Odds and Ends this Easter Weekend

Today on Weekend Meanderings a sweet sneaker collaboration, oatmeal muffins for breakfast, a fun way to display photos and a few new books I’m excited about.

Happy Weekend Friends!

It’s time for the weekend post with Kim and Elizabeth.

Our weekly roundup of inspiration and goings on.

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Gravel path surrounded by garden plants and bird bath fountain at end of path.

It’s been a crazy busy week around here.

Our re-landscaping project is underway.

I’m a little irked to be landscaping for the second time in less than four years.

Irritating as it is, it must be done.

By the way, the photo above is our front path three years ago.

If I showed you what it looks like now you’d faint.

Can you believe it’s Easter weekend?

I hope you have a fun plans with family and friends.

And the joy of watching littles hunting for eggs.

Two little girls wearing Easter dresses sitting on lawn in front of tulips.

This is favorite picture of my older nieces, Sam and Soph, on Easter many moons ago.

Sitting in front of the best tulips I’ve ever grown.

They came back year after year after year.

I haven’t had the same luck since.

If you have tulip tips, please share.


Earlier this week I got together with a few blogging friends to style our favorite sneakers. Mine are Adidas Superstars and I wear them with … everything.

Collage of women modeling sneakers.

If you missed the post, you can catch up here. And be sure to follow the links to all my friends who have some really fun styling ideas.


Several readers commented that Ked’s are their favorite sneaker. They’re a classic and I’ve owned my fair share. That said, I can’t keep them clean or master the art of the machine wash (I turn them yellow). You’re more skilled than me so I’d better mention the new Keds x Magnolia Bakery collaboration. Magnolia Bakery in New York, made famous on Sex and the City, not the Chip and Joanna Gaines, Magnolia. Anyway, the collab produced three Ked pastel confections ideal for spring and summer.

The Mixed Glitter Lace-Up …with “Carrie Cupcake” removable charm.

The Triple Decker Pink Flowers Slip On … this one has a platform. I likie, as Carrie would say.

The Triple Up Piping … also with platform, removable “Carrie Cupcake’ charm and my personal favorite



I’m in an era of use-up-what’s-in-the-pantry – and freezer. Things back up or I forget about them in the far reaches of the cupboards. For some reason I have a plethora of oats. So I baked Oatmeal Muffins using a recipe from the Preppy Kitchen – with a few modifications. They’ve been my breakfast all week. Yum. Who doesn’t love muffins in the morning?

My modifications were based on preference AND not having a particular ingredient on hand.

  1. This is a habit I picked up from Jane Brody in the 80’s, and that is to substitute half the all-purpose flour for whole wheat flour in muffins and quick breads. In this case, because the muffins are already packed with oats, I used a 3/4 all-purpose, 1/4 whole wheat ratio. You might find the results a little dry, but I’m used to it and it makes me feel healthier. Please don’t disabuse me of this notion.
  2. Because I like them, I added raisins. About a half cup. A mix of golden raisins (to finish up a box) and regular.
  3. I was out of milk. What? How can a morning cocoa drinker be out of milk? But, I had cream in the fridge so I used that and thinned it with water. About half cream and half water.



A couple of months ago I saw an idea on Lidey Heuck’s Instagram page. An idea she got from her mother-in-law. Lidey, the Barefoot Contessa’s protege, just published her first cookbook which I shared last week after making her delicious Banana Cake with Chocolate Frosting. This week I made her Sausage & White Bean Soup with Swiss Chard. So good!

Cooking in Real Life book cover.

Cooking in Real Life

So the idea is to fill a big bowl with photos  – actual, printed photographs – and placing it out where it can be seen and be enjoyed by all. It’s much less effort than putting together a photo album (does anyone still do that?) and offers you, friends and family the pleasure of picking up and looking at a real live, non-digital photos. Imagine that. It’s simple to upload images for print at a local pharmacy, Shutterfly and so many similar services. You can even order photo stock to print at home. I’m going to start printing photos more often.

