Casual Summer Wedding Guest Looks + More … It’s Weekend Meanderings

Happy weekend, friends!

I missed you last week.

And I’m excited to rejoin Elizabeth and Kim today for Weekend Meanderings.

Front porch bench and planting basket

About last weekend.

My sister and I came down with a dreadful case of food poisoning.

The culprit, we suspect, was a pork chop we shared.

It was the night before her daughter’s wedding.

Thankfully neither of us got sick until after the reception.

More about the wedding later.

Wedding Collage

Niece Sophie and Chad have graciously agreed to share their big day on the blog.

When the professional photos are back.

Like I did for Kyle and Melody’s wedding.


And, yes, the cake made it safely to the wedding.

Thank you for asking.

Let’s go …



Sophie and Chad’s wedding was our third this year. All three have been uniquely different and reflective of the couple’s personal comfort level and style.  From big and elaborate to small and intimate we’ve loved them all. The one thing they had in common, besides a significant pandemic delay, a great photographer. I remember my mom telling me that a wedding photographer is one of, if not the most, important decision a couple will make for their big day. But how to find the right one? This article gives some straightforward advice.

Sophie and Chad chose Taylor Brooke Photography.  Sophie had been following Taylor on Instagram for years and knew she was the one. I watched Taylor work throughout the day, amazed by her energy level and creativity. And it was a long day. Starting in the morning at the hotel capturing the bride and groom getting ready and ending late in the evening. The following day Taylor sent Sophie a few sneak peeks and I’m excited to share this one.


Bride and Groom

Taylor Brooke Photography



A month or so ago I asked your opinion on two dress options for Sophie’s wedding. You overwhelmingly selected this blue and white Anthro dress. It was a great choice.  It has a flattering fit, it’s lightweight and I felt really good in it. I changed up my shoes and bag from the original outfit collage. I loved both and they’ll make a repeat performance, with a different dress, at niece Megan’s wedding in August. A wedge heel is your best friend for outdoor events, and I was super comfortable all afternoon and evening.

Summer Wedding Guest Look

Earrings / Nail Polish /  Cocktail Ring / Anthro Dress / Bag / Shoes



To Jim’s horror he found that he no longer had a suitable (pun intended) summer suit. His days of wearing a suit and tie to work regularly have come and gone.  When he tried on his tan, summer suit it felt a bit outdated. So, he took himself to Nordstrom Walnut Creek to see Joseph, who has been helping him for years. He found this Canali wool/silk/linen blend suit. Canali is a favorite brand of Jim’s and this suit is going to be perfect for other summer events, including niece Megan’s wedding in August. He wore this blue Canali suit to Kyle’s wedding, which I shared here. Jim was thrilled he didn’t have to wear a tie to Sophie’s wedding. Jim, if you’re reading this, at Megan’s wedding you won’t get away with that. I love the lightweight fabric and beige color and it was ideal for the very warm wedding day. When the suit went for tailoring Jim had the last button on each sleeve removed and a vent with a functional button added. And he had the button hole stitched with a contrasting light blue thread. He says the last button on the jacket sleeve should always be left undone. He wanted to wear a blue shirt, but I begged asked him to wear a white one. I think a blue shirt feels more businessy … he disagreed but went along with me. This time.

Men's Wedding Look Collage

Shirt / Pocket Square / Canali Suit / Belt / Shoes



Back in March I put together wedding guest survival bags for our friends and family coming from out of town to attend Kyle and Melody’s wedding. In Sophie and Chad’s bag I included baby food for their 8-month old daughter, Haddie. Just in case. Turns out they needed it. Auntie’s know things. She posted this funny story on Instagram the next day.

