Lighten Up Your Home for Summer … Easy Ideas to Refresh Your Decor

Today I’m joining my blogger friends to share a few easy ideas to lighten up your home for summer and refresh your decor.

Next week brings the first official day of summer.

But we all know summer began Memorial Day weekend.

Here in California someone forgot to notify the sun.

But that won’t deter us from embracing the season.

It’s time to lighten up for summer.

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White sofa with blue pillows and coral throw blanket.

Today I’m joining four friends to share easy ideas to lighten up your home for summer.

And refresh your decor.

You’ll find everyone’s links at the end of the post.

Summer blog collaboration collage.

You know I’m a minimal effort gal when it comes to seasonal decorating.

Less is more is my mantra.

Here’s how I lightened up Snowberry for the summer season …


If you make only one change for the season, freshen up your front entry.

  • A summery door mat.
  • A new wreath.
  • Colorful annuals in pots around the front door.


I did something different this year and removed our front door wreath. It’s amazing how much light streams in through the glass panels and open door.

Two little dogs in small foyer with dutch door open.



Lighten and brighten with colorful natural elements like flowers, plants, branches and seasonal fruits and veg.

woven bowl filled with tangerines on green kitchen cabinets.

I’m trying my luck with a maidenhair fern … again. I love them, but they don’t love me back.

Pick flowers and branches from your garden, or buy them at the grocery store and farmers market.

Vase of white roses and pink stems.



My decorating trifecta of pillows, trays and throws are the first place I look to add a touch of seasonal flair. I bought this square, woven tray for the great room coffee table. I love it’s loose weave and texture … perfect for summer.

Coffee table vignette.


Put away heavy winter throws in favor of light-weight, light colored throws. My ivory ‘house throws’ are out in full force. And I recently found a pretty coral one at Home Goods for a touch of cheer on the sofa. Reluctantly I put away the cozy faux fur throws that protected our sofa cushions all winter … from dogs, cats, spills … and husbands. When I say reluctantly, it’s still a little chilly here and did I mention how cozy they are? The sofa cushions still need protection and these light-weight, ivory matalisee coverlets are my go-tos for summer. I use two, twin size to cover both sides of the sectional. (The cushions are uncovered, for a brief moment, for these photos.)


Family room sectional and coffee table.

Speaking of throws, table throws are a nice alternative to table clothes during the warm weather months. For indoors and out. Smaller than a tablecloth, they let a bit of table peek through. I bought an embroidered, floral table throw a couple of months ago that will carry me through summer. It’s sold out, but this is a pretty, embroidered option. I also like the look of a solid linen table throw in a summery light or neutral color.


Dining room table with floral table throw and candles.

As for pillows, I don’t generally change them seasonally. I might add something new, like these velvet lumbar pillows from Misto Lino Home, but my base pillows stay the same year round.


I added these woven, round outdoor pillows from Pottery Barn to our back patio last week. Alongside my collection Serena & Lily outdoor pillows. Don’t forget to check out Serena & Lily’s tent sale for outdoor pillows and other summer accessories.

Little white dog laying on chaise lounge next to tray and woven pillow.

Round, Woven Pillow


Summertime bring kids home from college, lots of friends and overnight guests so it’s the perfect time to freshen up bedding, especially in the guest room. I love our guest room’s Serena & Lily duvet cover, sheets and pillow cases. Serena & Lily’s tent sale is on and that means good deals on their beautiful, but not inexpensive, bedding. I love the border frame bedding collection. The Soho sateen set is beautiful too.

To create a real summer vacation style vibe, you can’t beat the charm of the Nantucket stripe bedding set or the Hyannis gingham linen set. Have you tried linen sheets? I haven’t but I’d like to … people swear by them.

Main bedroom decorated in blue and white.

On the not-as-pricey side of the aisle, Wirecutter declared L.L. Bean’s pima cotton percale sheet set the best in their 2023 sheet round up. And Target’s Threshold 400 thread count sheets as the best bargain set. I always choose white sheets, but both L.L. Bean and Target sets come in many pretty colors. This duvet cover and sham set remind me of the years old Ethan Allen set I have on my bed.



Add mirrors to lighten and brighten a room … and create the illusion of a larger space. Placed across from windows, they reflect light as well as whatever pretty plants are growing outside. I recently added this waterfall bone inlay floor mirror from Anthro to our bedroom. Tragically, it’s no longer available. But, wow … what a difference it’s made. Here are a few other floor mirrors I like ~


Bedrroom TV armor and standing mirror.

The same goes for outdoor spaces. Last year I bought Serena & Lily’s Capistrano indoor/outdoor mirror for our back patio sitting area. I’m not joking, it transformed the feel of the space. Not only does it break up a boring wall … but it reflects the garden on the other side of the patio. And at night it’s so pretty when the overhead string lights are on.

Round outdoor mirror reflecting the garden.


Last but not least, the easiest way to lighted up for summer is with … light! My favorite summer room is our back garden patio. Especially at night. Overhead string lights, a fire pit, lanterns, hurricanes and votives create layers of flattering, flickering light. It’s a magical place to hang out and entertain.


I’m not sure what we did before overhead string lights became a thing. I mean, they’re game changers. No matter what size your space, string lighting will transform it.


Different styles and sizes of lanterns, hurricanes and votives scattered about are the icing on the cake of a pretty, nighttime summer patio. I use a combination of real and flameless candles. I’ve already stocked up on tea lights and 1-1/4″ votives to get us through the summer. Flameless candles are so convenient (and safe). Most come with a remote (very nice as long as nobody misplaces it … I’m talking to you, Jim).

