Snowberry’s Kitchen Renovation Reveal

Today I’m sharing Snowberry’s kitchen renovation reveal. 

I’ll be participating in a Kitchen Styling feature with my blogging pals in a couple of weeks.

So now seems like the right time to share the details of our kitchen renovation.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Mostly good.

Here goes …

Kitchen Renovation Planning

Finishes and sources can be found throughout and at the end of the post.

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Kitchen Before Renovation

Snowberry’s Kitchen Renovation Reveal

Open concept, big island, banquet seating … you won’t find any of these features at Snowberry!

Walk-in pantry, prep sink, soaring ceiling … no, no and no.

Plumbed coffee maker, warming drawer, built-in microwave … can you guess?

Crying, not crying …

What’s left you might ask … well, I’ll tell you.

A good old fashioned, traditional galley-style kitchen.

As a Zac Brown sings, ‘I’ve got everything I need and nothing that I don’t.’

Kitchen Before Renovation

Yes, all of the above features were on my kitchen wish list.

Some were on my must-have list.

But, as with most renovations, tough decisions and compromises had to be made.

And they were.

Decisions, decisions …

I recently shared, in our blue and white bathroom reveal, that many things on our renovation wish list did not make the final cut because they would require an addition.

And an addition would require reconfiguring the entire floor plan.

At that point we’d be better off tearing the house down and starting from scratch.

It was a classic one-thing-leads-to-ten-others situation.

And we decided to work with the existing footprint.

Kitchen Blueprints

Snowberry’s kitchen was (and still is) in the middle of the house …. it started out small and square and ended up larger and rectangular.

It’s a wide-galley style.

Truth be told, a galley style kitchen is ideal for serious cooks (I am not a serious cook) because it creates a functional work flow with ease of movement between the sink, refrigerator and range.

The holy trinity of kitchen design.

About that pantry … we started out with space for a good-size, reach-in pantry.

We ended up trading it – valuable real estate – for a laundry closet.

And we squeezed cookbook shelves in the dead space between the laundry and built-in buffet.

Speaking of squeezes …  we purchased an Electrolux washer and gas dryer that fit perfectly, but without an inch to spare.

As for the 8′ ceiling height, we decided not to raise it.

The kitchen had an existing skylight.

A massive skylight.

I’m not a fan of skylights, but this one does double duty by breaking up what would otherwise be a long narrow space and it lets in a ton of much needed light.

Sky Light

Our brilliant finish carpenter painstakingly paneled the inside (no easy task) and trimmed it with beautiful moldings.

The crown molding also hides strip lighting that’s so pretty at night.

The original floor plan ~

Original Floor Plan

New layout ~

Proposed Floor Plan

More Tough Choices

Once these tough choices were made (and I came to grips with them) I turned my attention to the design elements.

These were the must-haves where there was no room for compromise.

  1. Inset cabinetry
  2. Millwork
  3. Under-sink drip ledge
  4. Paneled appliances
  5. Cookbook shelves
  6. Pantry cupboard
  7. Hidden microwave
  8. Dish drawers, and lots of them
  9. Outlet free backsplash

A word about color …

Do you love a white kitchen?

I love a white kitchen.

Our last two houses had white kitchens.

Snowberry did not get a white kitchen although that was the initial plan.

I wrote a post about Snowberry’s design inspiration and how I came to settle on green.

Paint Swatches

I also wrote about my process for choosing our interior paint colors.

In the kitchen the winners were Farrow & Ball’s Vert de Terre for the cabinets and Benjamin Moore’s White Opulence for the millwork.

Farrow & Ball Vert de Terre | Benjamin Moore White Opulence


With the layout decided and paint colors chosen, it was time to meet with our cabinet maker, Bob Turtino of The Cabinet Masters.

Bob’s company designed and built all the cabinetry, built-ins and closets at Snowberry.

We spent a lot of time together, which I’m sure Bob remembers fondly.

Cabinet maker sitting at desk with plans.

In the galley area of the kitchen we chose flat cabinet frames.

The top drawers are flat front, and the lower drawers and cabinet doors have recessed panels with a bead detail.

For the built-in buffet we added a bead detail to the frame to differentiate it a bit and create a furniture-like feel.

Cabinet Drawings

After the cabinets were installed, Bob shared with me that he did not like our paint color choice, but came to appreciate it once the kitchen was finished.

That last part may have been a white lie, I’ll never know.

How it started …

You can read all about Snowberry’s demo day (ahem … 3 weeks) here.

How it’s going …

Sage Kitchen Cabinets

The upper and lower cabinets on the far right function as our pantry.

Glass front uppers work with the skylight to keep the kitchen from feeling closed in.

The flooring throughout the house is DuChateau’s wide plank, European oak, engineered wood in Basal.