I didn’t spend a lot of time going through my photos and more curation is needed. But I love the idea so much and I thought you might too. In fact, wouldn’t it be fun to have something like this out on display for family gatherings … like this Easter weekend! Maybe photos from the past year or two so for family and friends to enjoy. Or maybe older family photos from when the kids were growing up, or further back to vintage photos and family history … a walk down memory lane. It could also be an interesting way to contain and display holiday cards. Scour your cupboards for a large bowl with a wide, flat bottom.



We’ve been watching a house in our neighborhood undergo a complete transformation over the past couple of years. Last weekend the house finally hit the market and we made a mad dash for the open house. I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but I get the important one … the poolside cabana. This is living.

Poolside cabana at house for sale in Lafayette, California.

The cabana is part of a garage structure on the far side of the pool. On the other side is a one-bedroom guest house and the main house is across a creek on the hill. I love the little bar situation in the guest house kitchenette. Let this be a lesson to us all to paint the undersides of our cupboards.

You can see the full house tour at the listing site here.



Periodically I share a run down of books I have on pre-order. I know you’re fascinated. And I was alarmed to see that my list is down to just two books.

The Paris Novel, by Ruth Reichl is arriving April 23 (that’s next month!) and I’m super excited for this one.

A Happier Life, the latest from Design Chic blogger Kirsty Woodson Harvey is coming June 25, just in time for summer vacations.

The Paris Novel | A Happier Life


Since my queue is so sparse, there’s only one thing to do … pre-order more books.

Forever Beautiful by Mark D. Sides, the third in his Beautiful series and you know it’s going to be … beautiful. September 3 is the release date which seems forever away but time flies.

Artful Home by Josh Young, his first book! Remember a couple of weeks ago I set my dining table with books? Well, the inspiration came from Josh Young. You better believe I knocked over chairs running through the house to my laptop to pre-order. We have to wait until September 3 for this one too. Sigh.

Forever Beautiful | Artful Home

Odds & Socks ~

Another reminder that tickets for the annual Lafayette Juniors Lifestyle Tour – Saturday, May 4th – are on sale now. I got a tip off about a couple of the homes on this year’s tour and they are NOT to be missed!

I just ordered these sunny summer sandals … say that three times fast!

Traveling for Spring break? You’ll appreciate these travel-light packing tips.

If this isn’t the most gorgeous salmon platter ever I don’t know what is … just in time for Easter weekend!

Summer is coming … get prepared with this spring garden checklist.

Current Favorites ~


Divider graphic.

And that’s what I have for you today.

Let’s visit Kim and Elizabeth to see what’s inspiring them.



Divider graphic.

If you missed last weekend’s post, you can catch up here.

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Happy Easter weekend from Snowberry!

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  • Good morning Juliet! Happy Easter. Love the photo of your nieces.
    Sorry, no tips for tulips, have not had any luck with them.
    I feel your pain my friend about re-landscaping, we are doing the same with several shrubs and plants. Some were eaten by the deer and some got root rot. Let’s hope we have better luck my friend with round 2!
    Loved you sneaker post, all 5 of you ladies had fabulous ideas on how to style shoes.
    Great minds think alike! I have pre-order the same books and am awaiting their arrival! I cannot wait, although I am running out of room for all of these books.
    My mom has a bowl of photos out and has had one for years, it is a trip down memory lane each time we visit. She also does a weekly photo trip in our family text group and shares 10 photos of us and various trips, events, and adventures. We love it.
    Have a wonderful weekend Juliet! Have a blessed Easter.
    xo Elizabeth
    P.S love the muffins. Tomorrow will be my first cocoa in 40 days! I gave it up for Lent.

