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Today on the weekend post, it’s all about books, books and more books. Books for motivation, organization, decoration and fun. Plus enter to win a fun giveaway.

Happy New Year Friends!

It’s Saturday and I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth for our first weekend roundup of 2024.

I like to start the New Year with a clean slate.

To that end my holiday decor is packed up and stored away.

I’m ready to get 2024 started.

How about you?

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For the past decade or so I’ve embraced a more minimalistic lifestyle.

Does the word minimalism give you the eebie jeebies?

It does me, but I’ve come to view it in a different light.

And, yes, I just might be a minimalist.

It’s an ongoing process which I haven’t yet mastered.

But each new year brings with it a more urgent desire to dispense with excess.

Fewer and better is my mantra.

With one exception.



These are few evergreen reads to get the New Year off on the right foot! Plus I just ordered Rick Rubin’s The Creative Act: A Way of Being. It’s received rave reviews and it seems like a perfect January read.

Three books sitting on window bench.

Atomic Habits | When You’re Ready This is How You Heal | Big Magic



I can’t believe I’m saying this but I might be a minimalist. Shira Gill’s new book, Organized Living, got me thinking. If you’re not familiar, Shira is a home organizing expert and certified life coach who lives a hop skip and a jump from me in Berkeley. She wrote the wildly popular book, Minimalista, a couple of years ago. A book I shunned because, well, minimalism. In her new book, Organized Living, Shira travels to the homes of her professional organizing peers (all over the world) to interview them on their approach to organizing and to tour their own homes. Their homes range from a 300-square foot apartment to large suburban houses and everything in-between including an Airstream trailer. Fascinating.

Shira Gill organization books leaning against kitchen counter.

I enjoyed Organized Living so much I decided to give Shira’s first book, Minimalista, a second look. And what do you know, her concept of minimalism isn’t stark white and greige spaces at all, In fact her own home, a 1400 square foot craftsman style bungalow, is warm and welcoming and, as you can imagine, very well organized. Sharing a 1400 square foot home with one bathroom and no garage with a husband, two teens and an energetic dog does require some creative space planning. After devouring the book in two sittings I got down to work. As you know, I’m no hoarder and I’m constantly yammering on about my closet clean outs, so I thought I was doing pretty well in the no clutter department. But Shira’s book got me looking at the things I own in a new way evaluating what I really use versus what I might need someday. Do I really need 30 coral, polka dot napkins that were used at my nieces baby shower nearly six years ago? Do I really need three sets of 12 plate chargers when our indoor and outdoor tables only seat six?  How many champagne glasses can two people use? But we might have a party. But we haven’t had a party in years. But, but, but. Here’s reality, if we did have a party we can rent glasses very inexpensively. And the last time we needed to seat more than six at the table was over 3 years ago … and none of the plate charger sets talking up my cupboards were right for the event, so we rented them. See what I mean? Anyway, I got motivated and was off on a tear. Jim’s still reeling – happily – over the major purge. I made so many donation runs our neighbors may think we’re moving. What I’m left with is still more than we probably need, but I have the space for what remains … and everything has a place and is well organized. It feels very good.

Organized Living | Minimalista


A couple of years ago I wrote about revamping my laundry routine after reading Patric Richardson’s delightful book, Laundry Love. Patric, known as the Laundry Guy or Laundry Evangelist, is back with a follow up book, House Love. I was super excited when Patric reached out to send me a review copy. You won’t be surprised to hear that I love it just as much as I did his first book.

House Love book with note from author Patric Richardson.

Written in a charming memoir style, Patric shares tips and tricks for cleaning, organizing and caring for every inch of our homes. He even includes entertaining ideas and, as in Laundry Love, he shares wonderful recipes! One of my favorite features of the book is the 10-minute cleaning tips at the end of each chapter, alongside play lists … upbeat or mellow. Brilliant! Patric has such a charming way about him and his enthusiasm and love for home and the home arts, including laundry, is infectious. Each book starts out with a cast of characters … an introduction to the wonderfully fascinating people who make up Patric’s world and who factor into his appreciation for all things home.

I’m so excited about House Love that I bought two more copies to give away … as a Happy New Year, appreciation and thank you to you, my blog subscribers and Instagram followers. If you’d like to enter here to win a copy, be sure you’re subscribed to the blog then leave a comment below with your favorite house cleaning tip. On Monday, I’ll place your name in a hat and Jim will draw the lucky winner! If your name’s not drawn, not to worry, I’ll host a second giveaway next week on my Instagram. Be sure you’re following me there and stay tuned for details.