Sage Kitchen Cabinets and Glass Front Cabinets

I chose Classic Brass’ Hutter Collection cabinet knobs and pulls … in Burnished Brass.

They’re solid brass and were a big splurge.

In fact, they arrived on-site via armored car.

Just kidding.


Note: When ordering cabinet hardware, count, recount and recount again. You’ll still come up short.

Galley Style Kitchen

We chose Calacatta Caldia marble for the counter tops and backsplash.

They’re honed with an eased edge.

All our electrical outlets are out-of-sight underneath the upper cabinets.

When this picture was taken, our refrigerator panels had not yet arrived.

Our microwave and other small appliances are hidden inside the upper cupboard on the far right.

The French doors and door hardware are from Pella.

Farm Sink and Faucet

The kitchen window is an awning style from Pella’s Architect series.

There’s no exposed drywall in the kitchen, what few walls are exposed are covered in bead board and the ceilings are paneled with v-groove boards.


Classic Brass Faucet and Hot Water Dispenser

The sink faucet, disposal button, hot/cold water dispenser and pot filler are from Newport Brass’ Taft Collection in an Antique Brass finish.

Farm Sink and Faucet and Drip Ledge

The sink is a 33″ Shaw fireclay, apron front sink by House of Rohl.

The drip ledge is walnut and fabricated from a remanent left over from the buffet and laundry closet countertops.

Wolf Range

I have a love hate relationship with pot fillers.

It’s a long story.

I always end up installing one though because … resale.

Having said that, Jim would like me to add that we are never moving again.

Built-in Kitchen Buffet

The built-in buffet sits at the far end of the kitchen and just outside our little dining room. The six lower drawers house extra dishes and my mom’s china. We added a bead detail to the cabinet frames to give this piece a little extra something something.

The countertop is walnut butcher block to further differentiate this piece from the main part of the kitchen.

Cookbook shelves are recessed to the right. And, the double doors hide our laundry closet. We used Emtek’s door hardware; clear knob and rectangular plate in oil-rubbed bronze, throughout the house

The Garden City sconces above the buffet (and kitchen sink) are in an Aged Brass finish.

Divider graphic.

So, there you have it.

Snowberry’s renovated kitchen.

About all those features I mentioned that went by the wayside, turns out I’m not mad about it …

I love the way our kitchen turned out.

Read all about how I styled my kitchen here!

Kitchen Renovation Pin

Snowberry’s Kitchen Sources:

General Contractor: C Cubed Construction

Cabinet Maker: The Cabinet Masters

Countertop slabs: Calacatta Caldia honed marble from Pietro Fina, Inc.

Fabricator: Coliseum Tile

Walnut countertops (buffet & laundry): Sienna Tile

Bead Board & Moldings: Apple Blossom Moulding & Millworks

Paint Colors: Cabinets – F&B Vert de Terre, Millwork – BM White Opulence

Flooring: Du Chateau wide plank engineered wood in Basal. European Oak.

Appliances: 48″ Duel Fuel Wolf Range, Vent-A-Hood range ventilation, 42″ Sub-Zero Refrigerator (panel ready), Cove Dishwasher (panel ready), GE Monogram Microwave, Electrolux front loading washer & Electrolux front loading gas dryer

Farm Sink: House of Rohl, Shaw 33″ fireclay, apron front sink

Finished Plumbing: Newport Brass Taft Collection in Antique Brass – Pull Down Faucet, Hot/Cold Water Dispenser, Pot Filler

Sconces: Garden City Sconce in Aged Brass

Cabinet Hardware: Classic Brass Hutter Collection in Burnished Brass

Door Hardware: Clear Knob with Rectangular Backplate in Oil Rubbed Bronze

Windows & Exterior Doors: Pella Architect Series

Divider graphic.

As always, I appreciate your visit and would love to hear your thoughts or any questions in the comments below.

You can see how I styled the kitchen here.

And some recent updates here.

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  • Your kitchen (and entire home) are gorgeous Juliet!!! You have SUCH an eye for design. I look at the “Old” Snowberry and would never have had the vision to create what you did. It is lovely, and warm and inviting. Very classy, yet homey. The perfect combination!!!

    • Robbin … you’re always so sweet and kind. Thank you. We love this house … and it’s so gratifying to hear your comments. xo

    • Contessa! You certainly have! And, if it weren’t for this darned pandemic you would have spent more time in it … or at least I hope so. As for men … I have no idea what you’re talking about. 😉 xo

  • Absolutely Stunning! You have an amazing eye for design! I love every detail, especially the paint color and hardware. Well done Juliet, it is very YOU!

