Creating a Functional Entry in a Small Space

Entry, entryway or foyer … whatever you call it, today I’m talking about creating a functional entry in a small space.

This year I’m finally addressing several outstanding house projects.

And our small entryway is first on the list.

I’ve shared snippets of my entry refresh progress here, here, and here.

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Small Entryway Styling Collage.

Looking back at the photos of our renovation, I truly appreciate how far we’ve come in a relatively short time. When we purchased the house the small entryway was broken up by an oddly placed doorway into the kitchen and a tiny closet. Oh, and the front door wasn’t centered in the room.

You can tour the house before the renovation here.

The door to the kitchen was moved, the closet relocated and we raised the ceiling about a foot to create a sense of spaciousness upon entering the house. And it gave us room to hang a small pendant.

Ceiling in process of being frayed in small foyer.

We added chair rail-height wainscot and a ton of moulding to the tray ceiling.

Small foyer in midst of renovation.

Here’s how it looked when we moved in and at various stages over the past four years.

Ok, it’s not terrible. Far from it. But the entry bench that I thought we’d use for taking shoes on and off when heading out to walk the dogs turned out to get no use. We come and go through a back door into the garage. We do use the front door when heading out to the garden, bringing in the mail, and it’s where guests arrive. I thought our little entryway would feel more welcoming with a small console table, mirror, and nice lamp.

For reference our entryway space is 8’5″ L x 5’7″ W.

I searched and searched for a console table without success. And, as often happens when you stop seeking something out, it finds you. And that’s what happened when an email from 1stDibs landed in my mailbox with a perfectly sized bamboo table on the cover photo. I love the style and the price was right.

With the table purchased and on its way, it was time to kick it into gear. My friend interior designer/stylist Alli Bentz recommended this round, scalloped mirror from Ballard Designs. It has a fun, coastal vibe and I think it’s a little unexpected. Oh, and it only weighs 12 lbs which made Jim happy because he hates putting heavy duty hardware into the walls. Allie also she suggested this gourd shaped lamp.

Atoll Scalloped Mirror | Suzanne Kasler Lamp

I love the mirror, but I was so so on the lamp. I had a few other options picked out but when I showed them to Jim he nixed my ideas in favor of Alli’s. Yes, Jim has opinions on our home decor which can be frustrating in the moment … but generally results in better outcomes. Two heads, or in this case three, are better than one.

Jim put the lamp on a dimmer and timer. It’s almost embarrassing how happy it makes me to walk past the entryway and see the glow of the lamp in the evenings.

Last year, I ask my artist friend Heidi (Heidi Michelle Art Studio) if she’d paint a small, coastal watercolor for another room in our house. When it arrived it didn’t quite work in the space I intended, but it’s perfect for the entry. I had it framed (if you’re local I love Anthony’s Custom Picture Framers in Lafayette) and ordered this iron art easel for it to rest on.

Coastal watercolor laying next to map and corner frame.

I kept our entry rug, although is too small for the space. Turns out this same rug comes in a larger size that will work and it’s on its way.

With all the main ingredients in place, it was time to zhush up the table. I grabbed a few coffee table books from the library and borrowed a small ginger jar from another room. It’s a nice placeholder while I search for a tray or bowl to function as a catch-all.

And that’s where things were when Jessica Brydson arrived to photograph our library. She snapped a few shots of the entry too, even though the larger rug had yet to arrive, or catch-all tray discovered. More on those later.

Small foyer console table.

Shop the look ~


As I mentioned, a larger area rug is on the way. It’s exactly the same rug we have now in a larger size. The rug is very low profile, nearly flat which is ideal for a situation like ours where the front door won’t open over anything but the thinnest of rugs.  And I found the perfect catch-all dish when Northern California Style Kim gifted me a trio of grid-patterned stoneware trays. The largest one is perfect.

Area Rug | Catch All Tray

The allusive console table is found, a fun mirror and lamp in place, a beautiful piece of coastal art created, and finishing touches coming soon.

Can you believe I dragged my feet on finishing our entry for nearly four years and then it all came together in less than a few months? I’m excited for the rug to arrive and present you with the fait accompli.

Entryway Sources ~

Flooring: DuChateau Signature Engineered European Oak in Basal

Pendant: Chapman & Myers Arch Top Mini Lantern

Door Color: Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue

Wall Color: Farrow & Ball Slipper Satin

Trim Color: Benjamin Moore White Opulence


Divider graphic.

So there you have it, how I (finally) created a functional entry in our small space.

Are you grappling with unfinished or challenging home projects?

I’d love to know.

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  • Your entry looks beautiful Juliet! I loved it with the bench but I love it with the lamp and the table even more.
    Ambient mood lighting is certainly something to get excited about! I am the same. We have timers on the lights in the foyer and living room to come on in the early morning and at dusk, the warm glow makes me so happy when I wake up.
    Love all of your touches.
    I am giving my foyer a zush as well and just added pleated blue and white lamp shades.
    Have a great day and I will see you on Saturday!

    • Pleated lampshades … swoon! I know they’ll look lovey and I’d love to find something similar. See you Saturday! xo

  • hi Juliet
    I love lamps in small spaces. I love the light too
    Looks great we have our eyes on a new front door
    happy april laura

  • So pretty, I love that the lamp coordinates so perfectly with the door! It’s a warm and welcoming entry to your home.

  • Love all of your details, Juliet! I seriously need to up my game on tabletop display. Placing your small coastal scene on the iron easel is really charming and adds a lot. I am so used to hanging everything without considering that it might be used differently. And thank your stars that Jim is handy and has great taste! My husband is too, even if “sometimes” the input isn’t just what you hoped for!

    • Exactly, Joan. Ha! Yep, I’m so grateful that Jim’s good at doing stuff around the house and loves it too. But sometimes, less opinion would be appreciated! xo

  • I love how you did your entryway! Sure made a small space special. What color blue is your front door so pretty?

  • Hi Juliet,
    Well it’s a lovely entry, verywelcoming and functions perfectly. As for the painting – what can I say! I appreciate that you trusted me.
    Your home is beautiful.
    Xo Heidi

    • Love the painting, Heidi … and its absolute perfection in our entry. It makes a great first impression! xo

  • Juliet your entry looks really pretty. The moulding you did looks gorgeous too.Love that mirror and lamp and the bamboo table. I ahem that rug too and it’s just thin enough for the entry with the door. I am still trying to figure out what to do with my entry.. I did have it ready for wallpaper. I just can’t choose!
    Glad you like the trays. xo

    • Kim, that rug is the best … the entire line from Chris Loves Julia x Loili is so flat flat flat. So glad you found it … and I finally figured out the front door will open over it. Can’t wait to get the larger version in place. It’s a little big … but better than too small.

  • Your rug looks so pretty. I am going to order it, but I was wondering if you used a rug pad and or is it non slip especially since you have it in your entry way. This is the first time I comment. I look forward to all your posts. Thank you

    • Hi Diane … and thanks for your first comment! I do have a thin rug pad underneath. It’s this on but it’s not the same size as the rug … its much smaller so it does it’s job but doesn’t make the area where the door has to open over it any thicker. If that makes sense. Hope you enjoy your new rug … I think you will! xo

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