Snowberry’s Main Bedroom Reveal

“While adding the finishing touches to a painting might appear insignificant,

it is much harder to do than one might suppose.”

~ Claude Monet

Substitute ‘room’ for ‘painting’ and this pretty much sums up how I feel about our bedroom at Snowberry.

A couple other spaces as well, but we won’t get into that.


We moved into Snowberry a little over two years ago.

After a year-long, down-to-the-studs renovation.

So what’s taken me so long to share the main bedroom?

The shameful answer is … it’s not finished.


I haven’t put the finishing touches on the room.

The walls are bare.

The nightstands unadorned.

Quel horreur!

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What’s a girl to do but admit her shortcomings.

And share the room as is.

But before we get to that.

Let’s look at the main bedroom evolution.

Here’s how the room looked in the real estate listing photos.

The room isn’t large, but it’s not small either.

It’s a decent size at 16 x 15.

The house was staged for sale and I’m not sure why the bed was place on this short wall.

The pass through to the bathroom was quite wide but had no doors.

Not visible in these photos is a reach in closet on the wall opposite the windows.

The ‘good’ pictures in this post are taken by Monica Vargas Photography.

This is the room just before demolition.

You can see the reach in closet.

It was removed to create a larger closet in the guest room next door.

Demo'd bedroom

Ah the joys of demo day.

Ahem … demo month.

Seeing a demo’d room is an eye opener.

You’d think the room would appear larger.

But the opposite is true.

My niece, Shelby, looks unimpressed.

She liked our last two houses.

I chose light, neutral paint colors for the bedroom.

And relaxed Roman shades for the windows, trimmed with fun pompoms.

Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home ordered the drapery fabrics at the

San Francisco Design Center.

When I showed her the fabric I wanted she said ‘wow, you have great taste.’

What she meant was:

‘You have a knack for choosing the most expensive fabric available.’

I appreciate her because she’s always trying to save me money.

She’s also great and finding just the right thing.

I had the idea for pom pom trim and she found this amazing

Samuel & Sons trim in the perfect color!

Mary Ann also oversaw the fabrication and installation of the shades.

And bolster pillow for the bed.

Fabric and tape trim

Bolster Fabric & Trim

Here’s the bedroom right after the new furniture was delivered.

We sold our Fidalgo Island home furnished and had to start from (almost) scratch.

Main Bedroom

The rug is from Restoration Hardware.

It’s their Rafina Handwoven Rug in Natural.

It’s the worst rug ever.


When it was delivered we couldn’t figure out which side was the right side.

Both were equally bad.

To add insult to injury it looked dirty.

Needless to say it was replaced.

A painful and expensive mistake.

Main Bedroom

The TV armoire is from Ethan Allen.

Yes, we are TV-in-the-bedroom people.

But I like the option to hide the TV.

And I appreciate all the lower drawer storage.

Bedroom TV Armoir

And finally, the duvet and shams are on the bed.

Snowberry’s main (unstyled) bedroom.


Details and sources listed at the end of the post.

Blue and green main bedroom

Main Bedroom night stand and lamp

Headboard and bolster pillow

Bed and headboard

Bedroom window and lamp

So there you have it.

Snowberry’s finished but unstyled main bedroom.

You can see the replacement rug in this more recent photo taken by moi.

The new rug is a Prestige Mills wool carpet.

Habsburg collection in Mista.

We had it custom cut and surged at Carpet One.

I like big rugs and I cannot lie.

The dimensions are 12 x 15.

As you can see the walls are bare.

Bedroom TV Armoir

I’d like to add a wide, full-length mirror to the right of the armoire.

And writing this post has motivated me to start searching for wall art inspiration.

Finishing the room is on my list of things to accomplish this year.

If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!


Room Details & Sources:

Flooring: DuChateau pre-finished, engineered wood in Basal

Wall Paint: Farrow & Ball Slipper Satin

Ceiling Paint: Benjamin Moore White Opulence

Trim Paint: Benjamin Moore White Opulence

Chandelier: Circa Lighting, Jacqueline Flushmount

Bed: RH Jameson Fabric Bed, covered in Vintage Velvet in Slate Blue

Nightstands: RH Maison closed nightstand in Antique White

Table Lamps: William Sonoma Home, AERIN Culloden Table Lamp in Blue Lagoon

Bench: RH Louis Bench in Distressed White Oak, covered in Perennials Performance Textured Linen Weave in Spruce

Throw Blanket: Target Chunky Knit Throw

Armoire: Ethan Allen Kent TV Amoire

Bedding: Ethan Allen Duvet & Shams; Serena & Lily Sheets & Pillowcases

Roman Shade Fabric: Schumacher Sinhala Linen Print in Sky

Roman Shade Trim: Samuel & Sons Cirque Pom Pom Fringe in Peacock

Bolster Pillow Trim: Schumacher Lavent Tape in Blue


Post Pin Collage

For more on Snowberry’s renovation:

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Cheers from Snowberry!


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  • Love the colors you’ve chosen. It’s a journey for sure when trying to decorate a home. I myself always struggle with wall artwork so I get the hesitation or procrastination. I think some greenery in a corner or on a nightstand would add a nice pop. Can’t wait to see the accessorized room.

