Weekend Meanderings … the Best Easter Dessert, a Cocktail & More

Happy Weekend, friends!

It’s been a whirlwind week at Snowberry.

I did some shopping at a cute local boutique, Flaunt, and found a dress

for my niece’s June wedding.

Jim and I went to see the current iteration of Journey … with Toto.

We had so much fun.

It’s the first time I’ve seen Journey which is appalling considering I grew up in the Bay Area.

In the 70’s or early 80’s Neal Shon dated one of my classmate’s moms … just up the street!

In other rocks star news, one of the guys from Tower of Power lived up the street from us too.

Pete Townsend rented a house a couple of down doors down during one of

The Who’s U.S. tours.

I babysat his kids to give the nanny a break.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Eddie Money lived a hop, skip and a jump down the road.

My sister stalked him.

In fact, she might have crashed his wedding.

We were quite the rock star infested hood.

I digress …

This week on the blog, I revealed Snowberry’s main bedroom.

And my embarrassment over still having bare walls and unstyled nightstands

two years after we moved in.

So many of you shared with me that you’re in the same boat.

It made me feel a lot better about the situation.

So, thank you.

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Bedroom nightstand with table lamp

Last night was cocktail night at Snowberry.

I won’t say more because the drink I made is one of this week’s highlights.

Which brings us to …


My favorite day because I get to join friends, Kim and Elizabeth, for our weekly roundup.

I can’t wait to see what they’re sharing today.

Reading their posts is truly a highlight of my weekend.

Let’s get to it …



It’s April, Spring is here and Easter and Passover are around the corner. It’s never too early to be thinking about desserts. You know I love lemon everything. Including dessert. This Lemon Lulu Cake is the best. Our financial guy sent one to us for Christmas (he usually sends wine) last year. It’s a small cake and says it serves 8. At our house it served two over four days. It’s soft, moist, and not too sweet. Absolutely scrumptious. It’s made in Vermont by the Mother Myrick Bakery, a family run business. It comes in a larger cake too that serves 14. We’re getting down to the wire for Easter so get those orders in. Mine is done. What a great gift to take or send to family and friends. And, no, this is not sponsored. I’m just a huge Lemon Lulu fan!



Yes, them again. Hello, I’m a Sarah Flint brand ambassador so it’s my responsibility to spread the love. And love is what I’ve got for their wedding-guest-ready styles. Including two new styles that I’m flipping out over. You know I’ve still got weddings on the brain and I’m working on another post about our wedding. By ‘our’ I mean Kyle and Melody’s wedding. Anyway, let’s focus on these gorgeous options for formal weddings, casual weddings, spring weddings, summer weddings … fall and winter weddings. All weddings.

I’m super excited about two new styles. First the Mirjana Wedge. I love a wedge. I’m all about a shoe that gives me a little height with stability. The Mirjana Wedge comes in two heel heights, 2″ and 3″. I just ordered the 3″ wedge for my nieces wedding in June. It’s a casual outdoor wedding and they go beautifully with my new dress.

The second new style and piece de resistance is the Mihaela platform sandal. Oh my gosh, talk about height and stability.

I wore these Jimmy Choo platform sandals to Kyle and Melody’s wedding. I put them on at 1pm and didn’t take them off until 10pm. I was completely comfortable the entire time. Height and comfort are not mutually exclusive. Back to the Mihaela, this is one sexy shoe. It feels very 70’s glam to me. Picture Bianca Jagger, in a Halston gown, gliding into Studio 54.

Bianca Jagger in the 1970's


Use my CODE: SARAHFLINT-BAJULIETR for $50 off your first Sarah Flint order.



I didn’t know much about WeWork, aside from an article I read in Vanity Fair several years ago. It’s an intriguing story and when I heard about WeCrashed, the Apple TV+ series starring Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway, I was excited. Last Sunday I talked Jim into watching under the mistaken impression it was a movie. To my surprise, it’s not a movie, it’s a series. An 8-episode series, and only 4 episodes are currently available. Well, we were sadly disappointed when we came to the end of episode 4 and nothing … what?! But let’s calm down, episode 5 was released on Thursday. This drip drip drip of one episode a week is for the birds. Anyway, I’m not sure if we’ll watch the current episode this weekend or wait until the remaining episodes are released. Who am I kidding, of course we’ll watch. It’s too good not to.

Without giving anything away, Goose from Top Gun (actor Anthony Edwards), plays a banker. Just like he did in Inventing Anna. He’s perfect in this type of role. It’s shocking how easily these smart, investment guys get bamboozled.