House Love books on laundry room countertop.

House Love

You can follow Patric on Instagram, Facebook and here he is on YouTube introducing House Love and where he hosts a live Q&A on Thursdays. His website is also a great resource for laundry and cleaning cunundrums.

Update: And the winner is … Karla M! Congratulations, Karla. And thank you to everyone who entered. I’m overwhelmed and amazed by your responses and awesome cleaning tips.


This interview with Every Cocktail Has a Twist authors Carey Jones and John McCarthy caught my eye over the holidays. Every Cocktail Has a Twist is a second book for Carey and John, a Sonoma county ‘power cocktail’ couple after my own heart. Their first book, Be Your Own Bartender, no surprise, is also in my library.

Every Cocktail Has a Twist book propped up on bar.

The couple shares their recipes for 25 classic cocktails, and creates several new twists for each one. Fun! There will be no dry January here at Snowberry.

Every Cocktail Has a Twist | Be Your Own Bartender



Who can resist a beautiful coffee table book? Certainly not me! Here are four that rolled in over the holidays … I’m slowly savoring each one.

Stack of decor books on dining room table.

The Rolling Stones: Icons | A Life in Design | Memories of Home | The New Classic Home

Book Review ~


Odds & Socks ~

While we’re on the topic of books, these are a some of my favorite light fiction reads from 2023. They all fall into the beach read category.


If you missed HGTV’s 2024 Dream Home reveal, you can find all the details here. I’ve thrown in the towel on writing Dream Home reviews, they’ve become so generic and formulaic I just can’t. You can read my thoughts on the decline and fall of the Dream Home in my 2022 review and 2023 review. Negativity aside, there are a few things in this years’ home I like a lot like this window seat moment.

HGTV Dream Home 2024 window seat.

My Current Favorites ~


And that’s what I have for you this week.

Let’s see what’s inspiring Kim and Elizabeth …



Happy reading … until next time,

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  • Love your blog! And your book selections! My favorite house cleaning tip is to do some cleaning and laundry every day so nothing piles up. Besides the usual daily tidying up, washing dishes, and wiping down surfaces, I do bathrooms on Fridays, wood floors on Mondays, vacuuming Tuesdays and Thursdays and dusting on Wednesdays. For me, this way no task is ever too overwhelming.

  • Such a wonderful giveaway, thank you! Please enter me! My house cleaning tip is to use lemon essential oil to take of stuck on things like a stubborn price sticker or such. It smells good and is gentle too. I learned about Patric when you featured his book Laundry Love! Patric is such a wrath of knowledge and his enthusiasm is contagious!

    • Happy New Year, Ginger! So happy to hear you love Patric too. What a fun neighbor/friend he would be … we’ll have to make do with his books and social media outlets. Lemon essential oil is a great tip … I had no idea it could be used for this purpose. And smell good too. Thanks for entering and good luck! xo

  • I do small cleaning things whenever they occur. If the bathroom mirror is dirty I go ahead and clean it. If the kitchen sink is messy I take care of it. I don’t wait for the weekly big cleaning.
    Before I go to bed I try and have everything in its place.

    • Hi Jenny, I think that’s so smart and a great tip. Once we let things go and they pile up it becomes such an overwhelming task. I’m going to be better about it this year. Isn’t it wonderful to wake up to a clean house?! Happy New Year and good luck in the drawing. xo

  • I always look forward to your Saturday posts! Last year we downsized by 5 rooms and had to donate, share with family, or trash SO MUCH STUFF! Never again will I collect stuff for the sake of maybe using it one day (except for throw pillows – it’s an obsession!). So my cleaning tip is to declutter all the crap you don’t need and cleaning becomes so much easier!

    • Happy New Year, Kelly! We’re all allowed an obsession or two … and throw pillows are a worthy one! Moving certainly does get us motivated to declutter and truly evaluate what we need. That was a big downsize for you … I’ll bet it feels great. Thanks for the tip and good luck in the drawing. xo

  • I try to keep things picked up every day and that does help keep things tidy so the weekly cleaning is not overwhelming! I also like to do laundry often do it doesn’t pile up! I just feel better in an orderly environment!! Love your blog and always love to see pictures of your beautiful home!