Wedding Guest Survival Bag

Sophie asked me to make wedding guest survival bags for her wedding too. These are not pretty little dainty welcome bags. These are serious, substantial goodie bags to help out-of-town guests make it through a wedding weekend without panicked trips across an unfamiliar town for snacks, water, and other necessities. Most hotels – including the good ones –  have eliminated their mini bars, and provide little, if any, bottled water. What’s a parched and hungry wedding guest to do? Here’s how I put together our wedding guest survival bags:

I ordered these 12 x 12, burlap tote bags. And labeled them with cute chalkboard style tags using a white chalk markers. In the bottom of each bag, I crumbled sheets of tissue paper topped with crinkled paper. Then I added the survival essentials. Large bottles of water, cans of Sofia Brut Rose, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes, individual packets of pain reliever, IV Hydration Multiplier packs, ear plugs, travel size mouth wash, gum, SkinnyPop, Goldfish crackers, Kind Bars – full size and minis, a large bag of Trail Mix, raisins – plain, yogurt and chocolate covered, jumbo chocolate bars, individual packets of nuts and trail mixes, Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups (by the bride’s request!) … and more. Is this TMI … probably so. I’m nothing if not thorough.



I purchased all the contents at Target, Whole Foods, and our local Diablo Foods. And for guests with children, I included kid favorites like animal crackers, fruit rollups, cereal bars, and baby food. Finally, I added disposable cups and straws zipped into a baggie. We all know NEVER to use the drinking glasses provided in  hotel rooms (they don’t properly clean them).

Here’s Chad’s Aunt with her bag.

Woman with Wedding Guest Gift Bag

A few additional things I should have included … band aids or liquid band aids (these saved me at Kyle’s wedding), and a fruit like apples, oranges, or bananas.



A few days ago, I stopped at Target to make a return and took a stroll through the clothing aisles. As one does. After an in-store try on sesh (yes, my dressing room selfie skills need improvement) these are the pieces that came home with me. Target’s summer blouses and t-shirts are a great deal … I’ve raved about their t-shirts many times.  And I really like these Universal Thread jeans.

Target Try On Collage


I’m particularly thrilled with this blue and white stripe dress. $29! There are quite a few blue and white dresses in my closet. Surprise. Some cost 10x what this one did … but you’d never know the difference.

Blue and White Dress Collage


They still have the blue eyelet blouse I bought a few weeks ago. I noticed a lot of you loved it.


So there you have it, five fun things from my week.

Now let’s see what Elizabeth and Kim are sharing.





Back to weddings.

Sophie and Chad’s wedding evening was perfect, and I can’t wait to share all the details.

In the meantime, I created a short video.

If you haven’t already seen it, you can view it here.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Bride and Family smoking cigars

Cheers from Snowberry!



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  • Hi Juliet,
    We met our daughter for drinks in Cherry Creek last night and I just kept saying, My blog friend Juliet suggested this….” etc about weddings! We have an engagement and our daughter is freaking out that 2023 is booked out. Looking at Fridays as an option. I met Katie (Melinda) in Dallas and while were at lunch she’s like Juliet just messaged me about something! She is a delight.
    Love all the guest gift bag ideas. Need to create a wedding board! Happy Saturday! xo laura in Colorado.

    • Hi Laura … you know, having a wedding on a non-Saturday is a great idea. So many more options available, and hopefully a tad less expensive. Sophie’s wedding was on a Thursday and it worked beautifully. So exciting for you and your daughter. Speaking of excited … you met our Preppy Empty Nester! And you two could be sista’s! How much fun is that?! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

  • Your blog posts are always so much fun! I’m so glad you and your sister did not get sick until after the wedding. Just had food poisoning a few weeks ago and it is ROUGH. Look forward to hearing more about the wedding soon. And thanks for the recommendation on Kym’s podcast. I’m planning to listen on my walk today but I’m already enjoying some of her old blog posts this morning. So insightful! Have a good day!

    • Hi Kelly … Kym is a delight and she should liven up your walk. So sorry about your bough with food poisoning. Oof. Just dreadful. Hope you have a great weekend! xo

  • Thanks for the tip on that cute Target dress! Ordered in orange and hope it fits! Sorry to hear about the food poisoning.

  • Yay! I am so honored that Uncle Jim bought a new suit for my wedding I have to agree with you on the white shirt. He looked great, I am unbuttoned suit with no tie.
    I loved your dress too, those shoes are adorable.
    Again, you saved our asses with those survival bags. And the best part is we’re still snacking on the leftovers!!

