Outdoor Pillows, Essential Tees, Books I Can’t Wait to Read & Tina Turner’s Interior Designer on Martha’s Pod

Today on Weekend Meanderings, a new favorite outdoor pillow, an essential t-shirt, books I can’t wait to get my hands on and Tina Turner’s friend and interior designer is on Martha’s podcast.

Happy weekend, friends!

It’s Saturday and I’m joining Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

Our weekly roundup of inspiration and goings on.

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Purple flowers spilling onto brick patio.

Oh my gosh, it’s June already.

It was a busy week.

We celebrated Jim’s birthday at Elia in Walnut Creek.

Niece Shelby and I met up for a lunch and shopping date.

I had a quick bite with everyone’s Favorite Contessa.

See her latest garden post here.

Jim and I attended a Sip & Shop hosted by local mortgage powerhouse the KD Team and interior designers, Thirteen Oak.

Jim sipped and I shopped.

Afterwards we went to our local hangout, Lafayette Public House, where I had a Pineapple Aperol Spritz.

I’ll have to learn to make it and get back to sharing Friday night cocktails.

 We watched the series finales of favorite shows, Succession and Ted Lasso.

Did anyone else notice the actress playing the younger Roy’s mom is also Rebecca’s mom?

Yesterday, we took our dogs for a picnic in the park to celebrate Pippa’s 9th birthday.

We always take them for burgers on their birthday’s … they share a plain patty.

In other news, the sun is out.

It’s going to be a very nice weekend.

Let’s get down to business.


This week on the blog I shared Deanna and Tom’s backyard, couples baby shower and ideas for hosting an outdoor event. As well as all our sources. Key ingredients … patio umbrellas and ice! I shared some behind the scenes in this video.

Baby shower table sign, flowers and succulent.

In addition to being all around wonderful shower, the cookies from Kathleen at Sugar by Shone were a highlight. If you’re local, I can’t recommend her enough. She took my scattered ideas and created exactly what I dreamed of for the shower.

The cupcakes are from Cupcakin Bake Shop, and I dropped them into these pretty floral cupcake cups.

Dessert table at baby girl shower.


You know I’m a fan of the Martha Stewart podcast. On her latest episode she interviews decorator Stephen Sills. I should probably be embarrassed to say I wasn’t familiar with Stephen, but I’m up-to-speed and on the bandwagon. Stephen is Martha’s friend and neighbor in Bedford, New York. And his Bedford property looks gorgeous based upon this Habitually Chic feature of his garden and guesthouse. Take a look.

Toward the end of the pod Stephen he talks about his friendship with Tina Turner and working with her to decorate her homes in the South of France and Switzerland.

He also worked with her to create the Tina Tuner Museum at Flagg Grove School near her hometown of Nutbush, Tennessee. People magazine spoke with Stephen about his friend, Tina. And I enjoyed the story of her stay at his home and the origins of Martha Stewart’s recent Instagram post. I shared my feelings on Tina’s passing last week.

For more on Stephen you can follow his Instagram and website … and order his latest book, Stephen Sills: A Vision for Design, with forward by Tina Turner. His next book is in the works.

Stephen Sills A Vision for Design book cover.

A Vision for Design


Niece Shelby and I went out for lunch and a little shopping this week and wandered into Pottery Barn. I’ve been eying these round crochet outdoor pillows and they were on sale … so I’m now the proud owner of two. Obviously. Jim didn’t see the obvious part. He wondered – out loud – how many outdoor pillows we need. He wondered the same thing about the cute tray I bought at the sip and shop. I don’t really know how to respond to these inquiries. It’s like we don’t speak the same language.

Anyway, once the pillows were on our chaise lounges I led Jim outside to see them knowing that’d he’d immediately understand why we need to have them. He still didn’t get it. You can lead a horse to water …

Little white dog laying on chaise lounge next to tray and woven pillow.

Pottery Barn has many beautiful outdoor pillows … all on sale clearance!

I like these colorful, floral and paisley too.



A basic t-shirt is a wardrobe essential and one I reach for nearly everyday. I lead a glamorous life. My recent Nordstrom personal styling experience led me to acquiring a spiffy blue and white striped pocket tee that I promptly spilled BBQ sauce on. Despite my extensive stain removal knowledge, thanks to Laundry Patrik, I failed at completely removing the stain. Fortunately, Nordstrom’s Caslon brand is reasonably priced so I bought another. And I could wear it everyday. It’s part of my new summer uniform which I would wear everyday if I wasn’t prone to spilling.

Striped tee shirt with white pants and blue shirt collage.