    • Happy New Year, Chris! You’ve got the right idea … stay on top of things and don’t let them become a bigger chore than they should be. I too feel better when my surroundings are organized and clutter free. And on that note I’m going to toss in a load of wash. Thanks for the tips and good luck in the drawing! xo

  • My little dog loves sitting on the back of the couch to look out the window. It’s the only spot that works. Finally, I just put a fleece blanket that’s the same color as the couch up there. Blanket blends in, couch is protected and dog is happy.

    • That’s a great tip for all of us with pets. We have same issue with dogs and cat … they love their spots, don’t they?! I like to keep lots of inexpensive throws on hand that can be tossed in the washer and dryer. Good luck in the drawing! xo

  • Hi Juliet, this blog was absolutely perfect for me! I have been decluttering like a wild woman lately and boy is it satisfying. I have two cleaning secrets that turned my world around.
    1. I could not clean my glass shower doors until I found “hot sauce boat cleaner”. Life changing.
    2. I mop my hardwood floors with a dishwasher pod. My cleaning lady taught me this trick. (Test it on your floors before going all in) Works beautifully for us.

    Hope that is helpful!

    • Happy New Year, Dana! Hot Sauce Boat Cleaner?! I’ve never heard of it … what a fun brand name. I’ll google now. As for the pod trick … can you elaborate. Do you resolve the pod in water?! I’m intrigued?! Good luck in the drawing. xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    I have enjoyed your log now for a few years. I always look forward seeing it in my inbox! Would love to be the recipient of the House Love book. My favorite house cleaning tip is to wipe down the shower after each use. This has two purposes for me – one, it saves me from having to do deep cleaning of the grout and two I get warmed up before I exit the shower. My glass shower doors are cleaned with a squeegee and the walls with a microfiber towel that I keep inside the shower. The added benefit is that my glass doors always look great!

    • Happy New Year, Dolly! Your name is in the hat and I wish you luck. These are great tips. I only recently heard about wiping down shower walls and it’s such a smart idea. No one likes to clean grout. Are you saying you use a microfibre cloth for the wipe down? I need to implement this ASAP … and get Jim to do it as well. Thanks so much for the brilliant idea. xo

  • Love this post! My laundry tip is that I use a very small hamper for dirty clothes. When it gets full, I do laundry. It’s never overwhelming this way. I also keep cleaning supplies under each bathroom sink so I can clean at a moment’s notice!

    • Lynn! That is so smart … I love it. Our laundry hamper is way too big and is sadly full so I’d better get busy. Great tip … good luck in the drawing! xo

  • Wonderful post. My organizing and cleaning tip: if some chore can be done in under one minute, do it right away.

    • That’s so smart, Eva. So many chores we dread and put off can really be done very quickly if we’d just do them. Great tip and good luck in the drawing. xo

  • Great post! I like Bar Keepers Friend for many polishing jobs. Works well and is gentle on surfaces.

    • Hi Marybeth! Great tip, my aunt also swears by Bar keepers Friend. She taught me the fundamentals of housecleaning and I always have a can under the kitchen sink. Best of luck in the drawing and Happy New Year! xo

  • Books! They always seem to distract me from what I should be doing. My favorite cleaning tip is to involve the whole family so I am not left with all the chores! Ha ha!

    • Happy New Year, Harriet! I like the way you think, as another reader wrote … delegate. You two are on top of things. As for books, they are quite a distraction. Right?! The best kind. Good luck in the drawing! xo

  • Always love your posts. I’d say my best cleaning tip is to not let things pile up. I do at least one cleaning chore a day so the house is never terrible. For my own personal peace of mind I make my bed every day and never go to bed with dishes in the sink unless I’m soaking a pan. Happy 2024 to you and Jim.

    • Happy New Year, Deb! This is the best advice … I’m a daily bed maker too and it’s never a good morning if there is a pile of dishes in the sink from the night before. Even when I’m dead tired, I try to get the kitchen clean and dishwasher started and know I’ll thank myself in the morning. Good luck in the drawing! xo

  • Great post! I swear by microfiber cloths for mirrors, glass top coffee table, microwave, fingerprints on the stainless steel refrigerator, etc.