I love older, traditional houses. A lot of you probably do too based on the popularity of the Instagram site turned TV show Cheap Old Houses. Whenever I see an older home torn down and replaced by a modern monstrosity it hurts my heart and offends my sensibilities. Recently The Potted Boxwood and The Glam Pad blogs highlighted the plight of beautiful, historical homes in the Dallas area. You can read their recent posts here and here. It’s not just in Dallas, it’s happening everywhere. Why? I know there’s a lot of politics around what, if anything, municipalities can or should do to protect these homes. I can no more imagine tearing down an older home and replacing it with a modern one than I can doing the opposite. Apparently, a lot of people feel differently, and older homes are being torn down in record numbers. How do you feel about it?

Brett Waterman, a house preservationist, on the DIY (now Magnolia) Network show, Restored, does a beautiful job restoring homes to their former glory. He does it with a mind toward modern functionality. His work is focused around the Inland Empire in Southern California and includes Victorian, Craftsman, Spanish and mid-century architecture. Fingers crossed Magnolia renews his show. Home Town is another show that embraces the charm and quirks of older homes, preserving their character while making them workable for the way we live now.

Ok I’m getting off my soapbox and moving on to cocktails …



Yesterday I made Ina Garten’s Frozen Paloma’s. Oh my gosh … amazing. Jim, who’s not generally a frou frou drink fan, gave this cocktail two thumbs up and asked for more. I made half a batch, which serves two. Next time I’ll make the full batch. The recipe requires a little advance planning and preparation, but it’s worth it. The recipe can be found in Ina’s cookbook, Modern Comfort Food and here. Yesterday I posted a Frozen Paloma Reel … you can watch it here.

Ina’s next cookbook, Go-To Dinners, will be released in the fall and can be preordered now. Of course, I preordered it. That goes without saying.

Woman in garden drinking frozen Paloma

So, there you have it … my five picks of the week!

We’re off to tour the Filoli Mansion today.

It looks like the tulips are in bloom.

I can’t wait to see the gardens in all their spring glory.

But first, let’s see what Kim and Elizabeth are sharing this morning.



It’s so much fun doing these weekly posts with Kim and Elizabeth.

I hope you’re enjoying them too.

I created a Saturday Meanderings list at my Amazon storefront

and added many of the things I’ve featured so far.

I made a Pinterest Board too.

I’d love it if you’d follow me on Pinterest!

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

Cheers from Snowberry!


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  • Always look forward to reading your blog & checking out (um…shopping) your finds.
    Have been following you on Pinterest (and of course everywhere else too…totally in a non-stalkerish way) for some time now.
    Have a beautiful weekend friend.
    Happy Sprucing!

    • Goodmorning, Scarlet! You’re the best … thanks fo following along and have an amazing weekend! xo

  • Happy Saturday Juliet,
    I have all of Ina’s books but have never made a cocktail! I will have to start making them with the warm weather.
    Love the shoes! They look perfect for weddings and the wedges are great for summer.
    Your adventure to see Journey sounds like a lot of fun, as is your story about all of the rock starts who lived nearby. I haven’t lived by any rockstars but When I loved in Florida I was surrounded by football players. In Va President Obama stayed in a bed and breakfast just up the street from me. Where I am no every time you throw a golf ball you hit someone on tour.
    Old houses are the best, so much character! There are so many beautiful houses on that site you could spend hours just scrolling and dreaming.
    Have not watched We Crashed but I do want to see the Sandra Bullock movie, mindless humor is always welcome.
    Have a wonderful day, enjoy your pups, Jim and all of your plans. Off to check out Kims meanderings.

    • Elizabeth … you can be confident Ina’s cocktails are as accessible as her food recipes. She never steers us wrong! I love it … sports star, former Presidents … they’re just like us and all around. But duck and cover if near a golf course, one of their errants balls could do some damage. I think its fun to spot people we know, but don’t know. And excited to watch the Sandra Bullock movie. I’ve been missing these more light hearted, escapist entertaining and need more of it. Enjoy your weekend … sounds like you have her right mix of hot chocolate, family and projects! xo

  • Thanks for the tip on the Restored show. I am with you on the destruction of old homes. Just a shame to lose an old house for a McMansion. Kinda lazy and uncreative of the new owners.
    When the weather finally heats up here in SoCal, I will try the Paloma. Nothing better than a tequila slushy to end the day after sunbathing at the pool.
    Have a great weekend!

    • Oh, yes … this is the perfect drink for a hot day by the pool! I think you’ll enjoy Restored. Absolutely beautiful homes in the Redlands area … lovingly returned to their glory days! xo

    HERE WE GO LOSS OF MEMORY………………….not ready for this!!

