Gardens Galore + More on Weekend Meanderings

Today on Weekend Meanderings, what I wore to a summer garden party soiree, an al fresco tabletop collaboration that will take your breath away, and a raised bed garden update.

Happy weekend, friends!

It’s Saturday and I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

Our weekly roundup of inspiration and goings on.

Yesterday I visited Ruth Burbank Garden & Nursery for the very first time.

But that’s a post for another day.

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Ruth's Folly at Ruth Bancroft Garden

Ruth’s Folly at Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery

My boyfriend, Mick, turned 80.

You may have heard of him.

Mick Jagger 80th Birthday Photo.

Mick Jagger

A couple of books arrived that I’d pre-ordered it seems like forever ago.

Two books sitting on counter alongside artwork and a plant.

Brothers and Sisters | History Reinterpreted

This summer I’ve made a point to slow down and better enjoy and appreciate our home.

More time with good books and magazines … and an iced tea … on the patio.

More time in the kitchen making new recipes and old favorites.

Clearing my calendar of unnecessary appointments and consolidating errands into one or two mornings a week.

And enjoying more uninterrupted time at home.

In the last fews years I feel like my schedule has been the boss of me.

But no more.


Last weekend Jim and I attended a lovely soiree in the garden of our favorite Contessa to celebrate her 63rd birthday! Guests were instructed to dress in the party’s green, yellow and orange color scheme. And everyone complied. It was a very warm summer night … and Contessa’s garden was enchanting. You can read all about her spectacular party at The Vintage Contessa Blog here. And watch my party highlights video here.

People sitting around long table at garden party.

Kim and her husband, Max, were also there. How fun to finally meet Max! Jim appreciated the opportunity to commiserate with him over the trials and tribulations of being a famous blogger’s hopelessly inadequate in-house photographer. Kidding.

I was also excited to meet Trish from Cottage By Design who made these wonderful heart shaped pillows for me last year. All my grandnieces received one. She’s also the maker of the beautiful Contessa Caftan!

Trish of Cottage by Design.

Just look at this guest book situation!

There were so many wonderful and interesting people at the party from all stages of Contessa’s life. A few snaps of the garden party setting.

Contessa said absolutely no gifts, but a girl can’t arrive empty handed so I brought this Limoncello candle from Hood Canal Candle Company. Contessa’s husband, the Italian, makes his own Limoncello … and described the process in detail to a riveted Jim. We enjoyed a tiny glass of his brew alongside Contessa’s absolutely scrumptious birthday cake.


As already mentioned, Contessa asked her guests to dress in the party color palette … green, yellow and orange … or any combination. For women, caftans … and for men boutonnieres. Taking creative license, of course. I fell in love with this caftan-esque dress from Anthropology. And paired it with earrings, wedge espadrilles and bag already in my closet.

Green and white Anthro dress collage.

Tunic Dress | Earrings | Bag | Wedge Espadrille

Jim wore a green linen twill shirt by Eton (similar shirt here and here), his sand colored pants from Peter Millar and Common Projects nubuck sneakers. He got into the spirit of the party by donning a giant, orange clip-on flower.


Speaking of summer soirees, have you seen the Ulla Johnson x Cabana Magazine tabletop capsule collaboration, High Summer? It’s reminiscent of Contessa’s garden party entertaining style. Swoon.

Ulla Johnson x Cabana tabletop.

Images via Ulla Johnson x Cabana Magazine

I love Ulla Johnson’s bohemian style dresses. And her first foray into home with this tabletop capsule is in keeping with that style. And it’s fabulous. I mean … seriously fabulous. Like her dresses, it will set you back a pretty penny … but to look costs nothing. Let’s taken in these beautiful earth toned florals and flourishes.

The collection’s Murano glass tumbler is stunning. I’m tempted to change up our outdoor tabletop to burnt orange and mustard yellow. And I’m not even fond of those colors. At least I thought so, until now.

It’s a summer alfresco dining fantasy.



This week in our raised bed garden I snipped a few flowers to make a small bouquet. Last week I shared everything we planted in the garden.

Flowers just picked from the garden.

Today I plan to harvest lettuces for our first fresh-from-the-garden salad.

This week Homestead Design Collective dropped off our back-ordered arched trellis’. They’re sitting in the driveway and will hopefully be installed in the next couple of weeks.

Wire garden arched trellis laying in driveway.

While we’re talking gardens, I pre-ordered Claus Dalby’s upcoming book, The Cottage Garden. The book will be released September 5th … which is next month! Wow … summer is flying by.

The Cottage Garden book cover.

The Cottage Garden

In other news ~

These joggers from Old Navy were an impulse purchase this week. I’m always on the lookout for good dog walking pants … which means comfortable but somewhat polished and pulled together should I run into anyone I know on the trail. As with all my form fitting workout wear, I size up. In this case to a medium.

Woman in garden wearing gray joggers from Old Navy.