    • Great tip, Melanie. I too love a microfibre cloth, but based on your recommendation I need to start expanding it use to more things. Good luck in the drawing and Happy New Year! xo

  • Happy 2024 to you! I greatly enjoy your book reviews and suggestions! My Amazon chart is full now!
    My favorite cleaning tip to offer is to consider purchasing a Miele canister vacuum like I did. Not only is this canister vacuum ridiculously cute, it’s lightweight, it’s easy to maneuver and it comes in bright colors. Mine is red and that’s probably why I enjoy getting it out to do a little spot clean each day. Cheers!

    • Hi Barbara … I’m googling the Miele right now. And red … so cute and fun. We all need a cute cleaning partner. Thanks for chiming in … your name’s in the hat. Happy New Year! xo

  • Always enjoy your blog. I too am obsessed with books. All kinds of books! I switch between fiction and non fiction with self help and “home” books in between. I have been decluttering since this time last year. We have lived in, and remodeled our home for the past 36 years. We raised 3 boys in our 1800 + 1500 square foot basement home. Every season last year, I decluttered my decorating, entertaining (I hear you with 30 napkins only used once!), and seasonal items. I donated items we no longer need. I also loaded up my car and took the items we were storing for our son’s homes for them to deal with ;)! I also gave each of them all the Christmas ornaments we had given them each year they were growing up – they and their families now have them on their trees. Another purge is beginning this month. My tip is to declutter with each season; much easier than trying to do it all at once. I also donated books to an organization here for teen moms – these young ladies don’t have extra money for books, but are eager to read and most of them go to school as well as work. Looking forward to many more of your posts in 2024! Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year, AJ! I love the idea of decluttering seasonally. Spring cleaning gets so much attention, but we really need to do a sweep more often to stay on top of things. How wonderful to have been in your home for so long, what wonderful memories it must store for your boys. And I love that you have started taking things to them … I’ve done the same with my nieces. At first I was reluctant, now I wish I’d started sooner. Wishing you well with your January purge. Your name is in the hat. Good luck and Happy New Year! xo

  • Love your weekly roundups. Just discovered using Magic erasers on chrome details, lamps, etc – works so well!

    • What?! They do?! Great tip. We were just using our magic eraser to clean white tennis shoes … had no idea they’d be useful on non-white surfaces. Happy New Year! xo

  • Every time I see a “giveaway “ I think don’t enter you never winHowever, I would love to win this book! My tip is vinegar! I use it for spraying down shower walls to cleaning the microwave! Cheap and not harmful.

    • Hi Cathy … Happy New Year! Vinegar seems to be a do it all cleaning product that so many swear by. Our once-a-month cleaner is always reminding me to buy more. Do you mix yours with water? Your name is in the hat … best of luck!!! xo

  • I’ve missed your visits to my inbox over the holidays. Hope yours were delightful. I too try to stay on top of tidying up as I go but fall short when it comes to going through my closets. Thanks for reminding us that it’s well worth the effort to know what you have and to love what you’ve kept. Happy new year!

  • Love this post! Always good to start the year with a good read and a good tip. Mine? Mr. Clean Clean Freak! This stuff is amazing. Whitens like bleach but not bleach! Use it on kitchen counters, electric cooktops, door jambs, and any hard surface. When you need more, just buy the refill which saves on waste!
    Thanks Juliet and Happy New Year!!

    • Great tip, Holly! Jotting this down on my cleaning product list. You’re name is in the hat … good luck! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    Welcome back, you have been missed.
    I do relate to your way of being, having a clean and well organized home. I do have a messy looking office that is also my creative room.
    What I do to stay on top of our home is to divide the days up to freshen the restrooms I just tidy everything up as I see it needs to be done. I don’t like doing it all on the same day. I try to go with the flow on the days I do certain things and not to be too structured.

    • Happy New Year, Katherine! I’m the same way, best to keep up with things and spread them out than to tackle everything all at once. Good luck in the drawing. xo

  • Some great cleaning tips here — a fun challenge for your giveaway, Juliet!
    My “cleaning tip” is to look to your local college/university’s job board and hire a freshman or sophomore (so they might stay with you longer) who likes to clean or is working their way through school. During the pandemic, I exhausted ALL local and online options for finding a housecleaner and turned to our state U. and immediately had numerous applications from motivated students! I’ve been fortunate to have K. work for me for 2.5 years and she has been great! I pick up / clear surfaces extensively before she comes, so that keeps me on top of clutter. I pay for actual time worked, not per visit, and do all the rag washing, and supply of cleaning equipment, so that it is a straightforward job for a student.