  • It really is a nice space with a lovely palette. But it needs those finishing touches. Plants and art. Is there room for a small table with a lamp on it? I do think another lamp would add something. You have the armoire which doesn’t provide any surface space which is tricky. I think bedrooms are difficult. The accessories seem superfluous. Not necessary for function but necessary for charm.

    • Great idea, Karen. My challenge is the room is big enough to work but not enough to have seating area or shelves or other surface. Its a conundrum. And two big walls facing each other. I think I’ve solved the armorie wall … a large full length mirror on the right side and two small framed pieces of art of the other side. Now to find them. Then those BIG walls. xo

  • HAVE you considered painting the cabinet white?Or a BLUE?
    That dark wood stands out and feels out of place for me………….
    Maybe its a family piece then DONOT LISTEN TO ME!
    YES,YOU HAVE GREAT TASTE keep doing what your GUT tells you.
    Do NOT what others think LIKE ME!

    • So funny, I almost didn’t buy it because of that … but when you see it in the room with everything together it looks fine. Sort of following the collected look scheme … and if I paint it I think I’d veer into shabby chic-is territory. Which is lovely, but not for me. Yes, two years … a little over. And nearly two years since I started the blog. Sheesh. And good morning! xo

  • Juliet
    I love your bedroom. And I like that you aren’t sharing it finished completely.
    The fabric is gorgeous. A shame about the rug. We have been there. Live and learn is right.

    I can’t tell you how many area rugs we wasted money on. HUGE mistakes

    • You too?! Ugh, rugs are tough … and they get so much wear. Finding the right one isn’t easy. I’ve had the same issues with (un)comfortable couches! Thanks for stopping by! xo

  • Juliet – I love the room. Love the colors and the gorgeous print.
    And I LOVE that you’re not done.
    I gutted and redid mine last winter/spring 21/22 and I am nowhere near done! I just designed and ordered an Oushak rug after looking for 8 months, and I ordered the drape fabric (before it sold out) but haven’t gotten close to having them made. Still searching for beside tables/chests and lamps. Haven’t gotten artwork or a chair or a desk. Feel better?
    So go girl – take your time! It’s really nice!

    • Yes, I feel better! Thank you for sharing … I know that in the end it all works out and is fabulous. But it takes time … lots of time … to get there. Looking forward to seeing how yours eventually comes together. xo

  • Hi Juliet,
    I love the colors and the room looks so peaceful and calm! I happen to know a good source for ART (wink wink!).
    I think a plant or two, maybe some flowers and a candle on the bedside tables, and the space will be softened up and done! I have so many small accessories and cram them in everywhere, wish I had your restraint and ability to edit and curate your pieces! But then, I’m like a magpie and collect things!
    Your house is just so ppretty and welcoming, this room, even “unfinished” is as well.
    Xo Heidi

  • Hi Juliet,
    Your room is lovely. That fabric is so clean and refreshing. I would feel happy and excited every time I walked in there. You’ve had a busy two years and have accomplished so much, both inside and out. Now it’s time for this lovely room to get the finishing touches. I can’t wait to see what you choose.

  • Juliet, You have started this so peel, with beautiful bones and foundation pieces. The bed, side tables and lamps and rug are all lovely pieces on their own. Now you have added the pretty pillow and window treatments, now you can have some fun. I have to say I do like Contessa’s idea of painting the chest. I would go with a zippy teal color that pulls something out of the window coverings and doesn’t necessarily match the bed. I love when people have different tones of blue. You could have it done in a lacquered finish!

    Other ideas would be a big (really big) piece of art that fills the whole wall to the left of the bed and makes a statement when you walk in. On the right side, you could move the bench there and add some big pillows to fill the wall. I also think a slim desk or a console table with some baskets of poufs under it and topped with frames and pretty things could work on the right.

    Oh I wish I had such space! It’s already lovely. Don’t be so hard, you are better off than me as my home was done in 2018, and my bedroom is still unfinished, so who am I to give advice? Your doing fantastic Juliet, and enjoy the process. xo

    • Oh Kim, I love it that so many of us are in the same boat. And I appreciate your ideas. The bench suggestion is a great one. Except … the bench serves a purpose for our small dogs who can’t get onto the bed any other way. Yes, our dogs are in-charge of us! A thin console is something I haven’t thought of. I did want a desk in the room. One one side. But Jim didn’t like the idea of not been symmetrical. And I do love a pouf. So many possibilities and I’m paralyzed to move forward. But I’m going to do something … this year!!! xo

    • Katie … what a thrill to have you here! And, to have matching fabric in our unfinished bedrooms!!! xo

  • Juliet, your room looks beautiful! I love all of it and I think a finished room and house take time, sometimes a lifetime. You will find the art and finishing touches when you are ready. I am having the same problem but I have decided to focus on one project at a time and let the rest fall into place. This is our last house and I don’t want to rush it. I will see you tomorrow!

  • Good morning Juliet,

    I love the colors. They are quiet and calming! Perfect for a bedroom.
    I do love a pom pom!
    I enjoy reading the comments:0)
    What’s next!
    Laura in Colorado

    • Don’t you love a pom pom?! Just saying the name is so fun. I’m not sure what’s next … I have a few unfinished rooms to share. Ha! xo

  • A chair rail to break up the large walls? Wainscoting?

    Thank you for sharing your renovating and decorating journey … I’ve learned and been inspired!

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