cube trays with lids. So smart. Perfect for your spritzers!

  • Hi Juliet! Another delightful post! Your table is lovely and the rosé sounds delicious! I am getting some spring vibes from you! I love Colin Firth, so I will definitely check this movie out! I just made a delicious lemon pasta this evening from NYT Cooking — Buttery Lemon Pasta with Almonds and Arugula. It was so good! Have a fun week!

  • I didNOT know ill Charro Closed!!!
    Good to hear we have another Mexican place to try!!
    Where are you working out beside your garage?
    Loved the table setting!!
    You get an A plus Plus in HUMOR‼️

    • Contessa! You did not know?!!! It’s been nearly two years … El Charro was an institution but not a very good one. Apparently the property is being sold so look forward to new condos. I liked Bar Camino a lot, but not your traditional Mexican food … a bit elevated with interesting twists. Love the location but wish it was closer. I joined Oakwood in Lafayette! 😉 xo

  • Where to start? A great round up of interesting things. I love Mexican food… like these individual nacho bites. We loved Operation Mincemeat. Colin Firth . Need I say more? Anxious to try some of your lemon fettuccini. I’m on Team Jim. Give me a good TV program and a stack of laundry and I am all set.

    And… GO NINERS!!!!

    • Karen, back in the day when Chevy’s wasn’t awful (is it still around?) they had nachos that were individual like this and they were the best! xo

  • So many fabulous things to read about. I love the lemon fettuccini and the box wine. Such a cute box!

  • 1. Thanks for the Netflix recommendation. Howard says thank you too.
    2. We got my sister Hokas for Christmas. She is a big fan. I want some.
    3. I think I will make your Meyer Lemon Fettuccine for Valentine’s Day.

    Awesome post!!

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