    • Great idea, Joan! How smart is that?! I too do a major straighten up before your monthly cleaner arrives … the clean before the clean. Good luck in the drawing and Happy New Year! xo

  • Love reading your blog…
    Just started using a new product to clean our shower…..Wet and Forget Shower cleaner…so much easier than scrubbing down the shower..
    We also do laundry several times a week so it doesn’t pile up…

    • Happy New Year, Toni! Thanks for the product info … love a product that makes things easier especially in the shower. Not letting laundry pile up into a herculean task is also a great tip. Happy New Year! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    I look forward to your blog each Saturday, and this post really got me “revved up” to get my home in order and to keep it orderly. For me, listening to a playlist full of good songs doesn’t make cleaning easier but sure makes it more fun!

    • Good music does help the time pass pleasantly … and gets me moving a little faster. Great tip. Happy New Year! xo

  • Love the blog! My best housekeeping tip is to invite someone over. Nothing inspires me to clean/straighten than to know company is on the way!

  • My cleaning tip is to hire a professional! I have had had the same cleaning company since before my son was born and he is 36. They are part of the family. For a real tip.. vinegar is a great tool for the laundry, your floors, etc.

    Love the blog. Love the tip of the organization gal here in Berkeley.

    • Leila! I love both those tips. We have a pro in once a month and I try to keep things in check in between so when they arrive it’s just deep cleaning to be done. And, yes, vinegar is great for nearly everything. Thanks for reading from over the hill in Berkeley. Happy New Year! xo

  • I shall reply as if it’s my husband… leave most of everything to be done until the wife wants to entertain friends at dinner…then rush around cleaning my shower room with chemicals and vacuuming around her as she prepares the meal and wants some quiet. Really? I much prefer the day before cleanup , and a quick touch up of washroom before arriving guests.
    We are still a “work in progress “ after 23 years !
    My suggestion is to put the washing machine on clean cycle more often. For a front loader with rubber seals, it really does make a difference, and the suds appearing, while doing so , are surprising. And , keeping the door ajar when not in use is important.

    • Happy New Year, Cath! I’m bent over laughing. Oh my gosh, I can relate! As for the washing machine cleaning cycle, that’s a great tip. There was a time when I didn’t even know there was a cleaning cycle. Yikes. And on that note, I think I’ll run mine now. You’re name is in the hat … good luck! xoxo

  • I truly enjoy your blog. I bought Patric’s Laundry Love after reading about it in your blog and am so glad I did! We bought a lovely house last summer that needed a lot of updating – what were we thinking since we are in our seventies? The master bath is large and has white stone tile that likes to display every speck of dust and lint. I have taken to keeping a floor swiffer in the closet. It makes quick work of dust and hair in between weekly cleaning. Keeps the room looking presentable

    • Happy New Year, Sheran! A new home … how lovely! It’s amazing how certain rooms can be so beautiful yet show off every stray dust speck too. Keeping a nearby Swiffer is a great tip. Depending not the size of ones home, keeping basic cleaning supplies nearby bathroom locations works well too. Your name is in the hat … good luck! xo

  • Thanks for the book recommendations, always love those! I have not read either of Patric Richardson’s books, but when my four kids were at home, I gave them each a laundry basket to keep in their closet and taught them how to do their own laundry at a fairly early age (elementary school). it taught them responsibility and took a load (pun intended) off me, so that’s my laundry/house cleaning tip – delegate!

    I will miss the dream home reviews, but I understand. I also love the window seat area and was hoping you might could tell what the blue paint color is?

    I particularly came to your blog today to search for your baby shower posts, and you have a link to one in today’s post, love it! Thanks so much, and Happy New Year!

    • Jeanine … this is the best tip yet. Delegate!!! I wish I’d learned to do laundry when I was a kid … my mom didn’t really know how and my dad was always yelling about having pink underwear! As for the Dream Home living room paint color, and entire main floor, it’s Sherwin Williams Stardew HGSW9138. It’s a very pretty gray blue. Thanks for being here and Happy New Year! Also, good luck in the drawing. xoxo

  • We live an and old house (1950) with no chance of a remodel, so I like to keep it as uncluttered as I can. If that’s minimalism, count me in! My husband’s library contains many thousands of dust-catching books. A handy dandy extension-handled Swiffer duster is the best cleaning tool in my arsenal for dusting everything, including books, lamp shades, high picture frames, and spider webs on windows. That and my spray bottle of vinegar for surfaces, and I’m Happy Homemaker.