Striped Tee | Chambray Shirt | White Denim | Faux Diamond Studs | Puffy Slides

Because I believe in buying multiples when you find a basic you love I purchased the tee in several other colors.



I have a book addiction. But there are worse things. As soon as I hear about an interesting book I rush to buy it, or pre-order. Pre-ordering helps the author and takes care of my fear-of-missing-out-on-a-good-book anxiety. These are the books currently in my pre-order queue.

First Position by first time author (and Mick Jagger’s ballerina girlfriend) Melanie Hamrick. Romance and intrigue inside a national ballet company.

The Five-Star Weekend by Elin Hilderbrand (release date June 13)

The Summer of Songbirds by Kristy Woodson Harvey (release date July 11)

Brothers & Sisters: The Allman Brothers Band & the Inside Story of the Album that Defined the 70’s by Alan Paul (release date July 25). Alan Paul is a frequent WSJ writer covering the music industry has written several books including the best the best selling One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band. Yes, I’m a fan.

The Home Edit: Stay Organized: The Ultimate Guide to Making Systems Stick … the latest from Clea & Joanna, The Home Edit dynamic duo (release date (September 19)

Wear It Well: Reclaim Your Closet & Rediscover the Joy of Getting Dressed by Allison Bornstein (release date September 26). Allison is a stylist and wardrobe consultant with a really helpful Instagram and TikTok who I mentioned here.

And that’s what I have for you this week.

Let’s see what’s inspiring Kim and Elizabeth …



And another thing ~

Last week I shared Change of Scenery, a new-to-me sustainable swim and resort wear brand … and this week I have a code! Save 10% on orders over $100 until June 30 at Change of Scenery using code SPRITZER10!

Are you following the NHL and NBA playoffs?! Did you know the Florida teams have a chance to do something that’s never been done in sports history! And that has me cheering for both of them … Go Hot Cats!

Current favorites ~

If you missed last weekend’s post, you can catch up here.

You’ll find all my weekend roundup posts collected here.

You can also follow along on Instagram and Pinterest.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Woman standing on beach under pier.

Cheers from Snowberry!


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  • Juliet,

    It sounds like a whirlwind and amazing week. Two birthdays, an outing with Shelby, time with the Contessa and those are just the highlights. Pippa and Jim look like they both enjoyed the birdie celebrations. A party in the park is perfect!

    I love your new pillows! They look great in the garden. It’s funny, Bill has the same problem understanding these things and their importance in the house too! Maybe we can all get together and you and I can explain in more depth…men.

    Love Stephen Sills, and his gorgeous house and garden. I was not aware that her designed for the late great Tina Turner. I am off to check out his book.

    Speaking of books, I have the same problem. I have so many books on pre-order on Amazon and at the library that by the time they arrive I forgot I even ordered them. I noticed a few on your list that I don’t have, thank you very much.

    A blue and white tee is a summer staple, love the v-neck. Sorry your first suffered death by bbq sauce. It’s a good thing you were able to find another. I too believe in buying multiples, not just of basics. If I find something amazing that I know I will love and wear for years and years I sometimes buy 2.

    Have a wonderful weekend Juliet, I hope you find some time to enjoy a cocktail with a book enjoying your new pillows.

    xo Elizabeth

  • Hi Juliet

    As I said I am catching up! I know what you mean about outdoor pillows. I bought several on sale at PB and they are all completely faded and ready for the garbage can. I have some of the faux jute (love those on your chase) and they have worn like iron but the printed ones were not a well-known performance fabric and they faded within weeks, unfortunately. Thanks for the tip about the Allman Brothers. Steve is a huge fan. I am going to order it for him!

  • What an interesting post! So much happening in your week!!!
    I didn’t know Martha’s neighbour Stephen Sills designed Tina Turners home in the south of France! I will pop over to Instagram and check out his posts.
    We’re enjoying all the David Austin roses blooming in The Humble Bungalow Garden….so many jobs in the garden keep us busy! Nice to start my day with your lovely blogpost.
    Have a beautiful week!
    Hostess of The Humble Bungalow

    • Hi Leslie … you’re right about the garden jobs. Suddenly things have taken off and it’s hard to keep up. Feast or famine, right? Wishing you an amazing week ahead … and lots of David Austin bouquets inside the bungalow! xo

  • I love your blog! I love the Allman Brothers, even back in the days of the Allman Joys with Don Johnson, the Miami Vice Don Johnson. I saw the Allman Family Reunion a few months ago, Greg’s son Devon and Dickie’s son Duane, Roy Orbison’s son and so many other talented musicians, do see them if they are in NorCal, a great tribute to Greg and the band.

