Wine, Weddings, Reading & Racing … It’s All On Weekend Meanderings

Today on Weekend Meanderings … it’s wine, weddings, reading, racing & more.

Happy weekend, friends!

Each Saturday I join Kim and Elizabeth for Weekend Meanderings.

It’s where we share snapshots from our week.

And things we love that we think you’ll love too.

It was a busy week Snowberry.

Cocktail Month continued.

With a Limoncello Spritz.

You can see my drink mixing video here.

Limoncello Spritzers

Monica Vargas Photography

Grand-niece Maeysn started pre-school.

In the middle of a Texas monsoon.

Maesyn First Day of Pre School

Maesyn’s 1st Day

Former step-granddaughter (got that?), Deanna, came over for lunch.

I made mini-charcuterie again.

And filled my table umbrella disguise DIY with cafe au late dahlias.

I was so excited to see Deanna I forgot to take pictures.

She just got engaged!

Engaged Couple

Deanna & Fiance Tom

Jim and I are in Oregon for the weekend.

It’s niece Megan’s wedding!

Megan and her fiancé, Greg, got engaged at the end of 2019.

You can guess what happened, it’s a familiar story.

Their long-delayed wedding is finally here and we’re ready to celebrate!

Couple on the eve of their wedding

Megan & Greg

Enough about me already.

Here’s what else is on my mind 😉 …



I don’t know about you, but I find summer plane travel more challenging in terms of what to wear. It’s hot here and it’s hot there. But it’s cold on the plane. Freezing cold. What to do? Yesterday I wore this cute flounce dress from Loft. I tied a denim jacket around my waist until it was time to board the plane. My feet get cold on planes and so I carry travel socks in my tote. Also in my tote, a light-weight scarf, as I explained here when I shared my cool weather travel uniform.

Loft Flounce Dress Collage

Loft Flounce Dress / Denim Jacket / Sunnies / Tote / Sandals


Yesterday’s flight was short, less than two hours. For a longer flight, say to Europe, I wouldn’t wear a short dress. I’d opt for a maxi.



Here’s what I wore to last night’s welcome party. The dress code was ‘dressy summer dinner party attire’ and I think I nailed it.

Woman standing on deck with cocktail

My green and ivory Rails dress came from Flaunt in Danville. I think Kim encouraged me to buy it when we were there a couple of months ago. The wedges are from niece Sophie’s wedding. And I’ve been loving the small Target tote. It’s a great size for evening and holds everything I need including my oversized phone. Last night was warm and I didn’t need a wrap … but best to be prepared.

Rails Constantine Dress Collage

Rails Constantine Dress / Sun Hat / Earrings / Wrap / Small Tote / Wedge Sandals

I shared my what I’m wearing to the wedding tonight here. I also packed my gold Jack Rogers sandals for dancing and the after party. Oh, and I brought liquid band aids too (and I’ve already used them).



I loved Julia Reed. As far as I’m concerned, she was a national treasure. Thankfully she left us with a cache of writings … full of her unique humor, sharp wit, and keen observation. Julia knew the most interesting people, went to the most interesting places, and did the most interesting things. She was a journalist, a columnist and raconteur. She loved food, fashion, architecture, and reveled in throwing and attending a good party.

If you aren’t familiar with Julia, drop everything and read this tribute written shortly after her death in 2020 by her good friend, historian, Jon Meacham.

Julia Reed and Henry

Julia and her beloved Henry / Photo by Kerri McCafferty via Garden & Gun

Dispatches From the Gilded Age: A Few More Thoughts on Interesting People, Far-Flung Places, and the Joys of Southern Comforts was released this week. It’s a collection of Julia’s essays, spanning her entire career, and edited by her longtime assistant.

Books and flowers in foyer

The New York Times book review was not entirely glowing. Suggesting that some of Julia’s essays have not aged well or lack context in this compilation format. Phooey on them. Julia can do no wrong in my opinion and I know I’ll be hanging on her every word.

Dispatches from the Gilded Age


Because Julia always leaves us wanting more, allow me to provide a guide to her writings.