    • Happy New Year, Susan! I think keeping our homes uncluttered is exactly what minimalism means (to me anyway). Like your husband, I’m guilty of too having too many dusty books. Thank goodness for Swiffer dusters … what did we do before them?! Vinegar too … such a basic but our once-a-month house cleaner has me hooked. You’re entered in the drawing, good luck! xo

  • Juliet what a great post to start the new year! I love Patric thanks to you! I will buy this new book. What a nice idea to have a giveaway. Atomic Habits I also have thanks to you. I think I’ll order a few others.
    Yay you for cleaning out. I’m the same with so many things I might use ‘someday’. I like the idea of saying goodbye to all that.

    Here’s to a fresh start! Thanks for sharing all this inspiration! xo

  • We have a cat and dog and they both shed hair. I clean my tile floors every morning with Swiffer Pet Heavy Duty dry pads and it’s amazing how much pet hair and dust they pick up! It’s super easy and quick and helps keep my house allergen free.
    Based on your recommendation, I just ordered the book “Minimalista”. I’m very excited to read it as I have been on a path of trying to pare down and enjoy living with what I only truly love and need. It’s a work in progress!
    Thank you for the time and hard work you put into creating your blog. It is my favorite! Happy New Year Juliet.

    • Happy New Year, Louanne! Having a cat and two dogs I know exactly what you mean. And Swiffering every morning is such a smart tip. What did we do before Swiffer?! I think you’ll enjoy Minimalista … let me know what you think. Your name is in the hat … good luck! xo

  • Happy New Year Juliet and Jim!
    Lovely post thank you. I am really enjoying watching Kathlyn Ireland and many other top designers work in Netflix’s show “Million Dollar Designer’s”, so incredibly interesting and fun. I love Kathryn Ireland and her textiles and have a few of her pillows which I cherish.
    We have not done our NY clean?purge yet but we will. Travelling back from visiting family over the holidays my husband and I are dealing now with covid/flu; wow travel is tough now on so many levels, keeping healthy being one of them. So thank you for the book recommendations very apt!
    Happy weekend:)

    • Happy New Year, Francesca! I’m so sorry you and your husband have been sick. Ugh. Hope you’re laying low with good books and TV viewing. I love Million Dollar Designers too. Kathryn is such a character, right?! Wishing you a speedy recovery and a healthy 2024! xo

  • Happy New Year! One of my favorite tips is to put a used dryer sheet in your dirty Crock Pot with warm water and a bit of soap. Let it soak overnight, then in the morning use the dryer sheet to wipe it clean. It works beautifully!

  • Love your blog – and as I am in the Bay Area, I love your local tips whenever they show! Such a sweet giveaway – and perfect for this time of year. Such a great reminder to toss/donate things that are on the shelf that really serve no purpose anymore! Happy New Year!

  • a friend who sells Norwex turned me onto the glass cleaning cloth. No chemicals needed. Just use the cloth to polish after cleaning with a wet microfiber cloth. Best way to clean the inside of your car windshield. Also love the kitchen dishcloth. …it is like an open net. Dries quickly and never smells.

    • What?! That sounds amazing … I’m googling Norwex right now! Thanks, Nancy … good luck in the drawing and Happy New Year! xo

  • Nothing like moving cross country to purge stuff. It becomes so easy to store it if one has space. But as we packed I posted a lot of stuff on the BN group. My mom was a depression era baby so you never threw stuff out in case you needed it. I ran out of time to give away more so it came with us. I try to clean as I go.

    • Oh my gosh, Nina … you’re so right. Moving really gets us to think about what we really need (i.e., want to pack!!!) and don’t. My aunt was like your mom and had drawers full of old clothes, even underwear, just in case. I hope you’re unpacked and feeling settled in your new home and ready to start the new year and new adventures. Cleaning as you go is definitely is so smart and I’m going to try to do more of that the year. Good luck in the drawing! xo

  • Love, love, love your blog. I look forward every Saturday to reading and enjoying. My best cleaning tip is to use Rain-X for car windshields on my glass shower doors to keep the water spots at bay. It really works great.