    • What a great day … I can’t believe it’s been over a week. We were still talking about it on our walk this morning. Such a beautiful day and memories to last a lifetime! Thanks for letting me share. xo

  • The survival bags were great. I was able to keep Mae happy by handing out treats as we all got ready before the ceremony. Your dress was perfect! No pork chops for us. Ever again!

  • I always love your Saturday posts! That blue dress from Anthropologie is so pretty. I just might have to get one for myself! We do share a love of blue!

    • Hi Molly! Thank you so much. You should get the Anthro dress … its so comfortable and flattering. You’d look amazing. I’m so excited for your new blog … woo hoo! xo

  • What a spectacular wedding! That table view is stunning! The bride and grooms picture was so darling! Survival bags are a must! Your the best Auntie!!! Beautiful blog post Juliet!

  • Great post! So many useful ideas and I LOVE that you are THOROUGH! Your tip about plastic glasses and straws in the guests’ wedding survival bags is genius, wish I’d thought of it. I’m still very grateful for your many ideas that helped us with our beautiful family wedding two weeks ago.

    • Hi Ellie … I’m so happy to hear it! What an amazing time for your and your family. I hope you enjoyed every second of it! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    My daughter is getting married May 2023 so I am lapping up all of your insider wedding tips!
    Am especially intrigued with your brilliant guest goodie bag idea for out of town guests. Can you tell me how you distributed them?

    Also – I love the blue Anthro dress which I also purchased; planning on wearing it to daughter’s engagement party early October. It’s so comfy!!

    Great posts, keep them coming!

    • Hi Lori … Congratulations of these big events in your family! So, for the guest bags … I either gave them directly to the guest or left them with the hotel and asked them to give to the guest upon check in. They were not great about it, so I text the guests too and let them know there was a bag at the front desk to pick up at check in. And … to ask for it!!! You could also arrange with the hotel (if your group is large enough) for them to place the bags in the guests rooms ahead of time. With hotels being short staffed I’m not sure they would do this … but if you’re event has booked a large block they might. You’ll love the Anthro dress … its so comfortable and flattering and perfect for spring, summer or fall. Excited for you … and more wedding content to come! xo

  • Such thoughtful guest bags!! Fiji water is a fave splurge of mine! Jim’s new suit is great!

  • Juliet,
    So enjoyed this post and seeing more of your beautiful nieces’ wedding. Wow you are the auntie. The goodie bags are very smart and thoughtful. I have been at many a wedding and dying late at night after the reception and would have done anything for that bag! I also think the burlap bags would be nice to have on hand for gifts all year. I love the blue dress! You are so good in blue and Jim’s suit looks sharp. Love the detail about the cuffs. Max needs something like this too. I believe his nice suit is gathering dust these last two years.. I wonder if we are ever going to get out and use it?

    I just bookmarked this podcast! It looks great.. And now I ask what length are these jeans? They look like the perfect wash and rise. Love the marking on them too. What size did you get in the blouse?? LOVE the blue dress on you.. You look amazing in dresses.
    Darling little wedding video. That looks like a romantic spot and what a lovely wedding party! I so agree my biggest mistake was my ‘affordable’ photographer at my wedding. You do not want to cheap out on that part.
    I’m really glad you and your sister are better. It wasn’t the same without you last week!! xo

    • Kim … you’re always so sweet. Thank you. I bought a 4/27 regular in the jeans. I’m slightly over 5’4″ and they are perfect fit in length. And only $19.00. And marked with ‘fair trade certified’ factory label. Thrilled with them. I bought small in both blouses (probably could have gone XS but they didn’t have in the store) and an SX in the dress. I’ll still have to have the straps taken in about 1/2″ but for the price and quality well worth it. Hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead! xo

  • So lovely to hear all the details and be treated to your meanderings. You even make the fitting rooms at target an elegant affair!

    • Haha, Trish … thank you! I can assure you there was nothing elegant about my try on session. That said, I adore all the well-priced summer clothes I scored that day. Thanks for stopping by! xo

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