Julia Reed books on library bar

Essay Collections ~

  • Queen of the Turtle Derby and Other Southern Phenomena
  • Ham, Biscuits, Hostess Gowns & Other Southern Specialties: An Entertaining Life
  • But Mama Always Put Vodka in Her Sangria: Adventures in Eating, Drinking & Making Merry
  • South Toward Home: Adventures and Misadventures in My Native Land

Memoir ~

  • The House on First Street: My New Orleans Story hilariously chronicles the renovation of her home in the historic Garden District. And the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina which hit just a month after she and her husband moved in.

Entertaining ~

  • Julia Reed’s South: Spirited Entertaining & High-Style Fun All Year Long
  • Julia Reed’s New Orleans: Food, Fun, and Field Trips for Letting the Good Times Roll

Coffee Table Décor ~

  • One Man’s Folly: The Exceptional Houses of Furlow Gatewood
  • The Curated House: Creating Style, Beauty, and Balance, with Michael S. Smith


Not long before her death she and good friend Keith Smythe Meacham opened an online shop and storefront in Nashville, Tennessee full of wonderful things for home and garden.



I’m not a racing fan, but I’ve always been aware of Formula One. It stands out as the crème de la crème of the racing world. Glamourous and very lifestyles-of-the-rich-and-famous-esque. My high school sweetheart was a Formula 1 fan back in the Jackie Stewart days and I remember sitting around watching him build Formula 1 models and seeing the Monaco Grand Prix on TV. Last week Jim and I started watching the Netflix documentary Formula 1: Drive to Survive. I hadn’t heard of it until the latest issue of Vanity Fair landed in my mailbox. Superstar driver Lewis Hamilton is on the cover, and the first paragraph of the article mentions the documentary series popularizing the sport in the US. I mentioned it to Jim, and he was intrigued. We’re already through season one – it’s addicting. It’s also intense, jarring, shocking, heartbreaking and really, really good.

Do you know there are only 20 Formula 1 drivers in the world? Talk about being a prestigious and high-pressure position. The competitiveness between drivers on the same team is fascinating to see. There are currently four seasons with a fifth on the way.



Recently I joined the Sophie James Wine club and this week my first shipment arrived. What I’m about to say will leave serious wine people clutching their pearls, but the shipment is beautifully packaged, and it was a delight to open. The bottle and label are also lovely, simple, and elegant. Sadly, I didn’t snap a photo of the package … but I did make this video. And here are a couple photos from the Sophie James web site.


My welcome package contained estate Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Rose and Sparkling Rose.

Sophie James Wine

I became aware of Sophie James Wines via Instagram. What got my attention, aside from the beautiful packaging, is that the wines are made from 100% organically farmed fruit and contain 0.00 grams of sugar per serving. That’s ZERO. I often experience headaches after drinking the smallest amount of wine. And that’s why I go the spritzer route. This is an issue for many women and seems to affect us more as we age. I can no longer drink a glass, or even half a glass, of wine with a meal without experiencing a headache and feeling dreadful the next day. It’s such a bummer. Anyway, this can be attributed to many things and the residual sugar in wine is one of them. So, I’m curious to try Sophie James and see if I can feel a difference. I’m hopeful and will report back.

You can read about the sweet, Sonoma county couple who started the winery here. Sophie James Wines are available to members only. And you can get on the wine club wait list here. Not to worry, I didn’t have to wait long. And this is not a sponsored by the way. I’m a paying member of the wine club and have no relationship with them other than that.

So there you have it.

Today’s favorites.

Let’s head over to see what Kim and Elizabeth are sharing.




Earlier this week Kyle and Melody returned from their Italian travels where they celebrated a friends wedding in Lake Como. Melody made this gorgeous Reel of their adventures, including snippets from the beautiful wedding. Oh, and today is Melody’s 30th birthday!

I forwarded this advice to my niece who’s moving into her first apartment.

The Painted Pink Lady is for sale again.

I heard this book is really good and downloaded it to my Kindle.