    • Elizabeth, trying to balance nature with our landscape is a continual challenge. As for deer, aside from fencing I don’t think there’s much that can be done. We did a low fence around our entire front yard so deer aren’t a problem, but all the smaller creatures are! Sigh. We enjoy seeing the squirrels and birds frolic around … but those darned voles and gophers. I’m sure they’re watching all the activity here chuckling at us. Happy Easter! xo

    • Ha! Hope you like them, excited for one to arrive … I think they’ll be a spring/summer staple. Happy Easter! xo

  • Happy Easter weekend, Juliet! Yes, I feel your pain about re-landscaping. We are doing that in our backyard. Climate change has created problems with many of our trees. Love the idea to throw some old photos into a large bowl. Instant memories at a glance! I have noticed your blog has changed format. The type/ font is very different. Enjoy a cozy day inside with all this rain drizzle.

    • Karen, you’re right, the change in climate has been so hard on our landscapes. Particularly trees. Making them more susceptible to disease and other things. It’s sad. Yes, my blog got a refresh a short while ago. Hope you like it! Happy Easter! xo

  • Hi Juliet —
    I believe the most common mistake people make with tulips (and other bulbs like daffodils) is “cleaning up” after they bloom. Have you seen people bundle and rubber band the foliage? That is the wrong way to go! You need to just let the foliage die back and turn brown naturally. That feeds the bulbs for next year. My husband thinks it’s unsightly but oh well! Ideally something else, like a bushy ground cover like candytuft, should grow up and hide it a bit. Sometimes a bit of neglect in the garden is a good thing! That way, your bulbs will multiply and look better in subsequent years, even if you lose a few to foraging squirrels.
    Hope that helps!

    • Hi Julie, I used to be guilty of the trying up of tulip leaves. Oof. Live and learn. Thanks for the tip! xo

  • Happy Easter Juliet! Our garden is getting a real soaking from all the rain in California and it’s looking so green and lush! I bought those Borg sandals you recommended they look so me. Have a beautiful Easter !

    • Hi Francesca, hope you love the sandals. They’re perfect for nearly any outfit and I think they’ll be a spring/summer staple. The rain sure has created a beautiful spring landscape. We were walking on the trail this morning and even the weeds look lush and beautiful! xo

  • Here’s one to add to your pre-order list: Diane Keaton has a new book called Fashion First coming out in September!

  • HI Juliet!
    Love all your cute shoe recommendations! Those sneakers are fun. The bowl of photos is a great idea. I remember seeing that in Mary Emmerling’s house. Do you have any of her books? it’s a 90’s thing, but she loved a good wooden bowl too… and what great way to appreciate photos!

    That house is interesting the way they have the pool and all laid out. Like a compound!
    I am excited for the Mark Sikes book and the Ruth Reichl one.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Oh your tulips were beautiful! I have no luck with them. Was this in Orinda?

  • Hi Juliet — I thought we could be best friends because we both love Jane Brody. Alas, now I learn that you put raisins in your muffins. The dreaded yellow raisins no less. That could be a game changer for me. It has been nice knowing you!

    Kidding! Not about the raisins. I always subsitute dried cranberries. I find that either you love or you hate raisins. I am the latter.

    I do love the idea of the photo bowl! So fun to pick them up and peruse!

    Happy Easter, my still-friend!

  • Sorry ladies but my favorite shoes are Sketchers. They come in all different styles (even clog styles) and I have 7 pairs, every color and style. By the way our septic blew on on Wednesday,talk about an inconvenience. It wont be fixed until Monday. Yuck Yuck Yuck
    Sorry about your landscaping problem, but you have a beautiful home

  • Hi Juliet,
    Loved seeing the pics of your beautiful nieces taken many years ago. Those Tulips are gorgeous, I’ve never seen anything like them.
    Oh my goodness, sorry to hear about another go around with your front landscaping. That is something you never planned for. When you get over the first surprise of something like this I think reality sets in and you move forward. I wish you and Jim the best of luck in moving forward with your project. I’m sure it will turn out lovely.
    I’ve seen the pics put in a bowl on the coffee table so friends can go through them. I think this is a fabulous idea.
    Love the pic of YOU in your Super Star sneaks and jeans. You look like a teenager.
    Wishing you and Jim a blessed Easter.