Joggers | Tank | Birks

Don’t miss this luscious blueberry swirl bundt cake recipe that Elizabeth shared earlier in the week.

Pinecones and Acorns blueberry swirl bundt cake.

Last week I mentioned ordering L’Oreal’s Lumi Glotion. It arrived at the beginning of the week and it’s totally amazing. I ordered the medium shade. I’ve been adding a small amount to my moisturizer/SPF combo for a nice, blurry glow.

Skincare products on bathroom counter.

Glotion | Moisturizer + SPF | CE Ferulic | Face Wash

Kim and I went Live on Instagram last week … you can watch our chat on Kim’s Instagram here. We talked about the Contessa’s garden party, the miracle of the L’Oreal’s Glotion, and summer shorts. Kim said she’s not much of a shorts person but has been wearing shorts a lot this summer. I have too. Lounging around the house in an old pair of white G1 Paper Twill shorts and a khaki trouser-style pair I bought at a consignment shop a few weeks ago. When I need to look a little more presentable, these J.Crew Bermuda’s are favorites. I have them in white and honey brown. And these twill trouser shorts that I took on our trip to Italy. I just bought these linen blend baggy shorts at Target … in black and white.

Instagram Live cover photo.

Current favorites ~


And that’s what I have for you this week.

Let’s see what’s inspiring Kim and Elizabeth …



If you missed my last post, you can catch up here.

You’ll find all my weekend roundup posts collected here.

You can also follow along on Instagram and Pinterest.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Woman standing on beach under pier.

Cheers from Snowberry!


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  • Good morning Juliet,
    The Contessas’ birthday dinner looked beautiful. Such a magical setting filled with family and friends. Her garden is an inspiration and a labor of love. That dress looks fabulous on you! I love it. How wonderful to get together with all of these interesting people to celebrate Elizabeth and her amazing zest for life and spirit.
    Your cottage garden is doing amazing! It seems as if you just planted it and already you are harvesting lettuce and flowers. Flowers are always beautiful in the house but so much more special if you grow them yourself. Looking forward to seeing your trellis! It is going to look amazing with climbing vines.
    I think I am going to throw in the towel on my gardening this year, the squirrels ate my last 2, and only, tomatoes and the deer came back and at the sweet potatoes and white potatoes. The incessant heat and no rain are taking a toll on my wildflower meadow so it is looking a little haggard. I will have to regroup and plan for next year.
    I ordered the Claus Dalby book too! I cannot wait to get it. Hopefully I will learn something to help.
    Ulla Johnson dresses are fabulous and this table setting even more so. I am not drawn to those colors naturally but WOW, such a beautiful setting, especially for Fall.
    Thank you for sharing my blueberry bundt cake! It is an easy and delicious recipe to make if you don’t mind turning on your oven during this heat wave.
    Off to check out the L’Orel glotion, I have not heard about it and with such glowing reviews I need some.
    Have a wonderful weekend Juliet. Enjoy every beautiful day. Your new philosophy is one I practice as well. Time goes to fast and I want to savor it doing things I love like reading on the porch or sitting by the pool.

    • Good morning, Elizabeth! Such a shame about your garden critters … we’re having an invasion of voles and have lost numerous plants so far. They went the roots and then the plant dies slowly. We just pulled out two rose trees today … zero roots. Ugh. As for our raised garden beds, they have wire underneath so no tunneling creatures can find their way in. And our backyard is fenced so no dear. The squirrels, surprisingly, stick to the trees and don’t bother our garden. Thank heavens. Enjoy your weekend, and I hope it cools off very soon. xo

  • Juliet loved seeing you and having the guys meet at Contessa’s bash. Wasn’t that a magical night? I didn’t want it to end, it went too fast. The limoncello candle certainly was spot on… and even the wrap!
    Ulla Johnson is one of my favorites. The glasses are Murano and SO gorgeous. I might have to murder someone if they dropped one at that price. I also love the plates that look like Ginori and a little less pricey. How pretty for fall!! DO you have any of her dresses? I only have a blouse, but love it.
    Your garden is gorgeous and nothing better than cutting your own flowers. I need a garden person! So far it’s dry here and we have four baby tomatoes…but they tasted good.
    I use the same C serum and I have to get a new tube of the Glotion! Yay for shorts.
    Enjoy the downtime Juliet. As I said in my Instagram post last week, I am trying my best to slow down not rush through life and enjoy the little things, especially in summer which is so fleeting. xo

    • Kim! Yes, it was a magical evening … so glad we were both able to be there to soak in all the fabulousness. I do have one – just one – Ulla Johnson dress that I treasure. I’m so jealous that you’re harvesting tomatoes … ours are lagging. But I’m taking tips from your dad and hope we’ll be enjoying them soon. Thanks goodness for the Farmer’s market. As for enjoying a slower pace, I’m headed out to the patio – wearing a pair of shorts – to do just that. Hope you’re doing the same! xo