    • Thank you, sweet Whitney! I appreciate the compliments coming from you … who designed such a beautifully home! xo

  • Your kitchen is stunning. I love that sage green – it’s fantastic. And that skylight – oh! It’s so high up and the bead board looks amazing. You’ve done a stunning job.

    • Thanks, Carol! The skylight is huge … and do you know that paneling it was the toughest of all our millwork jobs. Or, so says our finish carpenter. We’re lucky he was so good and so conscientious because what could be an eye sore turned out to be an amazing focal point. xo

  • Juliet I think it looks fabulous! I love all of the details. In 2 years we are downsizing and my husband and I are serious cooks, jokingly he said the other day the the next house just needs a huge kitchen, bath and bedroom!

    I am very excited to see your post in two weeks on the blog hop. I believe I know who you will be joining are they are fabulous!

    • Oh, yes, Elizabeth … I think you know too! Your husband is right on … the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are the keys to a happy downsize. I wish our bathroom was bigger … I wish we each had our own bathroom. Oh well, next house. Oops, don’t let my husband know I said that!!! xo

  • I love your kitchen! The walnut drip ledge is genius! That and other touches like hiding your outlets, built in book shelves, really make it special. Your kitchen feels luxe, but totally approachable. Well done Juliet!

    • Thanks so much, Marie! I adore the drip ledge too … people thought I was crazy, but not only does it perform its function but I think it breaks up a very long run on green cabinetry. xo

  • LOVE, LOVE how you redesigned the kitchen. I love the color and the hardware is to die for.. Good luck and enjoy being part of THE GROUP..
    Love Ya

    • Thanks, Kim. We really love the built in buffet … the storage is amazing. I considered putting a desk I that space … which I really need … but then what would I do with all those dishes. The desk situation is still a conundrum … but I’ve never regretted the buffet choice. xo

    • Thanks, Kim … we are so happy with it! Especially since lock down where we’ve done so much (more) cooking at home!!! xo

  • Juliet, The kitchen is gorgeous and the sage color is so different and beautiful. I do love the shape of your kitchen also as it’s practical for cooking. The details are fab! We also have an awning window and I love it.. and love that drip ledge. I think it’s pretty cool you have a space at the end for your mom’s dishes and cookbooks too! The whole house is fabulous. It will be fun to see how you style it on the blog hop too! Hope you have a great weekend! xo

    • Thanks so much, Kim! I’m looking forward to joining the blog hop … but you know me … less is more so my ‘styling’ will be pretty low key and practical. Looking forward to seeing what you do … you’re so creative. It’s going to be fun! xo

    • Thanks, Leslie … you know that stove and refrigerator have gotten a lot of use this past year. We moved in just before the lockdown … this kitchen has been a workhorse!!! xo

  • This is so pretty, Juliet. I appreciate your giving so many details and also explaining how and why you didn’t end up with everything you thought you wanted at first; this helps to keep things realistic for those of us who are dreaming of a kitchen renovation. The cabinet color is gorgeous and you will not tire of it; the drip ledge is such a nice aesthetic and functional addition. I am wondering why you did not keep those beautiful wood floors from the original iteration.

    • Hi Judith … wish lists are great because they allow you to examine all the possibilities and then make choices. I’m so happy with the way things turned out … given our space constraints. And, the kitchen got a lot of use this past year … it really came through for us. As for the floors, they might look good in the photos, but they were in bad shape. Some sections were worse than others. And, there were serious leveling and creaking issues that had to be resolved. I wish we could have kept, refinished, patched and added … but it wasn’t possible. So sad. xo

  • Juliet,
    I absolutely love, love, love your kitchen. I would trade my open concept and large island for your kitchen any day! What your kitchen has is lots of character with modern upgrades. It is hard to find character in newer homes.

    The color of your kitchen cabinets are STUNNING! I am a green, greenish blue and navy kind of girl over here at White Lilac Farmhouse.

    Absolutely stunning remodel! One thing this new house is missing a the hot/cold water dispenser. I need to add one. Miss the one I had at the old house. Oh my goodness it’s a must have in a kitchen remodel!

  • How do you keep your Wolf range so immaculate? Mine has no self cleaning feature and the oven racks and inside require constant attention to remove build up. Your secret please? Do you use a
    professional Wolf expert to maintain it every 3-4 months?

    • Hi, Peyton … I don’t really do anything to keep it clean. I’m embarrassed to say that. Most of our messes are on the range and I try to clean it after each use and Jim does the heavy lifting once a month or so. As for the oven, I haven’t cleaned it yet at all … I suppose I should look into it. I didn’t know Wolf provided that kind of maintenance service, I might take advantage of it. Sorry I can’t be of any help here. We did have another oven where I used self-cleaning option and it ruined the entire appliance. Had to buy a new one, so I’m wary of any self-clean feature. xo

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