    • Ooh, Darcy! That’s a new product for me and I’m going to look into it right now. Shower doors are my nemesis … sounds like this is a solution. Thanks for reading, good luck in the drawing and Happy New Year! xo

  • Happy new year, Juliet. I just finished my post holiday drawer and cupboard rearranging. I love a clean slate to start the year. Daily housekeeping is my way of keeping a clean and tidy home. I just do a little crumb clean up, sweep daily and always put things where they belong. I don’t have a schedule for doing bigger clean ups… I just take out the dusters and vacuum and mops and rags when I see the need and the mood strikes.

    • Happy New Year, Karen! I think you’ve got it mastered … a little bit at a time, every day and we avoid getting bogged down with bigger messes that feel overwhelming (and provide me opportunity to procrastinate). Sounds like 2024 is off to a great start on Bainbridge Island! xo

  • Happy New Year Juliet! Missed your posts, but hope you enjoyed your down time. I favor a minimalistic home as well, not to the extreme mind you. One of my decluttering/cleaning techniques is in regards to the donation bag. Once it goes in the bag it stays, period, and the bag goes out the same day whether full or not. It’s an ongoing process, onward and upward into 2024! Cheers!

    • Happy New Year, Wendy! Minimalism comes in all shapes and sizes and you and I are probably in the maximal minimalist camp. Keeping a donation box or bag in process is a great tip. After my recent clean out my husband observed that I was already accumulating a pile of new donations … he’s right, it’s an ongoing process and I need to get a designated box set up so it feels less chaotic. Good luck in the drawing and thanks for sharing! xo

  • Love your blog and love all of your recommendations! And a giveaway in the new year!! My favorite cleaning tip is ten minutes matter!
    Cheers to the New Year!


    • Karla! You’re absolutely right … so much can be accomplished in 10 minutes. Why wait until you have a massive task at hand. I love this tip. Good luck in the drawing! xo

    • Karla! I can’t tell if I replied to your comment already … but 10 minutes definitely matter and you’re entered to win! Happy New Year! xo

    • Karla! Congratulations, you’re the winner of House Love! Be on the lookout for an email from me so I can get delivery details. So exciting … I hope you love the book as much as I do! xo

  • Oh! And favorite house cleaning tip? Always go to bed with a clean kitchen sink. Nothing worse than coming out in the morning to make coffee and having a bunch of yucky dishes to greet you.

    • Janet, you are 100 on this one. Nothing worse than a sink full of dirty dishes in the morning, and it only happens on morning when you’re running late. Ugh. A little work the night before makes for happier mornings for sure! Good luck in the drawing! xo

  • Welcome back Juliet! Love this posts, as you know I LOVE books just like you. I ordered myself a stack of books for the holidays…books, the gifts that keep on giving.
    Thanks to your recommendation I ordered the laundry book and dryer balls. The only problem is even once in awhile one falls out and gets shredded by the dog.
    My favorite cleaning tips, do a little every day, a load of laundry, clean a bathroom, always make sure the kitchen is spotless before bed. But my favorite tip, clean on Friday before the weekend. That way you have the entire weekend to relax and not do any work around the house.
    This year I am going to do a huge closet, books, house purge. I just need less stuff in my life.

    Have a wonderful trip, xo Elizabeth

    • Happy New Year, Elizabeth! A load of laundry a day is a great idea … even though it’s just two of us, waiting to do it weekly becomes such a chore. And on that note, I’m going to throw a load in! xoxo

  • Happy New Year! Thank you for all the inspiration offered in this post. I clean as needed but set aside a couple of hours one day a week to do “chores”. I make a short list each time. Bathrooms. Dust. Wipe down kitchen. Vacuum. Wood floors. That’s it. Week after week. In that order. Satisfying to this day to check each task off the list. Works for me.

    • Happy New Year! I have enjoyed your blog as well as reading everyone’s tips. Alas, I cannot stay on top of things in my house mostly because I am the only one doing things. I have read Patrick’s Laundry Love book and thought it was great. I think some decluttering followed by certain chores on certain days will be best for me. Good luck everyone!

      • Hi Dawn! Doing a little bit everyday is a great tip. If you loved Patric’s first book, you’ll really love this one. Your name’s in the drawing! xo

    • Hello Deanna … I love your approach. To take care of things as they come and then set aside time to do a more thorough once over weekly. It’s truly amazing how quickly we can get chores done, and you’re right … so satisfying. Good luck in the drawing! xo

  • Happy New Year and welcome back!This might be your most-commented on post ever. I love your blog and I enjoy the comments on your posts and learn from you readers too. I’m currently reading Atomic Habits and Minimalista is on my nightstand waiting to be my next read.
    My tip is to handle something as few times as possible. Don’t set the coffee cup on the counter above the dishwasher – put it in there! Don’t put folded laundry on the bed or bench at the foot of the bed – put it away. It really takes so little time, often just seconds, and it makes a big difference!