  • Thanks Juliet for a lovely post. So nice to see Jim !! I too have decided to do less and have a break this summer as it’s been a life changing one so far ( my dearest eldest brother died in May of prostrate cancer ) and then we travelled in June. The other day l drove up the coast in California and just moseyed along going to local towns and places and stores l liked and it was wonderful freeing. To take time to wander.
    Highly recommend taking a day out !
    Happy summer 🙂

    • Francesca, I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. So sad. A trip up the coast sounds like the perfect way to heal and reflect. We have so many wonderful places to visit and enjoy nearby … how lucky we are. A day … or weekend road trip is definitely something Jim and I need to plan. And soon. Wishing you the best weekend. xo

  • Lovely post, Juliet. I always look forward to reading yours and Kim’s Saturday Meanderings. The Instagram Live between you two last week was great. I especially loved hearing about your discussion regarding making time to have neighbors over for a simple meal or just a spritzer. I hear you, it can be uncomfortable to invite neighbors over that most of the time we never see. Seems like some neighbors are only seen getting into their cars and driving off to work! We can be too hard on ourselves trying to make everything perfect. Your veg garden and flowers are look luscious. Glad to hear that you are spending time to slow down and enjoy your beautiful home . To sit and read or putter in garden are those simple pleasures I love too. Usually with a Cuppa. Glad you mentioned the Glow lotion, and it is sitting in my cart now. Btw, please try to catch the Barbie movie, bc I think you will enjoy it. This is coming from a 72 yr old! I went with my daughter and we laughed and cried because it is so good and it’s layered with meaning. Cheers to another warm weekend! Xo

    • Hi Karen, thank you so much for your lovely and thoughtful comment. You’re so right about having people over, letting go of perfection … we put too much pressure on ourselves. I think you’ll like the glotion … a new essential part of my morning routine since I rarely put on makeup. I’m definitely going to see the Barbie movie … when it’s streaming which I think will be soon. Wish I knew where my Barbie’s ended up. I don’t think they were ever a thing with me nieces, but I’m going to ask them if they have any Barbie memories. It’s a beautiful weekend and I hope you’re enjoying time in your garden … I’m heading out there now! xo

  • You look like a 25-year-old in those joggers, Juliet!
    You’ve inspired me to start a summer garden (or I’m inspired to ask Howard to start one 🙂

  • Hi Juliet
    It was so great meeting you at the party last weekend! I’ve followed you and your Snowberry reno and loved watching how it all turned out so beautifully. Your dress was one of my fave outfits of the guests on Saturday and I loved the earrings too!
    Thanks for including the links for shirts similar to Jim’s. I love a button down linen shirt and the Banana one I thought was a good price.
    I need to catch up on reading your last blog post on the gardening. We have been in our new house for a year and we started a small veggie garden. We’ve had good luck with the tomatoes so far but it is a lot of trial and error!
    Wow the Ulla Johnson plates and the Murano glasses are so gorgeous. I tend to gravitate toward green and yellow but I love the colors and it reminds me of Fall.
    I always enjoy reading your posts and Kim’s as well – I didn’t catch your live but will check that out.
    Can’t wait to see your arch trellis installed – I have been looking for some for our garden as well to give some structure and another excuse to buy more roses!
    Have a great week!

    • Michele … I loved meeting you too. And what a fun and special evening! You’re right, the ULLA JOHNSON x Cabana colors are very fall … and I’m loving them. I’m excited to see our trellis’ installed … I do love a garden structure. How are your roses doing? Ours aren’t thriving at all … and I think it’s something to do with the little micro climate we’re in. So sad. But the veggie and cut flower patch is making up for it. Thanks for being here! xoxo

  • Hi Juliet,
    It’s nice to hear that you are reevaluating how you spend your time. You have a beautiful home and garden and both have been missing your presence.
    It was great to see more pics of Elizabeth’s 63rd birthday garden . A party you will never forget. She must have been “overjoyed” by all the support and love from family and friends. I have no doubt you added so much to her celebration.
    How exciting you made your first salad yesterday. The small bouquet of flowers are sweet. Nothing replaces home grown flowers in your home, They hold special meaning.
    The trellis will be a beautiful addition to your garden. I’m sure you may have a few ideas what you want to plant growing up and around them. We had three in our previous homes in Scottsdale, and Sedona and they add so much beauty to your garden. In Scottsdale we planted a lilac vine
    that was green all year long even in our summer intense heat. The flowers were short lived, the trellis was gorgeous when they were in bloom. It’s so much fun watching your garden grow .

  • Juliet! I loved seeing more of the photos from Elizabeth’s birthday soiree! I should have known she would think of everything, including what the guests wore! What you and Jim wore was absolutely perfect! What an event!

  • Hi, I’m Juliet … welcome to Make Mine a Spritzer where we talk about all things home décor, classic style and more! I’m so happy you’re here!

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