August is cocktail month at Snowberry … it’s a Spritzer-palooza. Check out these recipes for … Rose Hibiscus Spritz, Grapefruit Aperol Spritz, and Limoncello Spritz!

If you missed last weekend’s meanderings, you can catch up here.

As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Cheers from the Hood River in Oregon!


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  • Juliet, so happy to see mention of the new Julia Reed book. Mine arrives today, so I know what I will be doing this evening! I was very lucky to have known Julia and to have been invited to some of her parties. We are all still stunned that she is gone. Needless to say, she and her parties were just as fabulous as one might imagine. Very treasured memories.

    • Oh my goodness, Beth … I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. It’s impossible to believe nearly two years have gone by. She was one of a kind, a treasure. A national treasure in my opinion. How amazing that you attended her soirees … the stories you must have to tell! Enjoy yourself with the new book … I hope it comes early! xo

  • My book should be here today!
    I’m always late to the party keeping up with you!
    Now find out about the flower on the step daughters fiancé shirt!
    I am all over that!

    • Contessa … I started the book on the plane. Didn’t want to put it down. It’s a niece! And her fiancé’s shirt was fabulous. I’ll do some investigating tonight and find out about it.
      Happy weekend! xo

  • Juliet-

    I love your blog! I always have to take a few minutes to read it I may not always send a message but I always enjoy it! I tried to order that J.Crew Cashmere shawl for my trip to Europe next week- alas- it wouldn’t come in time. Between you and Kim I am always finding cute clothes I’d love to order! I’m also going to go on the waiting list for that wine. I have noticed the same thing with wine, plus now it makes me sneeze repeatedly… very annoying at the dinner table!! Well I am getting ready for the next few weeks of Aperol spritz’s!!!
    Ciao, Martha

    • Martha! You’re off to Italy! How fun. Yes, there will be a lot of Aperol in your (near) future. The wine thing is awful … and sneezing too. Oh no. Let’s hope there’s something to this Sophie James thing and we an enjoy a glass without repercussions. Too bad about the shawl … it’s so light weight and perfect for a cool summer night in Italy. But, our son and daughter-in-law just came back and says its HOT. So you may be fine sans shawl. Wishing you the best time and I’ll be looking for your stories! xo

  • Juliet I hope you’re having a wonderful wedding weekend! Your green dress is so lovely on you and I love the travel look too. That’s nice dress for small flights. I always keep my cashmere wrap for my legs on the plane. You are so right flying in the summer is like going hot to meat locker to hot and it can be a real challenge to figure that whole outfit thing!! I Adore your charcuterie boards. They are everything and I could just have those for a meal. The table looks pretty. I haven’t heard of these wines, but I like the idea of zero sugar. So many wines make me feel badly and I know it’s the sugar content. Would love to try these.

    I treasure my Julia Reed book you gave me, and I look forward to reading more about her. I am also just finishing the last fiction book you recommended ..and this new one The Lion’s Den looks like a good escape..
    Looking forward to seeing your wedding stuff! Hope Melody has a fun birthday too.. And your niece and her to be are adorable. xo

    • Kim, you’re so right … my legs got cold even on the short flight and I wrapped my scarf around them. I’m going to wear a longer dress on the flight home. We’re off to the wedding soon… so excited! Have an amazing weekend! xo

  • Juliet, not sure where my comment went…as I was saying, you look beautiful and stylish in your travel outfit! Enjoy the wedding and your time with your family, always fun.
    Traveling anytime requires layers, socks in your tote along with a scarf/throw to stay warm.
    Waiting for my JR book to arrive, I loved reading her column in Gardens & Gun(one of my favorite magazines).
    As for Formula One, not really a fan. I read recently that they are “coming to America” so that should be interesting.
    Looking forward to hearing all about the wedding and all of the fin things you did this weekend.
    Travel safe, xo Elizabeth

  • Juliet,
    Your mini charcuterie boards are truly a work of art! When shopping at gourmet food stores now, my mind instantly thinks of your mini boards and i think to myself…Juliet would love this!!! I can only imagine how many times I’ll think of you and your mini boards on my trip to France next week!

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