    • The name will come to you and when it does … let me know! Yes, it terrible about the tearing down of homes … wish there was more we could do. Happy weekend, Contessa! xo

  • Juliet, What a fun post. I love that you saw Journey! As a Bay Area native I saw them so many times and have a few of their t-shirts back at my dad’s place somewhere! Eddie Money! Wow was this all in Orinda? Your area had some cool connections.
    I am so loving all these pretty shoes. I probably need to reassess my heels and purge some and get some comfy ones! I think that’s half the reason I don’t wear them and go for flats. I want to have that retro Bianca Jagger glam! The ones for choose are elegant, but look sturdy.

    Now I am hugely on board with saving old architecture. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves! Do nit buy the property if you’re going to wreck it. These beauties need to be protected. Neighborhoods are also getting ruined by giant mansions. I will follow him. I don’t know how I missed this! I am all in. I also follow a good architecture Facebook page That I will share with you. Thank you also about the We show! It’s now next on my list. And we are going to try the Paloma’s tonight. The reel was adorable. Have the best time At Filoli! It’s a beautiful time to go . Always I learn so much in your posts . Xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    You always have such fun things to share! But it is too sad to see these beautiful old homes destroyed. Breaks my heart. I belong to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, in the hope that my small contribution helps!
    You must have lived in some pretty great neighborhood if all the rock stars lived there, or wanted to! We didn’t have any celebrities or anything of interest in our neighborhood, or entire town for that matter!
    Those shoes are fab, don’t have any weddings or fancy events coming up, darn it!
    Super fun post today Juliet!
    Enjoy Filoli, I’m heading there soon as a birthday treat for myself!
    Xo Heidi
    I like the look of that icy drink, if Ina created it, I bet it’s delish!

    • Hi Heidi … I enjoyed Filoli so much and can’t wait to chat with you about it. I knew you’d be a kindred spirit with regard to preserving older homes. I love that your a National Trust member. Hope you had an amazing weekend! xo

  • I had never heard of Sarah Flint shoes until now….maybe they are not readily available in Canada. I looked at the website and apparently they do ship to Canada so that is a good start…..now for the hard part. I have narrow feet and will slide right out the toe of many shoes or the heel lifts…..are these wide or is there a possibility that they will fit my narrow foot? Any help is appreciated with the fit

    • Hi Lauren, Yes, they ship to Canada and right now Sarah Flint shoes are not available in retail outlets, only online. On each shoe style page there is a size guide and also notes on ordering up, down, true to size depending on the style. You can find more information on this page https://www.sarahflint.com/pages/size-guide including a toll-free number to call for assistance finding just the right fit. My foot is fairly narrow and all Sarah Flint styles I own have fit true to size. Hope that helps … if you need more help, let me know and I’ll try to get answers for you! xo

  • Well done! Loved every topic. Can’t wait to be able to have a proper cocktail. Losing old homes changes the neighborhood. Unless condemned for safety I think renovating is the best option but expenses stand in the way. So sad. Maybe America should start a high school apprenticeship program to give skills and bring costs down. Just a thought. Happy Sunday!

    • Oh my gosh, Kimberley … that is such a wonderful idea. And also teach appreciation for older homes, specifically the older homes and community history. It probably wouldn’t sink in at such a young age, but we tend to remember these things as we get older and ready to buy homes of our own. xo

  • Juliet,
    What a fun and interesting neighborhood where you grew up!
    I hate to see old homes replaced with a large home that just don’t fit…it happens a lot in our towns. For a while I thought people were over their supersize homes, but I don’t think so. I am an old home lover for sure!
    I don’t think my comment last week posted about your father and his playlist for his pilates class..,.what a sweet story! And what a treasure to have those lists that I’m sure you’ve made into “playlists on your iphone”

  • Late to the party on this one – was out of town last weekend!
    The Restored show sounds great – I have such a long list of things to read and watch, but I want to add it!
    Knocking down that gorgeous home is such a sad situation. I agree.
    I am with you on the wecrashed show – it’s very good, but why do they give us binging and then take it away? Frustrating!

    • Haha … we’ve gotten so spoiled. Seems like eons ago we had to waited for our favorite shows and be home to see them. Unless you could figure out to to work VCR record … which I could never do!!! xo

  • Oh you are spilling the tea today. I did stalk Eddie Money in my teenage years . I may have crashed the wedding. We spent many a weekend trying to find Sammy Hagars house. We never did but I did meet him once. . I serious thought Pete Townshend was Jesus at the ripe old age of 10. Ross Valory was one of my many victims And I may or may not have had a fling with his brother Brett. I’ll never tell!

    • Apparently Ross Valory’s wife shops at Flaunt in Danville. Good place to look for wedding guest dress! xo

    • Hi Laura, thank you so much. The frozen Paloma is so delicious … I think you’re readers will love it. Happy weekend! xo

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