    • Arlene!!! We go to the Allman Brothers Revival every year. It started six years ago at the Fillmore inn San Francisco … and we look forward to it. Love that you’re a big fan too! xo

  • Juliet, You did such a beautiful job on the shower. You and Jim are so good at hosting. I just love the cookies and all the cute details. I would have been thrilled to have such a beautiful shower.
    Glad Jim got celebrated. You have the cutest places up there. I love the idea of a sip and stroll. . I love the new pillows and you know I bought some from PB this week too. I will share mine next week.. Max is the same.. We needed pillows? We just threw out three year old ones. I am hoping these outdoor PB ones last longer for us. The round ones are adorable.
    I love Stephen and his style! Wow I can’t wait to see what he did for Tina’s home. Thanks for linking to all this. I love your book recs and have the Pineapple Street one on my pile here to read next!
    Have a great weekend! xo
    The t-shirts are cute! I could use a few. Happy 9th to Pippa! She still looks like a pup.

    • Max and Jim think a lot alike … which is a huge problem for us. Right?!!! 😉 Can’t wait to see your new pillows! I think you’ll enjoy Pineapple Street … it’s a book you’ll cruise right through. Pour yourself an ice tea and head outside! xo


  • Happy Weekend Juliet . You had me laughing up a storm with Jim’s comment about pillows! Too funny, but men truly just don’t get it. Just like you I have an addiction to books. I’m looking for a really good beach read, even though I have of books on my TBR table. The heat in Sacramento screams pool time/beach read! I could go on and on about Tina Turner. I was so lucky my boyfriend got front stage tickets in a small SF venue to take me and my cousin to see Ike and Tina in 1968. She was amazing! Btw, I married the bf and we are celebrating 54 years next week. I sure don’t feel that old! xo

    • Oh my gosh, Karen … Tina up close and personal. What an amazing experience! I’m so sad that I never saw her … small or large venue. I hear you about the books. I have a stack of books to read and keep ordering more. If you haven’t read Pineapple Street it’s a fun, fast pool beach read. I bet it’s going to be really beautiful and warm in the Sacto area this week! xo

  • Juliet!
    So much good stuff this week, where to start? Outdoor pillows… I have so many from my days of working at Serena & Lily. A lot of their Montecito pillows. But they make it so cozy, doesn’t it? Outdoor spaces that have the comfort of indoor rooms!
    About that observation of younger Roy’s mom being the same actor as Rebecca’s mom? Really? How did I miss that? She was also in Killing Eve!
    The baby shower looked amazing!! So many pretty touches!

    • She was in Killing Eve?! I have to google that. She’s so good! And, yes, to the pillows … so cozy. Can you ever have enough?! Haha! xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    The crochet outdoor pillows are special, I’ve never seen anything like that. Yes, I understand guys not getting pillows. I think it runs in their DNA.
    Looks like Jim had a nice birthday dinner.
    Pippa’s 9th birthday picnic celebration was a hit. Your fur babies are too cute, and they have the best parents.
    Tina Turner’s home is gorgeous, and the views.
    Looking at the baby shower photos again I’ve never seen such a beautifully present dessert tables. You out did yourself.

    • Thank you so much, Katherine … the shower was so fun and I wish and I a cupcake in one hand and cookie in the other right now!!! The crochet pillows are so fun … they’re big and fluffy and we enjoyed them with our family over the weekend. Hope you have a delightful week! xo

  • I love your posts & look forward to all your great tips. This week, i especially loved the book recommendations (will be ordering), the Nordy tees, and the darling PB pillows that I’m ordering.

  • Damn BBQ sauce. It’s terrifying and yet Howard and Tommy make it most times we are together. Well, it is tasty. I mention a Japanese one in my post today that is amazing.
    I was just thinking I wish I had more outdoor pillows….and now you’ve led this horse to water!

    • I know, that darned sauce. I’m ordered the Japanese bbq sauce … I know Tommy and Howard are great cooks so if they recommend it, I’m in! xo

  • Hi, I’ve ordered that blue and white stripe Caslon t-shirt twice and both times the pocket stripes aren’t lined up with the ones on the shirt. That drives me crazy! Do they line up on yours? I’m tempted to try a 3rd time. Hope you’re enjoying your new pillows with this lovely CA weather today!

    • Melisa, you’re right! The stripes don’t line up on my slightly bbq stained striped tee and the replacement. It’s a $14 tee-shirt so I overlook it … I mostly wear it hanging around the house or under a jacket or shirt shirt. I guess that makes the solid color tees a stellar option!!! Hope you had wonderful weekend … like me, enjoying the sun, glorious sun! xo

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