  • Hi Juliet, I’m gonna have to make your oatmeal muffins. I went and bought another container of oatmeal without checking in the back and came home and Had one! I love raisins too, so I’ll make sure they have plenty in them. For some reason, I always think that makes them healthier. I had pretty good tulips in Danville, but I’ve had no luck at all down here in San Diego, the gophers eat them like hors d’oeuvres!! Have a wonderful Easter!

  • The sneakers post is a game changer. My friends and I, we are of a “certain age”, we’re looking for ways to be chic in sneaks. I have kept a large bowl of photos beneath our glass coffee table for eons. People gravitate to it. Family loves the trips down memory lane. Our grans have seen so few actual photographs in their lives so they love seeing their parents during childhood and their mother shares the who, when and where. Great ideas. Thank you.

  • Happy EasterJuliet!
    You always make me laugh, you have a clever way with words.
    Yum I love a good muffin, gluten free for me but usually no problem to substitute he flour when I bake.
    Some great book recommendations too, thanks.
    Xo Heidi

  • Hi Juliet,

    Re. tulips re-blooming: it is all in the specific tulip’s lineage. You must look for ones that specifically say it re-blooms well. Most are hybridized to be spectacular this year, but weaken and die out quickly in subsequent years (our local botanical garden digs up the tulips each year and sells them at a low price…).

    Thank you for the oatmeal muffin suggestion! I have given up on oatmeal as a breakfast item bc neither my husband nor I can figure out how to make it taste GOOD ;-} despite appreciating its cholesterol-lowering benefits. I will make myself feel better with oatmeal muffins!

    Re. the renovated home near you: already listed as “pending”, whether it “sticks” or not! Lovely styling (except for the nonsensical stone facing material of the entry portico, presumably to go with the interior mantel).

    The photo bowl is a great idea for family/friend visits!
    Will def. check out Lidey Heuck’s new book!

  • Hi Juliet, I’m so sorry to hear that you have to re-landscape. I’m curious to know what plants didn’t make it? I’m in the same area and have a lot of similar plants to your old garden, many of them planted last year. I guess I’m trying to brace myself so I know what might not make it. Was it the weather or the pests? We have a lot of voles in my neighborhood too (but no deer). We have these solar powered devices that make a high pitched sound that have been keeping them mostly out of our yard / grass. Though something definitely dug up and ate several of my tulip bulbs, and I swear something has been chomping at one particular boxwood.

    Your garden is one of my favorites, and I’m sure it will be lovely when your new planting is in place!

    • Hi Sarah, most of our plants died or were eaten, and very few thrived prior to that. The most disappointing was roses. The rose trees in back didn’t get enough sun, the rose bushes in front maybe got too much. We’d grown the same roses in the tree and bush form in Walnut Creek to great success. The final insult to the rose trees was the gophers ate the roots but they were already in bad shape. Some of our greenery got way too big and took over areas … I don’t think they were well suited to our yard. Boxwoods are thriving. Camelias are doing well and hydrangeas are ok in the shade. Pittosporums are thriving. And our citrus. But all the other perennials were a disaster. Bottom line, I think our plant selection didn’t work for our little microclimate … and gophers and voles didn’t help. Deer can’t get into our yard so we’re good there. I’m going to publish a list of what was just replanted … I can’t tell you off the top of my head because it was months ago I approved the plant list. But stay tuned for a list … and also to see how they do. Glad we have rain today to soak the ground following the planting. Ultimately I’d like to have a garden that can thrive along side our local critters. xo

      • Thank you for the response! I know the feeling of plants getting way too big. I have many young iceberg roses (as well as many bolero roses) that I hope can make it in our climate and with the local critters. I’m looking forward to reading about your plant updates!!

        • Sarah, I think your icebergs, and boleros will do just fine. We’ve had them in Walnut Creek and I see them all over our neighborhood … they’re thriving. There’s something about the way our lot is situated that just wasn’t conducive to their happiness. Enjoy your blooms! xo

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