Side note, we protect our chaise lounge chairs too … with these terry cloth covers.


And now for the piece de resistance … my friend the Contessa shared these pretty, solar sparkler lights on her blog last month. Last weekend we finally got them out of their boxes and … magic! Use along a path, or place in pots like the Contessa did.  You can find them here.

Little white dog walking up lighted garden path.

Solar Powered Path Sparkle Lighting

So there you have it.

A few easy ways I’m lighting up my home for summer.

Now let’s see how my talented friends are welcoming the summers season.






Summer Refresh Moodboard.


As always, I appreciate your visit and welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

Woman standing on beach under pier.

Cheers from Snowberry!


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  • I absolutely love the rugs on your front porch. Can you share your sources for these rugs? Loved this post!

    • Hi Linda, Thank you. Here’s the link to the doormat. The rug underneath is several years old and was a gift … I’ve never been able to find anything similar but I’ll keep looking! xo

  • Wow…that pot of geraniums on the porch…to your magical backyard. Just beautiful, Juliet! Love the mirror in your bedroom, too. So much inspiration here!!!

    • Thanks, MA … geraniums from Orchard Nursery. I love that place! Can’t wait to see your summer decor! xo

  • Humidity, humidity..and more humidity for those ferns. I have a very green thumb but I don’t have the humidity in our home to keep those angel hair ferns happy. They are beautiful though.
    Serena and Lily have such pretty things but the price is way to much for me. Love the ideas and your home is looking very summery! A cool place to be on a hot day for sure.

    • Hi Lori, so humidity is the trick?! That makes me feel better about my failures … although we have a lot of humidity in the air right now. But it won’t last. We’ll see how Ms.Fern adapts. I hear you about Serena & Lily. They have several outlet stores and sometimes you can find get deal … half of retail. But there are so many other places to find similar offerings at better prices … Target, World Market, Home Goods … and Pottery Barn is a great source too at more of a midpoint price range. Thanks for stopping by! xo

  • Hi Juliet

    First of all thanks for joining us. Those pups of yours steal the show! I love the towels covering the chaises. When Beau was still with us he would occasionally hop on our outdoor furniture. He never did inside but he somehow that the outdoor furniture was fair game. Those round faux jute pillows are perfect on your chaises. All of your seasonal touches are just fabulous.

    • Cindy! Our lab loved the chaise lounges too (as do our littles) so I started ordering terry cloth covers like they have a hotel pools. Also protects from overhead birds, tree droppings, etc. Thanks for mentioned it, I added a link in the post. Thanks for including me in this fun group post … I’m loving the summer vibe at Casa de Hattersley. xo

  • Love this post and I always try your suggestions from decorating to clothing! It is still freezing here in the Bay Area even though it’s June but I know the hot temps are coming, some day!

    • Hey, it’s a little warmer the last couple of days and sun is out! As soon as it gets hot I’ll start complaining about that! xo

  • Juliet, Beautiful post. Love the colors of your home. So very pretty. Wow you did a lot this post covers everything I need for summer. I need to update the outdoor lighting situation too..
    Your bedroom -and the guest one are gorgeous! Good idea using the matelasse throws on the couch. Love the mirror options.. I need one form my bedroom redo..
    The front porch looks great.. and the geranium. That rug we both have in the entry is good isn’t it?
    I’m loving the S&L sale too. Buying a few bedding pieces I think!
    Well we just need some warm weather! Loved doing this and all the great ideas! xx

    • Good morning, Kim! It’s been slightly warmer here the last couple of days … and the sun is peaking out. Yay. Can’t wait to get over to your post and see all the summer goodness happening at your pretty home. The weather’s going to catch up with our planning soon enough. I hope! xo

  • Maidenhair fern enhances any decor, yet is challenging in low humidity. Perhaps instead of growing it longterm we might view maidenhair fern as a temporary bouquet that will brighten our lives for several weeks.

    • Hi Char … I didn’t realized that humidity is the key to a happy maidenhair. You’re the second person to tell me. Well, that explains it. I like your attitude about it … a temporary bouquet that makes us happy while it lasts! xo

  • Those jute pillows are supreme all caps please!
    I’m dictating through the microphone and I guess they didn’t get my all caps anyway you know what I mean! You and Kim do the same Blue-tones!
    That fern you mentioned in the beginning very little water like every two weeks if I remember correctly I used to have those when we had our condo!
    Nothing has made me happier this spring time then those firecracker lights shall we call them the solar lights that you just open the box every night I look out my window and it puts a smile on my face. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.!

    • Contessa! We love the lights … we bought six and need six more! And, yes, those pillows are ALL CAPS the best! xo

  • Juliet,

    Your house and garden look perfect for summer entertaining and relaxing. I have to be honest, I do not really change too many things for summer in my house. I do bring in fresh branches and flowers and change to lighter bedding but that is about it. Most of my changes are outdoors with colorful cushions, pillows and flowers.

    Have a wonderful weekend! See you tomorrow!

    P.S. Hope Pippa is feeling better.

  • Juliet!
    I love your home any time of year, but the colors really do lend themselves nicely to California summer..,with or without the sun! I love your Dutch door and the mirror outside is such a brilliant idea!! I need to do that!

    • Annie! I’m late to the outdoor mirror. Highly recommend it. So fun doing this with you … I can’t get over your new, red towels. Magnificent! xo

  • Hi, I’m Juliet … welcome to Make Mine a Spritzer where we talk about all things home décor, classic style and more! I’m so happy you’re here!

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