    • Hi Annemarie … you’re right, the comments are off the charts and full of great tips, including yours. Handling things once makes so much sense. How often am I guilty of moving something around many times when it would have been so much easier to just deal with it then and there. I’m going to keep this in mind next time I’m tempted to move something from one place to another. Your name’s in the hat! xo

  • Happy New Year! I always enjoy and look forward to your blog. To clean your cooktop grates run them through your dishwasher as usual and they come great, a housekeeper shared this tip with me.

    • Hi Diane! Wow, this is a great tip … and I didn’t know that could be done. What a game changer. I have to admit to being bad about cleaning up my range … but this would make it a lot easier. Thanks for the good idea … I’m entering your name in the hat! xo

  • Just discovered your blog by way of Shabbyfufu! So glad I took the detour. My go to cleaning tip is pretty simple-walk through your home as you head to bed and tidy up; fold the blankets you have been using all day, make sure the sink is empty and clean, start the dishwasher, plump the pillows, empty the smaller trash cans into the kitchen can, lay out my exercise clothes, and most importantly, have your morning beverage of choice supplies all set up and ready to go first thing. Coffee is my morning go to so I prepare the coffee pot (I am still a ground cup kinda gal), set out the coffee mugs, etc. Then all I have to do in the morning is turn it on, head out for my walk, and when I get back, my coffee is ready to go and my home looks together!

    • Hi Chris, and welcome! I love Janet and her beautiful blog … so glad you found your way here. There’s nothing better than waking up to a clean, organized and prepared home. Doing a little prep work at night – straightening up and organizing, makes for happy and productive days. You’re entered to win House Love! xo

  • Great post! My cleaning tips are pretty basic. We squeegee the shower and wipe down the sinks after every use, immediately sort the mail into keep v recycle, and pick up the clutter every night. Even having only 1500 sq ft to clean, those all-day, top-to-bottom cleaning jobs are too exhausting at our age! If something really big is on the horizon, we’ll call in a service.

    • Hi there Sarah, I love your get-it-done-now philosophy. I’m good with some things, but not others. Like the mail. Great tips and your name’s in the hat. Happy New Year! xo

  • Hello! Happy new year! My tip is to vacuum twice a week for a set battery percentage or period of time so you know it’ll be quick and the cleaning won’t be long!

    • Staying on top of vacuuming is everything … especially with pets in the house! And I love the idea of setting a timer … and when times’ up … done! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    I LOVE reading your posts!!! and will be purchasing all of the books you listed
    Cleaning Tip #1: Marry a wonderful man who loves to (obsessively) clean which has eventually inspired me to follow his lead ❤️
    Cleaning Tip #2: when our granddaughter, Rory started visiting as an infant, we stocked up on all of the essential baby products including DAPPLE BABY BOTTLE & DISH SOAP for baby bottles. I now use this for our wine glasses and thermal coffee tumblers that need to be hand washed
    That’s it from Knob Hill… hello and hugs to Jim!!!

    • Patty! What a fun surprise. And what great cleaning tips … especially the first one! You are entered to win Patric’s newest book, House Love. And, Jim’s working from home today and say hello and hugs back at you. xoxo

  • Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear your holidays collided with Covid. I hope everyone is on the mend, and you take things slowly but surely in the new year … you’ll be back up and running in no time. As for rentals, any party rental place will rent nearly everything for any size event. We tend to only think of this for big events like weddings, but you can easily rent tableware for a dinner party … from table clothes and napkins, to plates, chargers, flatware, silverware and serve ware … just about anything. And the real beauty of it is, it’s not terribly expensive and everything gets returned in bags and boxes to be cleaned up at the rental company. If you’re renting for a larger party things can be delivered, but if small, you can pick up and return. So easy and efficient and fun to experiment with different colors and patterns. A real game changer. xo

  • Hi Juliet! I am buying a copy of Organized Living and House Love for me and another for my daughter for her birthday. Shhhh!! Don’t tell! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love the book recommendations! I will check them out! And I feel most organized when I TOSS stuff out!

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